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  • belonging bend it like beckham
     The struggle to belong is significant in shaping the familial and cultural relationships of migrants. This idea is evident in two of Peter Skrzynecki's poems, Feliks Skrzynecski and postcard, as well as the movie bend it like beckham directed by Gurinda Chadha. All of us have had to struggle for something in our lives, however, when minorities such as the ones portrayed in these texts are forced into a struggle due to their ancestry, their ties with their family and culture are greatly...
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  • "Bend it like Beckham" Essay
    "Bend it like Beckham" Essay The movie, "Bend it like Beckham", is not only about a girl wanting to be a soccer player, it is also about cultural geography. In this movie, cultural geography plays a big role. Everything about it has to do with where they are from and what there culture is like. All aspects of these things play a part in this movie. This movie takes place in the country of England. The main girl in the story though is Indian. Her family migrated from India, along with others...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham
    Bend it like Beckham From Jules mother not wanting her daughter to play football, to letting her go to America and play football really shows the change she had made throughout this film. You can notice how she changes her attitude for the sport and her daughter’s skills in the game. At one point her mother would be happy for her, and then be angry at her for no resin. Jules mother learns that her daughter is very good at playing football and that she can still lead a life of a traditional...
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  • Bend it Like Beckham Essay
    Bend It Like Beckham Essay KaTsun Tsang Gurinder Chadha has used dialogue to show the difference posed by opposing cultures. And most particular, Jesminder Bhamra (or ‘Jess’ as she is commonly known), is made to overcome the complications of wanting to both appease her traditional Sikh family, and her constant internal struggle as she tries to achieve her goal of becoming a football player, like her idol David Beckham. Gurinder Chadha’s dialogue is used to show the resistance Jess has to...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham
    Many films revolve around a challenge for the main character. The challenge Gurinder Chadha’s character, Jess Bhamra faces in ‘bend it like Beckham’ is to choose between her family and her love of football. This challenge is presented through the techniques of props, dialogue, and costumes. The director used props effectively to portray the challenge Jess is to face between the clash of football and Jess’s Indian heritage. This is shown effectively when Jess is practicing her football skills...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham Review
    Jesminder Bhamra (Parminder K. Nagra) lives in London with her traditional parents. Her father (Anupam Kher) and mother (Shaheen Khan) are thrilled to have their eldest daughter Pinky (Archie Panjabi) marrying a nice Indian boy. Jess isn't interested in things like that; she's more concerned with soccer and fantasizing playing next to her idol David Beckham. Her parents are not fond of this hobby, but as long as it does not interfere with her future, they grudgingly go along with it. Then...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham
    An important event near the end of the film “Bend it Like Beckham” directed by Gurinder Chadha was Jess’s final football match. It was important because it was the climax of the film. Jess’s dream was to be a professional football player. Jess’s culture and tradition were in the way of achieving her dream. In order to achieve her dream she had to use deception. Verbal and visual features such as camera work, symbols and music were used throughout the film to show that the event was important....
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  • Bend it like Beckham
    Bend it Like Beckham Reflection Paper Bend it Like Beckham displays issues that arise in cross cultured interactions through Jess’ Sikh family and their relocation to Britain. Through the main character Jess, the audience witnesses many issues that a young, ethnic female goes through such as coming of age and religious or family expectations. Jess’ passion for soccer results in many issues for the character to face, yet the soccer field becomes a resolution for the culture and family issues...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham Essay
    In the film Bend It Like Beckham, several characters go through both internal and external conflicts. Their minds are pulled in conflicting directions by two compelling desires, ambitions, obligations, and influences. In Jess’s case, she is conflicted with her desire to play football and her obligation to her family to follow cultural traditions (Bend It Like Beckham). She is torn between doing what makes her happy and her responsibility to her family (Bend It Like Beckham). Because of this,...
