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  • Ballroom Dance - 656 Words
    Ballroom dance - refers to a set of partner dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dance is also widely enjoyed on stage, film, and television. - may refer, at its widest, to almost any type of social dancing as recreation. However, with the emergence of dance sport in modern times, the term has become narrower in scope. It usually refers to the International Standard and International Latin...
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  • Ballroom Dance - 2920 Words
    Ballroom dance is a set of partner dances that are enjoyed both socially and competitively throughout the world. Ballroom dance is also widely enjoyed on stage, film, and television. Ballroom may refer to almost any type of social dancing as recreation. But, with the emergence of Dance sport in modern times, the term has become narrower in scope. It usually refers to the International Standard and International Latin style dances. In the United States, two additional variations are popular:...
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  • Ballroom Dance - 1741 Words
    GNED 199 Mid-term Assignment Ballroom dance in social community of China Professor: Gel Messinger Date: March 10th, 2013 By students: Ballroom dance was from Europe, and it refers to set of partner dances, which are enjoyed both socially and competitively around the world. Because of its performance and entertainment aspects, ballroom dance is also widely enjoyed in stage, film, and television. Ballroom dance may refer; at it’s widest to almost any type of social dancing as...
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  • Ballroom Dance - 640 Words
    Ballroom Dance Reaction Paper As what I have observed, Ballroom Dance is a famous kind of dance done usually with a partner and is being enjoyed socially and competitively all over the world. I can say that partners of these dances both enjoyed it being accompanied by different kinds of music and dances each of it as one. Because of the kind of performance in doing this dance, it is widely performed on stage, film, and television. Because of its popularity, several types of it, was created....
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  • Social Ballroom Dance - 3632 Words
    SOCIAL BALLROOM DANCE ORIGINS Emmylou Cortez Nicolas BS Biology 1A Prof. Felipa Oliquino PE 2 SWING DANCING HISTORY The swing dance is not a single form/kind of dance but a group of various dances which developed in the earlier half of the twentieth century. These dance forms flourished with jazz or swing style of music. The origin of these swing dances can be traced back to the vernacular African-American dance forms. Today, the most popular form of swing dancing is Lindy Hop. In...
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  • Ballroom Dance - Paper - 2219 Words
    Middle Term Assignment Ballroom Dancing in North China - Group Assignment Content Background ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 History of Ballroom Dance in China ---------------------------------------------------------------------3 Beginning -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3 Declines...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - 1300 Words
    The sequence depends on sudden and unexpected appearances for its effect. When Liz pushes through the doors, screaming, the shot cuts suddenly to her in the doorway and the music stops suddenly. Fran's doorway slam also happens very suddenly, and the film cuts to Ken's entrance to the studio even before Pam's car has stopped rolling. The rolling car itself is non-realistic and by using this technique any sympathy we might have otherwise have felt for Pam is gone. This accident is just another...
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  • Stictly Ballroom - 2409 Words
    MSStage 6 English (ESL) Unit of work Created by: Pooja Verma ESL Teacher, Kogarah High School, 2009 Pooja Verma, ESL Teacher, Kogarah HS 2009 Introduction This unit provides activities for teachers to explore with students the ways in which the concept of Australian Vision is considered and expressed through the prescribed text, Baz Luhrman’s Strictly Ballroom. This unit includes activities to help students understand, examine and analyze how composer uses techniques to convey...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - 1124 Words
    The expressionistic film “Strictly Ballroom” composed by Baz Luhrmann is about the spectacle of ballroom dancing. Tough not always in a literal sense, the film is not strictly about ball room dancing but also a “microcosm of society”. Moreover the contradictory forces within the society and the use of image to mediate social relations. This piece also fits in very well with Guy Debord’s “the society of the spectacle”. Debord’s work is a critique of modern capitalism. But more specifically for...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - 763 Words
    1. The canonical of “Strictly Ballroom” consists of a world in which ballroom dancing is the norm. Scott comes from a family with a history of ballroom dancing and has been training since childhood. Scott becomes very good and encounters resistance when he tries to dance his own steps instead of the more traditional ballroom moves. 2. The Inciting incident of Strictly Ballroom would happen when Scott and Liz are dancing in the very beginning and Scott tries to pull off his own moves. The rest...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - 893 Words
