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  • Summary: Charitable Organization and British Way
    1. A summary of the advert that beggars belief. The article “The advert that beggars belief” by Alexander Chancellor is about beggars in India and Great Britain, they talk about how many beggars there are and what they are using their money on when they get some. Many people try to convince themselves that it's a stupid idea to give beggars money because they use them quite often on many stupid things. Westminster Council making a campaign there says if you give beggars money you “actually”...
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  • Charitable Giving - 996 Words
    Do you or someone you know donate to charitable organizations? If not, shame on you. Virtually everyone can benefit from charitable organizations and their mission statements. Authors of Happiness of Giving: The Time Ask Effect, Liu and Aaker, posed two valuable questions when it comes to donating to charities. “To what degree do you believe happiness is tied to volunteering?” “To what degree do you believe happiness is tied to donating money?” These questions are linked to various answers...
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  • Charitable Acts - 405 Words
    Charitable Acts The idea of giving rewards to people who exhibit charitable acts is a very popular idea. Some schools offer incentives, such as extra credit, in order to get the students to do service to the community. Tax reductions are even given to people who donate money or service to charitable organizations. The practice of offering incentives for charitable acts is unethical because it undermines the value of charity as being a selfless act. Schools that require students to do...
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  • Offering Incentives for Charitable Acts
    Charity is about helping others. Charitable donations should be made with the idea in mind that others will benefit from the donations that one is making. However this does not mean that it is ethically wrong for incentives to be offered in exchange for charitable acts. While many argue that it is unethical to offer incentives for charity, I disagree. Offering incentives for charity is not unethical, and it does not under mind the morality behind being charitable. Offering incentives for...
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  • Charity and Charitable Work - 369 Words
    Charity and Charitable Work Charity and charitable work are things which give a lot of benefit to every person who gets in touch with it. Some people can argue asking, how can disowning money or other things by giving them to other people bring them any benefit? People who think so, should think once again and sort out their values. To begin with, charity and charitable work is the most important and beneficial to these people, who gets the charity. The benefit is really evident. The...
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  • Charitable Trusts in Ireland - 3550 Words
    Charitable Trusts: One of the most significant changes made by the Charities Act 2009 came in s.39 of that Act, which established a ‘Charities Regulatory Body’ to regulate charities. Case law still largely defines ‘charitable purpose’. The main advantage of being classified as a charitable purpose trust is that many of the disadvantages which would apply otherwise can be avoided; the rule against perpetuities doesn’t apply (although the trust must vest in a perpetuity period); the rule...
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  • incentives and charitable acts - 626 Words
    22 November 2013. Charitable acts and incentives. “Why should I do anything at all for anyone else without something in it for me?” that is the attitude of some people before doing a charity work. In today’s society we live in a world of opportunity but unfortunately not everyone get an opportunity. For those who are less fortunate, receiving donations may be the only way those people get to survive. In many high schools, clubs, and organization, charity drives are sponsored in...
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  • Non-Profit Organizations - 1039 Words
    Application Assignment 1 Shaun Floto Thomas Edison State College 2013-03-PHI-384-OL012 Professor Long Application Assignment 1 1. Should nonprofit groups operate like businesses? What are some of the potential benefits of doing so? The potential dangers? According to Dr. Johnson, “no matter what particular type of organization we work in, we can learn from the experiences of others in different settings” (Johnson, 2007, p. xxiii). Nonprofit groups can, for instance, learn from...
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  • non profit and profit organization
     Profit vs. Not-for-Profit Organization A nonprofit organization is formed for the common good of the public. Nonprofit organizations are usually formed for some specific religious, charitable or educational purpose. A for-profit organization may be formed to conduct any number of lawful business activities. The primary reason to form a for-profit organization is to earn a profit for the owners of the company. Use of Profits Since a not-for-profit organization is formed to...
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  • My Non Profit Organization
    Kaitlin Ricks DMI 201 Journal Entry 3 The mission if my non-profit organization, Do Something, is “Tackle a Campaign to make the world suck less”. The design of the webpage is pleasing to whoever is looking at it. There are several pictures of people participating in different activities for the causes they support. The page is organized well. They show the different causes you can support, and when you click on them, it gives you a description of the cause and ways you can help contribute to...
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  • Relationship between Charitable Donations and Income in the city of Karachi
     Introduction One of the measures of the goodness of a nation, particularly its middle class, is its level of civic engagement. According to the World Giving Index 2012, a survey of giving behaviors compiled by Charities Aid Foundation using data gathered by Gallup, Pakistan ranks at number 85 out of a total of 153 countries. The World Giving Index measures charitable behaviors in three key areas: donating money, volunteering time and helping a stranger. Pakistan’s position in the global...
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  • samarpan ngo - 471 Words
    Name: Ashishkumar D. Rupani Roll no.: 39 Subject: CIM- assingment Samarpan Charities - An NGO In Surat, Gujarat NGO Name SAMARPAN CHARITIES Unique Id of VO/NGO GJ/2009/0015022 Chief Functionary Archana Desai Chairman Archana Desai Umbrella/Parent Organization Sonali Mahila Vikas Charitable Trust Registered With Charity Commissioner Type of NGO Trust Registration No E-618/Valsad City of Registration Surat State of Registration Gujarat Date of...
