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  • What Is the Average? - 1462 Words
    1. Select a topic of interest to you and record the topic in your posting, for example: “What is the average number of hours people watch TV every week?” Make sure the question you ask will be answered with a number, rather than answers with words. • What is the average number of hours per week that the ACRO Athletes spend training at the gym? 2. Write a hypothesis of what you expect your research to reveal. Example: Adults 21 years and over watch an average of 2.5 hours of TV per day. •...
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  • Average Inter-arrival Time
    Assignment 2 Service Capability Due – Sep 23/13 Questions are 2 marks unless specified 1) A product market that is currently experiencing a change in customer preferences is vacuum cleaners. How are some companies in this industry responding to the changing preferences? What are some supply chain implications as it relates to the 4P’s? They change it’s design for the product they sell, like bag or bagless, and sell them in different places according to which place has most people favor...
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  • Chapter 3 Moving Average Forecasting hellip
    Chapter p 3 Moving g Average g and Exponential p Smoothing Methods Lectured by: CHHAY Khun Long chhayk@gmail.com y @g 1 1. 2. 3 3. 4. 5. ©CHHA AY K.L-Forecastting, 2010-2011 I. MOVING AVERAGE METHODS Idea of Methods Simple Moving Average Weighted Moving Average Moving Average with differencing Double Moving Average 2 1.Main idea of the method ©CHHA AY K.L-Forecastting, 2010-2011 • The moving average uses the average of a given number of the periods' value to forecast most recent p the...
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  • Foundation of Statistics Assignment - 722 Words
     1 - Produce the relevant descriptive graph and table to summarise the MODE variable (labelled Control: Completes by phone/mail/web). The MODE variable summarises the different ways that each institution completed the survey. Write a paragraph explaining the key features of the data observed through the output. The distribution of the surveyance mode which was conducted for a sample of 2000. The mode is displayed in the above chart. The most common primary mode was the web (53.9%) it...
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  • Apply Math - 2646 Words
    PAGE 19 Note: If the divided result is fraction, it must be round up. If it is divisibly devided, the result must always be plus 1. 3.The Class Interval must be written in order from Min-Max, or Max-Min 4. Finding the Frequency of each Class Interval by using mark Example2: Draw a Frequency Distribution Table by setting the Class Interval width to 5 with belows data. The data is the height of 36 Vocational Diploma students. xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xx xx xxx xx xx xxx xx Direction: 1. Range...
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  • Tourism Marketing - 18812 Words
    Sample Assessment Materials Edexcel GCSE in Statistics (2ST01) Inside this Sample Assessment Materials pack you’ll find: • Accessible papers to help you and your students prepare for the assessment • Clear and concise mark schemes to • Supported controlled assessment let you know what the examiners are looking for information including sample tasks and assessment criteria to share with students. Issue 3 February 2010 Welcome to the GCSE 2009 Statistics Sample Assessment...
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  • Integrated Logistics for Dep/Gard
    KING FAHD UNIVERSITY OF PETROLEUM & MINERALS Systems Engineering Department SE 405 (062) Lab # 1 INTRODUCTION AND MANUAL SIMULATION Objective 1: Introduction to Simulation. A comprehensive introduction to the problem of simulation is given in this lab. The students are introduced to the area by giving several examples from daily life. The different nature of simulation-based programming is emphasized. The concepts of timing and event list are illustrated through the use of relevant...
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  • Electric Fan Case Analysis Final
    H. Wayne Huizenga Graduate School of Business and Entrepreneurship Nova Southeastern University Assignment for Course: QNT5040 – Business Modeling Submitted to: Submitted by: BASS Date of Submission: Title of Assignment: Electric Fan Case - Forecasting CERTIFICATION OF AUTHORSHIP: We certify that we the authors of this paper. Any assistance we received in its preparation is fully acknowledged and disclosed in the paper. We have also cited any sources from which we used data, ideas or...
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    NIKE CASE STUDY 1. Why is it important to estimate a firm’s cost of capital? What does it represent? Is the WACC set by investors or by managers? Weighted average cost of capital or WACC represents the overall cost of capital in the company. It takes into considerations cost of debt and cost of equity. As company’s value can grow by increasing its assets that could be financed either be debt or equity and cost of capital shows how much it costs to do that. Cost of capital is a very important...
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  • Comparative Net Sales of Flower Shops Business During Peak and Dormant Seasons
    Objectives 1. Determine the business profile variables 2. Identify the services and kind of flowers being offered and the months when the sale is highest and lowest 3. Compare and analyse the sales of flowers during the seasons when it is in demand and not 4. Identify the problems being encountered and factors affecting the sales 5. Prepare plan of action Questionnaire I. Profile Variables Name of Business: ___________________ Type of Business: _______ sole proprietorship _______...
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  • Flow Shop Scheduling Problem
    Dublin Institute of Technology ARROW@DIT Conference papers School of Marketing 2002-01-01 Flow Shop Scheduling Problem: a Computational Study Amr Arisha Dublin Institute of Technology,, amr.arisha@dit.ie Paul Young Dublin City University Mohie El Baradie Dublin City University Follow this and additional works at: http://arrow.dit.ie/buschmarcon Part of the Other Operations Research, Systems Engineering and Industrial Engineering Commons Recommended Citation Arish, A.,...
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  • Statics Project - 1460 Words
    Introduction This project aims to discover which houses are more expensive in jesmond and walker. Source of determination is carried out by a random survey and primary research. Hypothesis. It is an ascertained fact that houses in jemsond are more expensive than those in walker due to the fact that jesmond has a greater distance from the industrial area than that of walker. Background In the past few year, prices of houses in the United Kingdom has increased rapidly due to inflation. The...
