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  • Autism Spectrum - 3606 Words
     Autism (ASD) Autism Introduction For many years Autism has been a fast growing and controversial disorder. As common as it is world wide, very little is actually known about the disorder and its crippling effects it has on an array of people. Autism also referred to as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), is a “lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and...
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  • Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders Phil McDowell APCE 602 December 16, 2012 Dr. Krista Bridgmon Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders Autism or autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), are a family of increasingly prevalent disabilities that qualify a child for special education services in the school under PL94-142, now called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, about one in...
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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder - 4188 Words
    Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Full Inclusion Plan for Fellowship Bible Church By: Timothy Sloan Liberty University Abstract Members of Fellowship Bible Church (FBC) believe that all people need to have the opportunity to learn the biblical truths of God’s Word. This includes those that have any type of disability. This is why FBC feels led to organize and execute a full inclusion program for the children’s ministry. FBC is a growing church, and with constant expansion, there are increased...
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  • Autism Spectrum Disorders - 2802 Words
    Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Najah Dail Liberty University Abstract Autism is a developmental disorder that affects your behavior, your ability to socially interact with others and your communication skills. Autism is recognized at a young age when symptoms such as speech delays, inability to respond, little or no eye contact, doesn’t interact with others, and little use of gestures is present. When studying autism you learn that there are many different types of autism. These...
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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder - 1637 Words
     Autism Lexie Burrell Psychology 101 Research Option Two Due 12/3/14 Abstract The articles being discussed in this psychology paper claims that there are many other possible causes to autism besides just certain risk genes. It claims that parental history as well as social environment and location of where the mother lives are also factors in the brain development that can lead to autistic disorders. Autism usually occurs from certain genes the baby receives from its parents and it...
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  • Autism Spectrum Research - 663 Words
    One out of every 88 children in the US is affected by an autism spectrum disorder. They occur more often among boys than girls. While autism appears to be on the rise, it's unclear whether the growing number of diagnoses shows a real increase or comes from improved detection. Early diagnosis is important, as early treatment can help a child with autism make significant gains in language and social skills. Autism spectrum disorders affect social interaction, nonverbal and verbal communication,...
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  • Autism Spectrum Disorder for Short
    Autistic Spectrum Disorder First of all, there are more than one autism disorders on the autistic spectrum, for example, there is Rett syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, Pervasive developmental disorder, and childhood degenerative disorder. Autism is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life, and affects the brain's normal development of social and communication skills. It affects verbal, physical and mental abilities in children, stereotyped or repetitive behaviors and...
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  • Autism Spectrum and Encyclopedia Britannica Online
    Children with Autism Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and the Effects of the Children and their Family University of Phoenix The topic that I have chosen to write about is Autism. Have you heard about it? I am sure you may know someone who suffers from this disease, but do you really know what it is, or its causes and effects? That is what I am going to explain to you. Autism is a disability that affect young children, and we need to...
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  • Competitiveness of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    UTISM & YOUR CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT Even without an Autism Spectrum Disorder, young people often struggle with the normal challenges of growing up, acquiring complex skills, and learning how to sustain meaningful relationships. Autism Spectrum Disorders such as autism and Asperger's syndrome can increase the difficulty of these normal challenges, both for the child and for the parents. It is essential that children have assistance and support designed to meet each individual’s particular needs....
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  • autism - 426 Words
    Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a range of complex neurodevelopment disorders, characterized by social impairments, communication difficulties, and restricted, repetitive, and stereotyped patterns of behavior. Autistic disorder, sometimes called autism or classical ASD, is the most severe form of ASD, while other conditions along the spectrum include a milder form known as Asperger syndrome, and childhood disintegrative disorder and pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified...
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  • Autism - 1606 Words
    Autism By:- Tanpreet Plaha Period:- 1st Introduction  ism-vaccine-connection Definition Autism is a very complex disorder that affects the way people experience and interact with the world around them. (11) Also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) History  It was a type of neuro-psychological condition from early 1900s  Eugen Bleuler  First person to use the term “autism” to refer to the symptoms of...
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  • Autism - 1023 Words
    The disability I chose was Autism, I chose this particular disability because I am familiar with it and wanted to learn about the disability more in depth. Autism is a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates with, and relates, to other people. It is part of the autism spectrum and is sometimes referred to as an autism spectrum disorder or ASD. The word spectrum is used because, while all people with autism share three main areas of difficulty, their...
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  • Autism - 1640 Words
    How Family’s Coupe With ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder is spotted in early childhood and has a wide range of symptoms. These symptoms include communication, socialization and behavioral problems (Mays). Due to these symptoms, a child with ASD may have trouble relating to peers and making friends. Due to this, school curriculum and special education services need to work with them. Children with Autism often show behavior such as rocking, banging on objects, biting themselves and spinning...
