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  • Carnival - 5208 Words
    Research paper on carnival Mardi gras Just the name Mardi gras conjures up images of drunken, bead-wearing revelers dancing through the streets of New Orleans. But how, and when, did this huge mid-winter party get started? Here's a look at the history of Mardi gras throughout the ages and across the nations. Herman states, Historians tell us that the ancient Romans probably kicked off the Mardi gras celebrations. (pg. 115)Their mid-February festival known as Lupercalia honored the god...
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  • The Carnival - 670 Words
    Franchelys Marte 2-20-13 Prof. Zeida ENW040-...
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  • Carnival Brazilian Carnival - 1612 Words
    Carnival Brazilian Carnival History is richer, more varied and more interesting than most people think. There is much more to Carnival than just parties. The carnival can trace its roots back to an ancient Greek festival held each spring to honor Dionysus, the god of wine (“Brazilian Carnival in Rio”). The Romans adopted the festival to honor two of their gods, Bacchanalia and Saturnalia. During the Roman festival, slaves and masters would exchange clothes and spend the day in drunken revelry....
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  • Trinidad Carnival - 1747 Words
    Trinidad Carnival Carnival is a festival of colours which is transformed into costumes, calypso, steel band music, dance and different foods and Caribbean art which attracts many people from the different countries. The carnival season is usually during the two weeks before the traditional Christian fasting of Lent. This is celebrated to mark an overturning of daily life.The roots of carnival both lay in Africa and France(Liverpool:57). Trinidad carnival is a very significant festival in...
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  • Cologne Carnival - 9007 Words
    Inhalt Introduction ................................................................................................................................................................................ 3 Expert Introduction ................................................................................................................................................................. 3 Konrad Beikircher...
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  • Venice Carnival - 1598 Words
    The Culture of the Venice Carnival The Venice Carnival first started in the 14th century. The word carnival, in Italian carnevale, Latin meaning means to take away or remove meat. Carnival takes place just before Lent, the forty days that mark a season of sorrowful reflection, fasting and abstinence from fruit, eggs, meat, and dairy products. Carnival has so many different meaning for not only the Venetian people but to people all over the world. There are different variations of carnival all...
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  • Story carnival - 2573 Words
    Annette Keen Jake arrives at Euston station in London. It is a holiday weekend and it is his first time away from Manchester. Jake is eighteen years old and he lives with his family. Now he is in London. He is very happy. He stops and looks at his map. 'I can go to the Notting Hill Carnival and I can see some interesting places from the bus too,' he thinks. Jake is sitting on a red London bus behind a big family. The children are standing at the windows. They are looking for...
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  • Rio Carnival - 626 Words
    Carnival in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with two million people per day on the streets. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1723. Samba schools A Samba school parades in the Sambadrome in the 2004 Carnival. The typical Rio carnival parade is filled with revelers, floats and adornments from numerous samba school which are located in Rio (more than 200 approximately, divided into 5 leagues/ divisions)...
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  • Carnival Event - 730 Words
    To conclude this magical event full of happiness, dances, music, costumes and charisma produce in every single person each year a colorful spirit of carnival. To conclude this magical event full of happiness, dances, music, costumes and charisma produce in every single person each year a colorful spirit of carnival. The lovely kids that every body was waiting for arrived to the carnival event. Preschool beautiful princesses were already dancing through all the marathon gym so every single...
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  • Carnival in Spain - 318 Words
    Carnival in Spain The carnival is a public event that holds the characteristics of the circus. People usually dress up or wear masks during the celebrations as well, like a masquerade. Most of the people think that the event of the Carnival in Spain drew from "farewell to the flesh," that represents the immoderation that lead up to Lent, which is when the cheery season begins. Some think Carnival is a result from the Saturnalia, which is a roman festival, where people coddle themselves to a...
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  • Carnival festival - 1100 Words
     Samara Dudley Speech 1619: Intercultural Communication Section 1T11 March 4, 2013 Samara Dudley February 13, 2013 Speech 1619: Intercultural Communication Section 1T11 Haiti and the Carnival Festival Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people who share a common history and is defined by their religion, language, social habits, music, arts, and...
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  • Carnival Cultural Study - 2652 Words
    Carnival,84750,.shtml I am no longer a fan of Carnival. I had never really been one, actually – just used to "spectate". Nonetheless, I am disturbed by the high level of vulgar and promiscuous behaviour engaged in by many women around this time. Why do some women have to conduct themselves like...
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  • The Rio De Janeiro Carnival
    The Rio de Janeiro Carnival - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil The Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro is a world famous festival held before Lent every year and considered the biggest carnival in the world with 2 million people per day on the streets. The first festivals of Rio date back to 1823. The typical Rio carnival parade is filled with revelers, floats and adornments from numerous samba schools which are located in Rio. ur number one is Rio Fest. The first records of Carnival festivities in Rio de...
