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  • BackUp - 2960 Words
    Ralph Jason D. Contreras 1. Full Backup Full backup is a method of backup where all the files and folders selected for the backup will be backed up. It is commonly used as an initial or first backup followed with subsequent incremental or differential backups. After several incremental or differential backups, it is common to start over with a fresh full backup again. Some also like to do full backups for all backup runs typically for smaller folders or projects that do not occupy too...
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  • Backup Methods - 642 Words
    BACKUP METHODS One of the important aspects of data security involves protecting data from loss or destruction. In this short paper, I will cover the backup methods we can use to protect our data and reduces the chances of data loss. Popular hardware devices used for making hard drive backups on standalone personal computer or small servers include tape, Zip, and Jaz drives. In business environment, however, if a PC is connected to a file server, the most practical backup...
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  • Backup and Recovery - 1005 Words
    Backup and Recovery Recommendation Working for a small nonprofit organization with a grant of $500 to form a backup and recovery plan for their computers is not an easy task. Volunteers often go above and beyond to achieve greatness for non-profit organizations. In order to make this organization thrive, assistance is needed to backup all the information on the organization’s computers. With 11 computers and only 1 laptop all running on XP, additional hardware and storage needed so the...
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  • Backup Plan Networking - 326 Words
     Networking 2 Unit 10 Backup Plan: A plan to acquire hardware. A communication plan. A list of people to be contacted in the event of a disaster. Information on the ownership of the administration of the plan. A checklist of required tasks for each recovery scenario. To help you review how disaster recovery progressed, initial each task as it is completed, and indicate the time of completion on the checklist. Test your backup and recovery procedures thoroughly before a real failure...
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  • Quiz: Backup and Choices - 676 Words
    Name ________________________ CMIT-320 Quiz 6 1. What is an advantage of RAID 5 over RAID 1? Choices: A. RAID 5 continues to operate with a failure in two disks; RAID 1 can only operate with a failure of one disk. B. RAID 5 provides redundancy; RAID 1 does not. C. X RAID 5 improves performance over RAID 1. D. RAID 5 provides redundancy for the disk controller. 2. Which form of alternate site is the cheapest but may be not allow an organization to recover before...
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  • Proposal for a Backup Solution - 452 Words
    Proposal for a Backup Solution Working as a volunteer for a small non-profit organization, I have been asked find a suitable backup solution for our environment. The plan should allow, not only the backup of critical data, but also the ease of moving the data offsite in the event of a disaster. Requirement The organization consists of twelve workstations, one being a laptop, all less then three years old. Each workstation runs Windows XP and is connected through a LAN and to the...
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  • Backup and Restore Control Panel
    LAB 15 ADMINISTERING WINDOWS 7 This lab contains the following exercises and activities: Exercise 15.1 Creating a Custom Backup Job Exercise 15.2 Performing an Incremental Backup Exercise 15.3 Performing a Restore Lab Challenge 15.1 Scheduling a Backup Job Lab Challenge 15.2 Using BranchCache SCENARIO Alice, the user from Lab 6, calls to report that her data files are not being backed up in any way, and that someone told her this was bad. After explaining the...
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  • Backup Stragety of Active Directory
    Backup Strategy of Active Directory I would like to start by defining “backup” which is the process of making copies of data in case the original get lost or damaged. In today’s world having a good backup system is important for any company. A good backup includes at least the system state and the contents of the system disk. Backing up the system disk ensures that all the required system files and folders are present so you can successfully restore the data. When backing up an Active...
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  • Paper On Online Data Backup
     Online Data Backup TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION……………………………………………………………….…4 2. HOW IT WORKS..........................………………………………………………....5 3. HOW SECURE MY DATA ......................................................................................5 4. WHY IS ONLINE BACKUP USEFUL.........................................................……...6 5. COMMON REASONS FOR DATA LOSS..............................................................7 6. ADVANTAGES OF ONLINE DATA...
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  • Cloud Data Backup - 1096 Words
    “Backup Personal Data Using a Cloud Backup Solution” “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that will not work.” (Thomas Edison). His words take on a new life as we explore the technology of backing up personal data. Choosing the method of backing up computer and mobile device data can be a difficult challenge. There are dozens of data backup solutions available in the market today ranging from external drive backups, to cloud backup services. The best solution of backing up...
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  • Backups in Security Systems - 1311 Words
    To better understand what goes on during incident response or disaster recovery data restoration, you should understand how system backups are created. Data backup is a complex operation and involves selecting the backup type, establishing backup schedules, and even duplicating data automatically using a variety of redundant array of independent drives (RAID) structures. There are three basic types of backups: full, differential, and incremental. A full backup is just that, a full and...
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  • Oracle Database Backup and Recovery
    Oracle9i Backup and Recovery Concepts Release 2 (9.2) March 2002 Part No. A96519-01 Oracle9i Backup and Recovery Concepts, Release 2 (9.2) Part No. A96519-01 Copyright © 2001, 2002 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved. Primary Author: Lance Ashdown Graphic Designer: Valarie Moore Contributors: Beldalker Anand, Tammy Bednar, Don Beusee, Wei Hu, Donna Keesling, Bill Lee, Lenore Luscher, Ron Obermarck, Muthu Olagappan, Francisco Sanchez, Vinay Srihari, Steve Wertheimer The...
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  • Backup Set Folder - 447 Words
    Joshua Reasoner (16891902) NT1230 Unit 6 Lab Lab 6 Questions 1. How would you go about using this console to connect to a remote machine? Instead of selecting local computer choose another computer and select the remote IP address 2. How many Critical Events has your workstation had in the past 24 hours? The past 7 days? 3. When using Remote Assistance, why might it be necessary to impose a time limit on the invitation? It will prevent someone from finding the...