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  • Little field - 1749 Words
     BOSTON COLLEGE CARROLL SCHOOL OF MANAGEMENT OPERATIONS AND STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT Capacity Management at Littlefield Technologies: DSS Manufacturing Issues During Spring 2006 Professor Field’s Version Background In early January 2006, Littlefield Technologies (LT) opened its first and only factory to produce its newly developed Digital Satellite System (DSS) receivers. Littlefield Technologies mainly sells to retailers and small manufacturers using the DSS’s in more...
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  • Case Study Sample About Queues
    Background The manager of the Winter, Donna Shader, is considering how to restructure the front desk to reach an optimum level of staff efficiency and guest service. At the moment, the hotel employs five clerks , each with a separate waiting line, to register the guests during the peak time of 3:00-5:00 PM. Observations show that an average of 90 guests arrive each hour, though there is no upward limit on the number that could arrive at a given time. It takes each desk clerk an average of...
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    Demand forecasting is one of the most important tools of production and operation management of a company. 1. The objective of demand forecasting is to forecast the sales of the company in future and it helps the company in budgeting it's sales and to determine the resources which the company will require to fulfill that demand. 2. Forecasting demand method can also help the companies to avoid oversupply and undersupply of the products 3. This also helps the company in inventory management and...
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  • Quantitative Analysis for Business - 1656 Words
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  • honor courage commitment - 1186 Words
    Common Core Math I Homework Measures of Center: Mean The Phantom Tollbooth is a children's fantasy adventure novel published in 1961. It was written by Norton Juster and illustrated by Jules Feiffer. It tells the story of a bored young boy named Milo who unexpectedly receives a magic miniature tollbooth one afternoon and, having nothing better to do, decides to drive through it in his toy car. The tollbooth transports him to a land called the Kingdom of Wisdom. There he acquires two faithful...
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  • Delwarca Software Remote Support Unit
    Operations Management Introduction The ability of a company to satisfy its customers’ stated or implied needs has a great impact on its profitability. The quality of the process implemented in the organization is the key factor for customer’s satisfaction as it is the totality of features and characteristics of a product or service. Naturally, a firm will always search for a more efficient process in order to satisfy a greater number of needs and gain more reputation. That was the main...
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  • MAT 540 WEEK 1 TO 11(Strayer)
    CLICK TO DOWNLOAD MAT 540 WEEK 1 TO 11(Strayer) MAT540 Week 1 Homework Chapter 1, Problems 2, 4, 12, 14, 20, 22 2. The Retread Tire Company recaps tires. The fixed annual cost of the recapping operation is $60,000.The variable cost of recapping a tire is $9.The company charges $25 to recap a tire. a. For an annual volume of 12,000 tires, determine the total cost, total revenue, and profit. b. Determine the annual break-even volume for the Retread Tire Company operation. 4. ...
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  • Vrana Ex1 - 1019 Words
    TECHNOLOGICAL EDUCATION INSTITUTE of CENTRAL MACEDONIA FACULTY of ADMINISTRATION & ECONOMY DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION MBA IN HOSPITALITY AND TOURISM e-business in tourism Module Leader: Vrana Vasiliki Purpose of this project is to measure the quantity of offered information through destination websites The selected countries are: Spain Italy Monaco Ireland Holland DATA INFORMATION  WEBSITE FEATURES COMMUNICATION  CONTACT AND  MULTIMEDIA  TRAVEL AND TOURISM ...
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  • Pretest2 Real - 1019 Words
    1.) What are the five guidelines for creating a survey? How would you describe them? Be Clear: ask questions that are easily understandable so that the respondents know how to answer them -Minimize Bias: do not allow questions to lead to, or be loaded on, a particular side of a debate or version of a problem -Allow for Disagreement/ Uncertainty: give the option for the respondent to say no, or I don’t know to a question -Don’t ask unanswerable questions: do not ask questions that do not pertain...
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  • Week 7 Course Project Part 2
    Week 7 Course Project Part 2 ……. BSOP 326 Professor Lee Submitted …   Problem Statement. Fujiyama Electronics, Inc. has had difficulties with circuit boards purchased from an outside supplier. Unacceptable variability occurs between two drilled holes that are supposed to be 5 cm apart on the circuit boards. Thirty samples of four boards each were taken from shipments from the supplier as shown in the data from the worksheet below Problem 1: Problem 2:...
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  • Notes on Standard Deviation - 460 Words
    Shows the values that a variable can take and the number of observations associated with each value b. Expresses the arithmetic average of a frequency distribution c. Indicates the typical value of a frequency distribution d. Represents the midpoint of a frequency distribution e. Comparing quantities where x and y are completely independent of each other or x can be included in y f. Represents the simplest measure of spread (or variability) g. Indicates the most frequent observation in a...
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    DETERMINING SALES FORECASTS sales forecast- when you predict the number of guests you will serve and the revenues they will generate in a given future time period actual sales can be determined for a current time period by using a computerized system called a point of sales (POS) system that has been designed to provide specific sales information. sales volume-number of units sold Advantages of Precise Sales Forecasts 1. Accurate revenue estimates 2. Improved ability to predict expenses 3....
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  • Analytical Tool - 1555 Words
    Analytical tool An analytical tool is something used to analyze or "take a closer look at" something. It is normally a way to review the effectiveness of something. For example, Google offers a free web analytics tool that is used by Web Masters to track visitors on a given site. It allows Web Masters to see where visitors are coming from, how long they stay, what links they are reviewing, etc. Analytic Tool help with Tracking and Reports! Data flow diagram -A data flow diagram (DFD) is...