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  • Charities-Trust Essay - 3706 Words
    The legal definition of charity has historically been somewhat elusive and stands distinct from any understanding of charity in a general or popular sense. As Lord Wright observed, in its legal sense the word “charitable is a word of art, of precise and technical meaning”[1]. Viscount Simmonds further remarked that, “no comprehensive definition of legal charity has been given either by legislature or in judicial utterance, there is no limit to the number and diversity of ways in which man will...
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  • Case Study - 738 Words
    Flagiello Case Brief Type of Court - Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Facts of the Case - Mrs. Flagiello was injured due to negligence while staying at the hospital - Mrs. Flagiello and her husband want compensation for time spent in hospital, loss of potential earnings, and added medical expense - Hospital was a charitable organization Legal Issues in the Case - Does charity grant the hospital immunity from such cases? - What was lost during the extra time spent in the hospital? -...
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  • Charity - 301 Words
    Generosity and charity are often considered two of the best things that one can do, but everything has two sides, thus charity can't be entirely good though it's helpful. Benefactors are admired in general belief but what are their reasons and goals for doing favor to the others? People believe donating may improve their sense of well-being, some of them are sure that if they give an amount of money to others the greater amount of money will come back to them. Some people do it because of...
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  • Thomas Kinkade - 572 Words
    Thomas Kinkade, one of my favorite painters, was born in Sacramento, California, on January 19, 1958. He is an American painter widely know for painting a lot of paintings. Kinkade has a nickname called, the painter of the light. His paintings to me are so life like it's unbelievable. Kinkade had been criticized for the extent to which people actually think his paintings are without substance or basically not good enough for all the publicity he gets. In Kinkades earlier years in life was...
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  • Mdrym - 6030 Words
    Innovative Marketing, Volume 6, Issue 1, 2010 Robin L. Snipes (USA), Sharon L. Oswald (USA) Charitable giving to not-for-profit organizations: factors affecting donations to non-profit organizations Abstract In today's era of evaporating operating profits, numerous organizations, including hospitals, universities and not-forprofit entities, are increasingly focusing on charitable giving as a funding source. In this paper, we examine the organizational and consumer demographic...
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  • Making a Difference through Charity Works
    Making a Difference through Charity Works We are all aware that not all people are the same. Although some may say that all people are equal, we can’t still deny the fact that some are just too lucky while others are not. Some have more than enough foods served in their dining table three times a day while others consider themselves fortunate already if they get to eat at least once a day. Some can afford to go to expensive private schools to study while others cannot study even in public...
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  • Discourse Analysis of Charity Advertise
    Discourse Analysis of Advertisements of Charity Organizations Submitted to: Dr. Serwat Rasul Prepared by: Basharat Rasheed Mirza, MPhil. Linguistics, NCBA & E, Gujrat. Contents • Introduction • Objectives • Literature Review ▫ The Term: Discourse ▫ The Term: Discourse Analysis ▫ Multimodal Discourse Analysis ▫ Semiotic Analysis • Data and Research methodology • Data Analysis • Conclusion • References Introduction • DA has emerged as a separate discipline and a significant field in...
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  • Explain the Points of View of Different Stakeholders Seeking to Influence the Aims and Objectives of Two Contrasting Companies.
    BTEC National Business Environment Unit 1 Task no 3 M1 Explain the Points of View of Different Stakeholders Seeking to Influence the Aims and Objectives of Two Contrasting Companies. Muslim Aid Aims of the Organisation Muslim Aid’s aims are to prevent poverty from maximizing and also to help raise money to those in need of it. Employees Muslim Aid is a charity organisation which is run by fundraisers. There are many stakeholders. One of them is the donors which donate to Muslim Aid’s...
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  • BTEC Extended Diploma Unit 5: Business environment
    388937544450Unit 1- The business environment Assignment 1: Business structure and its stakeholders P1, P2, M1, D1 24/10/2014 00Unit 1- The business environment Assignment 1: Business structure and its stakeholders P1, P2, M1, D1 24/10/2014 3213100276415500 Task 1: Compile two tables one for each type of business and discuss their purpose and ownership of each of two contrasting businesses. Type of Business Matalan started off as a local business in Preston, it then became...
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  • Canned Food Drive Essay
    How to Organize a Canned Food Drive Canned food drives are a great way to help any charitable organization that works with the homeless or families in need. Although they are most popular during the holidays, canned food drives provide assistant that many people and organizations need all year. Planning and organizing a canned food drive is a great community service project and can show children how to help others. Difficulty:Moderate Instructions things you'll need: Volunteers Paper or...
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  • P2 Oxfam official one
    P2 Oxfam Oxfam has a few stake holders but not as many as Costa; this is because it’s a charity and this means it doesn’t have as many stake holders. For example Oxfam doesn’t have owners because Oxfam is a charitable organisation. A stake holder is someone who has an interest or an investment in the business. Oxfam stake holders are the following: customers, suppliers, and local / national communities. The first stake holder would be the customers of Oxfam. The customers of Oxfam are key...
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  • Exploring Strategy - 939 Words
    LOAN ENQUIRY SUMMARY PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS Please complete and return this form to: The Charity Bank Ltd 194 High Street TONBRIDGE TN9 1BE This form can be completed in a compatible word processing programme. A separate form is available on the web site in a pdf format if you would prefer to complete the details by hand. PROPOSED NEED APPLICANT Name of organisation Charity number Company / i&ps, cic number (where applicable) Legal form (eg...
