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  • Payroll Accounting Project 4
    April Scott ACC 150 Project 4 April 4, 2014 I visited Cabela’s on friends and family night, so I observed their internal controls. I also asked my inside source of their internal controls that are not seen on the sales floor. My source provided me with Cabela’s Business Code and Ethics which clearly states: “All Outfitters are required to; appropriately manage and safeguard Cabela’s assets, ensure their efficient use, and ensure they are used for legitimate business purposes; maintain...
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  • What Was Revolutionary About the Military Revolution
    What was revolutionary about the ‘Military Revolution’ in Early Modern Europe? The Military Revolution: From Medieval to Modern Warfare The historical paradigm of the military revolution found its first main proponent in Michael Roberts’s The Military Revolution, 1560-1660. The theory of the ‘military revolution’ is the period of years from the mid fifteenth century to the end of the eighteenth century saw a radical modernisation of the science of warfare. The advancement of gunpowder...
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  • Whats Your Name - 3135 Words
    UDWPA QUESTIONS FOR SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 SCROLL DOWN FOR SEPTEMBER UDWPA TEXT Question 1 In her essay “Shooting Dad”, Sarah Vowell describes her attempt at “becoming a better daughter.” Her effort to understand her father’s interest in guns is a potential model for resolving disagreements. Do you believe her approach—trying to understand the other side—could be used to address conflicts you’ve experienced or observed? Why or why not? Write an essay that answers this question with...
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  • Comparing Differnt Types of Guns
    Comparing Different Types of Guns When it comes to gun there are some major differences that are taken into consideration. The size, How you can conceal them and Hunting .Whichever you choose and how to do use them is up to you. When looking for a gun the size can play a big part .While a handgun or a pistol is small. It fits in your hand .Some pistol/handguns even have silencer on them .Most handguns gun barrel sixe is 2-6 inches ,where a riffle/shotgun has a barrel of 18...
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  • Marketing has been criticized because it makes people buy things they don't really need. Refute or Support this accusation
    Forcing people to buy is a harsh term since no one has watched their family tremble at the end of a gun barrel while they were forced to make a purchase. Marketing, like everything else in this world, has changed as its aged. Many of the tactics used thirty years ago are not legal today because they misrepresented the product they pushed. Thus leading people to think they were buying something they were not. The majority of marketing only exposes our desires to purchase; it does not create...
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  • Gun Powder - 342 Words
    Third great Chinese invention is gunpowder. Everything from Guy Fawke's night fireworks to modern artillery shells owes their origin to this. Ancient necromancers searching for the elixir of everlasting life on behalf of the Emperor discovered that mixtures of certain fuels and ores could, if mixed in the right proportions and heated, produce an explosion. This led in time to the discovery of gunpowder. In 1044 Zeng Gongliang wrote “The Collection of the Most Important Military Techniques”, and...
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  • Civil War Essay - 399 Words
    Alex Hagwood 8th Period 3-5-09 Civil War Essay There were many contributions that were made during the Civil War that have made an impact on us today, including weapons, medicine, and fighting tactics. These have all improved with today’s technology. They have also become more sophisticated. Weapons have increasingly become more efficient and accurate, but they have had a model to work with. First, you have cannons and mortars. These could use a wide range of ammunition and had a long...
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  • ironclad - 1629 Words
    One of the North's first acts at the outset of the Civil War was the attempt to force the Confederacy into submission by blockading its ports. The objective was to deny the South access to supplies and to shut down its export of cotton to England - its major source of revenue. To counter this threat, the Confederacy began to build a fleet of ships clothed in iron panels that made them impervious to enemy cannon fire. Armed with an underwater ram, these ships were designed to slam into and sink...
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  • Of mice and men - 1245 Words
    How are guns presented to us in ‘Revolver’ By Marcus Sedgwick? Revolver is a novel from Marcus Sedgwick about guns for teenagers. Revolver is set in 1910 in a place mysteriously cold and desolate. How sig Anderson thought turn more and more towards a colt revolver, waiting to be used! Although it’s set in 1910 and 1899 it’s written in 2009 to show its still relevant today because of the mass shooting and major gun issues in the United States of America. There are numerous figurative...
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  • Shooting Dad - 492 Words
    Christy A Threatt-Drake 10/04/2012 ENG 101-014 Summary and Response “Shooting Dad” Sarah Vowell “Shooting Dad” Sarah Vowell is best known for her smart, witty spoken essays she delivers on public radio. One of her writings called, “Shooting Dad”, is a view into her, “lifelong opposition to her father”. In the essay called “Shooting Dad”, Vowell states that “during her teenage years she came from...
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  • Civil war weapons - 378 Words
    Civil war weapons Civil War Cannon summary:​ There were many types of cannons used in the ​ the civil war​ , including the 6-pounder Gun, M1857 12-pounder "Napoleon", 12-pounder Howitzer, 24-pounder Howitzer, 10-pounder Parrott rifle, 3-inch Ordnance Rifle, and the 20-pounder Parrott rifle. One of the more important technological advances at the time of the Civil War was the ability mass produce rifled barrel field artillery, increasing their accuracy and range. Smoothbore cannon were still...
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  • Glock - 1794 Words
     Glock the Rise of America’s Gun This book was written by Paul M. Barrett. A man named Gaston Glock made a pistol that changed the U.S. Gaston decided to make this gun because he over herd people talking at the police station about how they wanted to adopt a new gun for the force. The revolvers that they were using were not doing the job. April 11, 1986 there was a gun shoot out at a bank robbery. The two gun-men were out shooting the cops with their Ruger mini-14 that held...