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  • Carnival: Around the World - 1003 Words
    Carnival: Around the World An interesting holiday that I do not celebrate is Carnival. Carnival is very popular in Brazil, but is also celebrated in almost every other country. The Carnival celebration in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is considered the biggest party in the world, according the Guinness Book of World Records, 2010. Carnival typically involves a public celebration or parade combining some elements of a circus, mask, and public street party. The streets of Rio de Janeiro fill with...
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  • All About Carnival of Venice
    All About Carnival in Venice: Venetian Masks and More! When is Venice’s Carnevale? Carnival (or “Carnevale”) isone of the biggest celebrations in Italy ! Carnevale in Venice, as with Carnival around the world, takes place in the days leading up to Lent. In 2013, it runs from January 26 to February 12. Where did the idea of Carnevale come from? During the 40 days of Lent, parties were off-limits—and so was eating foods like meat, sugar, and fats. As a result,...
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  • Celebration: Rio Carnival Parade
    Celebration Celebration is a big part of our life, we have been celebrating since the moment we come to the earth. We celebrate on the day we born every year, which is our birthday. We celebrate for the birth of Jesus Christ, which is the Christmas. We celebrate on the first day of every year, which is the New Year. There are different kinds of celebrations in the world and most of them are related to festivals. In Brazil, in every late February till early March, one of the most renowned...
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  • Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife
    The Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is one of the phenomenal carnivals in the world. In February, millions of people go to Santa Cruz de Tenerife for the carnival. It is the “second most popular and international known carnival after those held in Rio de Janeiro” (2 September -2011.Wikipedia Foundation, Inc. Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife). The two cities of Rio de Janeiro and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are called the twinned city. The carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife was the first...
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  • Importance of Carnival in Aphra Behn's The Rover
    "Masquerading! A lewd custom to debauch our youth. There's something more in this than I imagine." - Don Pedro Aphra Behn, the first female playwright to earn a living through her writing, was also one of the wittiest and entertaining as evidenced through her most well known play, The Rover. Set in 17th century Italy while under the colonial reign of Spain, a large cast of characters becomes embroiled in scenes of infidelity, seduction, misrepresentation, and elaborate swordplay, which create...
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  • Nightmare: Carnival and Read Laser Tag
    Just A Nightmare Carnivals are places that you go to have fun, but sometimes these fun places can turn into your worst nightmares. It all began on a night out with my family. We were just out at the mall and when we were coming back home, we passed by a carnival. The carnival looked incredible so my family and I decided to go to the carnival and have some fun as well. We went to the carnival and it looked better up close. There were people and lights everywhere, but the carnival still had a...
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  • to what extent is carnival spirit prevalent in twelfh night
    Bakhtin proposed that ’carnival’ in comedy ‘marks the suspension of all hierarchical rank, privileges, norms and prohibitions’. To what extent is the carnival spirit prevalent in Act One of Twelfth Night? Para 1 Viola becoming a man servant- trying to advance her rank ‘he was a bachelor then’ trying to save status and wealth through marriage to earn privileges ‘I have heard my father name him’ – shows approval, foreshadowing relationship ‘conceal me what I am’ different identity is...
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  • t5tty - 2268 Words
    CONSEJERÍA DE EDUCACIÓN Dirección General de Formación Profesional y Educación Permanente PRUEBA ACCESO A CICLOS FORMATIVOS DE GRADO SUPERIOR PARTE COMÚN INGLÉS O PARTE ESPECÍFICA SEGUNDA LENGUA EXTRANJERA DATOS DEL ASPIRANTE CALIFICACIÓN PRUEBA Apellidos: Nombre: D.N.I. o Pasaporte: Fecha de nacimiento: / / Instrucciones: • • • • Lee atentamente el texto y las preguntas antes de contestar. La puntuación máxima de cada pregunta está indicada en cada...
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  • Festical and Rituals Dbq - 1075 Words
    Hank Wang Mrs. Mohr AP Euro 28 October 2012 Festivals and Rituals DBQ Rituals and festivals played an important role in the people’s lives in Europe. They allowed the people to have a day of rest and to have fun. The townspeople would come together and celebrate festivals such as the Carnival and midsummer night’s eve, and rituals such as the charivari, or “riding the stang,” to relax and have fun. The people, however, had different views and opinions about these festivals and...
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  • Quebec - 427 Words
    QUEBEC HISTORY Since the beginning of French colony, the habitants of New France created a rowdy tradition of getting together just before Lent to eat, drink and be merry. The custom of celebrating from the end of January until mid-February has long been popular. The first large winter Carnival in Québec City, the world's snow capital, took place in 1894. Often faced with winter’s hardships, the city's population reinvented this popular tradition with a winter celebration that warmed up...
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  • A Brief History of Mardi Gras in Louisiana
    A BRIEF HISTORY OF MARDI GRAS Dating back to the feudal Middle Ages, Carnival Season is one of the various celebrations of the new Christian world, which replaced those, which we moderns label as pagan. In particular, Carnival is thought to have replaced the Roman feast of Lupercalia, celebrated for centuries on February 15th of the Julian calendar, in honor of Lupercus, a Roman pastoral god associated with Faunus (satyr). Although Lupercus derives from jupus (wolf), the original...