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  • Active Directory – Backup, Restore, and Monitor
    Active Directory – Backup, Restore, and Monitor The first thing I would do in implementing an Active Directory backup strategy is to install Windows Server Backup via the Server Manager console. Alternatively, this can be done via the command line assuming you have already installed the Windows PowerShell, or are running Windows Server 2008 in which it is included. This backup will be created to a CD or DVD and cannot be done to magnetic tapes or dynamic volumes. I would set up a scheduled...
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  • CMS Patent allows restart/operation of disabled PC from backup appliance
    CMS Patent allows restart/operation of disabled PC from backup appliance 1888PressRelease - CMS patent allows a personal computer to be restarted, operated and restored from a self-booting backup residing on a USB external storage device. Aliso Viejo, CA - CMS Products, Inc. (, a leading innovator in data backup & restore, encryption and security technology, today announced the issuance by the US Patent Office of a patent that covers a method for allowing...
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  • information technology - 3130 Words
    1.0 Introduction of Information Technology As we know that, information technology is an apprehensive with technology treat by information. In actuality, we use information technology to refer a complete industry. Besides that, information technology is used of computers or software to arrange information. In some companies, they call as Management Information Services. Furthermore, some advanced information technology department companies will be respond more strong information, protecting...
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  • Preventing Security Breaches - 485 Words
     Preventing Security Breaches Nicole Lee BIS 221 January 19, 2015 Nabih Zourob Preventing Security Breaches In week two’s C discussion on preventing security breaches I picked the article Global News & Analysis. This article talked about all of the different kind of breaches that include companies, social media, and healthcare. Often times we go to the doctor not realizing that all of our personal health information is being saved, and if not protected by the office our information can...
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  • Disaster Recovery Planning - 1656 Words
    Disaster Recovery Planning Disaster recovery planning can best be defined as an organization’s procedures for continuing operations in the event of the destruction of program and data files, as well as processing capability. In the case of any disaster or incident that causes a stop in the continuing work, businesses must be prepared with a business continuity plan, or a way to resume the activities required to keep your organization running during a period of displacement or...
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  • Amazon Database - 2427 Words is developing a system to gather and keep massive amounts of intimate information about its millions of shoppers, including their religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and income. The database, which would combine information disclosed voluntarily by customers with facts gleaned from public databases, conceivably would give Amazon a larger or more detailed profile of its customers than any other retailer. The Seattle-based company, with 59 million active customers, said it has no...
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  • Unit 10 Assignment 1
    Baldeo Persaud NT1230 Unit 10 Assignment 1: Backup Criteria A company should have backup files of anything important and pertinent to their business. Any data and files that are stored on their computer should be backed up. I would suggest a full backup which includes all files whether they have been changed or not. I would have 8 datasets which includes User Acquisition Costs, Abandoned Carts, Visitor Value, Lifetime Value, Traffic, Lead Source ROI, Purchase Funnel and Percentage of Mobile...
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  • is3110 week5 lab - 342 Words
    Charles Krout 10/14/2013 Week 5 Laboratory Disaster Recovery Back-up Procedures and Recovery Instructions Learning Objectives and Outcomes Upon completing this lab, students will be able to: Relate how to lower RTO with properly documented back-up and recovery steps Understand the inversely proportional relationship between RTO and redundancy. Understand the process of defining IT system and application recovery procedures Understand the risks of using external e-mail as a backup and...
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  • homework reseaarch 10/20-
    David Ramos Chapter 5 10/17/13 True/False 1. False 2. True 3. False 4. True 5. True 6. False 7. False 8. False 9. True 10. True 11. True 12. True Multiple Choice 1. D 2. B 3. D 4. A 5. A 6. D 7. D 8. B Matching 1. H 2. C 3. A 4. G 5. B 6. D 7. I 8. J 9. E 10. F Short answer 1.1.1. A cyberwarfare describes an attack whose goals ranges from disabling a government’s computer network to crippling a county. They usually...
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  • Continuous Data Protection - 962 Words
    |IBM Tivoli Storage Manager |[|[pic] | |[pic] |p| | | |i| | |...
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  • Hp Data Protector Disastor Recovery
    HP Data Protector A.06.1 1 Disaster recovery guide B6960-90154 Part number: B6960 -90154 First edition: September 2009 Legal and notice information © Copyright 2006, 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P. Confidential computer software. Valid license from HP required for possession, use or copying. Consistent with FAR 12.21 and 12.212, Commercial Computer Software, Computer Software Documentation, and 1 Technical Data for Commercial Items are licensed to the U.S....
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  • AIS Review Sheet - 2832 Words
    CHAPTER 8 1) Access Control List: This network access control determines which IP packets are allowed entry to a network and which are dropped. 2) Access Control Matrix: A table specifying which portions of the system users are permitted to access. Compatibility tests utilize a(n) ________, which is a list of authorized users, programs, and data files the users are authorized to access or manipulate. 3) Authentication: Verifying the identity of the person or device attempting to access...
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  • Oracle Rman Pocket Reference
    Oracle RMAN Pocket Reference By Darl Kuhn, Scott Schulze Publisher : O'Reilly Pub Date : November 2001 ISBN : 0-596-00233-5 • Table Contents of Pages : 120 • Reviews • Reader Reviews • Errata Copyright Chapter 1. Oracle RMANPocket Reference Section 1.1. Introduction Section 1.2. RMAN Architecture Section 1.3. Starting RMAN Section 1.4. Executing Commands Section 1.5. Implementing a Catalog Section 1.6. Stored Catalog Scripts Section 1.7. Backups Section 1.8. Restoring Files Section...