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  • Charity Application Form - 3597 Words
    charity formation registration of a new church This application form is to be used if all of the following statements apply: Your church has been in existence for less than 10 years; and Your church does not own or rent any property; and Your church has no existing governing documents (trust deed, constitution or church ‘rules’) If these statements do not apply then this isn’t the right application form for your needs. Please return to our website and choose the application form entitled...
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  • Charities - 551 Words
    Charities Charities are non-profit organizations with very specialized aims. They exist to raise funds for good causes and draw attention to the needs of disadvantaged groups in society. Charities rely on donations to earn revenue. They aim to minimize cost by raising funds through events such as fetes, raffles and sponsored activities. Benefits Public recognition Charities are generally recognised as a positive organization. A lock on Assets Charitable organizations are prevented...
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  • p2 describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses
     P2- Describe the different stakeholders who influence the purpose of two contrasting businesses. A stakeholder is anyone with an interest in a business. Stakeholders are individuals, groups or organisations that are affected by the activity of the business. There are two different types of stakeholders; internal and external. Internal stakeholders are groups within the business e.g owner/workers and employees. External stakeholders are local and national communities and governments, these...
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  • Nkf Ethical Case - 1204 Words
    An ethical dilemma ‘arises when there's a conflict between moral rules or when one is violated’ (Gale, 2010). National Kidney Foundation (NKF) is a Voluntary Welfare Organisation (VWO) which most of the funding’s come from the general public who are the ‘principles’ while Mr TT Durai is ‘agent’ engaged by ‘principles’ to make managerial decisions of NKF, according to Agency theory (Jill, 2010, p. 9). Conflict of interest arises when Mr TT Durai maximised his self-interest by falsely reported...
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  • Writing Assessment - 305 Words
    EN 103: Paper #1 Paper #1: Charitable Practices? The poet A.R. Ammons tells us that “Anything looked at closely becomes wonderful.” Yet, what if the beauty of a common action seemed to disappear upon careful inspection? In his provocative essay "How Susie Bayer's T-Shirt Ended Up on Yusuf Mama's Back," George Packer shows us what actually happens when we give our clothes to charitable organizations like the Salvation Army. Upon learning...
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  • Current Philanthropy Trends - 1165 Words
    CURRENT PHILANTHROPY TRENDS Philanthropy, in its basic form has existed for thousands of years—it is not a new concept. It was the ancient Greeks who coined the term, philanthropos, meaning “loving humanity.” While the word has slightly evolved over time, it still embodies the same principles. At its root, philanthropy embraces the idea of spreading good to humankind through financially supporting and promoting causes that seek societal betterment. Though existing for ages, it is like...
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  • Cypres in Trust - 832 Words
    CY- PRES The Students will be able to * Restate the concept of Cy-près * Apply the doctrine of Cy-près * Solve and relate the doctrine of Cy-près to the present circumstances MEANING * derived from Norman-French term :‘ici-pres’ which means ‘near this’ * ‘aussi pres’ : as near as possible * The courts are willing for the funds to be applied to other objects which are as near as possible to the settlor’s intention. The Law * In England there is an express provision on...
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  • ANZ sustanablity - 3713 Words
    anz_global_compact_2014.pdf ANZ Banking Group UN Global Compact Communication on Progress May 2013 – May 2014 Our most significant environmental impacts are generated by the customers we support. As discussed earlier, ANZ applies environmental criteria to its lending decisions, especially in sensitive sectors. We are also a signatory to the Equator Principles, and have thereby committed to fund only new projects that can be developed and operated according to sound environmental...
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  • Madonna Case Analysis - 1334 Words
    Madonna Case Analysis Introduction The following case study covers the foundation of Madonna’s business success and her continued global popularity over the past 20 years. Madonna has influenced people all over the world. Her quest for Superstardom is evident in her wide range of endeavors such as her records, concerts, movies, books, and charity events. She has the skill to market herself as a product while maintaining an edge, yet it is her experiences and sense of the world, art,...
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  • philantrophy - 1858 Words
    Philanthropy etymologically means "love of humanity" in the sense of caring, nourishing, developing and enhancing "what it is to be human" on both the benefactors' (by identifying and exercising their values in giving and volunteering) and beneficiaries' (by benefiting) parts. The most conventional modern definition is "private initiatives, for public good, focusing on quality of life". This combines the social scientific aspect developed in the 20th century with the...
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  • Unit 1+4 P1+M1
    Primark Ownership: Primark is a public limited company (PLC). A company has a separate legal entity. This means, it does exist in the eyes of law. The company is owned by shareholders. Shareholders have limited liability. Public is open for general public which means anyone can buy their shares to be their owners. Source: 16.09.2013 Purpose: The Primark is a tertiary sector this is because they are commercially services that...
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  • The Impact of Community Service - 1025 Words
    Community service is one of many ways to help the surrounding community and make society a better place. There are many different forms of community service which include volunteering at local hospitals, churches, fire stations, clinics, and schools as well as other public or private organization within the community. Each task preformed at any of these establishments may help improve not only the economy of the society but help the performance of the organization. The efforts put forth to...
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  • Brand Community - 9604 Words
    EXTENDING THE CONCEPT OF BRAND COMMUNITY: BUILDING COMMITMENT IN THE CHARITY SECTOR ABSTRACT The paper introduces a model of brand community development that is extended to the nonprofit sector; a sector that has just recently begun to embrace relationship marketing. It is believed that brand communities represent a unique form of relationship marketing, with benefits that are particularly compelling for nonprofits. Indeed, the paper reveals that many of the characteristics of...