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  • Mardi Gras - 397 Words
    Mardi Gras The feast before the fast | | "Mardi Gras" means "Fat Tuesday." Traditionally, it is the last day for Catholics to indulge—and often overindulge—before Ash Wednesday starts the sober weeks of fasting that come with Lent. Formally known as Shrove Tuesday, Mardi gras has long been a time of extravagant fun for European Christians. In the United States, Mardi gras draws millions of fun-seekers to New Orleans every year. Mardi gras has been celebrated in New Orleans on a grand...
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  • Descriptive Essay on a County Fair as a Child
    The Fair As a younger child, my family would make annual trips to the County Fair in Albany. My parents would go to see all the neat exhibits and other “grown up things”, as I as a child called them. My main enjoyment of the fair when I was younger was the fair rides and junk food. My view of the fair when I was little was one filled with wonderment and awe. The screams fading in and out as people shot up in the air on rickety fair rides and the greasy sweet smell that filled the air and made...
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  • Performance Studies -- The BAttle of ORanges
     The Battle of the Oranges as Performance The Battle of the Oranges is a festival happening in February or March each year in the Northern Italian city of Ivrea. The climax of the festival is the tradition of throwing oranges between organized groups of locals and tourists. It is the largest food fight in Italy and involves over 3,000 revelers from around the world. This festival, or ritual, or spectacle, or play, involves elements of performance because of its convention, context, usage,...
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  • magnifico - 2364 Words
    The film opens with the birth of Magnifico (also called Ikoy in the film). It is clearly discernible at the outset that the boy was born in to a rural poor family. His father, Gerry, is a carpenter but does not have regular employment. It was Gerry who christened him Magnifico because he enjoyed watching a magician by that same name. Magnifico’s mother, Edna, augments the family income by stitching embroideries. Their house is a dilapidated hollow-blocks-and-wood structure typical in rural...
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  • Fair Queen Speech - 265 Words
    When thinking about why I want to be the next County Fair Queen, many memories of the fair came back to me. I have wonderful memories of meeting up with friends at the fair, attending the carnival, going to the dance and making new friends. The fair is a great time for all, bringing the community together to enjoy all the different components that are offered. I am excited about the opportunity to represent the county and would enjoy traveling to other communities, meeting new people and...
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  • The Cask of Amontillado - 1061 Words
    Cask of Amontillado What actions and characteristics of Montresor make him an effective villain one might ask? " I must not only punish but punish with impunity" (Poe, 1199). Montresor desires to punish Fortunato for an unknown crime against him. Montresor took his revenge on fellow nobleman Fortunato during a night of Carnival while he was drunk, dazed, and wearing a jester’s outfit. It would seem that it would be pretty hard to murder a man during a festive occasion. However with the...
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    ASSIGNMENT COVER SHEET (to be completed by the student) AIB student ID number: A121479 Student name: AARON GONZALES Course name: BBA Subject name: CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION Subject facilitator: TIMITRA WILLIAMS Teaching Centre: SITAL COLLEGE No. of pages: 11 Word count: 2073 DECLARATION I, the above named student, confirm that by submitting, or causing the attached assignment to be submitted, to AIB, I have not plagiarised any other person’s work in this assignment and...
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  • tytryt - 1518 Words
    History of festival[edit] Stockpile of ammunition for the upcoming battle The festival's origins are somewhat unclear. A popular account has it that it commemorates the city's defiance against the city's tyrant, who is either a member of the Ranieri family[2] or a conflation of the 12th-century Ranieri di Biandrate and the 13th-century Marquis William VII of Montferrat.[3] This tyrant attempted to rape a young commoner (often specified as a miller's daughter[4]) on the eve of her wedding,...
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  • Analysing a Prose - 10035 Words
    analysing a prose● ● 3 ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● Analysing prose Objectives To establish a strategy for approaching unseen prose texts To practise close reading of prose texts To look at examples of commentaries on prose texts Part 1 The commentary Analysing prose is not so very different from analysing poetry. In both you have to look at literary techniques, at choice of language, imagery, structure and so on, but...
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  • Literature - 2995 Words
    OLE MAS IN TRINIDAD The festival dates back to the 18th century, and the influx of French Catholic planters – both white and free coloured – their slaves, and free blacks in the 1780s. The white and free coloured both staged elaborate masquerade balls at Christmas and as a “farewell to the flesh” before the Catholic Lenten season, with each group mimicking the other in their masking and entertainment. The West African slaves of these planters as well as free coloureds had their own masking...
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  • Levi Roots Essay - 1277 Words
    How does Levi Roots use language to sell his product to the dragons? Levi Roots uses spoken language devices to persuade the dragons to invest in his product. He uses a variety of spoken language techniques such as pausing, overlapping, turn taking and accent in order to persuade the dragons. The dragons respond in a warm way, and join in the humour Levi creates throughout the interview; this suggests that Levi root was successful in persuading the dragons. His use of language also sets mood...