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  • Autism - 800 Words
    Week 4 outline Julia King Walker Autism Outline Introduction: I decided to do my term paper on what I believe is a very intriguing topic, autism. Autism is an extremely complex developmental disability that usually begins anytime between birth and three years old. The outcome is a neurological disorder that not only influences the regular functioning of the brain, but, impacts progress in social and communication skills. Both adults and children that have autism...
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  • Autism - 433 Words
    Autism spectrum disorders are caused by abnormalities in the brain that affect the neurodevelopment system and no single cause has been found (Grandin p.30). Some early indicators of autism are Lack of eye contact, lack of attention to the same item or topic another person is focusing on when interacting with that person, lack of reciprocal conversation, and atypical sensory/motor processing. Students who are diagnosed with autism have deficits in five areas: communication, socialization and...
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  • Various Research Approaches for Children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Autism Spectrum Disorder and Varying Treatment Approaches Autism spectrum disorders have become more prevalent within the past ten years. Now, this neurological disorder affects approximately 1 in every 68th child (CDC, 2014). Parents may feel responsible, but it is important to note that there is no determined cause of autism. It is presumed that unknown genetic factors play a role. With the increasing prevalence and unknown cause, educators and parents must know...
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  • Bullying Among Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
    Bullying is an issue that is too common in schools across the United States. Kids of all ages, races, gender, and sexual orientation fall vulnerable to those that overpower them and sometimes, the consequences can be deadly. Students who are normally developing and get bullied are the majority of stories to get televised, while kids who have an autism spectrum disorder fall through the cracks, despite having a higher risk of being bullied due to their differences and lack of social skills....
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  • Issues Those Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Face as They Transition Into Adulthood
    Issues Those Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Face as They Transition into Adulthood Patti Mussari Sage Graduate School Issues Those Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder Face as they Transition into Adulthood Those with Autism Spectrum Disorder often find change of any kind unsettling (Holtz, Owings, & Ziegert, 2006). The transition from school to life as an adult can prove to be quite a challenge for this population. Employment, housing, and interpersonal...
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  • Attachment in Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Compared to Neurotypical Children
    Using evidence from empirical studies, critically evaluate the claim that attachment in young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders is qualitatively different to that of neurotypical children Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is signified by a triad of impairments in imagination, communication and social interaction; all of which are thought to affect the ability to form relationships (American Psychiatric Association, 2000). Original research into the area claimed that ASD results from ‘cold’...
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  • Child with Autism. - 1261 Words
    Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew There are many books out there relative to the matter of Autism, but I have to say that “Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew” is a the must read for my parents and my colleagues at work, that’s why I chose it for this assignment. Summary This book is an expansion of a successful article that Ellen Notbohm published in 2005. She used the same title. Ellen is a mother of two special needs children, one with autism and the...
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  • The History Of Autism - 665 Words
    The History of Autism Doctors have come a long way since 1908, when the word autism was first used. Here's a look at the history of autism spectrum disorder. By Virginia Sole-Smith You might think of autism as a new problem because it has become so much more prevalent in recent years. But it's actually been on the books for more than 70 years--and our thinking about the condition has changed dramatically during that time. Here are the key events in autism history. 1908: The word autism is...
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  • Autism Essay - 1222 Words
    Autism Spectrum Disorder Essay What is ASD? The term Autistic Spectrum Disorder covers a wide range of conditions, including autism and Asperger syndrome that are characterized by impaired social interaction, communication difficulties and restricted, stereotypical and repetitive activities and interests. Autistic spectrum disorder is a developmental disorder that is usually diagnosed in childhood. Children and adults with this condition have a wide range of intelligence. Some have learning...
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  • Autism Speech - 1054 Words
     Introduction “Work to view my autism as a different ability rather than a disability. Look past what you may see as limitations and see the gifts autism has given me…Be my advocate, be my friend, and we’ll see just how far we can go” –Ellen Botbohm, author of Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew. Does anyone know what this Ribbon represents? (Autism) Yes, this is the ribbon that represents Autism Awareness. My printer is a little off, but the colors that typically represent...
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  • Autism Introduction - 1254 Words
    Autism Introduction The only information that I had ever known regarding autism came from a nineteen eighties movie called Rain Man. Even then, the thought of it was quickly lost in the archives of my mind. Not until I had a child of my own did I realize the significance of autism and the effects that it has on the children of which it afflicts and their families. A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concluded that almost one out of every one hundred and fifty...
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  • Divorce and Autism - 1126 Words
    Divorce and Autism National University Psychology XXX Abstract Studies were examined that disprove the myth of increased Divorce within families who have a child diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since Autism is a Spectrum Disorder, characteristics will vary. Though characteristics may be different, families who have a child diagnosed with ASD undergo similar stressors. The differences that promote divorce for families with neuro-typical children and children diagnosed with...
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  • Awareness on Autism - 535 Words
     Autism Autism Susan Schwarzkopf SJVC Online ENG 122 Composition & Reading Part B Patricia Vineski September 6, 2015 Autism Autism The importance of Autism research is to get the correct treatment of autism spectrum Disorders. Autism is one of a spectrum of behaviorally defined pervasive developmental disorders, which is referred to as autism spectrum disorder ( 7/17/15). The deficits in social communication...