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  • Hsm260 Foundations Paper - 889 Words
    There is not one person that would argue that the economy is struggling, and has caused many families to struggle within their everyday expenses. However, Colorado offers many assistance avenues for low-income families, but one that stands out in my mind the most is The Food Bank of the Rockies. The Food Bank of the Rockies is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, recognized by the IRS, that helps struggling families everyday. This organization remains active in the community, and is constantly...
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  • Reflection Paper - 1067 Words
    fYoselyn Rodriguez Group # 7 Individual Assignment Fieldwork Project – Habitat for Humanity Many people engage in community service project because they are either forced as a punishment or sentence. Others engage in community service out of Spirit of unselfishness, or a desire to connect with their communities by helping out. For me, it brings a sense of completeness. During the past few semester my team members and I have engage in different projects, Collecting food, clothes and...
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    POWERPOINT: OFSTED REPORT The purpose of the information is to make sure that parents are made aware of the ‘Ofsted’ inspection that took place on the 19-20 March. They are very important t o schools and really can be a deciding factor in weather they can attract new pupils and keep them on. The parents need to be informed because it means that they keep up to dated with what’s going on and how the school is as a whole from a processionals point of view. The purpose is also to inform making...
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  • Describe the type of business purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses
    1) Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organizations Sainsbury’s Sainsbury’s is the UK’s most long standing major food retailer, having opened its first shop in 1869. Sainsbury’s brand is built around providing fresh and tasty food for its customers. It differentiates itself from other supermarkets by offering a broad range of products at a great price, a strong ethical approach to business and continuous leadership. The size of Sainsbury’s consists of...
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  • Stakeholder analysis - 1620 Words
    Stakeholder analysis P2, M1 and D1 For this task I will be looking at two organisations and will be looking at who their stakeholders are and how much influence they have and also what they want from the company. A stakeholder is someone who holds and interest in the company. The two organisations I will be looking at are Tesco and Macmillan. Tesco are a one of the largest retailer stores in the world. They have expanded massively and now in England there are now over 3300 stores in the UK...
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  • Hippotherapy - 2743 Words
    Plan of the project: 1) What is hippotherapy? 2) Analysis of the organization 3) SWOT analysis 4) Target Audience 5) Objectives PR campaign 6) Task of PR campaign 7) Plan of the PR program 8) Work plan of preparation for the conference "Hippotherapy-riding to health" 9) Information for controllable mass media 10) Information for non-controllable mass media 11) Budget 12) Press kit: * Press release * Information about organization *...
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  • A Generous Country - 1339 Words
    Few know that the country most hated, main supplier of arms, and protagonist of innumerable wars constitutes also the most caring and compassionate world. United States boasts the largest number of charitable institutions and with the greatest amount of rich and poor citizens who contribute the largest number of donations in the world. Generosity does not form part of U.S. law, but it forms an inherent part of the culture of this country. Americans evidence their generous through companies,...
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  • Publix Business Audit - 1037 Words
    Running head: Publix Business Audit Publix Supermarkets Stacy Jenkins Warner University Socially Responsible Professor Shawn Taylor June 28, 2012 Abstract Since the establishment of Publix Supermarkets by George Jenkins, there has been a continuing participation of charitable giving to the community as well as the people who are employed. Publix is known for being very involved in the community and encourages the employees to be involved within the community. George Jenkins...
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  • LHF - 653 Words
    LHF (London Help Forum) Free guidance and support – London residents Solve for 1 debt problems 2 problems with landlord, housing and arrears 3 threat of homelessness Have 20 community advice centres Run with 5 different charities LHF is registered charity and coordinates 5 smaller charities – deliver actual advice and support service to community Charities is known as member and registered with LHF – agree to work within LHF framework Campaigns and individual charities ေတြြက unfair policies...
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  • Charities - 413 Words
    UK charities are nonprofit organizations that carry out activities that help society such as charity events and fund raising. These charities cover a huge range of important good causes including animal charities, cancer charities, children's charities, disability charities, environment charities, health charities, housing charities and people charities. Funding for vital research into medical conditions such as cancer or heart disease, helping children, diminishing poverty and help in raising...
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  • diffrent stakeholders who can influence the porpose of oxfam
    Charities Oxfam A Charity is a foundation created to promote the public good. It doesn't keep profit, but to expand. It relies on money given from the public voluntarily, it is a non-profit organisation. A charity is all about fundraising and giving to causes, it is a type of business because it does make profit, which is given to charitable causes. Many companies/people set up charities because they may want to promote and encourage a cause that may need money. The people behind the...
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  • Critical Situation Analysis: Stake and Stakeholders
    English 102 5 February 2013 Critical Situation Analysis: Stake and Stakeholders In every story there is something that is at stake. Whether it be a relationship, a job opportunity, or something as simple as a feeling, there is always a purpose to the actions taken by characters. By analyzing the article Sports Saves the World by Alexander Wolf and by researching the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation’s website, I have found a common ground of helping others in order to make the world a better...