    Strictly Ballroom Essay Image enables us to perceive the nature of different worlds from various perspectives and angle view. The audience has the advantage of perceiving the nature of the world in each text, from his/her own perspective. Image formulates an understanding about worlds and the use of satire and other language techniques, which allow the audience to evaluate their own world while perceiving the nature of different worlds. “Strictly Ballroom” is a romantic comedy written by...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - 409 Words
    To conform, comply or obey? This week’s movie review of Strictly Ballroom, directed by Baz Luhrman (1993) is about a young and passionate Ballroom dancer, Scott. Scott was brought up in an environment filled with music and dance by people who were obsessed with the art of Ballroom dancing. Scott participated in the pan Pacific Grand Prix Championship, but was unfortunately disqualified for not adhering to the traditional rules of the competition. After which, he lost his partner Liz due to his...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - 15537 Words
    Study Guide Strictly Ballroom fiieducation SYNOPSIS At the Waratah Championships ballroom dancer Scott Hastings goes against Federation rules and impulsively dances his own steps, causing partner Liz Holt to dump him. Then Fran, ugly duckling of the beginners’ class, offers to be Scott’s new partner. Initially sceptical, he is persuaded by her ideas, and together they plan to dance their own steps at the Pan-Pacific Grand Prix Championships. But Scott’s rebelliousness does not...
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  • Ballroom Dancing - 932 Words
    20 TYPES OF BALLROOM DANCING Cha Cha The Cha Cha is a lively, flirtatious ballroom dance full of passion and energy. The classic "Cuban motion" gives the Cha Cha its unique style. Partners work together to synchronize each movement in perfect alignment. Foxtrot The Foxtrot is a ballroom dance that is lots of fun and simple to excellent dance for beginners. The Foxtrot is a smooth dance in which dancers make long, flowing movements across the floor. Jive Jive is a ballroom dance...
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  • Strictyly Ballroom - 1495 Words
    Strictly Ballroom, Do Experiences Limit or Enriches Ones Choices? “An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich of limit their experience of belonging.” It is a fundamental human need to achieve a sense of belonging through interactions with other individuals and the world. It is through such interactions in with which our experience of belonging is limited and yet can also be enriched. In Baz Luhrmann's’ film, ‘Strictly Ballroom’ these limitations and...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - 872 Words
    A sense of belonging is a critical component of one’s being. One person’s sense and perception of belonging is not that of another. With perceptions regularly changing over time, it is this complexity of variation and the contradictory nature of belonging that is illustrated and explored though Baz Luhrmann’s film ‘Strictly Ballroom’. A depiction is created throughout the film, with Luhrmann using the main character and protagonist Scott Hastings and his individuality conflicting with the need...
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  • Ballroom Dancing - 2025 Words
    Ballroom Dance Ballroom dance is an international partner dance. The dance is a combination of different steps making up the Foxtrot, Waltz, and Tango. Ballroom is a social dance and a style of competition dance. This dance tradition began in the 1700s and today the young and old find enjoyment in this dance style (New World Encyclopedia, 2009). Traditionally, the couples dress in formal wear of the period. The graceful music and a large dance floor can turn a couple’s dance into...
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  • Definition of Dance - 563 Words
    1. Definition of dance?  To move with measured steps, or to a musical accompaniment; to go through, either alone or in company with others, with a regulated succession of movements, (commonly) to the sound of music; to trip or leap rhythmically.  To move nimbly or merrily; to express pleasure by motion; to caper; to frisk; to skip about.  The leaping, tripping, or measured stepping of one who dances; an amusement, in which the movements of the persons are regulated by art, in figures...
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  • The History of Dance - 9225 Words
    Dance, movements orchestrated with music, to express the way you feel. The first forms of dance came around in 6000 B.C, originating from India. The Hindu dance Gods Krishnu Shiva is the most common God portrayed through dance, especially found in Bharata Natyam and Nyark Sharky, also known as Belly Dance. In Southeast India, it is normal as a young female to learn the ways of Bharata Natyam. Bharata Natyam is widely known for its sculpturesque poses and art of story telling, mostly performed...
