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  • Baltimore Maryland Industry Analysis
     Baltimore Region Analysis Prepared by: March 3rd, 2014 International Business Strategy EXECUTIVE SUMMARY After discussing and identifying industries in Baltimore region for our project analysis, we chose higher education and healthcare as the industries for our analysis. As both of these industries are prominent worldwide with dynamic synergy and strategic alliances between the two, we felt higher education and...
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  • Two Wes's Two Faits
    Harley Paul 04/19/2013 ENGL 060 Essay #4 Adapting to a New Environment Both Wes’s mothers move them out of their neighborhoods in order to provide them with a chance for a future away from crime and drugs. Both Weses try very hard in adapting to their new environment. In the novel The Other Wes Moore by Wes Moore, Joy, the author Wes’s mother moves him to a better part of the Bronx and puts him into a private school. Mary, the other Wes’s mother, moves to Baltimore County, hoping that...
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  • Campus Racism 101 - 254 Words
    Imani Coates 9/23/14 English 102 Professor Camper Summary: Campus Racism 101 by Nikki Giovani In Nikki Giovani’s Campus Racisms 101 she talks about her experience being an English Professor at a predominantly white school. She explains how many of the people around her at the school ask her why she chose to teach at a predominantly white school. Giovani gives guidelines for black students to follow while at these predominantly white schools. In the text it is explained that...
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  • African American and Personal Essay
    PERSONAL ESSAY | | |For freshman applicants only. This personal essay is a very important part of your application. It assists the University in | |knowing you as an individual, independent of test scores and other objective data. We ask that you respond to two of the topics | |below. Your personal essay should be no longer than 250 words per question for a total of 500 words for both personal essays in | |the space provided below. The best personal essay is not necessarily the...
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  • Boys of Baraka - 962 Words
    Many African American families are suffering from the violence and substance abuse in their towns today, as reflected in the film “Boys of Baraka”. This film focuses on four young African American boys and their families from an inner city in Baltimore; Richard and brother Romash, Devon, and Montrey. As a result of the lack of discipline and an increased violence rate, these African American boys are suffering education-wise. Luckily, the Baraka School in Africa was designed for these children...
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  • Case Brief - 259 Words
    MARYLAND v. GARRISON 480 U.S. 79 (1987) FACTS: The Baltimore City Police department obtained a warrant to search the home of Lawrence McWebb located “third floor of 2036 Park Avenue” for controlled substances and related paraphernalia. The police believed that there was only one apartment on the third floor, which in fact there were actually 2; one belonging to Garrison (defendant) and McWebb, the person listed on the warrant. Upon entering and searching the apartment, officers found drugs...
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  • Visit to Art Museum - 346 Words
    I've never had a chance to visit any museum in real life, and it's even harder for me now since I've just arrived to the USA for 3 months. But I'm an art addicted, so I usually visit famous museums around the world on the internet. One Of my favourite museums is The Walters Art Museum. The Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, Maryland is internationally renowned for its collection of art, which was amassed substantially by two men, William and Henry Walters, and eventually bequeathed to...
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  • Rhetorical Analyst of Beer Ads
    A Rhetorical Analyst of Anheuser-Busch Advertisements Beer advertisements are everywhere. You see the daily on TV, in magazines, billboards and hear them on the radio. The greatest platform for any for any advertisement is the Super Bowl. Everyone looks forward to seeing all of the advertisements during the Super Bowl. The beer advertisements usually have the highest ratings and are the most popular of the night. They use humor and sex appeal to sell their beer to men, which are the...
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  • African Burial Ground - 257 Words
    Question: How did different groups of people react when they found it? -There was major outrage within the African American community. Feeling they had no control over the fate of their heritage. They were also upset because it was not alerted at the outset to what might lie beneath the parking lot between Duane and Reade streets. (While the GSA did distribute both draft and final environmental impact statements to more than 200 federal, slate, and city agencies and local community groups,...