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  • BSHS 375 Interoperability Paper
     Interoperability Paper Katy Norris BSHS 375 May 25, 2015 Suzanne Paone Interoperability Paper Mental Health providers work to promote opportunities to people with mental health illness to improve their ability to seek treatment, socialize with others, and work towards a job and a better living condition for themselves with the most appropriate therapeutic support. Mental health services operate under specific principles which are for services to be delivered by mean of...
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  • unit 7 lab 10
     NT1110 Lab 7 Task 1: Hardware firewalls provide a strong degree of protection from most forms of attack coming from the outside to the internal network. Hardware firewalls can protect computers on a local area network and they can be implemented without much configuration difficulty. Software firewalls are installed on individual computers and they need sufficient configuration to be effective. Software firewalls contain a set of related programs, usually located at a...
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  • lesson11 - 346 Words
    Gary Fugitt NT1230 client-server networking 1 UNIT 6 Nov 11, 2013 Remote Desktop (e) Based on the former Terminal Services System image backup (j) Saves data to VHD Branch Cache (a) Conserves WAN bandwidth Distributed cache mode (b) Files cached on each client Volume shadow copies (h) Previous versions Incremental backup (d) Files changed since the last backup job Windows RE (i) Accessible from Windows 7 installation disk Hosted cache mode (c) Files cached on a central server Windows...
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  • Unit 4 P6 - 757 Words
     Operational Issues Operational issues are the issues arising in the process of how something is done; these are the 4 types of operational issues Organizations have to store and manage countless pieces of information. These are very important and confidential Information. Information is received by the businesses mainly in two ways. The organization receives the information it requires The staff receives the information To make sure that information is managed appropriately, a number...
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  • DT AS91632- Report - 2987 Words
    Main Components of an information system The role of an information system is to manage the shared information within an organisation. Information systems are made up of hardware, software, data, procedures and people. Hardware Hardware is the physical component of many information systems. This includes things like keyboards, service, mice, printers, laptops, switches, routers etc. It is on hardware that the storage of data happens. Sometimes, depending on the importance or reliance of...
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  • Living in the Digital World - 9538 Words
    1 ICT SYSTEMS AND THEIR COMPONENTS 1. WHAT IS ICT? Information Communication Technology is the use of technology for the input, processing, storage, and transfer of data and the output of information; for example, traditional computers doing tasks such as sales processing by entering sales data to produce output information such as an invoice. 2. WHAT IS A SYSTEM? Any activity that involves the capture of data as input, the processing of data into information and the production of...
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  • Asigra Recognized in CIR Magazine's 2014 Business Continuity Awards
    PressReleasePing Asigra Recognized in CIR Magazine?s 2014 Business Continuity Awards Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since 1986 today announced the company has named a finalist for CIR Magazine?s Most Innovative Business Continuity Product of the Year Asigra Named Finalist for the Most Innovative Product of the Year TORONTO – May 6, 2014 /PressReleasePing/ - Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup, recovery and restore software provider since...
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  • Disaster Recovery — Policy and Procedure Outline
    INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY DISASTER RECOVERY AND DATA BACKUP POLICY Table of contents 1.1 Purpose - 6 - 1.2 Mission and Objectives - 7 - 1.3 Scope - 7 - 1.4 Key Plan Assumptions - 7 - 1.5 Disaster Definition - 8 - 1.6 Business Impact Analysis - 8 - 1.6.1 Objectives - 8 - 1.6.2 Applications - 8 - 1.6.3 Application profiles and other Information Assets - 9 - 1.7 Analysis of Policies and Procedures - 10 - 1.8.1 Prioritized Risks - 13 - 1.8.2 Summary - 14 -...
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  • Interview Questions for Oracle DBA
     Here are some of the Common Interview Questions for Oracle Database Administrator. As of now it contains 120 Questions. These questions are common for both Senior Oracle DBA or Junior DBA. I have divided the questions into 3 categories Technical Interview Questions, Unix Related questions asked to an Oracle Database Administrator (DBA) and Backup and Recovery Interview Questions commonly asked in Oracle DBA interview 1. What is an Oracle Instance? 2. What information is stored in Control...
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  • Unit 10 Assignment 1
    Baldeo Persaud NT1230 Unit 10 Assignment 1: Backup Criteria A company should have backup files of anything important and pertinent to their business. Any data and files that are stored on their computer should be backed up. I would suggest a full backup which includes all files whether they have been changed or not. I would have 8 datasets which includes User Acquisition Costs, Abandoned Carts, Visitor Value, Lifetime Value, Traffic, Lead Source ROI, Purchase Funnel and Percentage of Mobile...
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  • BSHS 375 WK 1 Individual Assignment Interoperability Paper
     Lecturer’s name: | Student’s name: Identify one kind of human services organization—for example, mental health provider or foster care provider—and describe the services provided. Investigate and describe the three methods of interoperability. Discuss how each method of interoperability could be integrated into the selected organization and the advantages and disadvantages of each method. For each method, describe the backup plan should technology fail. Interoperability: Interoperability is...
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  • Unit 10 Assignment 1
     Michael Henry NT1230 Unit 10 Assignment 1 My hypothetical company is a small online gaming company called Game Zone. Seeing as how this is an online company, backing up of data and applications is crucial. The follow is the backup plan I would suggest. * The company should back up all online users profiles and gaming applications. I would also suggest redundant servers. * The rotation should be done every day due to the constant change of user profiles and the fact that new material is...