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  • Social Dance - 6901 Words
    HISTORY OF SOCIAL DANCE Social dancing (dancing for pleasure) really starts with the Cotillion and Quadrille. These are set dances for four couples, and their descendants are still around today in the form of English and Scottish country dancing and, of course American square dancing Dancing in couples came along in the form of the Galliard, Minuet and Gavotte (each developing from the other), but each danced essentially at arms length, and in repetitive sequences. Imagine trying to get close...
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  • 'Strictly Ballroom' Essay - 1880 Words
    To belong to anyone else, one does not have to give up his or her values or independence by conforming. This is shown through the texts of the film, ‘Strictly Ballroom’ directed by Baz Luhrmann and the children’s picture book, ‘The Red Tree’ written and illustrated by Shaun Tan. In ‘Strictly Ballroom’ characters, scenes and techniques such as dialogue, costume, lighting, and marginalization are used to depict that to belong to anyone else, one does not have to give up his or her values or...
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  • Belonging - Stricly Ballroom - 1088 Words
    Belonging relates to personal and social identity which can involve experiences, relationships as well as attitudes and values. There are many concepts of belonging shown in the film Strictly Ballroom, directed by Baz Luhrmannn; one of them is that attitudes towards belonging change over time. This is shown through many of the characters, mainly through Scott and Fran. Their attitudes towards belonging change as a result of the rules and regulations of the ballroom federation. In the children’s...
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  • Strictly Ballroom - Image Notes
    Style and Technique Throughout 'Strictly Ballroom' Baz Luhrman uses non-realistic, exaggerated techniques. Some such examples include: • the red velvet curtain to open the film • the mock documentary style of the opening sequence • the use of the 'Blue Danube' waltz • the contrast between the glamour of the ballroom and the lives of those involved in it. Text analysis: Image Strictly Ballroom can be interpreted in a variety of ways. It has been described as: 1. A musical comedy,...
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  • Strictly Ballroom Essay - Basic
    • Area Of Study: BELONGING • Strictly Ballroom • Film (1992) • Baz Luhrmann • Finding a sense of belonging The concept of belonging is explored well in the film Strictly Ballroom. Directed by Baz Luhrmann and released in 1992, this film explores the concept of belonging in relation to places, events and relationships. Throughout the film, techniques such as symbolism, lighting, costume, non-diagetic music and dialogue help to express these concepts to the audience. Firstly, Symbolism...
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  • Strictly Ballroom Essay - 1632 Words
    Strictly Ballroom Essay Question: What does the composer of your text reveal about the concept of belonging? You should answer on either ‘Romulus, My Father’ or ‘Strictly Ballroom’ depending on which you have studied. How does he represent his idea? In your answer you may consider literary techniques such as narrative voice, imagery, contrast, hyperbole, word choice, use of setting, description (‘Romulus, My Father’) or filmic techniques, music, iconography, costuming, dialogue, contrasts,...
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  • Stictly Ballroom Essay Belonging
    Our sense of belonging is derived from our experiences throughout life which can have both negative and positive impacts as a result of the people we associate with and the community in which we place ourselves. Individuals have a need to fit in and be accepted within a group of people, and will sometimes completely disregard their own beliefs and conform to expectations of the established order to be recognized. These relationships built between people can lead the feeling of safety and love,...
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  • Lessons in Dance Class - 2004 Words
    Physical Education 2 Rhythm and Dance Dance * The word “Dance” comes from the Greek word “damson” which means “to stretch”. All dancing made up of stretching and relaxing. * Dance of many types is the physical expression of rhythm and music. * it is the pure expression of the dancers’ thoughts and feeling. * It is the union of movements in rhythm and arts of life. * It is man’s primitive and natural ways of self-expression * Its fundamental movement comes from...
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  • The Significance of Dance in Dancing at Lughnasa
    The Significance Of The Use Dance: Focusing On Pages 20 - 23 Brian Freil uses a variety of dance techniques to convey the significance of dance as a projection of universal and primal desires to which everyone is submissive. Each outburst or description of dance involving the characters gives the audience an insight to not only their true personality but also the strain of their current situations. The significance of dance and its effect on the audience is echoed throughout the play through...