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  • Event - 3643 Words
    Hater T University Experience University at.... Fair This fall I attended the University sponsored fair. At first I was apprehensive about going but once I learned that about one hundred dollars from everyone’s tuition goes to these events I decided to make the most of my money. The fair was far from what I expected there were games, coasters, food and shows, all this for free. I played in the carnival games and won a purple stuffed animal for my girlfriend at the time. Then...
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  • Cote D Ivoire 2
    Emma Metcalf October 28, 2014 French III Mrs.Ward Cote d’Ivoire In Cote d’Ivoire many festivals take place throughout the year as a celebration of culture. These festivals consist of religious events related to Islamic beliefs but they also celebrate historic holidays. Festivals that take place are Carnival in Bouake, Fete du Dipri, Fetes des Masques and Islam-Related Holidays. Also this island celebrates many of the holidays we do including Independence Day and Christmas. Carnival in...
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  • Roots - 393 Words
    Greek/Latin Roots Acer, Acid, Acri- Bitter, Sour, Sharp Examples: Acerate : Shaped like a needle. Acidity: Quality of sourness Acrimonious: Nagging and bitter The acerate building towered over me. The acidity of vinegar made him vomit. The wife grew acrimonious. Anni, Annu, Enni- Year Examples: Annuity: Money paid annually Biennial: Occurrence of two years Triennial: Occurrence of three years His annuity was a good six figures....
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  • Order for Masks - 570 Words
    replymarksaguimo wrote on Sep 13, '08 Order for Masks by Virginia Moreno; an Analysis The poem, Order for Masks, is vividly discussing about a woman who are referring herself as a harlequinade; a pantomime, supported by the phrase “black tights and fool’s cap” worn by a clown. This was a preface to the whole idea of the poem, being as performer or better word “a pretender” to the “three men in her life”. The gender of the speaker was supported by the mythological name “Philomela” on the third...
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  • EDC Vegas - 509 Words
    Martinez, Kimberly Ms. Shaw Eng. 121 October 29, 2013 Electrical Daisy Carnival Have you heard of Electrical Daisy Carnival? Well, to many people this is an experience that they will never forget, to others they attend annually. You might have heard of it as EDC Vegas. Electrical Daisy Carnival is a three day summer event. You must be eighteen years old to be able to attend this event. There are up to two hundred and fifty-two disc jockeys and artists. This event is not just in Vegas it’s...
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  • Mardigras - 1543 Words
    This paper is about Mardi Gras, A festival or Carnival celebrated once a year. In this paper I will discuss how Mardi Gras originated, when it is celebrated, how it is celebrated, and what does it mean to all the different cultures. Mardi Gras, in the French speaking parts of the world and in some US southern states is the last day of carnival festivities preceding Lent, the time of penitence observed by Christians in preparation for Easter. Mardi Gras ("Fat Tuesday") is a...
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  • Business - 1672 Words
    DINTHILL TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL CARIBBEAN EXAMINATIONS COUNCIL – INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SCHOOL – BASED ASSESSMENT SCHOOL YEAR: 2012 – 2013 SBA Overview Carnival has long been a traditional cultural festival in several Caribbean territories. Every year, thousands of costumed masqueraders parade through the streets, dancing to the pulsating sounds of steel band, calypso and soca. Most of these revelers register to participate in the band of their choice months before the festivities...
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  • The Development of the Rake- from Man of Mode
    Nothing at Face Value: The Mask in Aphra Behn’s The Rover Aphra Behn’s The Rover offers readers and viewers a play in which honesty and dishonesty are often one in the same. Thematically driven by masking, disguising, and misunderstanding, this dramatic “Comedy of Manners” employs thematic tricks to highlight the paradoxical nature of the ideas of honor, honesty and loyalty. Set in Naples during Carnivale, a time traditionally associated with shrouded mischief, The Rover clearly capitalizes...
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  • rghgh - 676 Words
    3) The most famous pedestrian street in Chelyabinsk is Kirovka. Its beauty can be compared to Moscow Arbat. The street is designed with life-size sculptures: proud chief of police, modest peasant, light-hearted beggar, freelance artist in front of the curved mirror, Russian left-hander Levsha. Guests of the city and local people like taking pictures with them. Stroll down Arbat Street, lined with trees, lamps of cast iron and lots of benches make the street cosy and comfortable. There are...
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  • Masks and Disguise - 626 Words
    In William Golding’s novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ and Shakespeare’s play ‘Romeo and Juliet’ masks and disguises are used to serve different purposes. Both texts use masks and disguise to allow characters to behave in ways that they usually would not or could not. For example, in Lord of the Flies, the boys go from being civilised to becoming savage. This is evident when it says “the mask was a thing on its own, behind which Jack hid, liberated from shame and self consciousness”. The fact that...
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  • Moko Jumbie - 321 Words
    Moko Jumbie, I personally find, is the most phenomenal traditional character as not only it is a tremendous sight to see but also the ability and skill that is required to portray such a gratifying character. More formally known as ‘Stilt walker’ The Moko Jumbie originated from West Africa. They had a God named ‘Moko’ and the liberated slaves then added the word ‘jumbie’ meaning ghost. The heights of the stilts were seen as the ability to prognosticate evil quicker than ordinary men. The...