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  • Add Maths Projek - 565 Words
    Additional Mathematics Project Work 2013 ADDITIONAL MATHEMATICS PROJECT WORK 2013 A total of 34,826 students are expected to sit for their SPM examination in Sabah this year. In preparation for the SPM examination, all schools will conduct a series of examinations/tests. After every examination, the school examination secretary will analyze the marks for every subject to determine the average grade of the subjects and the average school grade. This data will indicate the performance of...
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  • thesis3 - 469 Words
    CHAPTER III: RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY This chapter presents the research design, the respondents of the study, the research instrument to be used, data gathering procedure and the statistical treatment. Research Design To achieve the objective of this study, the researchers used the descriptive method. Descriptive method is a general procedure employed in studies that has a chief purpose of describing a certain phenomena. Rivera (2007) refers this to a design, which describes the...
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  • Kohler Co - M&a - 2077 Words
    Group Assignment on“Kohler (A) M&A Valuation”Submitted toINSTRUCTOR: ___________________In partial fulfillment for requirements of the courseMergers and Acquisitions (2012-2013)ByGroup K On19 November 2012 | Contents EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 Why does Herbert Kohler wants to do the recap 4 Calculation of Enterprise value 4 Using Discounted cash flow method 4 Dividend Growth Model 7 Comparable Companies Analysis 8 Valuation Summary 9 Justifying the share price of $ 55,400 10...
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    GET SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT Rs.125 per subject or Rs.600 per semester VISIT WWW.SMUSOLVEDASSIGNMENTS.COM Or Mail us at solvemyassignments@gmail.com SMU BBA SEM 1 SUMMER 2015 ASSIGNMENTS BBA 101- COMMUNICATION SKILLS 1 Communication can occur across vast distances in time and space. Explain this statement describing the meaning and process of communication. • Meaning of communication • Explanation of the statement • Process 2 Listening is not easy task as there are several barriers. Discuss...
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  • factors affecting the academic performance of grade 8 students of St. Ferdinand College S.Y 2013-2014
    Chapter I THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Learning is a lifetime process. Continuous learning provides student with more knowledge, broader understanding of facts and better insight in life that will make an individual responsible and a good outlook in life. It is believed that academic status is a primary indicator of such learning. Through numerical ratings, the level of student’s learning in academics may be determined. If a learner earns high numerical rating it is an...
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  • The Chicken Rice Shop (Tcrs) Singapore
    This report provides an in-depth evaluation and analysis about The Chicken Rice Shop (TCRS). The group have identified TCRS to be in the Asian Full-Service Restaurant industry. Both the PESTL analysis and Porter’s Five Forces model were used to evaluate the industry. The strongest forces in the Porter’s Five Forces model are rivalry of competition, threat of substitute and bargaining power of buyers. The main differentiation competitive strategy of TCRS is to offer Halal food items to target...
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  • Work on Case Studies - 498 Words
    3. What operational changes would you recommend to Wally to improve performance? In order for an organization to reach its full potential, survive in a challenging economy or highly competitive environment, it must improve across multiple dimensions. Among those are: Product Development Business Intelligence, Marketing and Public Relations Sales Force Set-up and Management Supply Chain and Manufacturing Business Process Redesign Analyzing Obermeyers’ planning and operations...
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  • Sexual Selection Lab - 742 Words
    ***START OF PAGE 1*** 1) Hypothesis [2 marks] |An isopod’s body length and speed affect its chances of predator avoidance. | 2) Plausible reason why/how each independent variables affect the dependent variable. [2 marks] |An isopod’s body length, specifically if it is short, will allow it to move faster. If an isopod has low speed it will not likely avoid predators as | |much as an isopod which moves fast....
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  • statistical method of DSE - 2626 Words
     Enclosure: 1. The report Acknowledgement In preparing report we thank the library manager of Dhaka Stock Exchange Mr. Attaur Rahman who supplied us with the “Monthly Review of DSE.”(A year end edition of 2003) and Library Manger of Security Exchange commission who assists us providing the information where we can collect required information. It was a great pleasure from our classmates from whom we received cordial guidance, suggestions for preparing this report...
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  • National Cranberry Cooperative Case
    The major trends of the cranberry industry and the problems facing RP#1 There are several major trends that we can observe in the cranberry industry for the period of 1945-1979 (See Table 1 in the Appendix). First, there is a steady production increase in each of the five-year periods: from 615,000 barrels in 1945-1949 to 1,546,120 barrels 30 years later. The production growth was caused by the increasing mechanisation of cranberry industry. For example, water harvesting could result in a...
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  • Mbnb - 973 Words
    Sport Obermeyer Ltd. To: Wally Obermeyer From: 341 Consulting Group Date: Re: Production Process Problem Sport Obermeyer Ltd has quite a few problems at the moment that stem from a lack of streamlining of its operations. One of the problems that the skiwear manufacturer currently faces is demand uncertainty and how to measure it considering the disparate forecasts the buying committee members have come up with. In addition, the long lead-times for the production process makes forecasting...
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  • Spam - 2202 Words
    Tweet spammers are driven by several goals, such as to spread advertise to generate sales, disseminate pornography, viruses, phishing, or simple just to compromise system reputation. First, we crawled a near-complete dataset from Twitter, containing more than 54 million users, 1.9 billion links, and almost 1.8 billion tweets. Second, we created a labeled collection with users “manually” classified as spammers and non-spammers. Third, we conducted a study about the characteristics of...