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  • Latin American Dance Music
    LATIN AMERICAN DANCE MUSIC INTRODUCTION Latin America thrives on its culture. Its dance and music is known to be very sexy and promiscuous, and is recognizable by anyone familiar with dance. Latin American music has had a large influence on the form the dances have today. It was the mariachi bands of Mexico that stirred up the quick paced rhythms and playful movements at the same time that Cuba was embracing similar musical and dance styles. Traditional dance was blended with new, modern ways...
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  • Dance in Master Harold and the Boys
    The Metaphor of Dance in Fugard’s “Master Harold”…and the Boys In Athol Fugard’s play “Master Harold”… and the Boys dance becomes a metaphor for how society can work harmoniously together, yet there are conflicts that prevent it from happening. Specifically, ballroom dance becomes a metaphor to show the conflict between a cooperative society and the disappointment associated with life and our inability to force change. This is expressed by Sam teaching Willie the mastery of dance and also...
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  • Strictly Ballroom With Related Text Essay
    Strictly Ballroom Essay with a related text Understanding nourishes belonging… a lack of understanding prevents it How does Strictly Ballroom represent this interpretation? For an individual to belong in a world or to a group of people, they must sacrifice their individuality. If you clearly understand the true sense of belonging then you will belong without sacrificing your self- expression. But if you lack the understanding of true sense of belonging then you must live your life with...
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  • Ballroom Dancing Versus Everyday Conflict
    Good Morning/Afternoon Mr. Strathdee and fellow English scholars, today we take a journey into the world of ballroom dancing. Ballroom dancing, although not a dance of individualism, it also rebels against the label of conformity often thrown at it. Our task was to compare the documentary ‘Absolutely Ballroom', and the movie ‘Strictly Ballroom'. To properly undertake our task we were compelled to lose ourselves in the plots, music and techniques used in both films. Both show us the highs...
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  • 4 Short Essays on Strictly Ballroom
    Scott makes a decision that will change the course of his dancing career. Explain how dialogue with others has influenced his decision. The desire and decision to ‘dance his own steps’ at the ballroom dancing competitions first appears at the beginning of the play where Scott Hastings and Liz Holt get boxed into a corner of The Southern District Waratah Championship Hall. In this scene, the temptation of escaping the restricted rules of the ADF leads Scott to urge Liz Holt via the...
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  • The Reflected Values in Filipino Folk Dance
    Gabrielle Marie C. Prado English 10 The Reflected Values in Filipino Folk Dance Introduction Many Filipinos do not appreciate the Philippine dance culture because they always see hip hop, ballet, ballroom and other dance genre. What if they could be wondering how are the Filipinos interpreting their dance? Let’s recall from more than three hundred years ago, the Spaniards came and made a huge influence to the Filipinos. Spain brought with them many different aspects of their culture to...
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  • Jennifer Hernandez 11 Dance Hw
    Jennifer Hernandez 11 DANCING WITH THE STERS ARGENTINO TANGO Nicole was wearing a brown backless dress with her hair up in a bun with a red flower. Derek was wearing a black. They danced a tango song I believe i never heard of it. I couldn’t tell between them which one was the professional dancer they both were so amazing. I would rate them a ten they didn’t mess up once and made the dance look romantic. DANCING WITH THE STARS JIVE 2014 Alfonso was wearing brown vest and brown pants...
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  • Belonging Essay on Strictly Ballroom & the Sister's Anthology
    “An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich or limit their experience of belonging.” The intrinsic nature of mankind strives for a sense of belonging; this sense of belonging is fulfilled when one has reached a physical or emotional affinity with an entity. One’s sense of belonging emerges from positive and negative experiences and notions of identity, relationships, understanding and acceptance. Moreover, positive connections allow one to feel security,...