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  • Perfect College Essay with Special Interest
    I am a student of life that yearns for wisdom and is driven by moralistic values. No one has all of the answers, but I try to gain the wisdom and instruction to get ahead in life. I want to have the knowledge that will be needed when faced with obstacles that life will eventually challenge me with. I want to receive and utilize this knowledge at a youthful age in order to reap the benefits of enjoying a successful life. Whether it is accomplishing a goal, giving advice, or staying in the right...
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  • Everday Use: African-American Heritage
    "Everyday Use:" African-American Heritage Everyone is raised within a culture with a set of customs and morals handed down by those generations before us. As individuals, we view and experience heritage in different ways. During history, different ethnic groups have struggled with finding their place within society. In the 1950s and 60s African Americans faced a great deal of political and social discrimination based on the tone of their skin. After the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s,...
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  • Homage to My Hips - 651 Words
    Shane Reid Reid1 “homage to my hips” Lucille Clifton was born and raised in Depew, N.Y. (June 27, 1936). She attended Howard University in Washington D.C. , Then transferring to Fredonia College near Buffalo, N.Y. It was when she attended Fredonia State Teachers College that she was...
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  • An Interpretation of Paul Laurence Dunbar's Poem Sympathy and We Wear the Mask
    Throughout African American history, African Americans have used poems as a way of describing the African American condition in America. One poet who was widely known for using poetry to describe the condition of African Americans in America was Paul Laurence Dunbar. Paul Laurence Dunbar was one of the most prolific poets of his time. Paul Laurence Dunbar used vivid, descriptive and symbolic language to portray images in his poetry of the senseless prejudices and racism that African Americans...
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  • Comparing Maggie and Dee in Everyday Use by Alice Walker
    Portia Salvant Dr.Y.Sims Sophomore Seminar English 251-02 25 September 2012 Embracing Heritage The short story "Everyday Use" by Alice Walker, the story is about two sisters and a mother. Despite the family being poor, the mother works hard to provide for the both of her daughters. Dee is the eldest daughter and despises where she came from. Dee later on gains an education, attends college, and obtains a degree. In the story she is going through an identity crisis and changes her name to...
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  • Montgomery Bus Boycott - 465 Words
    Roberto Contreras English II Pre-Ap-1 Process Paper November 15, 2010 A Change in Montgomery Society has always been imperfect.Our wrongdoings always hurt others. Our wrongdoings always hurt others. After a period of time, these people get tired of our deeds and join together to build a change. Changes vary by importance. Some changes are almost instant, and very small, but others are slow and full of struggles. When working for a change, you give it your all. You may have to...
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  • Identity and Kwanzaa - 503 Words
    10 a.m. REL 217 September 27, 2003 Kwanzaa Kwanzaa is a unique African American celebration with focus on the traditional values of family, community responsibility, commerce, and self improvement. Kwanzaa is not political or religious and despite some misconceptions it is not a substitute for Christmas. Kwanzaa is traditionally celebrated December 26 through January 1 with each day focused on Nguzo Saba, or the seven principles. The term Kwanzaa is derived from the Swahili phrase...
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  • for everyday use - 1220 Words
    Research Paper Final Draft “Continuing a Tradition” Everyday Use and the Heritage of a Family. What is tradition? How do we classify tradition in this modern day? Better yet, how do we continue a tradition passed down from generation to generation through the family tree? To explore these thought provoking questions, Alice Walker’s “ Everyday Use”, Torsney and Elsley’s “Quilt Culture: Tracing the Pattern”, and “Heritage and Deracination” by David Cohort analyze the historical context of...
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  • The Other Wes Moore One Name Two Fates
    The book "The Wes Moore", tells "the story of two boys living in Baltimore" who shares a similar life history within the "same black community", in addition to having identical names (Moore & Smiley, 2010). Written by Wes Moore and Tavis Smiley, it recounts the real life stories of the two "Wes Moores", the different journeys and destinies of their life. One Wes Moore ends up as a "phi beta kappa graduate of the John Hopkins University", a "white house fellow", an "army officer" and as the...