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  • unit 10 assignment 1
     Shavekia Garrett NT1230 Client-Server Networking I Mr. Lyles August 23, 2014 Unit 10 Assignment The company I choose is a small IT company. The company offers all the big major companies technical support. They have to backup client information, finical records, and employee’s information. The company would use the GFS scheme for backing up their information. The GFS scheme comes with a full month backup which is stored offsite, and a weekly and daily backup that is kept onsite as...
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  • Open Office - 523 Words
    Benefits OpenOffice and FireFox can run on any Window’s OS Scope Only affects Product Research Team Workstations Costs Free to download software. Contract fees will be approx $600 Training Small amount of training may be required Risks Minimal Migration Normal Backup procedures I believe OpenOffice is a consistent and easy to use Application. It still allows you to open MS Office documents and also save in MS Office format. One of the drawbacks of choosing to use OpenOffice is that it has...
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  • IS3110 Week5 Lab - 503 Words
    Week 5 Laboratory Disaster Recovery Back-up Procedures and Recovery Instructions Learning Objectives and Outcomes Upon completing this lab, students will be able to: Relate how to lower RTO with properly documented back-up and recovery steps Understand the inversely proportional relationship between RTO and redundancy. Understand the process of defining IT system and application recovery procedures Understand the risks of using external e-mail as a backup and storage solution for production...
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  • NTUC Income - 924 Words
     SUBJECT : MODERNIZATION OF NTUC INCOME (CASE STUDY A) CONTENT PAGE Modernization of NTUC Income 1. What were the problems faced by NTUC Income in this case? How were the problems resolved by the new digital system? --------------------- Page 1 2. What types of information systems and business processes were used by NTUC Income before migrating to the fully digital system? --------------------- Page 1 & 2 3. Describe the information systems and IT infrastructure...
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  • Interoperability Paper - 1055 Words
    Interoperability Paper Jaleesa Brown BSHS/375 10/22/14 Kristen Gentile Interoperability Paper Health information systems having the power to work together within and across organizational boundaries in order to advance the effective delivery of health care of individuals and communities is called Interoperability. Interoperability enhances the significance for information technology to make the networks and integrations work. It also affects care delivery, continuity of care, and the ability...
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  • Disaster Recovery, Incident Response and Security Policy
    Essay 8-1 Understand the aspects of disaster recovery Disaster recovery is concerned with the recovery of critical systems in the event of a loss. Be able to discuss the process of recovering a system in the event of a failure A system recovery usually involves restoring the base operating systems, applications, and data files. Be able to discuss the types of alternative sites available for disaster recovery. The three types of sites available for disaster recovery are hot sites, warm...
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  • Terminal Paper Mechanics - 1898 Words
    ABE INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE The Big Orange Building. 328 Edsa Caloocan City TERMINAL PAPER MECHANICS PAPER TYPE 1. For the proposal and final oral stages, the researcher may use short, white bond paper. 2. The template is used for the final paper. (See Appendix B). 3. No colored or textured bond paper should be used. PRINT COLOR 1. Blank ink is required for the text. No colored printout is allowed. Graphs and figures should also use varying shades of black. This so...
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  • nurisng informatics - 13619 Words
     TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Section 1.1 3 Section 1.2 3 Chapter 2 Section 2.1 4 Section 2.2 5 Section 2.3 5 Section 2.4 6-9 Section 2.5 9-10 Chapter 3 Section 3.1 11 Section 3.2 11-14 Chapter 4 Section 4.1 15-16 Section 4.2 16-17 Section 4.3 17-18 Section 4.4 18-22 Section 4.5 23-31 Section 4.6 32-41 Section 4.7 42-53 chapter 5 Section 5.1 53-54 Section 5.2 54-55 Section 5.3 55 Section 5.4 56 Chapter 6 57-58 References 59 Objective 1.1 St...
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  • Network Attached Storage - 253 Words
    Network attached storage is a computer data storage connected to a computer network providing access to a group of clients. This allows you to share files among multiple computers. Some of the benefits to this is that is has faster data access, easier administration, and a simpler configuration. NAS contains one or more hard drives often arranged in redundant storage containers or RAID. A typical speed of the network adapter is 1 GB depending on the NAS and if you are building one. A standard...
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  • Preventive maintenance - 5644 Words
    59 PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE CONTENTS AT A GLANCE Protecting Your Data Step 1: File backups Step 2: CMOS backups Cleaning Step 3: Clean the case Step 4: Clean the air intake Step 5: Clean the speakers Step 6: Clean the keyboard Step 7: Clean the monitor Step 8: Clean the mouse Step 9: Check external cables Step 10: Clean the floppy drive Step 11: Clean the tape drive Step 12: Check the CD tray Step 13: Check the sound system Step 14: Check color purity Step 15: Check the...
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  • Quality Web Design - 803 Words
     Table of Contents Executive Summary 1 Company Overview 1 Security Vulnerabilities 3 Wireless Access Point Security Issue 3 Data Backup And The Lack Therof 4 Recommended Solutions 5 RADIUS Sever Implementation 6 Data Backup Server Install with Data Closet 8 Impact on Business Processes 9 Budget 10 Summary 11 References 12 Executive Summary The executive summary can’t really be completed until the course project is completed. This is because the section should...