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  • tally marks - 1153 Words
    Lesson plan Subject:Mathematics Grade : 9 Topic:Statistics Sub topic:tally chart and frequency Duration: 25 minutes No. Of students:18 Date:22 September 2013 Lesson objectives: By the end of the lesson, students will be able to: • Construct tally charts • Construct frequency tables • Find mode by drawing a frequency table Prior knowledge: All the students are expected to know: • What is mean, median and mode • Find mean, median and mode by using data. Materials:  4 set of...
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  • Why Do College Students Fail or Dropout?
    By Roldens Paulynice As most of us know, most people go to college with the hope of giving themselves the foundation that they need to be successful in life or the skill that they need to find a good job. Every year, more than one hundred thousand students attend college, but many of them often fail or drop out within less than three years. For example, “Only thirty three percent of the freshmen who enter the University of Massachusetts, Boston graduate within six years, less than forty one...
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  • Forecasting in Fmcg Industry - 3673 Words
    1. INTRODUCTION TO THE TERM PAPER 1.2 BACKGROUND Forecasting relates to the management functions of planning, organizing and controlling. It is one of the key elements of operations management. Companies serve their customers and the society at large by producing various goods and services. The market need is continuously changing. In order to cope up with the changing demand companies must develop a good forecasting technique to determine the demand level For this term paper, five different...
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  • Lab 6 - 690 Words
    Lab 6 Report Part A 1. Run your model. Compare the queue statistics of the 3 processes with those obtained for Part C in the previous Lab. How have they changed and what conclusions can you draw? (Note the sums of all capacities for both cases are equivalent – 12 in each). The queue time and number statistics for the Air Jordan Logo operators and the Air Max Logo Operators were relatively close. The average queue length for the Air Jordan Logo operators was 0.03769112 in the previous lab...
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  • Perceived Stress Factors - 12983 Words
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING Introduction Rationale Stress is defined as a perceptual phenomenon arising from a comparison between the demand on the person and his or her ability to cope (T. Cox 1978). An imbalance in this mechanism, when coping is important, gives rise to the experience of stress, and to the stress response. In his excellent book “The Stress Myth”, Richard Ecker (1985) maintains that it is wrong to say that your job, marriage, or other parts of your life are...
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  • BSG Help Screen Guide
    DECISION SCREEN HELP PAGES FOR The Business Strategy Game Compiled and made available with permission from the BSG-Online authors and GLO-BUS Software, Inc. by BSG-Booster www.bsg-booster.com Copyright © 2006 CMI Consulting, LLC. Any republication or redistribution, in whole or in part, without the consent of CMI Consulting, LLC and GLO-BUS Software, Inc. is prohibited. DECISION HELP PAGE CONTENTS Branded Sales Forecast...
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  • th shoe polish - 426 Words
    Coconut Shells as a Shoe Polish Science Investigatory Project Let us begin our adventure with our Abstract... The study focused in making a specialized shoe polish from burned dried coconut husk. It aimed to prove the affectivity of the product in terms of some parametric measurements based on the preferences made by respondents. The parameters were adapted from written reviews for top commercial products. Also, this was made to test if there are really no significant difference between the...
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  • Numerical Reasoning Test Questions
    Free Numerical Reasoning Test (Questions only) JobTestPrep invites you to a free practice session that represents only some of the materials offered in our online practice packs. Have a glimpse into the web's leading online psychometric preparation institute. What does this test contain? The intention of this test is to provide a glimpse into the nature of a very popular numerical test format that is based on graph and table interpretation. In these tests, as well as in our practice...
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  • Tennis Ball Drop - 328 Words
    Joshua Cooper Jonathan Cooper Tyler Allrutz 1/16/14 Physics Tennis Ball Inquiry Goal Purpose When received this lab we had to come up with an experiment that would have to involve testing two tennis balls but one of the tennis ball had to be altered in one way. The way we tested the tennis ball was by dropping them from a certain height and seeing how high they bounce back up. We then would make a graph and then see the relationship between the data. Once finding the relationship we...
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  • QNT 351 Week 4 Learning Team Paper Reflection
    In this paperwork of QNT 351 Week 4 Learning Team Paper - Reflection you will find the next information: Revise the report submitted in Week Two based on the feedback provided by the instructor in the Learning Team assignment, and insight gained by reading. Summarize the data collected using descriptive statistics. Descriptive statistics should be in the forms of frequency distribution table, measures of mean, median, mode, standard deviation, and graphical display of data....
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  • Manzana Insurance (Case Analysis Report)
    The Case Brief: Manzana Insurance is the second largest Insurance Company in the Property Insurance space in California. The case relates to one particular branch, the Fruitvale branch, which has been losing market share to its competitor Golden Gate. This branch deals with the commercial property insurance and has three underwriter teams that cater to 3 geographic territories. On an average, the Fruitvale branch receives around 39 requests per day (22 requests for new insurance and 17...
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  • Use of Statistics in Daily Life
    Introduction to Use of statistics in daily life:- Statistics deal with frequency distribution. It is used to compare twoor more frequency distribution taken from different population to see if there are any differences between them. The statistics uses the following measures for the comparisson. They are mean, median and mode. Mean is the average of all the observations. Median is the middle most value of the observations and mode has the maximum frequencies. Let us see the use of...
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  • Professor - 490 Words
    Case Problem 2: Office Equipment, Inc. 1. l = 1 llamada/50 hours = 0.02 calls per hour 2. Mean service time = travel time + repair time = 1 + 1.5 = 2.5 hours m = 1 / 2.5 hours = 0.4 customers per hour 3. The travel time is 1 hour. While this is considered part of the service time it actually means that the customer will be waiting during the first hour of the service time. Thus, travel time must be added to the time spent in line as predicted model in order to...