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  • IELTS - 1809 Words
    原创人:钱汪海老师 出处: 转载请注明出处 2010 (2010.1.9) Pie Chart Some people believe that charity organizations should give the aid to those who are in great needs, some people think that charity organizations should concentrate on helping people who live in their own country. Discuss both views and give your opinion. (抽象类) Introduction Background – theme – view Charity organization 什么是慈善组织,它的目的是什么,它的作用是什么,什么时候会出现对于慈 善组织的讨论? When people suffer...
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  • Charity - 698 Words
    We are living in a privileged world, yet there are millions of people all over the globe who are impoverished, starving and living in terrible conditions. Organizations such as the Family Center and the Salvation Army are working feverishly to spend thousands or may even be hundreds of thousands of dollars for the people who need it. Being aware with these facets of life nowadays creates a sense of charitable purpose in each person, which in turn is translated into charitable deeds and make you...
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  • P3 Unit 1 Btec Business
    P3 Organisational Structure The structure of an organisation is the sum total of the ways in which it divides its labour into distinct tasks and then achieves co-ordination. Tesco Legal Structure Because Tesco is a big company would have a lot of legal structures to make sure that business is operating properly. One legal structure of Tesco is the ‘Corporate governance’, the people in this sector deal with shareholders; they do this to make sure Tesco is achieving the strategies that the...
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  • Persuasive Letter - 628 Words
    Writing 3016 -- Persuasive Letter Assignment (50 pts.) In one page, write a persuasive letter to an actual company of your choice about donating funds to an actual charitable organization. You will need to research the company to see if it donates to charities and what kinds of charities the company would be most interested in. You might need to make a phone call to determine who at the company makes decisions regarding donations. You will also need to research the charitable organization...
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  • Lush company - 445 Words
    A retained customer suggested the name LUSH in 1995, and it means being fresh, green, verdant and drunken women. This company started in England and a Canadian couple Mark and Karen Wolverton on one of their vacation trips decided to introduce it to North America. In 1996, the first international LUSH Company opened in Vancouver in 1996, while the first American store opened in San- Francisco. In 2007, the company launched a new product into the market named the Charity Pot Hand and Body...
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  • P1describe the type of business, purpose, and ownership of two contrasting organisations
    P1 The two contrasting businesses that I chose are ‘Apple’ and ‘Action for Children’ Activities Apple Inc. Action for Children Can sell shares  x Tax reductions x  Limited liability  x For profit  x Fund by UK Tax system x  Apple Inc. designs, manufactures and markets mobile communication and media devices, personal computers and portable digital music players, and sells a variety of related software etc. the products include; iPhone, mac, iPod, Apple TV etc. the...
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  • Couchsurfing - 2156 Words
    Couchsurfing Couchsurfing International was founded to create memorable and life-changing experiences through cultural diversity, openness and respect. The ability to encounter and explore meaningful connections with the places and people, give couchsurfers a unique outlook on life. Also, the appreciation for other cultures builds tolerance and acceptance as well. Couchsurfing encourages people to encounter life through a variety of different experiences such as inspiring experiences, and...
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  • Understanding Business Organisations - 1435 Words
    Understanding Business Organisations Report RSPCA is a Charity non-profitable organisation from the Tertiary Sector within Services. History The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded in 1824 by a group of twenty-two reformers led by Richard Martin MP, William Wilberforce MP and the Reverend Arthur Broome in a London coffee shop ( in St. Martin's Lane, not far from Piccadilly Circus, stood Old Slaughter's Coffee House) and founded...
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  • Example of Junk Mail - 402 Words
    - Dear friend As you read this, I don't want you to feel sorry for me, because, I believe everyone will die someday. My name is Jason Wilson I am a merchant of Omani nationality but presently residing in london. I have been diagnosed with Esophageal cancer .It has defiled all forms of medical treatment, and right now I have only about a few months to live, according to medical experts.I have not particularly lived my life so well, as I never really cared for anyone(not even myself)but my...
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  • Sample Research Methodology - 1625 Words
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  • Strategic Analysis of Merbatty - 2575 Words
    . Strategic Analysis 2.1 Company Analysis Merbatty currently has been offering a wide range of boats varying in price and sizes. In November 2012 Merbatty was listed on the European Stock Exchange. Merbatty is maintaining professional relationship with its key suppliers. After a good period of steady growth, it’s now concentrating major market and capacity expansions. Merbatty now targets the growing market in the Middle East region and is going to open a third boat building...
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  • Roles of a Director of a NFP - 3664 Words
    Introduction Not for Profit Organizations and registered charities are run by board of directors that are voted in by members of an organization. These organizations are not owner operated. The board of directors for NFP’s and registered charities usually consists of individuals who are leaders or experienced professionals in their respective communities (Carters, 2011). No individual has the right to any residual earnings or share capital in these organizations. This report will discuss the...
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  • It Is More Important to Work at a Job That You Enjoy Than It Is to Earn a Lot of Money?
    Earning a lot of money is more important than enjoying job in present-day world. According to my observations, people can obtain more achievements if they gain more money. Meeting financial needs, doing more enjoyable activities such as traveling or doing charity work is only possible when you earn more money. On the contrary, enjoying job without sufficient income can give you only enjoyment, nothing else. First of all, providing economic necessities is the most crucial condition of living...
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  • Renaissance Man - 653 Words
    Bono: The Eptiome Of A Renaissance Man The term "Renaissance Man" means those that excelled in many different fields. When you think of a renaissance man you think of Da Vinci, Galileo, and many more. But what about a renaissance man now? Well Bono of U2 of course is the first person I think of when I hear the term renaissance man. Bono is not only the lead singer of U2 but is also a huge humanitarian. Bono is mostly known for his musical talents and singing but he is extremely passionate...