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  • English Notes Belonging – Strictly Ballroom (1992)
    English Notes Belonging – Strictly Ballroom (1992) 1. Introduction to Belonging & Strictly Ballroom | * 1 core text + 2 related texts of your own choosing * Link them by concept NOT content (i.e. don’t link by setting, character or plot/events) * Belonging to a group can establish your sense of identity e.g.: * Scott Hastings – included * Mr Hastings (Doug) – excluded * Mrs Hastings (Shirley) – included * Fran – excluded * Concept: ‘the...
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  • Belonging in Strictly Ballroom and two related texts
    Strictly Ballroom Explores the notion of belongers – people obsessed with belonging who prefer not to think for themselves. This Shows the pain felt by those excluded from the group, eg Fran. Fran: I understand. You’ve got your Pan Pacific’s to win and I’m back in beginners where I belong. Shows the disastrous effect conformity and fear have among belongers who gain their place inside the group at the price of conformity. Shirley Hastings, for example, lives a “life half-lived” cowering...
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  • Strictly Ballroom and Neighbours by Tim Winton Essay Belonging.
    2010 HSC Area of Study BELONGING ‘An individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich or limit their experience of belonging’ Discuss this view with detailed reference to your prescribed text and ONE other related text of your own choosing An individual’s relation with others in their surroundings, may be enhancing or rewarding, or even set a boundary in a way for them to belong, however sometimes an individual’s environment can be too restrictive which would make...
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  • Ballroom Dancing: From Cha-Cha-Cha to Waltz
    The movie Dirty Dancing brought ballroom dancing into the spotlight when a girl named Frances "Baby" Houseman learned to dance with the professional dancer Johnny in a few days. From the moment I saw that film, my dream was to be a ballroom dancer. I made my dream come true when I started dancing at thirteen in the Danube Bratislava dance club. Today, ballroom dancing is a trendy topic, having become popular through reality TV shows, such as the “Let’s dance” series. These shows feature dance...
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  • Comparison of the surfer -judith wright and strictly ballroom
    INTRO - thesis, texts In order to feel a true sense of belonging, one must endure and overcome challenges, for in doing so they gain an appreciation of self and self worth. Conversely, those who do not test themselves and the barriers, can only experience a superficial sense of belonging that can not result in a deep connection. Judith Wright’s poem “The Surfer” presents an individual who puts himself up against the waves everyday, and thrives on the feeling he gets when he conquers them....
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  • Persuasive Research Essay/a 1920s Event – Dances
    Persuasive Research Essay/a 1920s Event – Dances During the Roaring Twenties young Americans responded to this criticism by expanding on all of these violations, with more outrageous slang, jazzier music and dance, shorter and flimsier dresses and shorter hair. The dance styles of the 1920s were vibrant, lively, exuberant and full of life. In the 1920s many people would dance for long periods of time. Dance clubs became rather popular in the 1920s. Dance contests were nationally held and...
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  • Life - 702 Words
    Life, Hope and Dreams In the film Nanook of the North, presented an Eskimos life of a family struggling through the snow storm in Baffin Island. The film follows Nanook through his daily struggles to find food and shelter. Nanook's approaches ways of hunting, fishing, and building igloos. This was a very emotional documentary, although there was not any voice over or anyone talking in the film. While in the other film, Mad Hot Ballroom is about young teens from New York who is striving for...
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  • "Master Harold...and the Boys" Written Task 2
    How and why is a social group represented in a particular way? Social groups are always represented with a stereotype. This could include their physical appearance, their language, style, or manners that will define this certain social group. In “Master Harold”… and the boys, written by Athol Fugard , social groups are represented in a particular way. In this case, Fugard represents South Africans creating a stereotype, creating characters like Willie that represents the cultural context of...
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  • Take the Lead - 1333 Words
    Reaction paper of the film Take the Lead Take the lead is based on a true story, the movie tells us of the struggle of a dance teacher, Pierre Dulain. It is the real story of a dance teacher who believed in the talent of a group of problem kids. This film not only gives us a fun and relaxation but it also gives us knowledge about modern dancing and model dancing. Not only that, the film gives us the morality as teacher. How relationship between teacher and student should be in...