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  • Technology Contingency Plan - 329 Words
    Unfortunately, computers crash and Internet connections fail—usually at the most inconvenient times. It is extremely important to have a plan in place, just in case. After all, Instructors expect assignments to be turned in on time, regardless of technical difficulties. Tip: Update this information each time you begin a course. Institution Website Addresses If your computer is not working, you may need to access your online courses and other services from a different computer. Often...
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  • Possible Risks Which Affect Computer System
    Abstract The short report reveals about the possible risks that affecting the computer system in terms of data loss and malfunctioning of programs. By taking simple precautionary measures the unexpected hazards can be completely eliminated. The most significant preventive measure is timely backing up the data. The other involves physical safety and installation of anti-virus programs. One factor to be kept in mind is that without proper physical safety no data is safe, as the hardware parts...
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  • What is the difference between WAV and MP3
     What is the difference between WAV and MP3? WAV is sound digitally sampled at a fixed rate and word size, e.g. 44 kHz 16-bit. The higher the sampling rate, the better high notes like cymbals will be reproduced. The highest frequency that can be encoded is half the sampling frequency. MP3 is a lossy compression format that can get up to 20x compression compared to WAV. The bitrate can be variable or fixed. Unless a low quality compression is selected, most people cannot tell the...
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  • Back and Restore Using Sql Server
    Backup and Restore of SQL Server Databases SQL Server 2012 Books Online Summary: This book describes the benefits of backing up SQL Server databases, basic backup and restore terms, and introduces backup and restore strategies for SQL Server and security considerations for SQL Server backup and restore. Category: Reference Applies to: SQL Server 2012 Source: SQL Server Books Online (link to source content) E-book publication date: June 2012 Copyright © 2012 by Microsoft Corporation All...
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  • Active Directory Developing - 482 Words
    NT1330 Week 5 Essay Assignment Active Directory Developing a backup strategy for Active Directory requires planning and preparation. There are two options to choose from within Windows Server 2008. The first option is the Graphical User Interface (GUI) requires you to install the Windows Server Backup feature from the Server Manager console. The second option is the Command Line Interface (CLI) which requires you to install Windows PowerShell. I prefer using the GUI Server Manager console. This...
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  • visio - 353 Words
     Back Up Plan Anonymous Angel Mr. Adams Linux Security 25 September 1876 Linux Project Part 4 Design a Backup plan First World Bank Savings and Loans IT task team will be responsible for designing a backup plan for all servers on First world banks network. All servers on the network, owned by First World Bank, will be backed up each day at 2:30 am. There will be a designated on site server, and also an off site server. This better protects the data, by storing a backup configuration on...
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  • Interoperability Paper - 931 Words
     Interoperability Paper BSHS/375 Lisa Stewart May 25, 2015 Yvonne Milionis Interoperability is defined as the aptitude of one system to perform work in integration with other systems without asking for hard work and effort on the part of the user. Interoperability enhances the significance for information technology to make the networks and integrations work. The term is most widely used in product enhancement and marketing....
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  • mdaniels IS3110 week5quiz - 1535 Words
    Week 5 Quiz General Instructions: 1. This is a closed-book, closed-notes quiz. No reference material (including assignments and labs) will be permitted for use during the quiz session. 2. The quiz contains the following types of questions: Short essay type 3. Place your answers in the space immediately following each question. Quiz Questions 1. What is the purpose of a CIRT plan? Describe what this plan does and what other plan it ties into. The purpose of a CIRT plan is to document and...
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  • Ict Esw Level 1 Candidate Statement
    ESSENTIAL SKILLS WALES – ICT LEVEL 1 ICT 1.1 Use ICT Systems – Candidate Statement Candidate Name: MIKE ALLEN Element | Candidate Statement | Assessor Comments | ICT1.1.1 Confirm your understanding of a given task that involves the use of ICT | I am going to produce a booklet using Microsoft Word. The booklet will advertise the WWT Llanelli Wetlands Centre and must contain the relevant details such as date, address, cost etc. I must use words, pictures, a table and number. I will...
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  • Direction - 1094 Words
    Unit 9 [IT190: Foundations in Information Technology] Unit 9 Final Project Requirements: Proposal The accounting firm, for which you work as an IT administrator, consisting of 40 employees has just merged with a smaller firm consisting of 10 employees. The smaller firm does not have an IT administrator on staff. As a result of the merger, a new building has been purchased to accommodate the additional employees in the city’s downtown historical district. (See attached floor plans...
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  • Lab 9 - 616 Words
    IS3110 – Risk Management Lab # 9 – Develop recovery back-up procedures and recovery instructions 1. How does documented back-up and recovery procedures help achieve RTO? By having effective backup and recovery procedures you should have the necessary resources to restore systems from backups and a repeatable process that is known to succeed in achieving RTO. By documenting and implementing backup and recovery procedures, the process for recovery is much more efficient, helping with the time...
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  • Multiple Choice Questions about Medisoft
    1 Which of these is a collection of related pieces of information? A) provider network B) disk C) file D) database 2 Transactions are entered in Medisoft via the A) File menu B) Reports menu C) Tools menu D) Activities menu 3 In Medisoft, what are the shortcuts for frequently used menu commands? A) tabs B) buttons C) clickers D) markers 4 Medisoft will ask for a confirmation before A) adding data B) editing data C) saving data D) deleting data 5...
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  • Industrial Technology Study Paper
    CLUSTER D: DIAGNOSTIC TESTING COMPUTER 1 – appears to be infected with a worm virus Part 1 Question 1 – make a list of the troubleshooting steps that should be taken in order to solve the problem: * Upgrade to latest version of antivirus software / If there is no antivirus software download a current version * Install the antivirus software * Run/scan computer with current version of antivirus software * Follow options from software in how to fix the problem * Call IT...