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  • Women and Philanthropy - 13062 Words
    A study on woman and philanthropy In India for South Asian Women's Fund by Murray Culshaw Consulting June 2006 What is philanthropy? Philanthropy is the voluntary act of donating money or goods or providing some other support to a charitable cause usually over an extended period of time. In a more fundamental sense, philanthropy may encompass any activity which is intended to enhance the common good or improve human well being. Someone who is well known for practicing...
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  • Marketing - 3257 Words
    CAUSE-RELATED MARKETING: HOW GENERATION-Y RESPONDS COMPAD2 Angelo Luigi Q. Reparado 10910190 Ms. De Mesa August 22, 2012 I. Introduction Cause related marketing is collaboration between a corporation and a non-profit organization that is both beneficial for them. CRM creates a shareholder and social value for the both parties. It connects a range of people, who are the consumers, employees or suppliers. Cause-related marketing, or CRM, has exploded in recent years even though it is a...
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  • Unrealistic and challenging solution of peter singer
    Unrealistic and challenging solution of Peter Singer Can you imagine that if you do not donate to charity, people treat you as a murderer? Peter Albert David Singer is an Australian moral philosopher, professor at Princeton University and utilitarian, who fights against poverty. There is a side of society that often goes unseen by the middle and upper classes—a side ridden with poverty and misfortune. In “The Singer Solution to World Poverty,” Singer calls on the prosperous...
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  • Charity: Samaritan and United States
    Charity essay When a person gives to charity that person is giving because they want to help someone that is in need. It is the compassion of these people that pushes them to give up something that they have because they have extra and can afford to. However, if a person is given compensation for what they give then it is not really a charitable act at all. The same is true with the idea that teachers should give out free grades or rewards for participating in charity drives. Clearly, this is...
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  • Memorandum of the Case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo
    Memorandum It is so difficult for nonprofit organizations to deal with the withdrawal of a major gift. In order to illustrate what ABC Nonprofit should be aware of and how to successfully navigate the complexities that it is facing, I selected the case of the Central Park Children’s Zoo as an example. I suggest that ABC Nonprofit should get to know more about the new major donors before reaching agreements, handle the major gift wisely, and have good relationships with both major donors and...
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  • Money isnt everything - 496 Words
    Money Isn’t Everything Money isn’t everything; an article in The Australian Newspaper, written by Amy Bryne, is about not-for-profit organisations that attract employees who wish to give something back to the community. This article relates to Organisational Behaviour through employees working in not-for-profit sectors to gain job satisfaction for themselves. Job Satisfaction is the degree to which an individual feels positively or negatively about work. (Wood et al. 2006, p. 57) Job...
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  • unit 1 p1 - 1731 Words
     Alton Towers And The Prince’s Trust Contents: Page 3: Introduction Page 4-5: Alton Towers Page 6-7: The Princes Trust Page 8: Conclusion Page 9: Recommendations Page 10: Bibliography Introduction This report will be based on business environment and it will be about Alton Towers and Prince’s Trust and the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses. Alton Towers are theme park based in Staffordshire,...
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  • Analysing Ethical Issues of National Kidney Foundation
    Case Ethical Analysis: National Kidney Foundation of Singapore (A) – Anatomy of a Crisis Wee Beng Geok and Yvonne Chong Overview When the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) of Singapore came under the scrutiny of the nation back in the July of 2005, it was evident that there was going to be major changes in the local social welfare scene. As a non-profit charitable organisation, the main aim of NKF was not only to look after the needs of its patients but encompassed drawing resources from...
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  • Ethos: UNICEF and Feed the Children
    Melissa Cannon Ethos Project For Business communication class we were given the assignment of choosing two websites that where we could analyze ethos and provide how each website appealed to the audience. The two web sites that were chosen for this group project are, “UNICEF” and “Feed the Children”. We chose these two websites since these are charitable websites with good moral, good will and practices which provide great ethos. There were several differences in design and structure...
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  • business - 335 Words
    UNIT 1 : Business Environment Assignment 1 P1) Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of the two contrasting organisations OXFAM Oxfam is a charity organisation which is there to not make profit. It is to help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. It is a part of a global movement for change, empowering people to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty. This business is a global organisation which reaches to more than 90 countries and...
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  • Talking About an Inspirational Person
    I'd like to talk about an amazing woman that has inspired lot of people all over the world,including me.It's Oprah Winfrey,she was born in January 29,1954 in Mississipi,in a very poor neighborhood.She had a very tough childhood , at the age of 9 she was raped and became pregnant at 14 but her son died.Then,she was sent to a man who took care of her until she got her first job in Radio while she was still 19 and in high school.Her noticeable potential and outstanding skills made her reach her...
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  • All Types of Essay - 376 Words
    Donate to Charity Reason why to donate to charity According to Kate Santich, 2011,“In 2010, there were 48.8 million Americans--or almost one in six--that confronted hunger or food insecurity, meaning people who are able to stave off hunger only by turning to charity or buying cheap, nutritionally void food that would fill their stomachs” Santich, Kate. "True Cost of Hunger Rises Fastest in Florida." Orlando Sentinel. 06 Oct 2011: A.1. SIRS Issues Researcher. Web. Retrieved from. 20...