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  • Bend it like Beckham
    In the film Bend it Like Beckham directed by Gurinder Chada displays an internal conflict of decision making through Jess’ internal struggle with soccer and family. Jess’ sister continues to be successful and gets engaged, Jess tries to ignore these desires and wishes to play soccer. Jess is torn between the choice of either playing soccer and disrespecting her family’s wishes or respecting her family’s wishes and not playing soccer. The reason why this is even a problem is the fact that...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham
    From the opening scene of Bend it Like Beckham we the audience are introduced to the main characters, the storyline, the settings and themes of film through the use of some well-chosen film techniques that the director used. The main character Jesminder is portrayed to us as a tom boy through costuming we can see that she is deliberately dressed in boy clothes in particular a soccer Jersey and shorts. This is to communicate to us the audience that she loves soccer. We also can see that she...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham
    Bend it Like Beckham Friday, May 31, 2013 7:46 PM page 6 of the booklet. A description of Jess and her English friend, Jules (Juliette). Both Jess and Jules love Beckham and they are 18 years old. They prefer to wear tracksuits rather then wearing attractive clothes like Jess' sister Pinky. They were both skillful at soccer and they both loved Joe. Describe the homes both girls live in and the area around their homes. Jess' house is filled with photos of Guru Nanak (the founder...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham/as You Like It
    IDEA/TECHNIQUE/QUOTE/effect Belonging is a necessary human desire of acceptance and inclusion which can be represented in several different ways. Shakespeare’s classic, As you like it and in Gurinda Chadra’s comedy, Bend it like Beckham, are both representations of the concept of belonging. Bend it like Beckham is a modern interpretation which explores similar notions as Shakespeare’s classic As you like it. In all three texts belonging is represented through gender roles, family influence...
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  • Bend it like Beckham; Food Symbol
    Bend It Like Beckham Essay Bend It Like Beckham is a movie directed by Gurinder Chadha. It revolves around Jesminder, a teenage Indian girl who's passion is for playing soccer. This film explores many important themes such as racism, sexuality, stereotypes, breaking gender barriers and culture. The theme that I will be focusing on is culture. The main symbol for 'culture' is food. Food is a recurrent theme of the film that is constantly repeated in scenes but only subtly. It has...
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  • bend it like beckham analytical essay
    11-27-12 Bend it like Beckham Throughout the course of the movie “Bend it like Beckham” the characters experience internal and external conflicts. While some of these don’t necessarily get solved, many of them do come to conclusions, and mostly end favorable. One example is the Father’s inner conflict in giving his daughter freedom all while wanting to continue their cultural norms. This conflict is seen throughout the entirety if the movie and is dealt with until he finally decides...
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  • Gender Issue in Bend It Like Beckham
    Exploration of Race and Gender Identity in the Movie ‘Bend it Like Beckham’ SCL 4110 - Gender and Culture Research Paper Zairen Tasnin 11 April 2013 Word Count: 1,754 Gurinder Chadha is a British filmmaker who wrote, directed and produced the movie Bend it Like Beckham (G. Rings). The movie was premiered in the United States in 2003 and it had won praise from both critics and moviegoers for its accurate representations of the...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham Cultural Essay
    Bend it Like Beckham (2002/3) is a romantic comedy written, directed and produced by Gurinder Chadha, a Kenya-born British film maker who grew up India. Director Chadha’s films often reflect on her complex background. Unlike many comedies, Bend it Like Beckham is filled with plenty of important themes. One of them addresses the importance of cultural integration. Jesminder Bhamra, like the director, is British-Asian. Just like Director Chadha had refused to take traditional Punjabi dancing...
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  • Major Themes in Bend It Like Beckham
    Bend it like Beckham is a film that was written, directed, and produced by Gurinder Chadha, a British film maker who was grew up in India. The film focuses on the main character's desire to play football and the conflict she faces due to her obligations to her traditional Sikh family. The character, Jess Bhamra, must make the decision to pursue football or follow her parent's wishes and complete school and marry and Indian man. As Jess struggles to find her own identity without losing her...
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  • Intersectional Analysis of Bend It Like Beckham
    Intersectional analysis of Bend it Like Beckham. For this assignment, to make an intersectional analysis I decided to watch a movie. After searching and thinking for a while I picked the movie Bend it Like Beckham, since a lot of elements in this movie are applicable on my own life and I really could relate to one of the characters in the movie. As the title of the movie already implies, it is about football and takes place in England. Jesminder is a Sikh, Indian girl from a very traditional...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham Yr10 English
    “Jess faces several obstacles and challenges in Bend it like Beckham. How does the director use imagery to convey this aspect of the story?” Imagine being born into a family where cultures as well as overprotective parents stop you from following your dream. The film, Bend it like Beckham gives an insight into the life of Jesminder Bhamra, a typical Indian girl with a passion for football. Being raised in a family with a strong sense of culture, Jess was unable to achieve her main goal in...
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  • Bend it like Beckham culture essay
    right-171450Bend It like Beckham Culture Essay Bend It like Beckham Culture Essay I believe we could all agree that parents think they are right all the time. But why are they always right? Well, they’re the parents and that’s just the way it is. Not true. Parents don’t always know what’s good for you. In the movie Bend It like Beckham, Jess’ parents wanted to keep their daughter from playing soccer and dating Joe, they didn’t realize that he made her really happy. Jess’ parents won’t let...