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  • Disaster Plan - 1162 Words
    Cherrelle Ward IT/ Intro into LAN Technologies Due:3/15/2015 The IST Department of XYZ Computers is located on the first floor. Payroll and all human resources records are processed daily and bi-weekly for 10,000 employees. After payroll is run, data is backed up using tapes. No firewall is in place, and e-mail is on the same server as payroll. XYZ Computers is located in the southern part of the United States in an area that receives heavy rain. During the weekend, a major water pipe broke...
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  • Lab 15 Administering Windows
    Why doesn’t the system drive (C:) appear on the Select where you want to save your backup page?You cannot backup on the same partition where the system is, Windows backup tool does not allow this. If a virus infection or software failure occurs you would have to reformat your drive, it would be illogical for this tool to allow you to back up on the system partition. As we already know partitions are separate drives you cannot back up on the same drive it defeats the purpose of backing up. If...
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  • Disaster Plan - 1319 Words
    Disaster Plan Emanuel Alcime IT240 August 28, 2011 Axia College Disaster Plan My name is Emanuel and I am an IT/network consultant, I was hired The IST Department of XYZ Computers to create a disaster plan for the company. Now, the average person would think is there hurricane, title wave, or a tornado about to hit the company; if so why in the heck would the company need an informational technology/networking consultant to create a disaster plan. Well lucky for me it is not that...
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  • Smb Networking Buyers Guide
    ® ® SMB Networking Buyer’s Guide Introduction You know you need computers, and you also know you need them to connect with each other and the world to be truly useful. Choosing the needed technologies can be confusing, and choosing the right equipment to implement those technologies can be mind-numbing. Our SMB (small to medium-size business) Networking Buyer’s Guide can help you start saving time, money and frustration. The guide is designed to help decision-makers quickly identify...
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  • Enrollment System - 4056 Words
    1.1 Background of the Study In the last several years, Dasmariñas City had several colleges and vocational schools, but no affordable private school to call its own. Only few parents could afford to send their children to the nearest private schools 10 or more kilometers away from the city. These parents believed in the values of private school education so they clamored for the opening of FEAPISAT. Far East Asia Pacific Institute of Science and Technology was founded and directed by Edwin...
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  • It244 Appendix.D - 929 Words
    Associate Level Material Appendix D Disaster Recovery Plan Student Name: Carol Young University of Phoenix IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Jamie Rost Date: 4/13/2013 Disaster Recovery Plan Due in Week Three: For your selected scenario, describe the key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan to be used in case of a disaster and the plan for testing the DRP. Risk Assessment Critical business processes List the mission-critical business systems and services that must...
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  • Back Up and Recovery Policy - 986 Words
    Backup and Recovery Policy Purpose Information Security is vital for any company or organization. Thus, it is very much essential to constantly secure and protect IT assets and information which is likely the company’s most prized asset. Description This document provides a structured approach to prepare DOMEIGHN Company in the event of disruptions which may affect the whole network services due to factors beyond our control (ex. natural disasters or man-made events). The Plan would also...
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  • Security & E‐Consumer Awareness
    Security & E‐consumer Awareness When you buy a product from an online store you expect the company to keep your data safe from loss and damage. For the company to do this they need to look in to threats to the data and how to stop this, a company needs to know the laws of data protection and different ways to prevent this like firewalls and antivirus software and encrypting the customers data to stop people reading it, this report will tell you about the types of threats ways to stop these...
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  • Mis Information - 437 Words
    1. 2. Differentiate between the HOT, Cold na Warm site 3. 3 primary side effects of expanded use of information technology. Explain 4. Cloud computing its benefits and challenge The three primary areas where enterprise architects focus when maintaining a firm's MIS infrastructure are: Supporting operations: Information MIS infrastructure identifies where maintained and secured. Supporting change: Agile MIS infrastructure includes the hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment...
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  • Disaster Plan It - 1313 Words
    Assignment: Disaster Plan 123 Textiles Corporation is located in a high-crime area that also experiences occasional earthquakes. A new network was set up with the server by a window. All systems are backed up once a month on an exterior drive. One night, a thief entered through the window and stole the server. Create a disaster plan that would better protect the organization’s technological assets. The choice to locate the network server by a nearby window is a very poor choice....
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  • Case Study of Ntuc - 321 Words
    CASE STUDY Modernization of NTUC Income Q1. What were the problem faced by income in the case? How were the problem resolved by the new digital system? The problems were delay and lack of transaction day by day where the paper work takes time to achieve and their problems between the firm and the consumers where this effect the income even after the provide the new system COBOL , the transaction still slowly process. The problem resolve by providing the eBao life system when the...
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  • LAB 7 Security Basics
    LAB 7: SECURITY BASIC Task 1: Hardware firewalls are integrated into the router that sits between a computer and the Internet. They typically use packet filtering, which means they scan packet headers to determine their source, origin, destination addresses and check with the existing user defined rules to make an allow/deny decision. . Speed: Hardware firewalls are tailored for faster response times, so it can handle more traffic loads. Security: A firewall with its own operating system...
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  • Unit 10 analysis NT 1110
    ​First of all let me start off by saying I personally have had a bad experience with a computer repair shop in the pass especially when it comes to them backing up of your pictures, videos, documents and all your files to a DVD. Some repair shops say they will back up all your files for a cost to a DVD. The problem with that is a DVD only hold up to 4GB of memory. What if your computer has two hard drives or has 1TB of files and stuff that needs to be backed up. Here is when it becomes a scan...