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  • Take the Lead - 696 Words
    The opening credits run over students preparing for a school dance. Rock arrives with a water-damaged ticket and is denied entrance by the aggressive Mr. Temple and Principal James. Rock leaves and encounters some thugs, who lead on him to vandalize the Principal’s car. Pierre Dulaine catches Rock in the act, but Rock runs away before Pierre can question him further. The next morning, Pierre turns up to see the Principal. Having explained that he was a witness to the vandalism on her car, he...
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  • History - 9674 Words
    ------------------------------------------------- Mozart and dance From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The Grosse Redoutensaal (Grand Ballroom) of the Hofburg Imperial Palace in Vienna, where much of Mozart's dance music was first performed. The composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart wrote a great deal of dance music. This article covers the types of dances that Mozart wrote, their musical characteristics, and their reception by the public both in Mozart's day and in modern times. Mozart's...
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  • Intramurals Reflection - 561 Words
    del mar, Sarah Mae C. BSM I - A Reflection Paper: Intramurals 2012 Intramurals 2012 had the theme of: "Four Teams. One Goal. One Epic Olympics." This years event marks my first Intramurals as a student of UP Cebu. I was so excited for this event because in my previous school we didn't have the facilities for sports so, our intramurals had very limited activities. Unfortunately I didn't get to participate in any of the sports this year but, I did participate during the parade as...
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  • Detailed Lesson Plan in Mapeh 4
    Lesson plan in MAPEH IV 1.Objectives : 1.1 Perform the basic steps of ballroom in cha-cha-cha, waltz and swing. 1.2 Describe the brief historical background style, characteristics and music of ballroom dance. 2. Subject Matter Topic : Social Dances Materials : Audio Player ,video player and Visual Aid References: Textbook: MAPEH IV Enjoy life with PE and Health page. 94-114...
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  • Detailed Lp in Physical Education Iv Tango
    A Detailed Lesson Plan in Physical Education IV Pablo Roman National High School Prepared by: Ercielyn Triguero IV- Jupiter February 22, 2012 I. Objectives: At the end of the lesson, 100 % of the students should be able to attain at least 75% level of proficiency in: 1. Described the historical background and style of Tango briefly. 2. Identify and execute the proper rhythm and basic steps of the Tango. 3. Perform the Tango dance skilfully with feelings. II....
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  • Research on Take the Lead - 802 Words
    ke the Lead" begins with rudeness, ends with good manners, and argues that poor inner city schools can be redeemed by ballroom dancing. The only thing wrong with this vision, I suspect, is that it works for the ballroom dancers but not for the gangbangers, who continue on their chosen careers. There is a more pessimistic view of urban high schools in another movie opening today, "American Gun," and I fear it's closer to the truth. But "Take the Lead" is said to be based on a true story, it...
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  • Australian Visions - 924 Words
    Australian Visions Strictly ballroom by Baz Luhrman is a specular film that conveys many Australian Visions from beginning to end. It is a story of an individual, who wants to do his own steps, failing his partner. Fran an ugly duckling of a beginner class offers Scott partnership. Fran persistence and ideas convince Scott to dance their own steps on the Pan-Pacific championship displaying multiculturalism and breaking competitions under conformity. The composer has used many techniques like...
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  • belonging - 1448 Words
    Belonging to a community or a group can impact someone through their attitudes, behaviour and habits. It can also affect them socially as it may prevent them from revealing their true identity and in some cases may allow them to broaden their beliefs. A persons place in the community affects the entire community and their actions can affect the community in a positive or negative aspect. These ideas have been reflected in the texts Strictly Ballroom, Neighbours and Drifters. Strictly Ballroom...
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  • To belong often involves both challenges and opportunities. Do you agree with this statement?
    In the quest to find one’s place in the world, an individual must overcome the challenges they face, and learn to embrace the opportunities. In Baz Luhrmann’s film Strictly Ballroom, many characters are significantly impacted by the barriers associated with the repression of individuality, before they are able to feel accepted. The speaker in John Foulcher’s poem, Raymond Wells and the Burning, also faces various obstacles, and although he is given the opportunity to develop a friendship, the...