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  • Educating Rita & Bend It Like Beckham Notes
    It’s interesting when we look at media and wonder if it all Depends on the Attitude of the author, producer or publisher when it comes to looking at certain issues or points relating into the world. What we don’t realise in the 21st century is that year 12 students studying supplementary material in standard English may find it difficult to understand and come to terms with it. ‘Educating Rita’ was voted ‘Best Comedy of the year’ when performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company in 1980. By...
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  • Understanding Bend It Like Beckham and Whale Rider
    Paikea. Paikea took this as an omen and tried to prepare herself to become leader, even though her grandfather opposed. However something that sets the Whale Rider plot apart from Bend It Like Beckham was the heavy focus on the Maori culture. The Maori culture has a heavy influence in this story which also leads the Paikea into making the necessary decisions about her leadership. Although there were many contrasts, Bend It Like Beckham and Whale Rider shared many similarities between their...
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  • The Namesake and Bend it Like Beckham Belonging essay
    My two texts are “The Namesake” and “Bend it like Beckham”. Our prescribed text, Jhumpa Lahiris “The Namesake” explores the link to belonging in detail. The emphasis is on Gogol Ganguli. Gogol struggles with a sense of belonging to his family and his Bengali culture and heritage throughout his life in the course of the novel. Born and raised in the U.S., while his parents spent their entire life in India following Bengali culture and practices and moved on to America as young adults. Gogol must...
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  • Prejudice Explored in Deadly Unna and Bend It Like Beckham
    English Essay (prejudice) In the two texts Deadly Unna? written by Phillip Gwyne and Bend It Like Beckham directed by Gurinda Chadra the theme of prejudice is significantly explored. Deadly Unna? is the story of a young boy Blacky who is made to overcome prejudice in his small town of the Port. Bend it like Beckham is set in London and is the story of Jess a young Indian girl whose infatuation is football, much to her parent’s discontentment. The key theme of prejudice is greatly explored in...
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  • Relation Between Educating Rita and Bend It Like Beckham
    Bend it like Beckham and Educating Rita could relate in these ways • In Bend it like Beckham the Indian tradition of women getting married, having children and taking on domestic duties-e.g. cooking etc. relates to Rita how she is expected to live in the same sort of way but wants to break away from that social status and live her own life. • The scene where Jesminder first plays soccer with the team. The coach asks her "where do you play?" and she replies "in the park.” It shows her naivety...
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  • Bend It Like Beckham and Gender Roles Essay
    Lana Sara IB English HL Ms. Terry May 18th, 2014 “Bending” the Rules Cultural clashes are common in our world today. When two cultures come together, it would become difficult to integrate without losing original traditional and cultural values. Cultural clashes affect the lives of the younger and older generation by changing their personal views, which causes conflicts. The younger generation would have to incorporate the values of ...
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  • Analysis of Bend It Like Bechham
    The movie “Bend it like Beckham” is about a young Indian girl trying to break stereotypes and adventure out to be a great soccer player just like her hero David Beckham. The main character Jesminder Bhamra, nicknamed Jess, wants to play soccer but her parents have a different plan for her. The parents want their daughter to leave sports and focus on finding a husband just like her sister Pinky did, by marrying a nice Indian man and learning how to cook. Jess is trying to fulfill her dreams...
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  • Reflection for Bend It Like Beckam
    Allowing Dreams Perspectives change from person to person, culture to culture. If things are right or wrong, it all depends on your perspective. In the movie Bend it like Beckham, by Gurinder Chanda, the main characters father, Mr. Bhamra, has the perspective that Jess playing football as an Indian, is an awful idea, though he supports her dreams, he just does not admit it due to prior experiences. When parents go through events that truly have had a negative impact on their...
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  • Bent It Like Beckham
    Bend It Like Beckham Dir. Gurinder Chadha, UK/Germany 2002, Certificate 12A Introduction Bend It Like Beckham was one of the surprise hits of 2002, making over £11,000,000 at the UK Box Office and hitting a chord with a range of audiences at cinemas. A vibrant and colourful British comedy about a young girl from a Sikh family who desperately wants to play football against the wishes of her traditional parents, the film can be seen to follow the path of other recent British-Asian films such...
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  • Parents-Children Relationship in Swimming Lesson and Bend it Like Beckham
     Outline Paragraph one: introduce the backgrounds of the article and the film. Paragraph two: compare how the parents teach children about respect elderly in article and film. Paragraph three: compare the different values the parents and children have in both resources. Paragraph four: compare how the parents wish the best for their children in both resources. Paragraph five: summarize that the relationship between parents and children....