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  • Cultural Diversity in the Classroom - 588 Words
    Cultural Diversity in the Classroom: EDU-230 Instructor: Christy Faux June 2, 2013 Multicultural Field Trip Where there is a Caribbean Carnival Fest that is where you will find a place full of energy. Around this time every year there are several Caribbean Carnival Festivals given through out the DC, Maryland and Virginia area (DMV). When you visit one these festivals you can’t help but notice the many different island traditions that have been brought to the state side that includes...
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  • magnifico - 2792 Words
    psis Set in a rural area, Magnifico and his family lives an impoverish life and started to lose hope after facing different trials. - her sister suffers from cerebral palsy, his older brother who studies in Manila loses his scholarship, he (Magnifico) is not so good in school and his grandmother suffers from stomach cancer. Pikoy (Magnifico) often hears his parents arguing about money which led him to think of ways to help his family. With his young, kind and sympathetic heart, Pikoy...
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  • Magnifico Reaction Paper - 1532 Words
    Magnifico (2003) is a poignant and motivating movie about a young Filipino boy who, despite his lack of intelligence, remained optimistic which enabled him to help not only his family but also those living within their community. Because of his profound generosity and sympathy to the people around him, he was able to change their lives. Eventually, they have developed a positive outlook in life. The film opens with the birth of Magnifico in their home – which is evidently a typical house of a...
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  • Discourse Community - 1111 Words
    Julia Allgeier Ms. Newhouse English 101 section 61 9/16/14 A Discourse Community Have you ever been among people who are very much like you? That it does not matter what differences you have you all have a lot more in common. A member of 4-H constitutes a discourse community because of an agreed set of common public goals, level of membership, and something that provides information and feedback. An agreed set of public goals for our community is that as a whole...
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  • Consumption Rituals for Mardi Gras
    Consumption rituals at Mardi Gras History • Mardi Gras" (French for Fat Tuesday) is the final day of Carnival, the three day period preceding the beginning of Lent, the Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday immediately before Ash Wednesday. • the cities most famous for their Mardi Gras celebrations include Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and New Orleans, Louisiana • In the mid 1970’s a new phenomenon began to occur in New Orleans’ French Quarter during Mardi Gras • That phenomenon is...
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  • Analysis of Chocolat - 553 Words
    Analysis of Chocolat In this extract from Chocolat by Joanne Harris, a mother and her young daughter, Anouk, have just arrived at Lansquenet-sous-Tannes, a small village in France. The story is told from the mother’s point of view in the first person. Only at the end of the scene - when a man asks “On holiday, Madame?” - we discover that the narrator is a woman. It is carnival time. The narrator describes the excitement of the participants using the senses. For example, the atmosphere is...
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  • Title - 3737 Words
    School Based Assessment Information Technology Spreadsheet Management Database Management Word Processing Problem Solving Programme Implementation Question Title: .Canival. Preface from the Teacher This is the current draft of the School Based Assessment(SBA) which you will be required to complete and submit. The final draft will be posted on or before October 31. Please check back for an update. This SBA is for students sitting the exam from St Jago High School and St Jago.s...
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  • The Festivals in Mexico - 352 Words
    Speech Title: Festivals in Mexico Specific purpose statement: To inform the audience about the festivals in Mexico and ways they are celebrated. Thesis: There are various types of festivals celebrated in Mexico and every festival being celebrated has a deep meaning attached to it. 1. Festivals hold a deep importance in the hearts of the Mexican families. 2. Festivities are a reason for everyone in the community to get together and spend some quality time in the presence of each other....
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  • Mask: Masks and Following Questions Briefly
    A mask is a ‘false face’. It can have several functions. First, it is used to hide the identity of the person wearing it. Criminals often wear it for this reason. Masks may also be worn for having fun. At one time, masked balls were very popular in Europe. People who attended these dances wore masks and only removed them at the end of the night. Another function is to change the wearer into another person or being. This is based on the old belief in some cultures that the person wearing the...
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  • Symbols for Kite Runner - 455 Words
    The Color Red Colors from the red part of the spectrum (including orange and pink) recur throughout Beloved, although the meaning of these red objects varies. Amy Denver’s red velvet, for example, is an image of hope and a brighter future, while Paul D’s “red heart” represents feeling and emotion. Overall, red seems to connote vitality and the visceral nature of human existence. Yet, in Beloved, vitality often goes hand in hand with mortality, and red images simultaneously refer to life and...
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  • Mardi Gras Goffman as Collective Performance (Sociology)
    New Orleans was left permanently changed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. Mardi Gras season presents an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to collaboratively define this new and changed city. Carnival and Mardi Gras day itself can be viewed as theatrical performances in which local New Orleanians and tourists are involved in multiple dramatic interactions to present an ideal city and celebration. These reciprocal interactions between actor and audience result in a certain presentation...