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  • Impact of It on Society - 2336 Words
    In the past few decades there has been a revolution in computing and communications, and all indications are that technological progress and use of information technology will continue at a rapid pace. Accompanying and supporting the dramatic increases in the power and use of new information technologies has been the declining cost of communications as a result of both technological improvements and increased competition. Today, innovations in information technology are having wide-ranging...
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  • Unit 10 Assignment 1
     Unit 10 Assignment 1 Philip Johns ITT Technical Institute Unit 10 Assignment 1 Description of the firm: Pixel Incorporated develops animated shorts segments for its clients and employs 100 people. Pixel employees are users of application servers, email servers, and database technology, their network hardware blends equipment from Cisco and Hewlett-Packard. Pixel is known to transmit information throughout the organization over local area networks and via World Wide Web. Q: What should...
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  • FXT2 Task3 - 1454 Words
     AFTER ACTION REPORT SURVEY TEMPLATE Earthquake located on the San Andreas Fault line GENERAL INFORMATION Information Needed Text goes in text boxes below. Name of Organization: LPHG Type of Organization: 501(c)(3) charity Region: (Coastal, Inland, or Southern) Coastal Completed by: Darian DeSombre Date report completed: 03/24/2014 Type of event, training, or exercise: (actual event, table top, functional or full-scale exercise, pre-identified planned event, training, seminar,...
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  • Week 6 Case Study
     Week 6 Case Study Incident-response policy Erin Hopp 10/15/14 DeVry University Professor Nashed Incident response plans are just as important as disaster recovery plans. It's important for a business to have an incident response plan in addition to your regular disaster recovery plan. Incidents are situations that could turn into a disaster if they are not handled properly. These incidents are often the first step in detecting a disaster. When an out-of-normal incident occurs, it must...
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  • Week 5 Quiz - 531 Words
    1 What is the purpose of a CIRT plan? Describe what this plan does and what other plan it ties into. The purpose of the CIRT plan is to help an organization prepare for computer incidents. Preparation helps the organization identify potential incidents. Security personnel can then identify the best responses to reduce the potential damage 2 Describe what the three models are for a CIRT plan based on the NIST SP 800-61 template. Central Incident Response Team Distributed Incident Response...
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  • Computer Sabotage - Internal Controls
    The most expensive and best-publicized incident of computer sabotage happened at Omega Engineering Corp of Bridgeport, New Jersey. It was a classic example of inside hack attack, whereas a former employee intentionally launched a logic bomb that permanently caused irreparable damage, destroying more than a thousand programs in the matter of a few seconds. Omega Engineering was a thriving defensive manufacturing company in the 1990s; it used more than 1,000 programs to produce various products...
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  • Text - 1996 Words
    St. Xavier’s College Maitighar, Kathmandu Case study on Management Information System Of Araniko Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited By Ankit Khanal[01] Binod Bhattarai[02] Anish Kumar Shrestha[21] Amitabh Kumar Kushuwa[22] Submitted to Department of Computer Science November, 2011 Case study on Management Information System Of Araniko Multi-purpose Co-operative Limited by Ankit Khanal Binod Bhattarai Anish Kumar Shrestha...
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  • India UPS Market Outlook 2018
    India being a power deficit nation has a large market for power backup products. There has been a growing trend in recognizing UPS systems as an essential power backup device as nearly every organization today uses computers to smoothen their workflows. E-Commerce, data centers, servers, and electronic & medical equipments need high level of uninterrupted power supply and thus generating significant demand for high power range of UPS systems in India. Therefore, Indian UPS market is expected to...
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  • Pc Maintance Notes - 256 Words
    PC Maintenance As you study this section, answer the following questions: Why is dust an enemy to a computer? What will too much, or too little, humidity do to a computer? When considering HVAC, what is the difference between a positive pressure system and a negative pressure system? What causes EMI and what can be done to prevent problems with it? How can a magnet affect a floppy disk or tape? What types of materials can you use to clean internal PC components? When is it important...
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  • Icici Bank - 3051 Words
    CUSTOMER SUCCESS ICICI Bank Limited Boosting Datacenter Availability for Largest Private Bank in India with the Help of Symantec ICICI Bank Limited (ICICI Bank) is a trendsetter in the use of banking technology in India. Since 1999, ICICI Bank leverages comprehensive datacenter availability and data protection solutions from Symantec. Using Veritas Storage Foundation and Veritas Cluster Server, the bank is achieving 99.9 percent application availability and 99.99 percent uptime for its server...
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  • Valley Technology Inc. Case Study
    CASE OVERVIEW Valley Technology Inc. is a part of the computer storage industry that initially offered a tape drive portfolio of products, which provides backup and recovery capabilities, and it has recently introduced a network attached product which is dedicated to file sharing only. The company encountered dilemmas regarding the most appropriate alternative that would be best to resolve their plan of reducing the company’s overall cost, specifically with the tape storage...
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  • How Information Systems Support the Business Process
    How Information Systems Support the Business Process Information System (IS) refers to a system of inputs of data, processing, and output that process the information in an organization. Because technology is moving quickly and data handling becomes more sophisticated, businesses need to know how to adapt in this fast wave of technology. These information systems are sometimes large, expensive, vastly assimilated, very multifaceted, and crucial to both the daily operations and long-term...