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  • Introduction to Autism - 750 Words
    An Introduction to Autism By National Institute of Mental Health Autism. Not until the middle of the twentieth century was there a name for a disorder that now appears to affect an estimated 3.4 every 1,000 children ages 3-10, a disorder that causes disruption in families and unfulfilled lives for many children. Research from 2009 suggests autism now affects every 1 in 110 children. In 1943 Dr. Leo Kanner of the Johns Hopkins Hospital studied a group of 11 children and introduced the label...
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  • generalization and autism - 1351 Words
    Christina Whalen, Generalization and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Real Life, Real progress. Generalization and Students with Autism Huiyen Lo Middle Tennessee State University Christina Whalen, Generalization and Autism Spectrum Disorders, Real Life, Real progress. Autism is a complex neurobiological disorder that includes core deficits in three primary areas: languages and communication, social interaction, and repetitive and restrictive interest and behaviors. Today autism is most...
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  • Autism Treatment - 1048 Words
    “All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work” (Calvin Coolidge, as cited in Quoday, 2011). Floortime (DIR) is a therapeutic technique that focuses on the child’s natural emotions and interests. This approach was developed by Dr. Stanley Greenspan. Floortime encompasses the learning interactions that are essential for enabling the different components of the brain and mind to work in unison. This framework...
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  • Autism and Communication - 1409 Words
    Autism and Communication Working with people who have autism, especially the Asperger Syndrome, can be quite difficult. This is mostly true when communicating with these people as a person needs to train and develop certain specific communication skills in order to deal with these people. Over the course of the years that I have spent with such people, I have had to develop certain very crucial communication skills that involve listening, body language, posture, verbal and non-verbal...
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  • Autism Diagnosis - 2130 Words
    DSM-IV-TR vs. DSM-5 Debate on the Changes in Autism Diagnosis I. Introduction A. What is the DSM? According to the American Psychiatric Association the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) is the standard classification of mental disorders used by mental health professionals in the United States. The DSM consists of three major components: 1. The diagnostic classification is the list of the mental disorders that are officially part of the DSM system. 2. A set of...
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  • Outline Autism - 432 Words
    Autism Lizbeth Morales Autism Sam S. Hill, III Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi Abstract This disorder can be diagnosed during the childhood. The signs and symptoms of autism can affect the communication, social interactions and repetitive behaviors. People with autism can have very different characteristics and symptoms not always could be the same ones. Children with this disorder may have trouble to speak or be so distracted when you are talking to them. They may have to...
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  • Autism and Language - 1355 Words
    REPORT Environmental Factors Influence Language Development in Children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. 1 - Abstract This report will identify and critically discuss and analyze a contemporary piece of research based on environmental factors that influence the language development in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. I am going to recognize and address my own strengths and weaknesses and look at research and analyze the work of others. 2 - Audience Looking at the journal article...
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  • Nursing and Autism - 975 Words
    Nursing and Autism Nursing and Autism Autism Spectrum Disorder or Pervasive Developmental Disorder as it was formerly known has increased in incidence over that last two decades. The autism spectrum disorders can often be reliably detected by the age of 3 years, and in some cases as early as 18 months.2 Studies suggest that many children eventually may be accurately identified by the age of 1 year or even younger. The appearance of any of the warning signs of ASD is reason to...
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  • Autism Introduction - 763 Words
    Autism Introduction: I. The topic I chose for today is Autism. Have you heard about it? I am sure you maybe know somebody who suffers from this disease, but do you really know what is it, or its causes and effects? That is what I am up to explain you. My decision was based on the fact that April is the National Autism Awareness Month, so I have seen a lot of information and events that will be happening during this days about this silent but strenuous disease. Thesis statement: The topic...
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  • Examining Expectations of General Education Teachers’ of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder & Its Relationship to Academic Instruction
    Examining Expectations of General Education Teachers’ of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder & its Relationship to Academic Instruction Tonya Trepinski Baylor University Introduction As a teacher in the public school system for ten years, this researcher has had the privilege of working with students with special needs, in particular, with students on the autism spectrum. While in the classroom, she has observed a disturbing trend...
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  • autistic spectrum conditions - 2239 Words
     Understand the main characteristics of autistic spectrum conditions 1.1 - Explain why it is important to recognise that each person on the autistic spectrum has their own individual abilities needs strengths gifts and interests. If we know individual's abilities, need, strengths, gifts and interests then we can focus on them, we can create environment, situations, we can pick activities to support and develop individual's. 1.2 - Analyse the main diagnostic features of autistic...
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  • Communication and Autistic Spectrum Condition
    * The Role of the Health and S... Unit : Introductory Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions . Credit Value : 2 This unit needs to be assessed in line with the Skills for Care and Development QCF Assessment Principles. Learning Outcome 1: Understand the areas in which individuals with an autistic spectrum condition characteristically have difficulties Assessment Criteria 1.1. Describe the types of difficulty that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may have with...