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  • kerenga - 384 Words
     Kerenga, Maulana. Nommo, Kawaida, and Communicative Practice: Bringing Good into the World. N.p.: n.p., 2010. 3-10. Print In the essay “Nommo, Kawaida, and Communicative Practice: Bringing Good Into the World,” Kerenga explores the Afrocentric concepts to describe the origins and use of rhetoric in Africa and its influence on the African American community in today’s American society. Karenga also argues in this essay that in order for a culture to understand itself and thrive within a...
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  • Character Sketch - 1550 Words
    How big of an impact does being invisible to the world have on a person? We see in Ralph Ellison’s, Invisible Man the idea of the narrator as “an invisible man” (3). Throughout the novel we are trying to determine if we can figure out whom invisible man really is seeing as he is given no name, the college he went to is not said and we don’t know the locations of the places he travels other than he goes to Harlem. We are told “I am invisible; understand, simply because people refuse to see me....
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  • Injustice: African American and Older Caucasian Man
    INJUSTICE In February 2012 It was a story on the news that caught my attention. This story was about a 17 year old named Trayvon Martin African American boy whom was shot by George Zimmerman. While walking from the store he noticed an older Caucasian man following him. After a short confrontation a struggle ensued. Trayvon scream for help where not answered and was killed. The story went global. African Americans and...
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  • Eye Contact - 915 Words
    RUNNING HEAD: CULTURE 1 Japanese and African American Culture By Eric D. Tucker Colorado Technical University CULTURE 2...
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  • Film Analysis - Hairspray - 838 Words
    During the 1960’s in the United States of America there was very little acceptance of people with different backgrounds or races. The only way to be accepted was to be a conformist and to prove you were just like everyone else around you. This would hold impossible for any one that was not white. Any sign of unconformity or differences would be used against you and any place you hoped to hold in society. The United States, during this time period, was not the land of equality that President...
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  • 4 11 English - 214 Words
    4.11 Accent By: Elexus Foster 1. What is the type of artifact that you photographed? I have located and found an artifact in my city that reflects the African American Culture. I chose to pick the Ritz Theatre. 2. Where in your town is this art located? The artifact is located at 829 N Davis Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32202. 3. What part of the African-American culture (dress, customs, personal experience) does this artifact preserve? Used for music, dance, theatre, and movies. 4. Why is this...
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  • Qualitative Interview - 1093 Words
    Qualitative Interview Volunteerism is a fundamental principle in my personal life as it addresses my desire to help others. This quality has been a part of me since childhood. I have vivid early memories of wanting to help my grade school classmates who would come to school visibly less fortunate than others. These desires followed me through adulthood and lead me to a career in social work. I chose this topic to research because no one in my immediate family volunteered or spoke of...
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  • Exspository Essay on Conflict - 981 Words
    English – Writing for the Context “In times of conflict, ordinary people do extraordinary things” The idea that in times of conflict, ordinary people can do extraordinary things is echoed in the statement by Amos Oz that ‘A conflict begins and ends in the heart and minds of people not on the hilltops.’ what this quote is saying is that the beginning of conflict isn’t a physical manifestation but one that the heart and mind can create. It can also be that you can overcome anything not in a...
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  • Promotions at Uptown Bottling and Canning Company
    Case Analysis The majority of racial discrimination cases are very difficult to analyze. The case of “promotion at uptown Bottling and Canning Company” is not the exception. The key points that I found to study in this case are the ration of management positions offered between black and white employees, the time when Grant applied for the open position and was granted to Thompson and the leadership potential excuse that Grant was given when the company denied him for the promotion....
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  • Compare & Contrast Essay: Henry Ossawa Tanner's "The Banjo Lesson"
    The artwork I chose is the painting “The Banjo Lesson” by Henry Ossawa Tanner on page 337 of our textbook. This painting portrays a man giving a young male child a lesson of playing the banjo. The little boy is sitting on the man’s lap in a chair while the man shows him where to position his hands and fingers to play. The painting was done in 1893, and the way people lived during that period can be seen in the painting. The room looks to be dimly lit by a candle or fire on the right side and...