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  • A Study on the Forecasted Sales of San Miguel Corporation for the Year 2012
    A Study on the Forecasted Sales of San Miguel Corporation for the year 2012 Redilyn Magbitang Ruth Anne Panganiban Lady Fatima Sandoval INTRODUCTION Background of the study San Miguel Corporation is the Philippines’ largest beverage, food and packaging company. The company now has more than 100 facilities around the Philippines and outside the country specifically Southeast Asia and China. One of the country’s premier business conglomerates, San Miguel’s...
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  • An Industry Analysis of Samsung - 1932 Words
    Question 1) How attractive is Samsung’s primary (core) industry? Conduct an industry analysis. Five Forces Model: 1. Barriers to Entry Because of the extremely intricate and sophisticated nature of manufacturing semiconductors, a competitor should expect high initial capital requirements to build facilities needed for production. Cost to build a new semiconductor fab has gone up from $200 million in 1985 to $3 Billion in 2004. Incumbent companies have capabilities to design newer...
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  • Food Chain in China - 576 Words
    Describe how a domestic food chain with plans for expanding into China would be able to use a forecasting model. The qualitative method of forecasting would be a good model that China would be able to use to describe how a domestic food chain would expand there. The qualitative method can be used by management in the area of their expertise and opinion. The qualitative method will help to determine a long term strategic planning process. It would help to decipher if another food chain of the...
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  • Operations Management Review Questions
    INTRODUCTION TO OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Spring 2012-ASSIGNMENT # 1 Name 1: --------------------------------------------------- ID # ------------------------------------------------ Name 2: --------------------------------------------------- ID # ------------------------------------------------ Question # 1 [15 Marks] Bob Richards, the production manager of Zychol Chemicals, is preparing his quarterly report, which is to include a productivity analysis for his department. One of the...
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  • Paper Solved - 5615 Words
    Fourth term End term exam 2011 (1) Section B 2. b From a factory producing metal sheet, following defective were analyses in every lot size. Prepare relevant chart only UCL and LCL. Lot Size | 100 | 125 | 90 | 120 | 110 | Defective | 6 | 7 | 4 | 8 | 10 | Solution Since the Lot size are different we have to use ‘u’ chart. Sample NO | LOT Size | Defective | Proportion of defective | UCL | LCL | 1 | 100 | 6 | 0.06 |...
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  • Retail 460 Exam 1 Study Guide!
    Retail 460 STUDY GUIDE Chapter 2- Data EveryWhere: Types of Data * Qualitative/Categorical: objects being studied are grouped into categories based on some qualitative trait * Nonnumeric * “Dummy” or “Indicator” variables * Male/Female, Small/ Medium/ Large * Quantitative/Measurement: the objects being studied are “measured” based on some quantitative trait * The resulting data are a set of numbers * Height, Weight, Price, Unit Sales *...
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  • Arithmetic Mean and Central Tendency
    Week Five Discussion | This Discussion will give you the opportunity to calculate or identify the three measures of central tendency. You will be asked to select an appropriate real life situation in which one measure would be more appropriate than the other two measures of center. 1. Select a topic of interest to you and record the topic in your posting, for example: “What is the average number of hours people watch TV every week?” Make sure the question you ask will be answered with a...
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  • Forecasting: Abc Flower Shop
    Forecasting: ABC Flower Shop Patrick Moran MGMT415-1104A-03: Global Operations Management American Inter-Continental University October 29, 2011 Abstract In this paper, we will discuss a quantifiable method of forecasting called moving averages. Forecasting entails comparing historical values to predicted values for the future. 3-day and 5-day moving average calculations using Excel will be explained as well as a graph based on the forecasted values will also be shown. Finally, a method...
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  • Students Perception About Ojt
    Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND Introduction Aircraft maintenance technology is a course that basically deals in producing, training and enhancing one’s skills and abilities in maintaining an aircraft’s airworthiness. The Philippine State College of Aeronautics in one among others that offers this kind of course. The institution offers aircraft maintenance technology course and other related courses. Technicians are schooled in airframe related welding,...
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  • Index Number for calculation of Cost of Living Index
    What methods of Index Number calculation is used to calculate Cost of Living Index (CLI). Cost of Living Index is a type of index study which is used to examine expenses that people incur to maintain a regular life standard including food, clothing, housing and social activities. The Cost of Living Index is, with the help of two different price data sets, a comparison of the necessary minimum expenses that are needed in order to maintain the same financial status and life standard level....
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  • thesis: chapter IV - 3040 Words
    Chapter IV EMPLOYMENT READINESS OF THE GRADUATING STUDENTS OF BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN OFFICE ADMINISTRATION OF CAMARINES SUR POLYTECHNIC COLLEGES, NABUA CAMARINES SUR This chapter is the presentation, analysis, and interpretation of the data on the employment readiness among the graduating students of Bachelor of Science in Office Administration of Camarines Sur Polytechnic Colleges. This chapter includes the discussion of the respondent’s profile, their employment readiness as to their...
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  • Hi-Ho, YO-Yo, Inc.
    Hi-Ho, YO-Yo, Inc. Introduction Hi-Ho, Yo- Yo Incorporation is an institute that makes special logos for yoyos. Now, they are starting to face a problem with increasing orders and the company wants to meet their order process deadlines. The orders were made on June but they will only begin on July due to the make-up day for flooding. Therefore, Mr. Jeff wants to know what is the scheduling for the following orders to meet the limitations. Different types of rule will be evaluated in order to...
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  • Importance of Education - 8960 Words
    CHAPTER 1 Introduction Education has been regarded as a means toward economic stability and progress. The increases productivity of the workforce is due mainly to the increase in the education and training of the people. The success and development of the country would greatly depend in the productivity of its human resources – which is considered as one of the vital asset of the nation. And to have a good and competent man power resources, quality education and intensive training is necessary...