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  • Discuss the Journeys Represented in the Happiest Refugee, the Silver Donkey and Bend It Like Beckham
    A journey is a physical or psychological adventure that takes from one place to another. Various types of journeys can be seen clearly in the three texts studied this year: The Happiest Refugee extract, written by Anh Doh in 2010, The Silver Donkey novel by Sonya Hartnett in 2004 and the film Bend It Like Beckham directed by Gurinder Chadha in 2002. The techniques that the composer uses to express the journeys are personification, onomatopoeia, repetition, similes, metaphors, music and acting...
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  • Beckham Essay - 516 Words
    Beckham Essay Sometimes the only way of achieving your goals and dreams is by breaking the rules. In the movie Bend It like Beckham Jess struggles between being herself and doing what she loves. She is pressured by her parents to go to college and to be traditional Indian girl. But what Jess really wants is to pursue her dreams of playing soccer. Jess will have to face many barriers and come between them to be able to achieve her dreams. Jess is stuck in between two cultures. She is a...
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  • Conflict - 755 Words
    Conflict: Bend it Like Beckham Everyone comes across a conflict in their life. But only a few come through it. Most of the people just accept their loss too fast and give up as soon as a small conflict comes across their path. But only a few people struggle their way out, and the main character in the movie Bend it Like Beckham is one of them. ”If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” This quote by Benjamin Franklin reflects the situation the protagonist in the movie Bend it like...
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  • Culture Essay: Spring Board English Ii
    Culture and the way we view others informs us greatly on how diverse the world around us actually is. The world we live in is full of different people of different cultures, races and religions. There are many individuals who feel that we all should be a certain way and there are also many who are ashamed of who they are and where they come from. Most people in our world today just want to be treated equally and to not be treated based on their skin tone, accent or origin. A perfect example of...
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  • Belonging to Culture - 804 Words
    People feel a strong sense of belonging to their culture. This is seen in the film ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ by Gurinder Chadha. The main scenes that portray this statement are the engagement scene, pre-wedding scene and the wedding scene. This statement is also shown in the related text ‘Integrated’ by Sylvia Kantaris. In the film, various techniques are used such as long shots, full shots and panning. In the related text the techniques used are a metaphor, listing, contrast and emotive words....
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  • The Jailbait Dilemma - 517 Words
    Sex sells, but does the certain aura young celebrities portray in movies justify our media selling sex?. In Richard Roeper’s Esquire article, “The Jailbait Dilemma”, he is fully aware of how women are sexualized throughout popular culture, especially in movies: “They come to the table with physical gifts, and they're presented onscreen in a stylized, sexualized manner, and they are objects of fantasy” However, although it may be true that “men never stop appreciating the unique beauty of girls...
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  • greet8ings - 695 Words
    hiBend It Like Beckham is a 2002 British comedy-drama film starring Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Anupam Kher, Shaznay Lewis, and Archie Panjabi, first released in the United Kingdom. The film was directed by Gurinder Chadha. Its title refers to the football player David Beckham and his skill at scoring from free kicks by bending the ball past a wall of defenders. Contents [hide] 1 Plot 2 Cast 3 Reception 3.1 Critical reception 3.2 Awards and nominations 4...
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  • Expository Essay - 318 Words
    Expository Essay In the movie “Bend It Like Beckham” Jess has to face the problems of what she wants and her family wants for her, but in the end she chose what makes her happy even if her family doesn’t approve. The first abysmal conflict was that Jess gets in a horrible fight with her best friend Jules over their soccer coach Joe. This causes the team to go separate ways and this makes Jess feel really bad about herself, so then she goes to Jules’s house and tries to make everything...
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  • Most People Have Gown Up with Stereotyping
    Most people have grown up in one way or another with stereotyping about males and females, especially in today’s films. The two films chosen “Bend It like Beckham” and “Not without My Daughter” demonstrates how two protagonists rebel against the gender stereotypes suggested by society. Protagonist Jesminda Bharma “Bend it like Beckham” is an 18 year old independent Indian woman who discovers the joy of football (soccer) against her parents approval. Protagonist Betty “Not without My Daughter”...
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  • Belonging Essay - 395 Words
    Bend it like beckham portrays the story of a young indian women named Jasminder Nagra who is caught between the barriers of both her own culture and the western culture. Her sense of belonging is then distorted when Football (soccer) comes into play during the film. Frequent close ups of both the traditional household and the clothing her family wears instantly distinguishes her from white western culture, she feels that in order to become a soccer player she must give up her culture of a...