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  • Short Story About a Race
    It was a dazzling, sun-drenched, exuberant day, a day like no other. I woke up for the loud noise from the nearby carnival. The sun rays were pouring down the room. Swallowing my breakfast with a gulp, I got ready and ran off to the carnival. The annual carnival was a day of mirth, enjoyed by everyone. Children had rides, bumper cars, haunted houses and the big wheel, whereas adults had aiming games and other activities. The air was crispy agile and smelt of cotton candy. The entire day was...
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  • rituals and festivals - 1180 Words
    Rituals and festivals have been a part of traditional European life for many years. They involved all religions, social classes and happened in almost all areas throughout Europe. Back in these times, there were no forms of entertainment like television, cell phones and video games. People depended on one another to entertain themselves. People in Europe would also be punished or tortured in front of the whole town to control public outbursts. An example of this is known as charivari. Some of...
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  • American Melting Pot: The City of New Orleans
    In a country containing so much diversity and history, it is practically impossible to locate one city which embodies American diversity. A colony started by the French was the first area to fully integrate culture and religion. The city of New Orleans, now prosperous from its diversity, epitomizes the "American Melting Pot". It is complicated to relate such different backgrounds, but with an overview of history, culture, religion, and integration on a small scale, a reader is capable of...
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  • Lalurita - 1407 Words
    Throughout this essay I will be addressing the social, cultural and economic impacts which affect Brazil community. Rio de Janeiro carnival dates back to 1723 it is one of the world’s biggest carnivals, it is a hallmark event. It is known to be one of the most interesting artistic celebrations it involves 4 days of continuous partying and having fun before Ash Wednesday. This event provides an insight into the true culture of Brazil it showcases their beliefs and moralities. It is considered to...
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  • Festivals DBQ AP Euro
    Throughout history, places around the world have traditionally participated in a cycle of ritualized events and festivals. Historically, European life consisted of festivals like Carnival and Mardi Gras, along with common, daily rituals like charivari, or riding the stang. Some festivals kept people happy and allowed them to unwind while others provided order and punishment. Different religious beliefs resulted in different opinions on certain festivals and rituals. Additionally, rituals and...
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  • Descriptive Writing - 734 Words
    Christopher Cook English Composition 1 ENC 101 Jul 2014 Writing Description I grew up in a little town known as Preston, Idaho. Most people know this town because of the movie Napoleon Dynamite. If you were to visit my town, the best time to go would be around the end of July. Another good time would be the beginning on December. If you don’t go either of those times, there are still plenty of good things to do. If you go to Preston, Idaho at the end of July one of the best and most...
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  • The cask of amontillado - 1032 Words
    Maria Lopez Mrs. Schurman English III Honors July 23, 2014 The Story after The Cask of Amontillado What happens after Fortunato passes out and Montresor leaves? This was a mystery, but after 50 years this mystery will be revealed. Fortunato was always a little conceited regarding his knowledge of wine, but overall he was a very friendly, helpful and innocent man, now, if we talk about Montresor, he was a very vengeful person and not a very nice man when it came to people messing with him....
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  • Descriptive Essay - 545 Words
    I remember, as a child, my first trip to the carnival. I stood at the entrance, my small hand held firmly by a larger one belonging to a much more confident adult, as I took in my surroundings. The flashing lights, the music and screaming all had me gawking at anything and everything that my eyes happened upon. What caught and kept my attention were the rides that seemed to torture their occupants. It still amazes me that average, ordinary people eagerly trade in the serenity and security of...
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  • Trinidad and Tobago - 1716 Words
    Trinidad and Tobago The beaches here give me a sense of what heaven would be like. As I walk in the pure white sand, I compare it to the white clouds of heaven. While looking out into the water, I cannot tell the where the Caribbean Sea begins and the clear blue sky ends. Continuing to walk along the beach I come across two tall palm trees that grow over each other, creating an arch; that is my gate to heaven. The ebb and flow of the small waves creates a soothing rhythm as I continue to...
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  • Notes: Something Wicked This Way Comes
    AP Short Form: Title: Something Wicked This Way Comes Author: Ray Bradbury Published: 1962 Main characters: 1. William Halloway – One of the main protagonists of the novel. Will is thirteen years old and has white-blonde hair and eyes “as clear as summer rain.” Although very obedient, Will is also sweet, sensitive, and does not want to grow up because he thoroughly enjoys being young. He always finds the right thing to do, even in the most trivial of situations. Will has an active...
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  • masque of red death - 754 Words
    Maria Melnichuk 2 December 2014 Analysis of The Masque of the Red Death Thematic Statement: Death is inevitable and it’s ignorable but unstoppable. If life gives you happiness then take it. That is what people of The Masque of the Red Death did. There was a plague spreading from people to people. Sons, daughters, family and others were dying, but the ignorance of the people just kept spreading. They ignored time, and what was coming ...
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  • Othello and the Cask of Amontillado Speech
    Do the characteristics of villainy exist in all of us? Revenge, betrayal, manipulation are all features of the archetypical villain which convey the flaws in humanity. This idea is demonstrated through Shakespeare’s Iago from Othello and Edgar Allen Poe’s Montresor from The cask of Amontillado, as they play the roles of two evil, back-stabbing characters in which we all learn and love to hate. Through the archetype of the villain, composers explore how humanity needs very little motivation to...