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  • Music - 626 Words
    Unit Tests There will be three parts to each exam. 1) A multiple-choice area based on listening examples that will be played more than once during the exam; 2) A multiple-choice section that is essentially a converted matching section where you will need to match up terms with their definitions; 3) Another multiple-choice area, in this case not based on actual listening examples. A very large percentage of the exam’s questions can be found at the website that goes with our...
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  • The History of Waltz - 427 Words
    The history of Waltz The Waltz is the oldest of the ballroom dances, dating from the middle of the Eighteenth Century. The German "Lander", a folk dance, is supposed to be the forerunner of the Waltz. During this time period a dance developed which was called the "Walzer", a word owing its origin to the Latin word Volvere, which indicates a rotating motion. Napoleon's invading solders spread the waltz from Germany to Paris; then the dance glided across the channel to England and finally made...
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  • Themes on Master Harold... and the boys
    English, GCSE Racism/Prejudice: SAM. Then don’t say he’s my boss HALLY: He’s a white man and that’s good enough for you Friendship: The episode at the end of the book when Hally leaves and Willie goes up to Sam in order to distract him therefore he starts to bring up other subjects and they start to dance together. Disability: HALLY: Do you want to know what is really wrong with your lovely little dream, Sam? It’s not just that we are all bad dancers. That does happen to be...
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  • belonging 'The Ink bridge'
    Belonging Having the right personal or social qualities, initially to be a part of a particular group defines belonging and even not belonging. The personal feeling of belonging can be portrayed within various text types it is dynamic and depends on how it is explored and shaped through many structures, language forms and features. Therefore this essay will effectively differentiate the perspectives and approaches to the element of belonging by contrasting two different texts. The selected...
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  • Master Harold...and the Boys
    In the mid-twentieth century, the country of South Africa was dominated by the policy of apartheid, a separation and segregation based on race. "Master Harold"…and the boys, written by Athol Fugard is a semiautobiographical drama which portrays what happens in a society composed of institutional anger between whites and blacks. Master Harold, otherwise known as Hally, is the 17 year old son of a wealthy white couple who own St. George's Park Tea Room. The play is set in Port Elizabeth,...
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  • Bachata - 408 Words
    International Ballroom Bachata Bachate is a unique dance that I have the privileged to learn in my PE-154 international ballroom dance class taught by professor Jane Edwards. This dance originated from the Dominican Republic. It can be difficult to identify the precise style of the Bachata due to the fact that are so many variations throughout the world. However, in all of these different styles throughout the world there are the same basic steps with a tap with hip movement on the 4th...
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  • Ballet - 1415 Words
    * Ballet is a specific academic dance form and technique which is taught in ballet schoolsaccording to specific methods. There are many ballet schools around the world that specializein various styles of ballet and different techniques offered. Works of dance choreographedusing this technique are called ballets, and usually include dance, mime, acting, and music(usually orchestral but occasionally vocal). Ballet is best known for its unique features andtechniques, such as pointe work, turn-out...
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  • Pe Assignment 1 - 618 Words
    Performance Task # 2- Direction: Answer the following: (answers shall be based on the assignment Video: Sayaw) Key point: the Spaniards came to the Philippines in the 16th century. They found out that dance and music were woven and is part of the Filipinos everyday life. Q. Where is it intertwined? 1. Courtship 2. Love 3. Politics 4.____________________ 5_____________________ 6._________________________ 7.______________________ Key point: the Spaniards employ dances...
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  • The Tango - 918 Words
    The Tango Argentina is known for many things, but most of all, the Tango. Buenos Aires, Argentina is where the social dance of the Tango originated (Wikipedia). The tango has a rich, colorful, and mysterious history behind it in the Argentine culture. "Tango" also refers to the musical form that usually accompanies the dance (Wikipedia). The "authentic" tango is the first recorded form of the tango danced in Argentina (Wikipedia). The "authentic" tango is where it's "history" begins. The...