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  • defining Autistic Spectrum DIsorder
     Defining Autistic Spectrum Disorders Abstract Autistic Spectrum Disorders are a newly revised category of Pervasive Development Disorders that are found in the newest addition of the DSM-5 (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental...
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  • Autistic Spectrum Conditions - 272 Words
    Unit 44: Understand How to Support Individuals with Autistic Spectrum Conditions 1: Understand the main characteristics of Autistic Spectrum Conditions (ASC) 1.1 Each person with an ASC has their own individual abilities, strengths, gifts, needs and interests that can vary greatly from one person to the next. Due to the multifarious conditions attached to the autistic spectrum, and according to the degree of the ASC it is important to recognise the characteristics of an individual to...
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  • Behavioural Therapy for children with Autism
     AEIOU Program for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): Description of Program and Review of the Effectiveness of Early Intervention behavioural therapies for Children with Autism Subject: PSS250 Developmental Psychology Due date: 29th September Tutor; The AEIOU Foundation is a non-profit organisation that supports children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), across 15 centres in Queensland. The overall aim of the program is to provide early...
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  • Casual Factor of Autism in Boys
    CASUAL FACTORS IN AUTISM IN BOYS References Messinger, D., & Young, G. (2013). Baby sibling outcomes: beyond autism. Retrieved from Yuen, R. (2013). From genetic discoveries to improved diagnosis & treatment. Retrieved from Understanding autism spectrum disorders and other development disabilities. (2013). Retrieved from Ross, J,. & Roeltgen, D., & Kushner, H., & Zinn, A., & Reiss, A., & Bardsley , M.,...
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  • Autism and Lea Mainstream Primary
    The National Autistic Society (NAS) describes autism as ‘a lifelong developmental disability that affects the way a person communicates and relates to people around them’. Affecting individuals with different levels of severity, Autism is a spectrum condition, at the base of autism spectrum disorders are associated with learning disabilities; whereas at the top lie disabilities such as Asperger's Syndrome. According to NAS 44% of schools which identified children with ASD, say that significant...
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  • Temple Grandin-Autism at Its Best
    The World of Temple Grandin: Autism at its Best “Temple Grandin” the movie is based on a true story about a child born with autism in the 1940’s. Autism is the impairment of social interactions with others, impairment of nonverbal and verbal communication, and the lack of make believe/social play and is found in all races, gender and society’s all over the world (2008, MacKenzie, 19). Having been born in the 1940’s Temple’s parents sought medical attention when noticed that their child was...
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  • Informative Speech on Autism - 821 Words
    “Work to view my autism as a different ability rather than a disability. Look past what you may see as limitations and see the gifts autism has given me…Be my advocate, be my friend, and we’ll see just how far we can go” –Ellen Botbohm, author of Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew. Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is a complex developmental disability. I happen to have two nephews with autism, one who I am very close to and interact with a lot. A...
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  • Autism and Social Skills - 690 Words
    The Benefits of Social Skills Groups for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Pilot Study Rachel Rose & Caroline Anketell By Sharon Dennis The Benefits of Social Skills Groups for Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorder Introduction Autism spectrum disorder is a neurodevelopmental disorder that ranges from mild to severe impairments in communication, social interaction, and repetitive pattern of interest. Children with autism need early social skills support to...
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  • Concept Paper: Autism and Ultrasound
    Concept Paper: Fetal Ultrasound and its Relationship to Autism Spectrum Disorder Jerrold Azevedo Grantham University NUR516 Concept Paper: Fetal Ultrasound and its Relationship to Autism Spectrum Disorder Introduction Whales are the largest creatures to have ever inhabited this earth. Imagine, through the entire history of the planet there has never existed a larger animal, and like humans, a mammal. The largest whale observed by scientists in the 20th century was thirty-three...
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  • Autism: Informative Speech - 527 Words
    Autism Spectrum Disorder General Purpose- To inform Specific Purpose- To inform my audience about autism and it's development Introduction- Brad Pitt's character, Tyler Durden, from the movie 'Fight Club' said, "I do not suffer from Autism, but I do suffer from the way you treat me." Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental disorder that appears in the first 3 years of life. It affects the brains normal development of social and communication skills. According to the National Institute of...
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  • Essay on Autism Legislation - 1299 Words
    Autism Legislation for Parental Awareness. 01/21/2013 College Composition II Autism is defined as a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts (Miriam–Webster 2012). However, the Cal Fullerton graduate Robert Moran (2012) summed it up best when he stated “I have autism. It is not a disorder or a disease. Ignorance is a disorder and a...
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  • Autism and Client Group - 539 Words
    Autism This paper will focus on children with autism between the ages of three to nine years. It will identify the four factors such as, diet, education, behaviours and isolation, which impact upon the health and well-being of this client group. It will then identify the communication strategies with the client group, give a description of one, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS). It will describe one health and one social care provision for the children referring to the relevant...