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  • Richard Gatling - the Gatling Gun
    Richard Jordan Gatling was born in January 1818 in Winton North Carolina, and died at the age of 85 in 1903. Gatling's career as an inventor began when he assisted his father in the construction of machines for sowing cottonseeds, and also for thinning cotton plants. He spent a lot of time in the fields with his father who helped him build some of his inventions. Richard Jordan Gatling was a medical doctor with numerous patents for his farm equipment inventions. To his credit he came up...
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  • Warfare During the Renaissance - 1205 Words
    Warfare During the Renaissance Warfare did not get invented during the Renaissance, but there were some significant innovations. Feudal cavalry lost its strength of the battlefield, infantry gained in stature, states learned how to field large armies for long periods of time. Most important of all, however, was the use of gunpowder. The chief result of these innovations was that warfare once and for all was taken out of the hands of private individuals (the nobility) and was taken over by...
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  • Cool stuff - 326 Words
    Teachers should be allowed to carry a gun at school in case of emergencies such as terrorist attacks, hostile situations, A.L.I.C.E, and many other reasons. This issue could be supported by what took place on December 14, 2012 which is known as the Sandy Hook Massacre, in which 28 people were killed, including 20 children from inside the school. This horrible event is a prime example of why teachers should be allowed to carry guns. In their situation they were defenseless and sitting ducks as...
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  • How to Clean a Gun - 465 Words
    Purchase a cleaning kit for your weapon and the particular barrel brush for the caliber of your gun. Each caliber of gun has a particular diameter cleaning brush to remove particles of lead and copper that may accumulate during use. It is best to use a solvent especially designed to remove metal deposits rather than just a general-purpose solvent designed for gunpowder residues and other explosive products. 2Locate the instruction manual for your weapon and disassemble it according to the...
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  • essay on "shooting dad" - 1058 Words
    Name Professor Date Damage Due to Firearms: How Guns Disassociated Sarah Vowell From Her Father In the essay “Shooting Dad” by Sarah Vowell, we see how guns affected the relationship between Vowell and her father. From her childhood to her adult years, she was never a particular fan of guns; since her father was a gunsmith, they never had much in common. Even though guns were not the only thing they disagreed on, it caused a huge disconnection between them because it is something they were...
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  • The Effects of Guns in the Civil War
    The Affects of Guns In The Civil War. Durning the Civil War Era guns played a big part in the amount of casualties in war; without the use of guns war would not be possible. Many of the guns that were used in the Civil War included a variety of early century muskets, rifles, hand guns, and heavy artillery. Many of the bullets left serious wounds and sometimes life-threatening injuries, leaving the victim on the battlefield to die. Diseases also had a major role in the death toll, leading to...
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  • How Guns Work - 959 Words
    How Guns Work A gun is a weapon that uses the force of an explosive propellant to project a missile. Guns or firearms are classified by the diameter of the barrel opening. This is known as the calibre of the gun. Anything with a calibre up to and including . 60 calibre(0.6 inches) is known as a firearm. The precise origin of the gun is unknown, although they were in use by the early 14th century and were common place in Europe by mid-century. These early guns were nothing more than large...
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  • joseph plumb - 3565 Words
    Selections from the Diary of Private Joseph Plumb Martin Joseph Plumb Martin was born in western Massachusetts in 1760. His father was a pastor who often got in trouble for speaking his mind too freely. At the age of seven, Joseph was sent to live with his affluent grandfather. When the war started in 1775 Martin chafed to enlist but he was too young. Many of Martin's friends had enlisted and Martin was quite susceptible to their peer pressure.In June of 1776, at the age of 15, Martin, though...
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  • A Good Man Is Hard to Find: the Discipline
    There is a little controversy about the discipline that children tend to display these days versus when their parents and grandparents were growing up and I think that O’Connor was showing or describing a little bit of that when she introduced the children into her story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” While reading the story I was immediately drawn to the grandmother because of course she seems to be the main character in her story, “A Good Man Is Hard to Find.” Then as I read on I became...
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  • Like Father, Like Daughter
    Like Father, Like Daughter Let's face it; there comes a time in life when teenagers cannot stand their parents. Arguments ensue, many things that should never be said are spoken aloud, and the teenagers think that they have nothing in common with their parents. However, when Sarah Vowell shares her experience in the essay “Shooting Dad,” she gives the audience a complete, retrospective look at her teenage feuds, which contrasts her relationship with her father today. Vowell uses her past...
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  • The Man Who Was Almost a Man Literary Analysis of Dave
    The Man Who Was Never A Man Throughout the life of someone they can accomplish many tasks that aggrandize their reputation, but it only takes one discrepancy to leave harrowing effects that will degenerate their character within society. In “The Man Who Was Almost A Man” Dave and his family are a destitute bunch, and with some convoluted idea Dave’s life goes from bad to worse. He is a character in the story that is immature, which leads him further into his impetuous behavior that seeks...
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  • Shooting Dad - 696 Words
    Jurgen Bolanos Professor Brewer English 107 Feb. 18 2011 We’re not so different you and I In Sarah Vowell‘s essay “Shooting Dad” she talks about her relationship with her dad. She goes far to explain how she differs from her father. She explains her tug-of-war battle with her father. In the end of the essay she expresses her great love for her father and it shows how happy she is that she shares a common feeling. They share a great sense of passion and pride. She begins the essay by...
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  • coursework - 854 Words
    Explore the ways that Tennyson and Hughes present the emotions of the soldiers in the poems ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’ and ‘Bayonet Charge’. In this essay, I’m going to talk about how Tennyson present emotion and feeling in his poem towards the patriotic soldiers that suffered in war due to the blunder the generals had made. Also on the ‘Bayonet Charge’ Hughes writes his poem to show how brave and patriotic the soldiers were to go into the war for their beloved country. Tennyson...