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  • Social Problems Facing University Students
    KENYA METHODIST UNIVERSITY FACULTY: BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES DEPARTMENT: BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION COURSE CODE: DPBA 018 COURSE TITLE: INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS COURSE OUTLINE Purpose To equip students with statistical skills (Techniques) that will enable them solve problems arising from day to day business operations and also make sound managerial decisions. Objectives By the end of the course the student should be able to: 1. Perform basic statistical calculations 2....
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  • Marriott Case - 1310 Words
    Executive Summary We found the weighted average cost of capital for Marriott as a whole to be 9.68%. The divisions of Lodging, Contract Services and Restaurants had WACCs of 8.14%, 13.33%, and 9.63% respectively. The only variable between these divisions that remains consistent is the tax rate. Marriott has a target rate for each of the divisions’ capital structures, which affects their debt and equity betas. Also, there are stark differences between the betas in the segments, as well as...
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  • Marketing Intelligence About Children's Toy in Vietnam
    Table content I. Introduction:...................................................................................................................2 II. Detail:.............................................................................................................................2 Task 1: assess current and potential market size and demand 1a) Identify market size growth and trends within a given market......................................2 1b) plan and carry out a competitor analysis...
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  • Samsung's Competitive Advantage - 1182 Words
    1. Does Samsung have a competitive advantage? If so, how are they creating added-value compared to industry competitors? Make sure to quantify your claims. (In answering this question, you will find helpful information in exhibits 6-7k (but not only there)). a. Compare Samsung’s “value stick” to that of an “industry average” competitor and briefly justify any differences. (Remember that willingness-to-pay and willingness-to-supply are generally unobservable, but you can still engage in...
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  • Arithmetic Mean and Central Tendency
    Answer the following problems showing your work and explaining (or analyzing) your results. 1. Describe the measures of central tendency. Under what condition(s) should each one be used? Mean- Works good when it comes to test scores Median- should be used when describing something like average income. Mode= is good is you want to see what is you best seeing product in a store situation. 2. Last year, 12 employees from a computer company retired. Their ages at retirement are listed...
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  • Math - 340 Words
    Week 5 - Discussion 1 This Discussion will give you the opportunity to calculate or identify the three measures of central tendency. You will be asked to select an appropriate real life situation in which one measure would be more appropriate than the other two measures of center. 1. Select a topic of interest to you and record the topic in your posting, for example: “What is the average number of hours people watch TV every week?” Make sure the question you ask will be answered with a number,...
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  • Forecasting Hsm 260 - 505 Words
    Forecasting HSM 260 07/19/2013 Forecasting Exercise 9.1 In the text, exercise 9.1 provides data for Palmdale Human Services. In this exercise it asks for the 20X5 figures using several forecasting models. The process of find 20X5 will include the use of moving averages, weighted moving averages, and exponential smoothing. The Palmdale Human Services personal expenses for the past four years are represented in the following data: Fiscal Year | Expense | 20X1 | $5,250,000 | 20X2 |...
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  • Supply and Management - 309 Words
    __ " .._ _~~ w" t'HlI~ln '''''110111'1;/1'1 gllls!les)7 h. If another person Wasadded, where is the logical place'? c. What effect would a mail order lab (where the glasses are made off site and returned in 5-7 days) have on the process? 10 A quoting department for a custom publishing house can complete 4 quotes per day, and there are 20 quotes in various stages in the department. Applying Little's Law, the current lead time for a quote is how many days? 11 A small...
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  • classification of solids - 600 Words
    Individual solid particles are characterised by their size, shape, and density. 1.1 Particle shape The shape of an individual particle is expressed in terms of the sphericity F s, which is independent of particle size. The sphericity of a particle is the ratio of the surface-volume ratio of a sphere with equal volume as the particle and the surface-volume ratio of the particle. For a spherical particle of diameter D p, F s =1; for a non-spherical particle, the sphericity is defined as...
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  • Forecasting: Weighted Mean and Exponential Smoothing
     Forecasting HSM/260 January 17, 2014 Janice Gilstorff Forecasting Exercise 9.1 Forecasting is a guess of what the financial future holds (production output or sales). In the scenario in the book exercise 9.1 they want you to forecast what the 20X5 figures would be. It does give you some background information, such as the Human services expenses over the past four years. 20X1 [$5,250,000] 20X2 [$5,500,000] 20X3 [$6,000,000] 20X4...
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  • Analyze 5 Companies Which Are Come from Banking Sector, Media Sector, Telecommunications Services Sector, Consumer Durables Sector and Transportation Sector
    Content Approach I: “Dividend Discount Model” 3 (1) Dividend payout in 7 years 3 (2) Constant growth rate estimation 4 (3) Net earnings from same sector 11 (4) ROE for the companies in the same sample set 16 (5) Share price estimation by DDM 21 Approach II: “Valuation Multiple” 23 1) Price – earning ratio of each sector 23 2) Share price estimation by PE ratio 28 Reconciliation report 30 In this assignment, we are going to analyze 5 companies which are come from...
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  • Belief on Filipino Subject - 9925 Words
    9,925 Words | 34 Pages
  • Data Internpretation - 718 Words
    Directions: The following table shows the particulars regarding the members and the number of books issued to them in December 1992 in a city. Refer to the following to answer the question that follow. Class of Members | A | B | C | D | Total | No. of members | 218 | 137 | 87 | 96 | 538 | Books Issued | Novels | 387 | 864 | 283 | 713 | 2247 | | Sports Magazine | 58 | 137 | -- | -- | 195 | | Other Books | 24 | 126 | 382 | 410 | 942 | | Total...