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  • Autism Impact on the Family - 829 Words
    Miriam Leah Waldman Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life. “It is a result of a neurological disorder that affects the functioning of the brain and impacts the normal development of the brain, in areas of social interaction and communication skills” (Bee and Boyd 226). Research from 2009 suggests autism now affects every 1 in 110 children. Having a child with autism affects the entire family. Amongst...
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  • Controversies of Autism Categorization - 1437 Words
    LnttRz English Composition I 20 October 2012 Controversies of Autism Categorization When most people think of individuals with autism, they have a general idea that these individuals are strange and are all mentally retarded because they do not interact and behave the same way as someone who is non-autistic. Should autism be categorized as one general unit or a spectrum of different levels? The individuals diagnosed with autism should not be placed under the same general category...
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  • Autism-Asperger's Compare/Contrast
    In this paper I will be discussing the difference between Asperger's Syndrome and Autism. There are six different kinds of Autism but in this paper I am going to talk about two of them. Asperger's Syndrome is a form of Autism, but they have their differences and similarities. Asperger's affects different areas then Autism. In my people i will discuss what those areas are. Even though these children have these disorders they can be intelligent in their own way, and in different areas. Autism is...
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  • Autism Detection in Early Childhood
    Abstract/Introduction and Literature Review This paper discusses on the most effective and valid screening tool for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) on Early Childhood. Screening is attested as the first crucial step for identifying the children at risk of the disorder and in need of assessment and intervention. The main aim of screening is to improve children developmental results in language, cognitive behavior, Social life and brain or motor enhancement. Screening is said to have two levels...
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  • Autism Paper 2 - 1354 Words
    Jolissa Simon SPED 502 Professor Barbra Johnson December 8, 2013 Recent History of Autism Spectrum Disorders: Viewpoints on the Increase in Diagnosis The premise of “Back to Normal: Why Ordinary Childhood Behavior Is Mistaken for ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder,” by Enrico Gnaulati, Ph.D. is that autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are up 78 percent in 10 years and that “we’re dramatically overdiagnosing it in everyday behavior” (Gnaulati, 2013). The underlying argument that...
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  • Autism Causation VS correlation
    Sucher 1 RUNNING HEAD: AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER: WHAT’S CAUSING IT Autism Spectrum Disorders: What’s causing them in our Children? Angela Sucher Renton Technical College RUNNING HEAD: AUTISM SPECTRUM DISORDER: WHAT’S CAUSING IT Sucher 2 There is a diagnosis that is becoming more and more prevalent each year in our children; autism spectrum disorder (ASD) diagnoses continue to rise as parents continue to seek answers of their origins. Once thought primarily...
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  • Introductory Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions.
    Introductory awareness of autistic spectrum conditions. Outcome 1 1. All people with autism share similar difficulties however there condition will affect them in different ways. Some people with autism may live relatively normal lives were some people may need assistance with their learning disabilities. People with autism may experience some sensitivity to noise or sounds ( when talking to someone with autism your volume may seem a lot louder as if you were shouting at them.) they may...
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  • Introductory Awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions
    Introductory awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions Understand the areas in which individuals with an autistic spectrum conditions characteristically have difficulties 1.1. Describe the types of difficulty that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may have with language and other ways of communicating The effects of autism on communication are extremely varied. Most individuals do not have any trouble with pronunciation. The problems lie in using language effectively....
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  • Health Care Needs of Adolescents with Autism
    Health Care Needs of Adolescents with Autism Four themes representing the challenges the parents’ experiences included concern with medications, frustrations with healthcare services, recognizing secondary health issues, and the need for resources and services. Parents of adolescents with autism locating information about Autism, trying to understand the necessary medications that are needed and prescribed, and experiencing minimal social support from health care providers. Parenting a...
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  • Hca 240- Week 8 -Autism
    ​Autism spectrum disorder or ASD is a group of neurodevelopmental disorders which includes Asperger Syndrome, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (atypical autism) and classic autism also known Autistic disorder. Several myths surround the disease because of popular shows and movies such as “Rain man”, in which actor Dustin Hoffman portrays an adult male named Raymond Babbitt whom is autistic. The film won four Oscars at the 61st Academy Awards in 1989 which included best picture. Because of the...
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    Running head: EXAMINING BEST PRACTICE FOR STUDENTS WITH AUTISM 1 EXAMINING BEST PRACTICE FOR STUDENTS WITH AUTISM EXAMINING BEST PRACTICE FOR STUDENTS WITH AUTISM 2 Examining Best Practice for Students with Autism There is little argument that early diagnosis and treatment are essential in addressing needs that impede communication and learning skills in children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD)....