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  • Deutsch - 718 Words
    R. Aldington. DEATH OF A HERO (part III) Three more nights passed rather more tranquilly. There was comparatively little gas, but the German heavies were persistent. They, too, quieted down on the third night, and Winterboume got to bed fairly early and fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly he was wide awake and sitting up. What on earth or hell was happening? From outside came a terrific rumble and roaring, as if three volcanoes and ten thunderstorms were in action simultaneously. The whole...
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  • Mr Rovert - 414 Words
    »¿Another wave of sea spray hit his shivering face like bullets pounding into the practise board he used this morning as the boat smashed into a colossal wave. They neared the beach. No longer was it the picturesque setting of crystal waters and soft, light grains of sand that puts smiles on childrenâs faces. Now it was a scene straight out of hell with fire and explosions of destruction, a place where the cries of agonized men would be forever inplanted into the few survivers minds to haunt...
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  • Fist Stick Knife Gun
    Jen Jeffrey Juvenile Justice and Delinquency October 21, 2001 Critique of Fist Stick Knife Gun The Book "Fist Stick Knife Gun" by Geoffrey Canada is a biographical account of his childhood in the south Bronx. He and his 4 brothers were raised by only their mother. She would survive on no more than ten dollars a week. He moved several times as a child until finally landing on union avenue, the place were many of his life lessons were learned and at times applied. He learned about the ranking...
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  • Civil War Weapons - 1185 Words
    Lori Robinson HIS 226-IN1 Module 4 Weapons of the Civil War I have to load a weapon? Oh no! Let’s see, first I have to get my cartridge out of the box. I really hate the taste of gunpowder in my mouth when I rip open the cartridge with my teeth. Then I have to pour that powder into the barrel of the gun. What next? Remove the rammer, ram the barrel to set the ammo, and then return the rammer. Then to prime the gun, I have to set my cap, and now I can finally fire a single shot....
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  • A Useful Tool - 1101 Words
    A useful tool If someone gets into people’s house or wants to robbery people in some places with no one appear, which would people rather have, a handgun or telephone? If policeman cannot get there in time to save people’s life or no one can give people assistance, what would people rather do? Should they ask to god for help or willing to be a victim? It is very ridicules. Obviously, the best choice for people protect themselves is taking a handgun, because the first line of defense is people....
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  • The Man Who Was Almost a Man
    MARCELO BARBOSA “Manhood, Power and Respect instead of Childhood” Dave Saunders is the main character of the story, the Theme of the Story is “Looking for Maturity, Respect and Power”. He is tired of been treated as a child, wants to spend his money to whatever he wants, because his mom holds his money, so he just wants to prove to the others that he is a Man. One day he decided to go the local store to buy a gun, which is the store of Mistah Joe, he ask Joe for a catalog, once he gets the...
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  • Special Needs Rule Criminal Evidence W
     Special Needs Rule By: Sandra Hunter Criminal Evidence Week 7 This week we were giving the following scenario and ask to decide if this incident follows in the "special needs" rule and if it justify the officer’s search of the parked car’s trunk without probable cause? In this essay I will be discussing the special needs rule and my...
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  • John Smith Analysis in the General History of Virginia
    How do you views of Native Americans compare to that of John Smith? Smith’s The General History of Virginia shows the Native Americans as backward, barbaric, and dangerous. John Smith saw firsthand the hostile actions, different clothes, and inferior technology of the Native Americans. John Smith wrote his opinion of the Native Americans in The General History of Virginia. Some of the Native Americans that inhabited the New World were hostile to the colonists. Smith was captured by the Native...
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  • A Study of Warfare in Europe Between 1300 and 1500
    Since the introduction of gunpowder into Europe, it has gone on to dominate warfare into the twentieth century. With the development of the first European guns in the fourteenth century, armies were given use of a weapon which was to radically alter most of the ways of making war which had been established during the Middle Ages, and changes began to be seen within only a few years. It is, however, questionable whether the nature of these early changes constituted a revolution in the methods of...
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  • Toy Guns: to Play or Not to Play
    Essay 3 Toy guns: To Play or Not to Play Jennifer Thompson Baker College Online Division Children all over the world have been playing with toy guns for generations. There are some toy guns that shoot darts, some that shoot BB’s, and some that make a loud blast or noise. Some toy guns look very cartoonish and are bright colored, but some look very much like real guns, and are hard to tell that they are toys. Lately there has been so much gun violence affecting our world there has begun a...
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  • Cold Mountain - 602 Words
    Jose Arcay P.6 8/26/10 Cold Mountain The effect created in the passage from Cold Mountain leaves a profound effect on the reader. The author uses a multitude of connotative diction and specific word choices to describe setting, characters and moods. The mood is set off from the start and flows well into the end. Charles Frazier uses detailed imagery when describing the house, the 3-legged dog, the knapsack and the smokehouse. When describing the house, he mentions that it is slanted,...
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  • The Man Who Was Almost a Man
    Becoming a Man Coming of age is a young person’s transition from adolescence to adulthood. For most this can be a very difficult time and can cause a lot of pressure, especially for teenagers. In Richard Wright’s The Man Who Was Almost a Man, the main character, Dave, thinks he is ready to show everyone that he is a man. Dave wants people to give him more respect and treat him like a man; however, his actions seem to backfire leaving him with less respect than he had before. In the...