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  • John Hopkins Wiki - 1292 Words
    Johns Hopkins (May 19, 1795[2] – December 24, 1873) was an American entrepreneur, abolitionist and philanthropist of 19th-century Baltimore, Maryland. His bequests founded numerous institutions bearing his name, including Johns Hopkins Hospital, Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins School of Nursing, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. A biography entitled Johns Hopkins: A Silhouette written by his cousin, Helen Hopkins Thom, was published...
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  • Goal Statement - Education - 991 Words
    My Goal Statement: Life after Coppin State College Teachers have a very important responsibility of shaping the lives of young, impressionable children. With this responsibility comes great pride and joy. Therefore, as a high school teacher I want to strive to be what can be considered as, a "good teacher." A good teacher can be defined as someone who always pushes students to want to do their best while at the same time trying to make learning interesting as well as creative. A...
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  • Henrietta Lacks - 1189 Words
    Inequalities of Race In The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, race is one of the main themes as Skloot tells her story about Henrietta. When Henrietta goes to the doctor to discover some pain that she has and how the doctors took samples out of her without her consent. Since she is African American, the doctors assume that she is uneducated and do not tell her what is wrong with her body. Henrietta was not the only one though, in the 1950's doctors attempted various procedures on African...
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  • Ethnic and Linguistic Minorities in the Workplace
    Crystal Cramer HS5304 Ethnic and Linguistic minorities in the Workplace August 26, 2010 DR. C. Jackie Jackson This paper will explore diversity of African Americans in the workplace. It is of personal belief that individuals in the African Americans race have faced many challenges over the years and that they continue to face many issues with diversity in the workplace. This paper will explore African Americans in the present time as well as diversity issues that they face in the...
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  • hegemony - 312 Words
    Geraldo Gocaj Mr. Hogan Current events ­ Baltimore Protests On April 12, 2015, Freddie Gray, a 25­year­old African American living in Baltimore, Maryland, was injured from wounds after his capture by policemen. On April 18, 2015, after Gray's unconsciousness, the citizens of Baltimore dissented before the Western area police station. Gray passed on the next day, April 19, 2015, a week in the wake of after being captured. Clearly healthy at the period of his capture, Gray fell into a ...
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  • Campus Racism - 669 Words
    Nikki Giovanni Campus Racism 101 In today’s society, it is essential to have an education. To be educated helps us as individuals to gain knowledge and be able to understand and interpret information as it is presented to us. Education not only teaches us how to live our life as good citizens but education also sets the foundation and equips us for the generation to follow in the future. We as people must be able to build confidence in ourselves and have the courage to succeed. Never should...
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  • African American Males in the Media
    African-Americans in the Media Have you ever wonder why African-American males are usually drug dealers, pimps, convicts, or even a father with multiple children and is a deadbeat father? Or why does an African-American female have to be man-less, on well-fare with multiple children with different baby daddies, or even sometimes on the screen shaking her ass? Well to me this is exactly how most movies, television shows, music, and magazines portray African-Americans. The media portrays...
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  • Gentrification Essay - 846 Words
    The documentary, Flag Wars, takes a look at the two groups of people in Columbus, Ohio going through a period of competition and war. The African Americans who are currently living in the community are in danger of losing their home to the new white and gay residents who want to restore the area with new homes. This creates gentrification because it causes some of the long-time residents of the community to lose their home when they can’t afford to pay for it anymore. I believe that...
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  • Southern Cop Analysis - 337 Words
    Ka’Sean Chapman Bell 4 April 4, 2012 In the “Southern Cop”, Sterling Brown tells the story of Ty Hendricks: a cop stricken by racism and discrimination. Immediately beginning this poem Ty is identified and Brown foreshadows to his audience that Ty has done some wrong doings. Essentially, this poem is the epitome of certain Americans today. Being a young African American male, the actions in this poem really didn’t strike as a surprise to me. Sadly, I’ve been stereotyped plenty of...