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  • Twilight Zone - 550 Words
    Ever wonder what a party during the famed, Mardi Gras day would be like when an old rich man is on his deathbed while his greedy family is bedside? In Serling’s episode, “The Masks” in the famed tv show, The Twilight Zone, Jason Foster is the dying old rich man whose views of his family members are most beneficial and realistic for the viewer as he forces them to wear grotesque masks which inevitably is the antithesis of what the family sees themselves as. The realistic personalities of the...
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  • Masks in Twelfth Night - 672 Words
    Greg Clement Shakespeare was a man that established his name in history books as a great writer. One of Shakespeare’s many sparks of innovative genius which laminated these pages was his use of masks. Masks are used throughout Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” as a character would choose to wear their selected mask to fit in to the particular situation. Shakespeare uses this imagery of a mask in many of the characters in his play, but mostly in two: Viola and Feste. These masks...
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  • An analytical outlook, the uses of reverse psychology in "The Cask of Amontillado"
    "Neither by word nor deed had I given Fortunato cause to doubt my good will. I smile in his face, and he did not perceive that my smile now was at the thought of his destruction." These lines show us Montresor's true intentions of deceiving Fortunato into death with out him knowing of it. A mission well accomplished thanks to the help of Reverse Psychology. The ideal definition of reverse psychology is the ability to obtain something from someone with out asking for it. How...
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  • Culture in Aruba - 855 Words
    The people of Aruba come primarily from European, African, and Latin American countries and the culture of the island reflects these varied backgrounds. The language, food, religion, and celebrations on Aruba are composed of a healthy mix of these countries. Aruba is closely tied to Holland because of its long occupation and present partnership in the Netherlands kingdom. The official language is Dutch, which is seen on the street signs, official documents, and many local newspapers. However,...
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  • Chocolat - 839 Words
    Chocolat If we were all to rebel against what we've always known to be accepted, if we were to completely ignore the teachings of our elders and do the things we've been taught to be "evil" and "sinister", what would happen? This situation is one which occurs in a small and tranquil French town in the extract from Chocolat. Throughout the extract there are a variety of juxtapositions, polarizations, and much contrast building the subject. Joanne Harris creates a compelling story, but not...
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  • "The Veldt" by Ray Bradbury - Summary
    George and Lydia Hadley are parents of Wendy and Peter Hadley. They spare no expense at providing their children with the best that technology can offer. Their house is completely computerized. There are machines to fry eggs, generate food, sweep the house and bathe the children. Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the Hadley house is the nursery; a room that turns the children's imagination to reality. At the beginning of the story, Lydia and George step into the nursery and find an African...
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  • Setting of Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Novel: Something Wicked This Way Comes Setting Question In Something Wicked This Way Comes, Bradbury sets the story in Green Town, Illinois around the time of Halloween. At the beginning of the novel, a lightning rod salesman comes to town trying to sell the boys a lightning rod for a storm that is approaching. However, the weather that evening was calm. Compare/Contrast the mood before the carnival came and after the carnival and describe the setting for each. Answer * Both the...
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  • Wine of Astonishment - 796 Words
    Chelsea G. A. Maharaj – 4.4 English B 1) a. DESCRIBE BOLO AND HIS PASSION FOR STICKFIGHTING. b. WHAT INFLUENCE OR EFFECT DID THE BAN ON CARNIVAL HAVE ON THIS? In the book “Wine of Astonishment” written by Earl Lovelace. This novel deals with a small community like Bonnasse where Spiritual Baptists are living. Their religion practices were outlawed by the colonial government because they were all seen as ‘uncivilized’ and ‘barbarous’. One of the main characters in the novel was a...
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  • Importance of Ritual and Festival in Traditional Africal
    Well, most of the festivals that I know of were religious in nature. Christmas of course being the most famous, it lasted from Christmas Day until Epiphany (the 6th January), and was preceded by the fast period of Advent. Epiphany used to be the climax of the Christmas period and was the biggest celebration of all, but in england it has faded away and is no longer celebrated. However, it is still the climax of christmas in Spain and Italy. Easter of course, preceded by another fast, Lent,...
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  • Venice Research Paper - 407 Words
    Alex Zillion 2-10-10 Barris English 1 Venice Venice Italy is most widely known for its Canals, but what most people forget about are the renaissance artwork on the side of the canals or the Carnival held near the Canals among other things. Venice has been the center of attention for a long time and some of those events are in this document. The Carnival of Venice is yearly occurrences were people are allowed to wear a mask and cloak. Three day before the Carnival Venetians start to dance...
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  • The Cask of Amontillado - 1550 Words
    Edgar Allen Poe was a master of the horror genre and The Cask of Amontillado was no exception. This was the story of what may have been a perfect crime. Narrating events that took place fifty years before, Montresor, a wealthy Frenchman, began the tale by explaining that Fortunato, a fellow wine connoisseur, after a series of unknown events insulted him. Although Montresor never states what this insult was, he was angry enough about it to premeditate Fortunato’s murder. Montresor’s true goal lay...