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  • united way - 419 Words
    UNITED WAY: A CEO BATTERS A GIANT NONPROFIT United Way and the Impact of William Aramony’s Actions Discussion Question 1: Position Regarding Aramony’s Compensation and Perks There are a couple of different ways to analyze William Aramony’s compensation package. The United Way, a large nonprofit organization, considerably increased its charity contributions under Aramony’s leadership. At the peak of Aramony’s tenure, the organization’s contributions reached $3 billion. Aramony...
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  • The United Way - 1546 Words
    The United Way of America, based in Alexandria, Virginia, is a non-profit organization that works with more than 1,200 local United Way offices throughout the country in a coalition of charitable organizations to pool efforts in fundraising and support. The focus of United Way is identifying and resolving pressing community issues, as well as making measurable changes in the communities through partnerships with schools, government agencies, businesses, organized labor, financial institutions,...
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  • Biographical Essay - 994 Words
    A Day In A Life Of Shinning And Falling As I was taking off my shoes in the evening, I could clearly see the bruises on my feet. While lying on my bed, I was feeling even more tired. That day had been a very busy day. Charles often calls these days, “Routine day for the Royalties”. Charles and I developed our relationship in the summer of 1980. He was a handsome, 32-year-old Prince. His dark brown hair combed to the left of his head. A gentleman in nature, Charles first invited me on the...
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  • Btec unit 1 P1
    1. The business environment Introduction This report will tell you something about two companies. The first one is a profit organisation and the second one is a non-profit organisation. The author chose the organisation “Innocent Smoothies” as profit organisation and “Greenpeace” as non-profit organisation. The author is going to describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of the two organisations....
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  • Giving Back - 1510 Words
    Giving Back There are 299 days until Christmas! The holiday season will soon be upon us. The holiday season is a busy time filled with work, shopping, parties and gatherings, food preparation, family traditions – and stress. Have you ever felt “holidazed”? Have you ever wondered how the holiday season passes by so quickly? This year, instead of the hustle and bustle of the mall, maybe it’s time for a new tradition – giving your time to a worthy cause. According to, the...
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  • Non-Profit vs. for-Profit
    Non-Profit vs. For-Profit The main difference between non-profit and for profit healthcare organizations are; Non-profit hospitals don’t need to pay property, sales or income taxes and receive grants from the government and through donations. They were designed to provide discounted fees for service or no fee to those in the surrounding communities with limited to no funds for healthcare, basically the poor or those who fall within the guidelines of those below poverty level. The tax...
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  • English - 870 Words
    Article ­ Business Regulation [Previous][Next] §6–101. (a) In this title the following words have the meanings indicated. (b) “Associate solicitor” means a person who, for pay, solicits or receives charitable contributions for a professional solicitor. (c) (1) “Charitable contribution” means a contribution representation that it will be used for a charitable purpose. made on a (2) “Charitable contribution” includes the payment, transfer, or enforceable pledge of...
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  • Charity: Begging and Old English Means
    The word “charity”, by derivation and in old English means love. But in ordinary modern English it means almsgiving, and in this short essay we must confine ourselves to the later and narrower meaning of the word. Charity in this sense is a virtue extensively practiced and highly esteemed in the East. In India, prior to Independence, it was a common practice for kings and rich men to weigh themselves against gold and silver and to distribute the proceeds among the poor. This was done by...
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  • economics - 2170 Words
    National Trust 1. Use a SWOT analysis to explore the internal and external issues affecting the National Trust. “SWOT analysis focuses on Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats facing the organisation”. (Mullins and Christy, 2010. P.545). According to the case study, National Trust is a non-profit organisation, which is managed by small Board of Trustees. The organisation is totally independent from government, and owns a huge number of properties includes historic houses,...
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  • Ethics and Compliance Paper - 576 Words
    Ethics and Compliance Paper University of Phoenix Finance for Business/ FIN370 September 9, 2009 Wal-Mart is a global conglomerate of economically priced everyday household items housed in mega-stores in most major cities having Sams’ Wholesale membership only club and anchored by Wal-Mart employs over 2 million associates throughout the world with 1.4 million employed in the United States alone. Charitable giving is part of the initiative and expounds on the art of giving...
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  • Picking a Charity , Why Do Business Help?
    Businesses are willing to give, but are often confused as to which causes might be best for them. A successful match can lead to a fulfilling partnership and helping others, while a mismatch may lead to disaster. Businesses can build stronger relationships with their stakeholders through their charitable endeavors. Helping others while helping themselves can lead businesses to bigger profits. Here are some quick tips and pro advice for helping your business choose the right charities to...
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  • Week 3 - 659 Words
    1. What are the current challenges facing United Way? What are key issues in the general and non-profit charitable giving industry environments that affect United Way’s operations? The current challenges facing United Way were raising money to pay for general operational cost, recruiting and keeping fundraisers, and when celebrities donate large amount discourage others that may not be able to afford to give that much charity. Another challenge United Way was facing was that people who...
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  • Business Aims and Objectives - 846 Words
    Group Activity – Bloomsbury Regional Technical College Scenario Knowing that you are taking a qualification at Bloomsbury Regional Technical College, you have been approached by several friends who would like you to help with the setting up of their businesses. You enjoy business because the subject constantly changes and you can see the relevance of all that you are learning. You can also apply what you are learning to different situations. a. Alice is thinking of setting up a small...