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  • Compare Ans Contrast - 385 Words
    Compare and contrast one of these topics: (3-5 paragraphs) * Two seasons * Two teams * Two holidays * Two colleges / universities The Orioles and Ravens are similar but yet not so similar after all. The two teams show comparison because both of the teams play in Maryland, there stadiums are right across the street from each other, they are both professional leagues , both have dye heart fans, has had there fare shares of wins and losses. The Orioles have been around in...
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  • Tanglewood Case 5 - 484 Words
    Assignment 1-5 Robert Driscoll Franklin University Assignment 1-5 Reviewing the Tanglewoods staffing practices I have found that there is little disparity involved at the entry levels. Furthermore, it is shown that of all applicants applying for all job positions had very minute disparity in the company’s hiring characteristics. Each of the three groups (white, non-white, and African American) had a selection rate of 21%. With the statistical evidence of Tanglewoods staffing practices,...
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  • History - 2687 Words
    Research Report: Palmer Hayden’s “Fetiche et Fleurs Introduction In Palmer Hayden’s painting, “Fetiche et Fleurs,” (1926), he expresses the culture and traditions of the African and African-American culture. Hayden’s painting connects with the African society by incorporating the African imagery of a “still-life.” He describes a dining room in a home, but not any ordinary dining room; he incorporates the African details into the painting to distinguish it from other European/ American...
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  • My Papers - 514 Words
    Radej Asante 11/13/2012 Unit 6 Discussion Questions 1. Melton discusses society’s patriarchal tendencies in sport media; women are objectified, whites are upstanding members of society while blacks are troublesome, and heterosexuality is over‐emphasized. With the continual growth of technology and media’s role in sports, do you think this gives the non‐patriarch members of society (women,minorities, homosexuals, transgendered, bisexuals, low‐income) a chance to stake a bigger claim in...
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  • A Raisin in the Sun Essay - 845 Words
    A Raisin in the Sun Essay Test To become successful, people have to be determined and have to work hard to achieve their goal. Setting goals and standards can help achieve and motivate a person to succeed. People have to have a positive attitude and the right personality traits. Sometimes there are obstacles that get in the way of dreams, such as social injustices. In A Raisin in the Sun, a play by Lorraine Hansberry, Beneatha Younger’s dream is to go to medical school and become a doctor....
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  • The Battle Royale Essay - 979 Words
    An Analysis of the Conflicts Faced by Minorities in”Battle Royal” Many minorities continue to struggle for social, economical and political equality, using different approaches to attempt to measure up to the ideals that are often adopted by society. Often times minorities attempt alienation from their race to become socially accepted , minorities often humble themselves to a point that is sometimes viewed as degrading as a means to become accepted as mentioned by Ellison's...
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  • If Sojourner Truth Were Alive Today
    If Sojourner Truth were alive, she would say many things to me. Truth was an African-American abolitionist and women's rights activist. She was born as Isabella Baumfree, a slave who escaped to freedom, and later in life, fought for the freedom of slaves and equality for women. She would tell me that education and success are some of the most essential keys in life. Speaking on the topic of today's education, Sojourner Truth would be pleased to see the progress made since her time....
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  • Critical Essay: Ballad of Birmingham
    Dudley Randall was born 14 January 1914 in Washington, D.C. Randall led a life full of intellectual exploration, service, and literary entrepreneurship. He started writing poetry at an early age, and filled notebooks throughout his years, drawing on the civil rights movement, work experiences, travels, and personal experiences for inspiration. In addition to serving his country in the Pacific theatre during World War II, Randall worked for Ford Motor Company, the U.S. Postal Service, and several...
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  • Post Colonial Criticism of Battle Royal
    The Battle of the Others “All my life I had been looking for something, and everywhere I turned someone tried to tell me what it was (258).” This quote from the narrator in Ralph Ellison’s Battle Royal demonstrates the influence people played in the narrators self image, at times damaging him, at times inspiring him. Throughout the story the narrator shows himself as someone who struggles with who he is supposed to be according to his family and society. Through the postcolonial lens it is...