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  • Case Study Autism 7th Grade
    Task 2 Case Study The first day of student teaching in the first period I observed a child named ‘Kyle.’ Kyle seemed to get out of his seat even after my mentor teacher asked him to sit in his seat. He was at the front of the class very close to where the teacher taught. After a few times of this he growled at the teacher. I could tell that he was different than the typical student because of his constant interruptions. I found out after the class Kyle was autistic and had behavior problems....
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  • Inclusion and Autism in Main Stream Schools
    Apart or A Part? Inclusion and Autism in Main Stream Primary Settings. The number of pupils with autistic spectrum conditions (ASC) being educated in mainstream settings is increasing (Humphrey 2008). Inclusion in main stream education can be extremely beneficial for pupils on the autism spectrum (Great Britain. Department for Children, Schools and families, 2009), however there is growing concern about the educational experiences of pupils with ASC. Only 12% of parents with children in an...
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  • Music Therapy Autism Literature Review
    Individuals with autism show equal or increased abilities in pitch processing, labeling of emotions in music, and musical preference when compared to typically‐developing peers. The most compelling evidence supporting the clinical benefits of music therapy lies in the areas of social‐emotional responsiveness and communication including increased compliance, reduced anxiety, increase speech output, decreased vocal stereotypy, receptive labeling, and increased interaction with peers....
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  • Educating Students with Diverse Abilities - Autism
    1.0 Introduction: Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) are one of the most common disabilities teachers will face in the classroom. Approximately 1 in 160 children are being diagnosed with having ASD, with autistic disorder (autism) and Asperger's disorder the most prevalent (Australian Advisory Board on Autism Spectrum Disorders, 2007). Australia promotes an inclusive education system meaning that all students with disabilities are encouraged and entitled to be educated within a general...
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  • How the therapist can help autism children
    Understanding Autism: How Family Therapists Can Support Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders Alexandra H. Solomon & Beth Chung The article, “Understanding Autism: How Family Therapists Can Support Parents of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders”, contains the researches about the Autism, and the solutions to improve the life of children with Autism between family therapists and their parents. “The number of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)...
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  • Unit 4222-253 Introductory awareness of autistic spectrum conditions
     Unit 4222-253 Introductory awareness of autistic spectrum conditions Learning Outcome 1 1) describe the types of difficulty that individual with an autistic spectrum condition may have with language and other ways of communicating with others The difficulties may show them self in some or all of the following ways: a delayed or complete lack of development of spoken language with no alternative means of communicating developed to compensate for this there may be difficulty...
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  • Discuss Inclusive Practice for Children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder Within a Primary School Setting
    BA Honours and Combined Honours in Education And professional studies Learners with Disabilities and Learning Difficulties ED2234 Tutor: Frank J. Harrington Discuss Inclusive Practice for Children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder within a Primary School Setting Mukaddes Cross May 2012 Discuss Inclusive Practice for Children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder within a Primary School Setting According to The National Autistic Society (2011 and 2012), autism can be defined as a lifelong...
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  • Restrictive Physical Interventions - 9519 Words
    To: Directors of Social Services Chief Executives of Health Authorities Chief Executives of Primary Care Groups GUIDANCE ON RESTRICTIVE PHYSICAL INTERVENTIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH LEARNING DISABILITY AND AUTISTIC SPECTRUM DISORDER, IN HEALTH, EDUCATION AND SOCIAL CARE SETTINGS I am pleased to announce the publication of the above guidance issued under section 7 of the LASSL Act 1970. This document is issued jointly by Department of Health and Department for Education and Skills. This is the...
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  • Social Skills - 864 Words
    SOCIAL SKILLS What are social skills? Why are they important to teach to children with autism? Social rules, explicit and implied, are everywhere. It is easiest to notice them when they are missing in children, such as when your child makes an unusual statement, walks the perimeter of the playground instead of joining into the game, or when your child has difficulty losing the game or getting off the computer when asked. “Missing” social skills generally accompany children with...
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  • Uscb Investigation - 1997 Words
    Part One I have chosen to investigate Autistic Spectrum Disorder and how it can affect a child’s behaviour. Autistic Spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that is characterised by lack of social skills, aggressive behaviour, lack of imagination, difficulties communicating and repetitive behaviour. (Anderson et al, 2008) Children that have ASD can find it very difficult when dealing with social situations. This is because they lack the ability to read other people’s faces and...
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  • Geoffrey Hahn1 Exercise 3 Worksheet
    Exercise 3 Worksheet: Search for Peer-Reviewed Articles Save this worksheet to your computer with the filename "Your_Name_Exercise_3." Complete the table below by doing the following: Log on to Enter your username and password. Select the Library tab. Click on University Library. Select General Resources. Search both major databases (ProQuest and EBSCOhost) for peer-reviewed articles about a topic that interests you. Checkmark the "scholarly journals, including...
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  • Annotated Bibliography Example - 382 Words
    Learning with Autism: Why Students with Autism Require a Different Learning Environment "Autism Spectrum Disorder." NIMH RSS. National Institutes of Mental Health, n.d. Web. 12 Feb. 2014. . Published by the National Institutes of Mental Health, this webpage covers just about everything one would need to know about autism: what it is, causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, living with autism, etc. This web source has the most information of any webpage that I could find. The...