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  • Caribbean Women Writers Midterm
    Margaret Yinh Nature in Caribbean Literature In Mayotte Capecia’s autobiographical novel I Am a Martinican Woman, the author discusses and makes many references to the natural lifestyle of the Caribbean islands. She uses flowery and colorful language to describe, in vivid detail, the picturesque landscape of Martinique. One concept she uses is that of the “pathetic fallacy,” a correlation between nature and emotional life. It is similar to anthropomorphism, endowing anything that is not...
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  • Mad Blood Stirring: Vendetta in Renaissance Italy
    Mad Blood Stirring: Vendetta in Renaissance Italy Book Response Written by Edward Muir, this powerful microhistory analyses the events during 1511 in the town of Friuli, Italy at the time of the carnival. Muir’s thesis for his book, Mad Blood Stirring comes together in separate parts throughout his introduction. Firstly, Muir attempts to establish the importance of the Venetian rule over the province and people of Friuli and its capital city, Udine. Due to its geographical location, this...
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    The Barranquilla Carnival: The Most Colorful Carnival in the World UNESCO honored the carnival of Barranquilla by declaring it a World Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is the most-awaited festival of the year by all who wish to enjoy four days of a cultural and folkloric event characterized by ethnic diversity, merriment, dance, music, and entertainment. The Carnival ...of Barranquilla ... is the great stage where the Caribbean way of being is expressed by a...
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  • Caribbean Diaspora - 3821 Words
    History Paper on Caribbean Diaspora Decendents of the Caribbean Diaspora are located in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and countries that were previously colonial empires. The inhabited islands that are in the Caribbean are not only geographical regions, but also regions of the imagination, lived cultural experiences and are an interesting study in religious identity as well (Harry:2).” Colonized by European powers from the sixteenth century, the Caribbean islands have become a...
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  • Mardi Gras - 752 Words
    Mardi Gras is probably one of the largest celebrated mysteries in our country. There are two major cities that has debated the origin or history of Mardi Gras for years. Those two cities are New Orleans, LA and Mobile, AL where this celebration has been famous throughout history. There are things where they do agree but they both want there just due to Mardi Gras. This holiday is supposed to be confined to those three days only, in practice Mardi Gras is generally celebrated for a full week...
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  • A Separate Peace: Friendship, Conformity and War
    A Separate Peace: Friendship, Conformity, and War We have all experienced friendship in our lives; some of these bonds were lasting and others were not. A Separate Peace is a book that deals with the friendship of high school boys. These boys attend an all-boy’s school called Devon School. It is said that: "Devon is sometimes considered the most beautiful school in New England." "Devon was both scholarly and very athletic." Devon is where Gene Forrester, Phineas (Finny) and...
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  • crim paper - 754 Words
    Vengeance has always been a popular theme for movies and books throughout time. The heroic individual spends the whole story trying to avenge the death of someone very close to them and along the way falls in love with another character. Isabel Allende wrote "An Act of Vengeance" with a surprising twist to it. "She knew she could not carry out the vengeance she had planned because she loved the killer,"(Allende 61) The theme woven through the tale is about how one girl seeks for closure for her...
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  • 17th Century Venetian Opera
    |[Type the company name] | |Seventeenth Century Venetian Opera | |Cultural and Economic Factors | |...
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  • Harish - 602 Words
    January 2013 Message Message from Head of School “Cultivation of the mind is as necessary as food to the body”. Cicero Dear Parent, We wish you all a very happy and prosperous 2013! December, although being a short month was filled with a lot of fun and excitement. Parent Education Session We hosted our second Parent Education session on Dec 1st, 2012. The session was conducted by Mr. Sanjay Prabhakaran, Mr. Anirudha Kar, and myself on the IB philosophy, its structure and delivery...
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  • a visit to a village fair - 341 Words
    A Visit to a village fair A Fair is a place where people enjoy, entertain ,spend the leisure time. In a Fair we can enjoy a lot. Some people go to the fair for their own enjoyment. Some people think going to the fair an enjoying is good for mental condition. Many Foreigners go to the fair because they cannot find fairs in their countries. Some foreigners...
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  • Daniel Johnston - 1229 Words
    Daniel Johnston: Informative Speech Before the terms Indie, DIY, or Free Music were ever sputtered out of any hipster’s mouth, there was Daniel Johnston. Today I want to tell you about the amazing songwriter Daniel Johnston, and give you some insight on his music, art, and illness. Early life Daniel Johnston was born in January 22, 1961 from a right winged Christian family, at a young age he felt separated emotionally and spiritually. Ever since he got his first tape recorder he became...
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  • interview paper - 711 Words
    Interview with Ms. Mature 2013/2014 Paula Gordon In November 2012 Ms. Gordon was approached by more than one person that thought she was a perfect candidate for the up and coming Ms. Mature Pageant that was to be held during the Carnival Season. As you all know she won. Now let’s get to know a little more about Ms. Paula Gordon, Ms. Paula Gordon not a native of St. Maarten but calls it home, was born on the island of St. Kitts on the 10th of November 1976 where she lived until she moved to...
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