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  • Medical Apartheid - 521 Words
    Medical Apartheid In the book, Medical Apartheid, Harriet A. Washington touches on some major soft points, that really made me think and I believe that if many other people read this they would be surprised as well, because when she goes into detail about the cruel treating of African Americans in the past, it is just shocking to find out what we didn’t know. Basically, Medical Apartheid is the first and only comprehensive history of medical experimentation on African Americans. It...
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  • Compare and Contrast - 883 Words
    Oliver Fernandes Eng-106 Essay#2-Final Draft Prof: Lisa Karakas February 18, 2013 Comparing And Contrasting The Two Short Stories Of “A Conversation With My Father” And “Everything That Rises Must Converge’’ In the essays “A Conversation With My Father” and “Everything That Rises Must Converge,” I was able to find a good amount of comparisons, and also differences in the relationship between the parents and their children. ‘‘In A Conversation with My Father’’ we noticed how...
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  • Cornel West - Idealisms - 736 Words
    African American History 1) Cornel West talks about the difference between “liberal structuralists” and “conservative behavorists”. According to West, how does each group describe what blocks Blacks from success? According to West, both groups have a clear understanding that the plight of African Americans is somewhat dire and can be vastly improved. “Liberal Structuralists” believe that structural barriers impede black progression and mobility. Examples of ideas from this standpoint...
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  • Business Proposal Persuasive Memo
    Katricia Williams March 15 2009 Persuasive Memo Rewrite Memo To: Donee Williams From: Katricia Williams Date: March 15 2009 Re: Persuasive Memo So you are about to graduate from High school and are beginning to look for a school that is right for you. Well ask yourself this question “What about Morgan State University?” This a school that prides itself in being one of the most prestige schools in the state of Maryland. MSU is located in Baltimore city on the border of Towson....
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  • The Perseverance of the African American Society
    The Perseverance of the African American Society Nakia Gray ENG 125 Marc McGrath September 20, 2010 The Perseverance of the African American Society The African American society has gone through years of challenges and turmoil. Through all the years, African American people have demonstrated the ability to overcome some of the most devastating events. This society of people has shown complete demonstration of perseverance of any society of people to live within the United...
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  • Remember the Titans - 870 Words
    Vincent Donato Group Comms. 9:30 M & W Remember the Titans 1) Interdependence is the mutual reliance on one another between two or more individuals in a group. In a group or a team each individual is relying on one another to perform to a certain level of expectation in order for their team or group to succeed. With each individual of the group or team it is important to discuss the mutual agreement of what they are expected of. In Remember the Titans the scene where Gery and Julius...
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  • Everyday Use by Alice Walker
    Sarah Benesh Dr. Susan Dauer English 1102 2 Febuary 2011 Analyzation of “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker In 1972, Alice Walker published “Everyday Use” in a collection of short stories In Love and Trouble: Stories of Black women. As better known “Everyday Use” stood out of the collection, it has become one of few short stories about the conflict black Americans faced after the Civil Rights Movement; The struggle to maintain traditions, whilst embracing new-found freedom, and where the...
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  • To Kill a Mockingbird - 1194 Words
    Bonds: Compassion, Sympathy, Understanding, Tolerance In To Kill a Mockingbird, Jem and Scout mature from innocence to knowledge as they develop a bond between themselves and those who are different from them. To Kill a Mockingbird is set in Maycomb, an old southern town in the 1930’s, when racial tensions run high and prejudice is at its peak. People in Maycomb consider anyone with a different ethnicity, economic status, or even a different mindset, an outsider and ostracizes them. In the...
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  • Intercultural Communications Crash Movie Review
    What did I learn from the movie “Crash?” A lot. One lesson I learned is not to judge a book by its cover. For example, in the movie, Sandra Bullock’s character was afraid of and distrustful of her Latino locksmith because he was bald and had tattoos. She assumed he was in a gang and would sell copies of her keys to his gang friends so they could come back and rob her. In reality, the locksmith was a peaceful, loving, kind, and gentle father and husband. I probably would be a little afraid...
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