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  • Take The Lead Review - 729 Words
    Ruby Lewis November 7th, 2013 Dr. Clark Written English 1 Essay Two Assignment Review on Take the Lead (2006) Take the Lead is based on the true life of dance instructor Pierre Dulaine and his way of teaching Ballroom dancing to Manhattan High School students, known as the "Dungeon Kids" in the film. "Dulaine: I want to teach your kids to dance. Principal Augustine James: If there’s one thing they can do, its dance. Dulaine: Ballroom dance? Waltz, the foxtrot? Principal Augustine James: Ok,...
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  • Marketing Plan - 6630 Words
    Sole Heaven Shoe Carrier June 7th, 2012 Sandi , Luke , Raeleen Table of Contents Executive Summary 4 Company Description 4 Mission Statement 5 Goals 5 Core Competency 5 Situation Analysis 6 Industry Analysis 6 SWOT Analysis 8 Competition 9 Consumer Analysis 9 Geographic 9 Demographics 9 Behavior Factors 9 Marketing Strategy 10 Marketing Mix 10 Product Launch Objectives 10 Target Markets 10 Ballroom Shoe Manufactures 10 Ballroom Schools 10 Ballroom...
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  • Belonging Essay - 2 Related Texts
    What do you think the most powerful influences that impact on an individual’s sense of belonging? * Strictly Ballroom by Baz Lurhmann * The Red Tree by Shaun Tan * Who you are by Jessie J You will almost always find where you belong if you search for it. So ultimately a sense of belonging comes down to perception. This starts from places and/ or relationships, which potentially alter your understanding or you and the world around you, so you can accept the person you are and...
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  • Jejemon - 2471 Words
    SAYAW PINOY: The NCCA National Dance Competition in celebration of the National Dance Week and the International Dance Day 2012 The National Committee on Dance of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts under the leadership of Shirley Halili-Cruz has organized the Sayaw Pinoy: The NCCA National Dance Competition as part of its efforts to promote dance in its various forms – folkdance, ballet, modern/ contemporary, hip hop and ballroom. It aims to stress the importance of the...
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  • The Concept of Belonging - 1585 Words
    TASK 2 assessment rewrite Original mark = 13/15 Comments: Add depth to your response by mentioning the choice that Scott also faces in relation to this specific concept of belonging. Identify specific techniques used – the poem to represent the concept of belonging. Question: ‘Belonging Always Comes at a Price.’ To belong means feeling acceptance amongst a certain group and it often shapes ones identity. Unfortunately striving for this acceptance often leads to a price being paid,...
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  • Lesson Plan in Mapeh - 1072 Words


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  • tango research - 369 Words
     Tango, a dance that started off in Argentina in the late 1800’s, where it developed in the slum of the city has gone through many changes to become one of the most popular styles of music and dance in the world today. The tango developed as a form of entertainment for those rootless African slaves who used the word tango for the drum-based emitting music “tan-go!”. Argentina Tango was first known as forbidden dance because the dance revealed the sexual act between a man and a...
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  • Rhythmic Activities - 1869 Words
    RHYTHMIC ACTIVITIES (P.E. 102) Rhythmic activities - are those activities where an individual responds physically and emotionally to music or any rhythmic accompaniment. Rhythm - is an activity or movement in which action or element recurs regularly. Classification of Rhythm 1. External rhythm - refers to nature and daily man’s activities. 2. Internal rhythm - refers to man’s physical and mental process provides internal rhythmic pattern. Dance -...
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  • Latin American Music - 804 Words
    The term Latin American as used here encompasses the Americas south of the United States, as well as the entire Caribbean. The musics of this vast area are perhaps most efficiently discussed in terms of ethnic components--European (especially Iberian), Amerindian, African, and mestizo ("mixed" or acculturated). Amerindian Background During the colonial period in Latin America (16th-19th century) many Amerindian populations were decimated, and much traditional Amerindian musical culture was...
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  • belonging-strictly ballrom - 818 Words
    Related text 1: Film, Strictly Ballroom by Baz Luhrmen Related Text 2: Short story, The Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson Belonging or not belonging is the feeling of being included or excluded by a certain group, person, place or community. This is conveyed very well in the film “Strictly Ballroom” produced by Baz Luhrmen and “The Ugly Duckling’, a short story by Hans Christian Anderson. Both represent the concept of acceptance and rejection through the use of many film and language...
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