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  • Why i picked up a gun essay
    Why I picked up a gun The text “Why I picked up a gun” is written by Tiffany Hyatt in May 13, 2003. In the year 2001 Tiffany Hyatt drove past a beautiful little house. The house was surrounded by crime scene tape. This made Tiffany think about how she was raped and beaten by men who are commissioned police officers. In the text she talks about how every woman should be able to carry a gun. When Tiffany was younger she had a gun for sport, but after her assault she thought that it was important...
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  • Oral Communication 2nd Amendment Outline
    Should the 2nd amendment give citizens the right to own assault weaponry? Introduction: Does anyone know what people were the first to invent guns? The Chinese were the first people to invent guns. The first hand gun was called the Hand Cannon. What the second amendment means. The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution, which is part of the Bill of Rights, declares a well regulated militia as being necessary to the security of a Free State, and prohibits infringement of "the...
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  • gun control - 990 Words
    Fuente De La Fuente 1 Ms.Nelson English 1301 April 10, 2013 The American Way Gun Control. This is one of the most popular subjects to talk about nowadays. Ever since schools and movie theaters are being threatened by people with guns, society wants to ban guns just because they believe their to dangerous. It took a lot of shootings for people to act against the NRA and...
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  • Teen Violence and Media-Generated Fear
    Teen violence and Media-Generated Fear Why do the media want to scare the American public? Fear is the one thing we as Americans should be free of. Fear is something that we want to eliminate; so why do the media feel the need to create it? Fear on some level is desirable, except it really shouldn’t be called fear but rather discretion. We don’t want citizens running around all over the place completely careless. However, we also don’t want the public cowering inside their houses in fear of...
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  • Gun Control Script - 309 Words
    Why is the issue you are addressing important to society? Recent events such as the, Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the Aurora Movie Theater shooting and the Chardon High School shooting have all raised awareness for gun control. It’s hard because most people either say “I want guns to be banned, but I don’t want to be defenseless” or “I don’t want gun control, but I want the violence to stop.” It’s a controversial topic that needs to be resolved. First Viewpoint Unlike the rest of...
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  • Movie Review The Patriot - 535 Words
    The movie The Patriot is set in the time period of the late 18th century, the time period of the American Revolution. Mel Gibson plays the character Benjamin Martin, a farmer, and widower of seven children. In the film a British officer murders a son of Benjamin, at which time he gather a small army of farmers and Indians and leads them into battle with the British. The film does a good job and portraying the effects of the time period and events that take place. In some scenes the battles...
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  • Gun Control: the Ongoing Debate
    Robinson 1 Lindsay Robinson Radley English 109-02 2/9/2013 Gun Control: The Ongoing Debate It was a typical cold, Friday morning in December for the village of Sandy Hook in Newtown, Connecticut. Sheila Harper kissed her son Johnny good bye and watched as he skipped toward his first grade classroom without a worry in the world. With a smile on her face, she headed towards Black Bean Coffee, picked up her usual hot mocha latte, and continued down the snow-covered streets to the offices of...
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  • The Commercial Revolution - 817 Words
    F.R.Q. #3 The commercial revolution in Europe was a fascinating time to observe. It set most of the trends of the modern period and helped to shape the future. The commercial revolution brought about many new changes in the modern period like biological exchanges, a major impact on work and large empires that are based on guns and artillery. All of these things shaped the new trends that many major civilizations would follow during the modern era. The commercial revolution brought about...
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  • Gun Safety - 855 Words
    Gun Safety Some people like to shoot guns for hunting, some like to shoot them for recreation. Whatever the reason, when using guns, there are steps you need to take to be safe, whether shooting or storing them. The first basic rule is to never assume your gun is not loaded. No matter what, always check to make sure there is no ammunition in the gun. Another big rule is to remember that the safety (which is to prevent the gun from firing) of the gun is a mechanical device and can fail....
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  • Evaluating Truth And Validity Exercise
     Evaluating Truth and Validity Exercise You’re Name PHL458 Instructor Evaluating Truth and Validity Exercise The argument “a mature person is self-directing, so parents who make all their children’s for them are doing their offspring a disservice” has allot of validity to it, and in more ways than one is true. A child whose parents or guardians make all of his or her decisions for them, are in a way hindering the child because the child does not have the opportunity to think for himself....
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  • Crazy Day - 546 Words
    Abdiaziz Weheliye Ms. Shands English 5c 12 Feb. 2013 Essay Youth and anti-violence activist Andre Mitchell states, “We in the movement have been talking about gun violence- as a health issue, not a public safety issue--for a long time.” Gun violence is never the answer to anything. Gun violence is caused by many things for example bullying, the media and the availability of guns show how easy it is to get a gun these days. Nick Gillespie, the editor-in-chief of Reason Magazine, is a...
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  • Storming of the Bastille - 524 Words
    The characteristics of a group are determined by its elements. The mob that stormed the Bastille on July 14th, 1789 was a group of citizens that were fierce, enraged, and blood-thirsty. To the people of Paris, the Bastille was a symbol of brutality and totalitarian power. It was hated because of the many stories that had emerged from its walls of horrible torture and brutality. To the people of Paris who stormed the Bastille, the prison which was the symbol of the absolute monarchy which France...
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  • The Man Who Was Almost a Man
    Richard White’s short story, “The Man Who Was Almost a Man,” portrays the internal struggles of a yearning for power and manhood while also shedding light on the inherent immaturity that accompanies such a forced desire. The protagonist, Dave Saunders, is an African-American teenager struggling with his desires to be viewed as a man. He works as a field hand for Mr. Hawkins and is teased by the older men who work alongside him. Such ridicule drives Dave to buy a gun after convincing his mother...