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  • Accounting Information System - 2510 Words
    |CH 8: Authentication: Process of verifying the identity of the person or device attempting to access the | |system. The objective is to ensure that only legitimate users can access the system. Three different | |credentials are PINs(password), ID badge, or biometrics. Authorization: Process of restricting access of | |authenticated users to specific portions of the system and limiting what actions they are permitted to | |perform. Access control matrix: shows that access controls...
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  • CS 552 - 3467 Words
    CS 552 Final Study Guide TRUE/FALSE 1. _____ Most people feel comfortable purchasing complex devices, such as cars, home theater systems, and computers. ANS:F PTS: 1 REF: 2 2. _____To make an informed choice when purchasing a computer, you must know your preferences and requirements, such as the application software you plan to use and whether you plan to discard or upgrade the computer in a year or two. ANS:T PTS: 1 REF: 2 3. _____Large computer systems and the...
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  • Disaster Recovery Plan - 614 Words
    Associate Level Material Appendix D Disaster Recovery Plan Student Name: Christopher Waller University of Phoenix IT/244 Intro to IT Security Instructor’s Name: Romel Llarena Date: April 15, 2012 Disaster Recovery Plan Due in Week Three: For your selected scenario, describe the key elements of the Disaster Recovery Plan to be used in case of a disaster and the plan for testing the DRP. 1 Risk Assessment 1 Critical business processes...
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  • Veeam Vtsp - 2613 Words
    Multiple Choice 1) Grounds for a Severity 1 level rating include: There is an emergency condition with no workaround available Your issue affects no more than 10 people in the business x A business critical software component or Veeam managed system is inoperable and unavailable A production system is operating, but with minor issues x Single Choice...
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  • Disadvantages of Cd - 277 Words
    Disadvantages of CD-Rewritable: * It can be affected by Environment (oxygen, heat, sunlight, humidity, liquids, and dust) and human mishandling (scratched, cracked, bent, misplaced, etc.). * It is more costly than CD-ROM * It is considerably less reliable with each recording and are not recommended for long-term or archival use. * Since it is portable media, it has risk of getting lost unlike internal hard-disks * It is time-consuming as manual process requiring human...
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  • It541 Unit 5 - 1599 Words
    Unit 5 Assignment 5: Create a Backup and Restore a Windows Environment Rich Rhines June 4, 2013 IT541 – 01: Computer and Network Security Kaplan University Unit 5 Assignment 5: Create a Backup and Restore a Windows Environment Introduction As we all know, in our world of technology sometimes things just don't go as you planned. Servers and PC's can crash and they can get infections that render them useless. What do you do when that happens, lose everything and just "grin and bear...
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  • Modernization of Ntuc Income - 1396 Words
    CASE STUDY “Modernization of NTUC Income” 1. Please read the case study that starts on the next page. 2. Answer all 5 questions below. 1. What were the problems faced by Income in this case? How were the problems resolved by the new digital system? 2. What types of information systems, communication and business processes were used by Income before migrating to the fully digital system? 3. Describe the Information systems and IT infrastructure at Income after migrating to the fully...
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  • Care Group Case Study-Information Systems
    CareGroup Case Summary CareGroup was formed in a three way merger of hospitals in 1996, becoming a health-care team dedicated to providing personalized care to patients through a broad spectrum of available services. The merger was precipitated by increased need for negotiating and contracting power to respond to the HMOs, the possibility of developing integrated services to improve quality of care while driving down costs and the need for a strong balance sheet. The hospitals involved in the...
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  • Executive Summary - 297 Words
    Executive Summary Since the technology continues to advance and innovates at a rapid rate, it is beneficial for us to take advantage of what an electronic device could offer to us. The most efficient and reliable products of technologies continues growth is a website. A website can helps us simplify our workloads and task, it increase the accuracy, reliability and speed of a worker. It can help answer one of the major problems face by an institution which is monitoring and record keeping of...
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  • Ffffffffffffffffffff - 3829 Words
    Table of Contents Assumption 2 Problem Identification 3 Network Diagram 4 WAN Diagram 4 LAN Diagram (HQ) 5 LAN Diagram (Branches) 6 Programming Language 7 Security 8 Backup 11 Main Office table 12 Branch Office table 13 Remote Site table 14 Explanation table 15 Risk Management 16 Simulation Report 18 Future Enhancement 19 Marking Scheme 20 References 21 Appendixes 22 Assumption The Company will be operating in...
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  • Barriers Faced by Human Service Workers
    Running Head: OVERCOMING TECHNOLOGICAL BARRIERS IN HUMAN SERVICES Overcoming Technological Barriers in Human Services University of Phoenix Overcoming Technological Barriers in Human Services “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.” – Albert Einstein Human service workers act as a liaison between clients in need and the agencies clients seek to obtain help from, and while human service workers strive to provide services in an adequate and timely manner this is...
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  • shcool work - 282 Words
    Running Head: First World Bank Savings and Loan First World Bank Savings and Loan John Lund Online University ITT technical School When encrypting backup files we first need to create a backup of the /etc and /var directories. This accomplishes with using the command: su c tar zcvf [filename] /etc /var once done the compressed tar archive with the name [filename] is created. This file will contain the contents of everything in the /etc and /var directories which will be encrypting the...
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  • How to Create a Disaster Recovery Plan
    A Primer on How to Create a Bullet-Proof Disaster Recovery Plan for the Entire Organization Elizabeth M. Ferrarini, She is a free-lance writer from Boston, Massachusetts. Reach her at Minutes after the first of two planes plunged into the World Trade Center's Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Inc., the largest tenant in the World Trade Center, declared a disaster and rushed its disaster recovery plan into place with the help of SunGard...
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