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  • What You Would Do to Help with 10 Million Dollars.
    xxx 10 Million Dollar Essay When we think of giving to charities today, we’re not sure what to think. One might imagine going to a building where we can donate money in, or visiting a website where you enter an amount of money and your credit card number. Charities haven’t made themselves highly accessible yet. My charity aims to fix that. With nothing but the clothes on my back and 10 million dollars, I will start the non-profit Charity organization called Charity-ception. Charity-ception...
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  • Ethical Dilemmas Facing Non-Profit Hospital Ceo Compensation
    Ethical Dilemmas Facing Non-Profit Hospital CEO Compensation Ethical Dilemmas Facing Non-Profit Hospital CEO Compensation Executive Summary This essay deals with the unethical prevalence of excessive compensation packages granted to nonprofit hospital executives. Nonprofits are highly complex organizations and are vital to the community’s in which they serves. Therefore, it is essential for these organizations to appoint highly motivated individuals knowledgeable of the healthcare...
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  • Four P's - 380 Words
    Tim Smith – Four P’s (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) SurveyMonkey Assignment MKT-268-W01 6 December, 2013 STAGE ONE: INDUSTRY COVERED - This marketing model would be based on a business that helps non-profit organizations create and implement ‘charity events’ that would help raise money for that organization. Any non-profit organization that has to gain attention and credibility within their community would be the target industry. Helping these organizations to be...
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    An In-Depth Look at Cancer Charities Choose a non-profit organization whose mission involves some aspect of cancer, such as research, prevention, community outreach, patient education, patient care, family support, etc. Content: Investigate this organization using the organization’s published materials, website, etc. Describe the history of the organization Founded in 2004, solicitors of Children's Cancer Fund of America have raised $37,548,950 in charitable donations over the past 10 years. Of...
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  • Case 3.3 United Way of America
    Case 3.3 1. Identify and briefly describe fundamental and cost-effective internal controls that charitable organizations could implement to reduce their exposure to theft losses. Fraud has been on the rise over the past decades, and America’s charitable communities have not been immune to these acts. With the tremendous expanding, charity organizations have controlled a lot of financial and nonfinancial resources. While it is common that many small and medium-size volunteer organizations have...
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  • Marketing plan: SKN - 13507 Words
     ( Table of content ) Executive summary SKN is a charity that has a mission of helping children in third world countries. we have made this report to show SKN what I going wrong but also what is going good, what they can improve and what kind of objectives they can set to improve their number of donations and how to reach the objective we have set for SKN. The problem of SKN is that it does not have a lot of regular donors, and knowledge of existence by people through...
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  • Unit 1 P1 Describe the type of business purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations
    Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting organisations (P1) Profit Orientated Ownership – Are they sole trade, partnership or limited company? Liability – What type do they have, limited or unlimited? Size – Local, National, International or Global? Size – Number of tore or branches? How many countries do they operate in? Market Share – What is their share of the industry? Sector - Primary, Secondary or Tertiary? Purpose Not for profit What is their legal make...
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  • National Kidney Foundation Case
    The ethical case study is about National Kidney Foundation Singapore (NKF) and its scandal, which resulted in some negative effects on the public trust towards Singaporean charity organizations. One of the most important ethical issues which need to be analyzed is the NKF’s management of the raised money. NKF is well-known and is considered as one of the largest charity in Singapore. For example, in 2002, NKF received S$67.5 million accounting for nearly 18 percent of total donations that year....
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  • action response - 1739 Words
    Action Response is a London-based charity dedicated to providing fast responses to critical situations throughout the world. The charity receives requests for cash aid usually from an intermediary charity and looks to process the request quickly and provide funds where they are needed, when they are needed. It was founded to provide relatively short-term aid for small projects until they could obtain funding from larger donors. Generally, Action Response is regarded as one of the success...
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  • Business Accounting (Gbb/Gcb 1013)
    BUSINESS ACCOUNTING (GBB/GCB 1013) SEMESTER JANUARY 2013 TITLE: ___________________________________________ LECTURER: HEZLINA BT M HASHIM GROUP MEMBERS: No. | Name | Student ID | 1 | | | 2 | | | 3 | | | 4 | | | 5 | | | DATE RECEIVED: __________________________ INTRODUCTION: Charitable organizations are NGOs whose purpose of existence is to benefit the public. The mission of a charitable non-profit expresses the particular way in which the organization will fulfil...
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  • nonprofit management reading notes
    Reading Notes for PAD613 Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Class 2 September 8, 2014 PAGEREF _Toc399170534 \h 2Article1: The Changing Context of Nonprofit Leadership and Management/ Jossey p.196 PAGEREF _Toc399170535 \h 2Article 2: The Many Faces of Nonprofit Accountability/ Jossey p.238 PAGEREF _Toc399170536 \h 3Article 3: Ryan, William P. 1999. “The New Landscape for Nonprofits” Harvard Business Review (January-February), 127-136. (Blackboard) PAGEREF _Toc399170537 \h 4Class 3 September...
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  • Social Southwest Airline - 616 Words
    1/ Charity The southwest airline launched Community Giving Boards that are trained and empowered to evaluate charitable giving requests from their local community. member of Community Giving Boards are local Employees from various groups who evaluate the donation requests which company receive from nonprofit charitable organizations The Boards donate complimentary, roundtrip tickets to approved organizations for fundraising or transportation purposes. They also has a link ……. to request a...
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