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  • Get a Knife; Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns
    Angela White English 101 10/18/2010 Synopsis Get a Knife; Get a Dog, but Get Rid of Guns Molly Ivin’s view is she is not antigun she is pro knife .She supports the second amendment and believes that all children 14 and under are too young to be having guns. And having so many guns owners is destroying our security of this Free State. She believes that guns...
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  • The Night the Power Went Out
    THE NIGHT THE POWER WENT OUT! It was a dark rainy night; the rain came down hard, sheet upon sheet, of bone chilling rain. I lay relaxed on the couch watching a horror movie when suddenly there was a loud crack of thunder and then there I lay all alone in complete darkness. I felt a little nervous but hazardously made my way to the kitchen by the guidance of the moons light. I went in search of a torch and found one on the kitchen table. I flicked it on and at that precise moment I heard a...
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  • Richard Wright's The Man Who Was Almost a Man
    Throughout the story, The Man Who Was Almost a Man there were three core setting of this story which include but are not limited to the store, Dave's house, the store, and the field. From Dave's point of view, which the story is told, the moods around these setting alter greatly. In Joe's store his qualities goes from normal to happy. In his house his mood changes very frequently. His mood also changes repeatedly in the field as well. The mood rang from happy, to excited, to sad, and also...
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  • The Ramblings of Gopnik - 654 Words
    Athena Maestas English 1101- Sec 303 Dr. Pfefferle E2 The Rambling of Gopnik In the article written by Adam Gopnik entitled “Shootings,” he speaks about troublesome shootings, gun problems, and social issues in the United States compared to other nations. He believes that gun laws should be more restrictive, and that there is no reason a private citizen in the United States should be able to own a handgun. His argument is invalid; there are many reasons that someone would and has...
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  • The Fort Cornwallis - 1069 Words
    The Fort Cornwallis Penang Island, as of today, is synonymous with its delectable hawker fare and its trails of heritage buildings and walkway. Among the many infamous historical landmarks of Penang Island - the Fort Cornwallis, which has a rich history of more than two centuries, stands out in the forefront. It is today, the largest and most intact fort that can be found in Malaysia. Fort Cornwallis’ history dated back to the starting point when Sir Captain Francis Light from the...
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  • Project/Portfolio Fact Pattern Handout
    Facts – Little Louie 1. Unemployed 2. Dates Wild Wanda 3. Plans to rob a bank with Billy Bad Boy and Vinnie Bagadonuts. 4. Knows a gun collector named Smith 5. Breaks into Smith’s house 6. Breaks into the gun locker and steals couple of handguns, sawed-off shotgun, and automatic weapons. 7. Robs the bank 8. In a shootout with the armed guard a bank teller and police officer is shot. 9. Runs from the police officers. 10. Breaks into Smokey’s house. Little Louie 1....
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  • Mass Hysteria - 256 Words
    The shootings in Newtown, CT showed a great form of mass hysteria in all of America back n December. The shootings involved a older man who killed many kids in Sandy Hook Elementary School. This has caused much debate on both school security, and gun laws if guns can be easily bought and registered under a man’s name. This brought much scare and sadness to all of America to think that a man walked into an elementary school and shot faculty and students. Many people started panicking about this...
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  • Ezio vs Big - 1195 Words
    The EZ intraosseous (EZ IO) device is a better device than the bone injection device (B.I.G.) for obtaining intraosseous access. This intraosseous access is used in life saving procedures outside the hospital , and it may occasionally be used in the hospital when a surgeon is not available. Intraosseous access is the second choice of access when intravenous access is not available. Intraosseous access can be preformed of by Emergency Medical Services on the ground, in the air and in combat...
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  • On Being a Real Westerner - 1006 Words
    On Being a Real Westerner 1. What is the plot of the essay? Wolff, a 13 year old is desperate to get hold of his stepfather Roy’s gun. Wolff’s mother doesn’t approve of him getting the gun, but Roy talks her into giving it to Wolff. Even though Wolff is told not to use the gun alone, he goes against his mother’s warning and aims at a squirrel. Being an animal lover, he feels guilty. 2. What effect did the gun have on Roy? Is there a hidden meaning to acquiring this object? Roy...
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  • Give a Boy a Gun Summary
    Give A Boy A Gun BY: Todd Strasser Give A Boy A Gun is about two high school students, Brendan Lawlor and Gary Searle. These two kids are the kids that are always in the back, don’t say much, and get picked on by the “popular kids”. They take this kind of bullying and punishment for about three years, and then they finally snap. Every day that they get picked on they get darker and darker. The story is told by the students of Middletown high, their high school, and is written as a bunch of...
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  • The Architect: Richard Gatling - 1988 Words
    Richard Jordan Gatling (1818-1903) was born on a plantation in Hertford County, North Carolina, on September 12th 1818 ( He is an American inventor best known for his invention of the Gatling gun. His father worked on machines to sow cotton and thin out cotton plants on the plantation ( He worked with his father to perfect the machines on the farm at an early age. At age 15 he started to work at the county clerk’s office, and by the time he turned 19 he left the...
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  • Jackie Brown: One Worth Betting on
    Isaac Rexford ENG 1102M Spenser Simrill Jackie Brown: One Worth Betting On The film Jackie Brown begins with a predominant focus on Jackie herself, one of the film's main characters by a panning shot following Jackie in the first scene. Jackie's initial focus is very much related to the film's plot. As the plot develops, Jackie finds herself in the center of a situation where a guns sells man (Ordell) refuses to let Jackie run her mouth to the authorities, while the authorities already know all...