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  • LD210AutisticSpectrumConditionsv8 - 833 Words
    LD 210 OU M/601/5316 Introductory awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions Title LD 210 Introductory awareness of Autistic Spectrum Conditions Level 2 Credit value 2 Learning outcomes The learner will: Assessment criteria The learner can: 1. Understand the areas in which individuals with an autistic spectrum condition characteristically have difficulties 1.1 Describe the types of difficulty that individuals with an autistic spectrum condition may have with language and other ways of...
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  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time Speach
    Good afternoon All of you non normal human beings. This afternoon I will be auguring my point on why I think that there is no such thing as normal when it comes to human beings. We’re 7 million people sharing the earth. But how many are considered “normal”? Can a little thing as being born with one finger less, make you the purple sheep in the classroom? Is it even possible to be normal? One definition of “normal” is the average or typical. So there are some characteristics of human beings that...
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  • Neurological-Based Behavior - 1132 Words
    Reflection Paper #1 Topic: Neurological-Based Atypical Behavior (NBB) For my reflection paper, I chose to give my opinion on the NBB’s, short for “Neurological-Based Atypical Behaviors”. NBB is defined as a collection of deeds or the behavior of children that happen outside the usual boundaries of self control. According to Dr. Paula Cook, specialist in teaching students with NBB, about 10 percent of students cannot control what they say or do reliably. They are...
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  • Literature Review - 1427 Words
    Literature Review Making it a Success, Sue Larkey, 2008 ‘Making it a Success’ written by Sue Larkey is a book which has many strategies and worksheets to use during a literacy lesson for students with Autistic spectrum disorder. Larkey identifies Autism Spectrum disorder (ASD) as ‘A lifelong developmental disability affecting about 1 in 500 people. Confused by the world around them, people with an Autism spectrum Disorder need help to fit in. They have great difficulty understanding what they...
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  • Rainman PPTX Final - 639 Words
    Movie Character Presentation RAIN MAN (1988) Overview of Presentation • • • • • Brief background of Rain Man Functional Assessment of Raymond Analysis of Assessment Nursing Considerations Conclusion Background of Movie and Character • Charlie Babbit: brother of Raymond who is autistic; a self centered young man who discovers the love for his brother throughout the film. • Raymond: Autistic brother of Charlie who has a form of a mental calculator in his head letting him count many items at...
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  • Reference List with Apa Format
    Reference List: • Bowker, A., D'Angelo, N. M., Hicks, R., & Wells, K. (2011). Treatments for Autistm: Parental Choices and Perceptions of Change. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 41, 1373-1382. doi:10.1007/s10803-010-1164-y • Goin-Kochel, R. P., Myers, B. J., & Mackintosh, V. H. (2007). Parental reports on the use of treatments and therapies for children with autism spectrum disorders. Research in Autism Spectrum Disorder, 1, 195–209. doi:10.1016/j.rasd.2006.08.006 • Graff,...
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  • Art Therapy - Short Essay
    Art Therapy- Autism is a neurobiological disorder that strikes children sometime during the first three years of life affecting cognition, social interaction, and communication skills. No specific cause for autism is known, but research suggests the disability might be genetic. The annual cost of treating and supporting individuals with autism spectrum disorders in the United States can be as high as $90 billion. In 10 years, the annual cost could be as high as $200 to $400 billion. Ninety...
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  • Curriculum Project - 2556 Words
    CURRICULUM PROJECT CARINGAL, JULIE ANN P. ECSPED 202 Prof. Frances Magtoto Early Intervention Curriculum for Children with Autism Description The curriculum presented here is an early intervention curriculum influenced by Applied Behavior Analysis practices that focuses on positive reinforcement and acknowledging the child as an active participant in the learning process. Although the curriculum targets children with...
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  • character analysis - 1385 Words
     A Character Analysis, Diagnosis, and Treatment Plan for the Movie Rain Man Kristie Pellicani Centenary College When learning about an individual with autism it may be ones first reaction to assume they are intellectual disabled, however that stereotype could not be further from the truth. Research found that half the children with autism are not intellectually disabled (Geschwind, 2009). About 45% to 60% of people with autism are recorded to have an average or above average IQ...
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  • First Reaction Paper - 1003 Words
     Affect Regulation and Temperament in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Author: Mary Konstantareas and Kelly Stewart Year: 2007 Source: Journal of Autism and Development Disorders This article was based on research done on children ages three to ten years around the temperament and reactions of children with Autism. It discusses the differences between those with Autism, and those without autism, specifically how they react, perceive, and overcome certain developmental...