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  • 345t45t - 834 Words
    Good morning to the representatives of the Board of studies, teachers, and students i wish to express my understating of this module “into the World”. The story of Tom Brennan” by J.C Burke and the film “Bend it like Beckham” by Gurinder Chadha both empasise the struggles of.. Good morning to the representatives of the Board of studies, teachers, and students i wish to express my understating of this module “into the World”. The story of Tom Brennan” by J.C Burke and the film “Bend it like...
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  • Aida Model Essay - 1072 Words
    AIDA model was presented by Elmo Lewis to explain how personal selling works. It shows a set of stair-step stages which describe the process leading a potential customer to purchase. The stages, Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action, form a linear hierarchy. • It demonstrates that consumers must be aware of a product's existence, • Be interested enough to pay attention to the product's features/benefits, and • Have a desire to benefit from the product's offerings. • Action, the...
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  • movie lesson reflection - 339 Words
    movie reflection Bend it like Beckham tells a story about a Indian girl called Jess who loves to play football, however, due to the traditional thinking of her family, her path to chase her love is not so easy. She is not allowed to play football with boys,not allowed to show her legs, instead, her mother hopes she can stay at home to learn cooking, to do housework and to get married with an Indian boy. Dramatically, all the things are happening on the contrary of what her mother hopes, Jess...
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  • INTO THE WORLD - 680 Words
    Into the world is a concept that represents journey, change, and going from the old world into a new world. To go from old to new, one must first experience a disruption or a catalyst, and go through a process of obstacles such as parents, culture and the society in order to adjust and fit in the new world. This adjustment can have either positive or negative consequence on the self and others around. The film bend it like Beckham (BILB) effectively explores this concept as the audience can...
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  • Fashion 2020 - 307 Words
    FASHION DESIGNER Romero Bryan and model Sam Branson joined the list of internet entrepreneurs, actresses and sportsmen and women that are expected to be the country's biggest financial successes by the year 2020. The list, compiled by Philip Beresford, who has extensive experience of compiling annual 'Rich Lists', heralded computer whiz Carl Churchill as the list's leading financial light, estimating that his internet company, DMC, which has just achieved a £1 million turnover, will be worth...
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  • Gender Stereotypes Essay - 1326 Words
    Representation Of Gender Stereotypes Essay (Core Text: She’s The Man, Related Text: Bend It Like Beckham) Gender refers to what it means to be male or female in daily life. Gender is different to sex, which is the term used to describe biological differences between males and females. Throughout history, the roles of males and females have changed. A stereotype is an oversimplified and conventional idea or image, used to label or define people or objects. We often have a preconcieved idea...
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  • Course Reflection - 747 Words
    FINAL EXAM ESSAY Reflect back on the course. Consider the themes we discussed and movies we watched. What have you learned throughout the course? Is there anything that was a surprise to you – something you hadn’t considered or realized? Have you changed or grown? Have you come further on your spiritual journey over the last two months? I love anything that deals about religion and culture, everyone does, I hope. Though I enjoy religious studies classes I can’t still help but wonder why we...
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  • Educating Rita - 1168 Words
    Into The World Essay Educating Rita by Willy Russel is a play that is centrally based upon the main character, Rita, moving from one world to another, hence ‘Into the World’. Through exploring other related texts, various ideas and themes become present. The novel ‘The Butcher: Anatomy of a Mafia Psychopath’ by Philip Carlo, the movie ‘Bend it like Beckham’ and the song ‘Move on Up’ by Curtis Mayfield explore the growth and experiences of each protagonist in their transition from one world to...
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  • Belonging Speech - 1681 Words
    Belonging Speech Belonging is having a feeling of connectedness, or acceptance to other people, places or groups. This enables us to create a sense of identity for ourselves and helps us feel as though we ‘fit in’. In the following texts; Novel, The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri, film, Bend it Like Beckham by Gurinder Chadha and the song, Teenagers by My Chemical Romance; we can see links between the texts and how the characters feel a sense of belonging and not belonging. In the first text...
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  • Rabbit Proof Fence Speech
    Assessment Task- ) Good morning class, today I will tell you why it is extremely important for students to study texts that represent a variety of cultures. The films I have deconstructed to convey my points are “Bend it like Beckham”, directed by Gurinder Chadha and “Rabbit Proof Fence”, directed by Phillip Noyce. The cultural concepts explained in these movies are the early 1900s British culture and how dominant and cruel they were, the aboriginal Australians and how they were treated...
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  • Overused Belonging 2 (Rmf)
    HSC English Area of Study Here is a list of related texts that are overused by HSC students. More and more students are using these texts, and while SOME may be effective related texts for the Area of Study, they are overused because all of the following texts can be found analysed in study guides. If you use a pre-prepared analysis for your related texts realise you will be competing with the thousands of other students who used the exact same text and analysis. Edward Scissorhands...
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