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  • Censorship of Violence in Popular Entertainment is Unjustifiedt
    In Roberts Peters’ article “Censorship of Violence in Popular Entertainment Is Justified”, he writes about his personal concerns and his personal solutions to combat obscenity and uphold decency standards in the media. He believes that due to the many graphic and violent depictions in TV, films, music/RAP, video and computer games, the children in present society are easily influenced into acting out the media violence and turning it into real life violence. He believes that there are four main...
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  • Should People Be Allowed to Use Handguns
    Fedy Bruno march 29, 2013 Ms. Khavina Forensics Science Should people be allowed to own handguns Guns? Guns are very dangerous. I believe that no one should be allowed to own a handgun. The more people that are allowed to own handguns, more people will die. Only the people authorized to use guns should, such...
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  • Persuasive Essay On Why Not To Carry A Gun. Entitled, "Why Not To Carry A Gun"
    Why Not To Carry A Gun Too often do we hear about people accidentally shooting their family members, and parents committing a family massacre. Even when people buy guns for the best of reasons, somewhere down the road, it goes terribly wrong. Guns cause nothing but harm, and should only be used by policemen. Guns being used by regular people have caused guns to fall into the wrong hands, be used against its owner, give a false sense of confidence, and be used against the wrong person, therefore...
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  • Gun and Shane - 1148 Words
    In the book Shane by Jack Schaefer, a strange man enters the lives of a family and changes them forever. The book was written in the mid 1900’s and gives readers an outlook on early American culture as the west was settled. Throughout the book, different confrontations take place as the characters develop more fully as individuals. In Shane, the conflict between Shane and Fletcher influence Bob Starret’s perception on good and evil, as well as what it means to be a man. The story takes...
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  • Persuasive Essay - 812 Words
    PERSUASIVE ESSAY COMM/215 ESSENTIALS OF COLLEGE WRITING JANUARY 20TH, 2013 The use of guns is everywhere nationwide. Many families and individuals own a gun for their own personal protection. Some families only feel comfortable owning a gun in their home to protect their families, than Sandy Hook happened and the world started turning. All of the sudden guns became dangerous but what people don’t understand is that before that tragedy happened many families and individuals still had...
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  • Gun Ban - 559 Words
    Ruiting Qian WR 122 Draft one 01/21/12 Gun Ban in America In 2012, the most serious topics that people always talking about is Gun ban. Most of people voted for ban guns after the Connecticut's shooting incident. There are lots of children died in the elementary school, and Americans realized the bad effects about selling guns legally in many states. There are at least four shooting incidents each year. People may think it is the time to ban America's guns now, but in fact it is not...
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  • The Magic Finger - 299 Words
    The Magic Finger’s exposition is that there was a girl that has super powers. If someone was very mean to her, she pointed her finger at them and they turned into what ever they were mean to her for. This took place near her house like in the backyard. One of the main characters are Mr. and Mrs. Gregg and there two children William and Philip Gregg. In the book the main conflict was that the Gregg family was killing birds and their neighbor’s hated it. One day, the little girl next door...
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  • The Right To Bear Arms - 547 Words
    Why is the second amendment so important? The Right to Bear Arms. If you asked my father, like I had, he would tell you that, in his opinion, no matter which amendment it is, if you don’t agree with it, you should be automatically kicked out of America. Well, I believe the second amendment is important because it physically protects more than the rest. Whether it’s using a rifle for hunting, owning a handgun for self protection, or just collecting guns as a hobby, guns are extremely...
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  • Gothic Short Story - 801 Words
    It was a cold stormy night. The house was still. I was lying in bed when I heard a series of knocks at the door. As I descended the stairs the knocks were getting louder and louder. I thought to myself, "Who could be at the door this late at night?" When I opened the door there was a tall man dressed all in black. He smelled of fish and looked like he just walked out of a mud pit. He was having car troubles and needed to use the phone. I invited him in and told him that the phone was down the...
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  • English Monologue - 608 Words
    Wow! Atticus, my father, was called one-shot finch?! THAT’S AMAZING!!!! I can’t wait to go back to school and tell all my friends! “Ain’t anybody’s daddy the deadest shot in Maycomb County” (Lee, 130). I can’t believe Atticus didn’t tell Jem and I that he knows how to shoot a gun! I always thought that Atticus had the worst job in Maycomb County! All he does is sit in an office all day, but this, this turns out my father has a talent that’s better than everyone else’s daddy, I’m proud of...
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  • Dont Stand Between Your Ground Laws
    Jordan Vandermeer Mrs. Finkbeiner Composition through World literature 10-31-12 In today’s world there are many disputes about the old and some new changes to the “Stand Your Ground” laws. Some believe that these laws are crazy and that a society like ours should not need them and that if you shot someone outside your home that it is a crime and need to be sentenced to prison some other form of punishment. And then there are those who believe that the changes have brought a better more...
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  • Rhetorical Analysis - 1199 Words
    Argumentative Based Research-112 January 31, 2013 Safer With or Without New Gun Laws Bang!! Bang!!! Bang!!!!…goes the semiautomatic assault rifle! As we listen to the ever so familiar story of a senseless killing or a massacre unfold, we often wonder to ourselves, discuss amongst friends, or question the news reporter. “ What happened? Where did it happen? How many...
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  • Debating - 1077 Words
    Second Speaker – Debating Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is ... and as the second speaker I will be further convincing you as to why my team would repeal the second amendment. I will be covering the issues revolving gun violence. But firstly I must point out the many flaws that the negating team has presented. The first speaker of the negating team said that…. She/He also said that….. Also said that….. Also said that… Moving on, my first...