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  • CHAPTER I - 9338 Words
    CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM AND ITS RELATED LITERATURE Introduction Students’ academic performance in college according to many studies has been considered as one of the factors or indicators that can define the person’s potential success in the future. According to Shokrail-Rees (2003), the development of positive self-esteem and high academic achievement can lead to an improved quality of life. We may say, that there maybe people who have reached success in life without going to school or...
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  • Manzana Case - 1225 Words
    Business Issues The profitability of Manzana Insurance Fruitvale branch was declining. There were mainly contributed by, Increasing backlog policies since 1989, and the number of RUN and RAIN appeared to be stagnating. Rise in late renewals resulted in increasing renewal loss rate. The renewals are decreasing and had a high renewals late rate 44%, which led to an extremely high renewal loss rate 47%, while Golden Gate’s is at just 15%. High turnaround time. Manzana increased TAT to 5 days,...
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  • Assignment 1 Answer - 604 Words
    [pic] BUQU 1230 Assignment #1 Solve the following 3 problems: 1- Consider the data set for the sample of 10 minisystems that is posted on the course web site. Open the Excel “Minisystems” file and answer the following questions: a. What are the elements in this study? How many elements are in the data set? Brand & Model b. How many variables are in the data set? 5 Variables (Price, Sound Quality, CD Capacity, FM Tuning, and Tape Decks) c. Which...
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  • Statistics Exercise 16 - 626 Words
    □ EXERCISE 16 Questions to be Graded 1. The researchers analyzed the data they collected as though it were at what level of measurement? d. Experimental 2. What was the mean posttest empowerment score for the control group? The mean posttest empowerment score for the control group was 97.12 3. Compare the mean baseline and posttest depression scores of the experimental group. Was this an expected finding? Provide a rationale for your answer. The mean baseline depression score...
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  • Early Pregnancy - 684 Words
    ABSTRACT Research Title: Researchers: Type of Document: School: Address: Degree: Number of pages: School Year: Statement of the Problem The thesis intends to study the cases of early motherhood in the University of Batangas and to find out what best strategy the guidance office can use for enhancing the counseling program for young mothers. Specifically, this thesis seeks to answer for the following questions: 1) 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 2) What is the profile of the respondents in terms of the...
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  • Excel Chapter 8 Test
    Excel Chapter 8 Test 1) Match each term with the correct definition (15 points) A sequence of averages computed from parts of a data series that smoothes fluctuations in data to show a trend more clearly. Moving average In a moving average, the number of cells to include in the average. Interval Expenses that remain the same each month. Fixed expenses A point at which an entity covers its costs and starts to make a profit. Break-even A...
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  • A Question Paper on Operations Management
    MGS 4700 Operations Management Exam 1 (Sample) Name__________________________________ Exam Instructions: Do not open the exam until you are told to do so.   Calculators are allowed (and encouraged) One “cheat sheet” per person is allowed o Must be 8.5” by 11” or smaller o Must only have writing on one side Academic Integrity: Cheating on examinations involves giving or receiving unauthorized help before, during or after an examination. Also includes allowing another student to view...
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  • ththt - 491 Words
    Should Students be paid for having good grades? About 48% of children get paid for getting an A on their report card. It is estimated that the average price that parents pay for an A on a report card is about $16.60. As far as what America thinks it is pretty split down the middle some parents say yes some parents say no. if you were to ask kids I’m sure there would be a very different response. Is it the truth? This is the truth people do pay their kids for getting good grades but people...
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  • Case Study - 1114 Words
    New England Foundry Assignment – 2 Introduction:- New England Foundry is woodstove manufacturers for home use. Due to increase in energy prices the demand for wood stoves has increased. The New Foundry is the only in the business of making stove and stove-related products. Its major products are Warmgio I, the Warmglo II, the Warmglo III and Warmglo IV. Presently the company has layout 1. The layout 1 has pattern shop and maintenance department in the same block. The Warmglo III...
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  • University Book Store Computer Purchase Program
    iii) University Book Store Student Computer Purchase Program 1. Background. The Busy Biker is a bike shop located close to Tokyo University and owned by Nomura Hideki. He began the shop 20 years ago and sell new and second hand bicycle after fixing it too. The Business grew and demand continued to increase. Nomura must determine how many bicycles he need to have in stock at every beginning of semester. Below here is the data that help Nomura to forecast and to know how...
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  • Lab report on electromagnets - 746 Words
     Science Lab on Electromagnets By Caitlin Hendriks Factors that Affect the Strength of an Electromagnet Purpose: To test how two different factors, the number of loops and the current intensity, affect the strength of the magnetic field of an electromagnet. Materials: Power pack, 4 connecting wires, switch, ammeter, paperclips, iron nail, copper wire. PART A: TESTING THE NUMBER OF LOOPS...
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    ABSTRACT Title: BUDGETARY CONTROL AND PROCEDURE AS A MEASURE OF FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE OF SYSU INTERNATIONAL INCORPORATED Researchers: ALCANTARA. Anna Denise ALVAREZ, Joemar DIMAANO, Jennifer MARCELINO, Mary Rose M. MARERO, Genesis Degree: Bachelor of Science in Accountancy Year: 2014 Adviser: Dr. Gloria T. Baysa, Ed D., CPA The study sought to determine the budgetary planning and control strategies of Sysu...