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  • People Should Be Allowed to Own Gun
    People Should Be Allowed To Own Guns Nowadays, many countries allow people to own guns. As we know that people have different physique, no matter how hard you do still cannot change of postnatal factor. Guns are useful, otherwise it won’t work effectively. Police wouldn't want to carry them around. If everyone can have a gun, it can make up of weakness of the human body. Evildoers have guns, we will get trouble. But for good people, we can protect ourselves. Because of gun, stronger person...
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  • Summary 1 - 285 Words
    Bailey 1 Tristan Bailey Prof. Cogman Comp. 1 30 January 2015 Summary In the argumentative essay “Get a Knife, Get a Dog, but Get rid of Guns,” Molly Ivins suggests that other forms of self­defense, such as knives, are more practical than the use of guns. Although she doesn’t support the use of guns in a community setting, she does support the second amendment and argues that 14 year old boys and “wacky” religious groups are not part of ...
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  • THEWQR - 273 Words
    After any mass shooting, I would welcome a debate on guns in American society, so long as it was a debate and not a formal conversation leading to the inevitable outcome of instituting some new law to make guns harder to obtain. But that does not mean that I feel a need to justify owning guns beyond the fact that I use them responsibly, am old enough to purchase them legally, and enjoy having them. No doubt, if I were talking about whiskey, the vast majority of law-abiding drinkers would say the...
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  • why go to war - 906 Words
     Why Go To War When We Cold Just Play Sports Robert Ordway SSC 200, Social Sciences and Contemporary America Professor Joshua September 25, 2013 Why Go To War, When We Could Just Play Sports I have been trying to find my personal connection to globalization issues and it has proven to be a difficult task for me. I have found that the only thing that the news does is depress me. All that Happens outside of the box I live in has no affect nor do I want it to...
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  • Business Ethics- Gun Manufactures and Responsibili
    Gun Manufacturers and Responsibility 1. Are Bull’s Eye and Bushmaster morally responsible for the Washington, D.C. victims’ death? Why or why not? Qouting from Manuel Velasquez’s statement, "a person or an agent or a party is morally responsible for an injury if 1) they caused it, 2) they knew what they were doing, and 3) they could have prevented it." Therefore, besides the two assassinator , I believe both Bull’s Eye and Bushmaster are morally responsible for the Washington, D.C victims’...
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  • Rhetorical Analysis Essay - 772 Words
    No More Hiding in the Corners The author Sara Mosle reminds her readers right away about an emotional massacre that took place in Newtown, Connecticut. In her article in The New York Times called, “Preparing Students for a Newtown-like disaster” she argues her point against Louie Gohmert, the Texas Congressman who suggested that all teachers should have guns. Sara has a lot of credibility for her personal thoughts and what she believes is true about the gun laws. She is aiming this article...
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  • Another Accolade for Charter Arms Corp by Mike Royko
    Laurence Bourgeois A00161609 March 12th, 2013 Analysis Essay In his essay "Another Accolade for Charter Arms Corp.", Mike Royko focuses not on John Lennon’s death, but on the type of gun that was used to kill him. He argues that the model of a gun makes a great deal of difference when killing someone. By ignoring the shooting of the celebrity, Royko uses irony to show how idiotic the debate on the gun is. He commences his essay by asking the readers "what difference does it make what...
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  • Guns and Other Weapons in School
    Guns and Other Weapons in School If you watch the news, you might see a pattern in the violence among students around the world. Most of these attacks come from frustrated students wanting to harm teachers, students and school officials or themselves because of past difficulties like bullying or difficult home life but how can schools prevent these events from reoccurring? More cameras, yard duties, a metal detector? In the following pages I will discuss the dysfunctions and social disorders...
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  • The Power of a Man and His Gun
    The Power of a Man and His Gun An Inside look at Robert Wright’s Dave Saunders and America’s Love of Guns New England College of Business and Finance “The Man Who was Almost a Man” written by Robert Wright, is a fictional story in which we focus on the main character Dave Saunders. Dave is a seventeen year old African American living in a time of racial oppression. When we meet Dave, we learn of his struggles with some fellow field workers and desires more...
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  • Gun control - 8712 Words
    Many of us assume we must either oppose or support gun control. Not so. We have a range of alternatives. Even this way of speaking oversimplifies our choices since there are two distinct scales on which to place alternatives. One scale concerns the degree (if at all) to which guns should be abolished. This scale moves from those who want no abolition (NA) of any guns, through those who want moderate abolition (MA) - to forbid access to some subclasses of guns - to those who want absolute...
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  • Medieval Warfare - 2348 Words
    Dylan Lefler Medieval Studies Medieval Warfare Book Review Medieval Warfare is book by the author Maurice Keen in which Keen goes into detail describing how warfare changed throughout the medieval era. It goes through describing how warfare has changed throughout history beginning with the Carolingian and Ottonian warfare through the usage of guns, gunpowder, and permanent armies. The book is very descriptive of how things change and the different ways certain things were done throughout the...
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  • a real like video game
     The real life video game. I had never held an airsoft gun before in my entire life; I had no clue that my sub-par call of duty skills would ever play a part in my life. People have always told me that in real life guns are totally different than in Call of Duty and I would never be able to do it because it wasn’t realistic, not that I cared what they said. They were about to be proven wrong…. Kinda…. Not really… Me, a couple of my friends, and my cousin had all traveled to Wisconsin to...
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  • Why Teachers Are Allowed to Carry Concealed Weapons on School Grounds
    Harmanjot Kaur Professor Edmunds English 105 (1pm) Writing Assignment 1 Should K-12 Teachers be Allowed to Carry Guns on Campus? Out of all of the places you have determined do you really think a school is a secure place where your child could be. Well not all of the time? Let’s take Sandy Hook Elementary School for an example. None of the 20 children and 6 teachers ever imagined that they weren’t going to live and see tomorrow. If they had known all of this wouldn’t have happened. Their...
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  • Glory the Movie - 283 Words
    Glory: The Movie Essay The most memorable moment in anything is what sticks to you. It’s something that you can never forget because it touched you so much. In the movie, Glory there are so many memorable moments, you could write a book about them. So, I chose a moment that stuck to me, personally the most. The most memorable moment in the movie for me was the Battle of Fort Wagner. The most memorable moment in the movie for me was when Kernel Robert Shaw...
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  • Gun and 60 Saturday 9/6 Fishing
    06.02 Activity Journal Instructions Copy and paste the information below into a word processing document. To complete this activity journal, you must: complete at least two different outdoor physical activities spend at least 45 minutes participating in each activity participate in a physical activity on two or more different days each week Record the date you were physically active, the activity in which you participated, and the length of time you spent participating in the chart below. Day...
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  • Gunfire at Sea - 582 Words
    Gunfire at sea 1. Summary events and developments: Before 1898: the gun pointer estimated the range of the target and elevated the gun barrel (loop) to a height so that the shell could reach the target at the estimated range, done by a small wheel on the gun mount (bevestiging). When the pointer wanted to fire, he had to wait until the right moment of the roll and fire a bit earlier to compensate for his firing interval. In 1898 Admiral Sir Percy Scott introduced continuous firing,...
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  • asdfea - 1317 Words
    Xuliang(Marshall) Guan English 310, Section 4 2013/12/18 Final Draft Research Essay I. Introduction In the current society of the United State, the rampage of gun violence is one of the most serious problems. We can see the plenty of shooting issues occur frequently on the front page of the newspaper. There were 8583 homicides by firearms in 2011, out of 12,664 homicides total, according to the FBI. This means that more than two-thirds of homicides involve a firearm. Guns are also...
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  • Guns: Gun and Sirs Issues Researcher
    Provido 1 George Provido 12/7/14 English 101 Word Count: 1,055 A loaded debate The topic of whether guns should be banned has been widely debated from classrooms to state supreme courts. There have been many gun incidents where the perpetrator used a gun to terrorize innocent people. Due to that, a lot of people blame the use of guns. They propose that in order to stop our gun death rate, we should ban guns. It is improbable to do such an action because it would not solve our problems, but...
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  • War World One - 1227 Words
    The Civil War was a time of great social and political upheaval. It was also a time of great technological change. Inventors and military men devised new types of weapons, such as the repeating rifle and the submarine, that forever changed the way that wars were fought. Even more important were the technologies that did not specifically have to do with the war, like the railroad and the telegraph. Innovations like these did not just change the way people fought wars--they also changed the way...
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  • Analysis 1.1 - 653 Words
    EN1420 Analysis 1.1 The history of the right to bear arms, this has been an American tradition since colonist set foot on North American soil. Mass murders have been cause by guns does this mean we should only allow our military to have guns? I believe in the constitution we have the right to bear arms. It was written in the constitution for a reason. Without guns it makes our country weak. I’m not talking about just our military having them I’m talking about citizens not being able to have...
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  • Effects of Gun Ban in Urban City
    Date: 5/28/2012 Re: Effects of city handgun bans on crime and violence. Summary: Recently, Congress struck down federal regulations for gun background checks and the purchase of assault weapons, while New York City has pledged to have the toughest laws in the nation for illegal handguns. Evidence suggest that simply banning the possession and purchasing of illegal handguns, will have a minimal effect on gun crimes. As it becomes harder to purchase guns, in both the primary and secondary...
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  • When I was Young
    Mrs. Martini English II 19 January 2013 Bang Bang Ban All guns and handguns should be banned because of all the violence and danger that it had put into many people. Guns cause too many deaths and injuries to innocent people. The government needs to make them less accessible and the law enforcement really needs to enforce the law that they make. This could save the lives of many people, and maybe turn our society upside down. Guns have taking the lives of too many people. This is a...
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  • Legend by Judith Wright - 369 Words
    Legend by Judith Wright - 1915-2000, 
written in 1949 and published in 
anthology 'The Gateway' in 1953. The blacksmith's boy went out with a rifle and a black dog running behind. Cobwebs snatched at his feet, rivers hindered him, thorn branches caught at his eyes to make him blind and the sky turned into an unlucky opal, but he didn't mind. I can break branches, I can swim rivers, I can stare out any spider I meet, said he to his dog and his rifle. The...
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  • What Makes a Man a Man?
    What Makes a Man, A Man? There comes a time in a boy’s life when he starts pondering the thoughts of what it takes to be a man. Some boys believe they are not a man unless they have reached a point of maturity and mental intelligence. Some boys only want to be a kid their entire lives. For others, being a man requires ownership of certain objects. These objects can range from money, to cars, and to even owning a gun. Author Richard Wright wrote a short story concerning this subject...
    984 Words | 3 Pages
  • 5 Senses Essay - 743 Words
    As I woke up the first rays of light and warmth were rising out of the darkness and lighting up the countryside. A thick fog hung in the air; it was so thick I could barely see twenty metres in front of my eyes. It was almost like the fog was choking the sky. The birds were still chirping and chattering as the wind blew through the leaves on the tree. The ground was extremely barren and rugged except for one lonely tree. There were corpses scattered and spread all over the ground, it looked...
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