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  • Statistic Analysis - 1225 Words
    * The list of the data Serial No. | Student Name | Student ID | Department | Weekly study hours | 1 | Md. Al-Hasan | 2011-2-30-075 | Economics | 13 | 2 | Rehana Parvin | 2010-2-30-005 | Economics | 10 | 3 | Abdus Sabur | 2010-2-30-039 | Economics | 5 | 4 | Hafika Farzana | 2010-1-30-025 | Economics | 8 | 5 | Rawnak Jahan | 2010-1-30-031 | Economics | 7 | 6 | Selerina Sahanaj | 2010-1-30-035 | Economics | 20 | 7 | Sumaiya Shirin | 2010-1-30-057 | Economics | 5 | 8 | Pardita...
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  • The Cost of Capital - 781 Words
    Case Questions Case #5 – Marriott Corporation: The Cost of Capital 1. Are the four components of Marriott’s financial strategy consistent with its growth objective? 2. How does Marriott use its estimate of its cost of capital? Does this make sense? 3. What is the weighted average cost of capital for Marriott Corporation? a. What risk free rate and risk premium did you use to calculate the cost of equity? b. How did you measure Marriott’s cost of debt? 4. If Marriott used a single...
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  • TeresaBeights unit 7 assignment
    Name: Directions: In this project you will be using the States Data file that is found in Doc Sharing under the Instructor-Graded Projects: Steps for accessing the States Data file: 1. Open your Excel with PhStat2 2. Click File—Open 3. Select the States Data file Not all questions require the use of technology or the States Date file. You may insert your answers, including any charts, graphs, or output, on this document. Be sure to put your name on this document and save it to your...
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  • cb-past - 1454 Words
     CB-PAST Form 1 COMPETENCY-BASED PERFORMANCE APPRAISALSYSTEMFOR TEACHERS (CB-PAST) Name: _Charito O. Bag-ao_______Position/Title:____T-I__ ______Appointment Status:_Regular Permanent______ School:_Baculod Elementary School___________District:_Hinundayan_________Division:_Southern Leyte__________ Region:_VIII – Eastern Visayas_____School Year:_2012-2013_____1st Semester:___ ____2nd Semester:_____ √_______ Direction: Make a total of the respondents for eachof the Teacher Performance...
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  • Exercise 16 Questions to be Graded
    EXERCISE 16 Questions to be Graded 1. The researchers analyzed the data they collected as though it were at what level of measurement? a. Nominal b. Ordinal c. Interval/ratio d. Experimental Answer: c. Interval/ratio 2. What was the mean posttest empowerment score for the control group? Answer: 97.12 3. Compare the mean baseline and posttest depression scores of the experimental group. Was this an expected finding? Provide a rationale for your answer. Answer:...
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  • Business Stats FARS assignment
    March 15, 2012 State: Rhode Island Keys Crash Month: 1: January 2: February 3: March 4: April 5: May 6: June 7: July 8: August 9: September 10: October 11: November 12: December Person Type: 1: Driver of a Motor Vehicle In-Transport 2: Passenger of a Motor Vehicle In-Transport 3: Occupant of a Motor Vehicle Not In-Transport 4: Occupant of a Non-Motor Vehicle Transport Device 5: Pedestrian 6: Bicyclist 7: Other Cyclist 8: Persons on Personal Conveyances 9:...
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  • Business Developer Person - 2421 Words
    Q1. What are the characteristics of a good measure of central tendency? [5Marks](b) What are the uses of averages? [5 Marks]Answer:a). The characteristics of a good measure of central tendency are: Present mass data in a concise form The mass data is condensed to make the data readable and to use it for further analysis.• Facilitate comparison It is difficult to compare two different sets of mass data. But we can compare those twoafter computing the averages of individual data sets.While...
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  • Using Language Games: Its Effects on the Achievement Level of Sophomore High School Students
    Introduction English Language of the twenty first century challenges every teacher how to be effective in the field of language teaching. The demand for the use of English Language is so strong that an extreme review of how teacher teaches English language in the classroom is necessary. In the field of language teaching , games have help a lot to make the task of learning less boring and tedious. Used appropriately , games can stimulate the interest of the learner and...
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  • Perpetual Care Hospital - 1192 Words
    PROPOSAL Based on the information provided at the DHC Case, like the local work population trend and workers survey, the DHC project cannot become self supporting at the term of three years; the losses forecasted after the third year are $ 105,828. Refer to analysis on pages 3 and 4. To revert these forecasted results an Offensive Strategy Market Plan must be outlined, and the principal proposed actions to develop are: • Creating awareness and improving image in the community to increase...
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  • Operations Management - 8098 Words
    FORECASTING FUNDAMENTALS Forecast: A prediction, projection, or estimate of some future activity, event, or occurrence. Types of Forecasts * Economic forecasts * Predict a variety of economic indicators, like money supply, inflation rates, interest rates, etc. * Technological forecasts * Predict rates of technological progress and innovation. * Demand forecasts *...
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  • Pocket Money - Can Too Much be Harmful
    There is no right or wrong answer to this. How much you are prepared to give depends entirely on what you believe is fair, what you want your child to get out of it, and how much you can afford. According to Halifax’s 2009 statistics children received an average of £6.24 per week, a slight rise on the 2008 amount of £6.13. Children in London also fared much better than other areas, with averages above £10, while children in the South West and East Anglia received £4.50 and £4.91 respectively....
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  • Nike Inc - 1719 Words
    Weighed Average Cost of Capital Calculation The first step of my work was to evaluate what the Cost of Debt is. Then, I worked on the cost of Equity. Those two percentages represent how much the company pays for financing its capital. By weighed them I will find what Nike’s Weighed Average Cost of Capital is. Cost of Debt (Kd) In order to calculate the Cost of Debt I used the future cash flow calculation method. I found what interest Nike’s has to pay to finance its...
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