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  • Transitions in lifespan Development - 3785 Words
    School of Education Studies Module Cover Sheet Name of Student: Eibhlín Ní Mhuircheartaigh ID Number: 59210388 Qualification: M.Sc. Guidance & Counselling Module: ES551: Wellbeing, Society and Lifelong Learning Title of Essay/Seminar Paper: Case Study: School struggles of those living with Asperger Syndrome Please indicate the term and academic year this module was studied: Spring 2010 Term: Autumn  Spring Summer Academic Year: 2009/2010 Is this a re-submission?...
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  • teachers aid assessment 2
     Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASDs) Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are a group of developmental disabilities that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. People with ASDs handle information in their brain differently than other people. ASDs are "spectrum disorders." That means ASDs affect each person in different ways, and can range from very mild to severe. People with ASDs share some similar symptoms, such as problems with social interaction. But there are...
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  • narrative/descriptive essay - 533 Words
     Antwain Woodson EN-110 03-11-14 The Autism Spectrum Disorder is a very misunderstood health conception. Also this health disorder affects an individuals' social interaction due to the prolonged emotional,behavioral and physical conditions it carries. Learning about the different types of Autism will assist in better understanding this disorder. "Autism is a spectrum disorder,meaning there is a wide degree of variation(Bostic JQ.Prince JB Child)".Ranging from:Asperger's...
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  • Target Market - 296 Words
    Autism Speaks Target Market Target Market: * Who is the Target Market? 1. Families, friends, caregivers, and others affected in a variety of ways by Autism * How does this demographic work together to raise awareness? 2. Provide insight, support, and education to greater communities through neighborhood events and open monthly Meetings Research Average Target Market: * Autism Speaks Main Geographic Areas: 3. There are four main geographic chapters of Autism...
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  • Jim Case Study - 1122 Words
    Case Study on Jim Ashley Lammi PSYCH/515 April 8, 2013 Naomi Hall-Byers Case Study on Jim Jim is a 48-year-old Caucasian male that shows a sign of depression and possibly Asperger’s, which is a form of Autism but a more high functioning kind. His behavior seems normal to Jim but abnormal to everyone else. Although Jim can uphold a stable job his interactions with fellow coworkers is almost nonexistent. As well as the nonexistent relationship he has with his coworkers Jim does not see his...
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  • Pediatric Physical Therapy - 801 Words
    Pediatric Physical Therapist I believe that pediatric physical therapists have interesting and fulfilling careers; I would love to experience the excitement and hard work that comes along with the job. I believe that I can be a pediatric physical therapist because I can work very well with children and I know how to make me people become confident during their rehab sessions/exercises. Physical therapy is something I’ve been interested in for a long time and it’s a very demanding and...
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  • Comp II Final Project
     Composition II Final Project Holli Smith Kaplan University Professor: Tyler Pruett Part 1: Revised Letter to the Editor To The Editor of the Kennebec Journal and Waterville Sentinel, respectively: In 1984, there were 40 people in the State of Maine diagnosed with Autism. Now a one child for every 150 in Maine is diagnosed within the Autism spectrum. Every year more children with Autism reach adulthood. At that point there is an incredible...
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  • aspergers - 1152 Words
    In the current media, newspapers, and the Internet there have been an ongoing debate about Asperger’s, weather it should have been dropped from the fifth edition of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V). The American Psychiatric Association (APA) approved the idea of grouping Asperger’s into the category of Autism. Although some may be criticize the consolidation of Asperger’s and Autism, it may have actually brought multiple benefits to individuals suffering with...
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  • Prejudice and Discrimination - 466 Words
    Myra Armstrong April 21,2012 Psychology 101 The movie Radio HE gerwq up fasinated by Radio his niek name Radio was given to him by the town people because of the radio he carried everywere he went . He still attend T.L. HANNA HIGH SCHOOL and helps coach the football team . AS his mother in the film started there is no name for what is wroung with JAMES . It is almost certantly a genetic disorder because both his father and younger brother share the the same defect....
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  • unit 26 level 3 nvq H&S
    T/601/5317 – Thomas Evans It is important to understand a service user as an individual with different skill sets and dislikes so you can get a good idea of how the autistic service user lives his/her life. For example an autistic individual may has sensory issues with noise so you would avoid supporting him/her to a concert and redirect and suggest supporting them with another activity such as a walk in the country side. Finding out what a service user likes and dislikes are important to...
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  • Self Reflection - 781 Words
    1 Self Reflection/Discovery Southwestern College 2 Reading the book “Please Understand Me II” has helped me out tell about the person I really am. I am someone who really goes out of my way to try and please everyone and lend them a hand. I like helping everyone out and involved with numerous volunteer functions. My resume displays numerous volunteer functions from coaching basketball to church functions. I think as guardians we can have a lot of fun with our friends,...
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  • Shc 31 - 3.2 - 360 Words
    SHC 31 – 3.2 The barriers to communication include: • Environment – the environment is a barrier to communication because if you are in a busy, noisy area you can get easily distracted or miss information that could be important for the child. • Culture and family background – this can affect the communication method that some cultures use, for example, some cultures might not use or interpret eye contact different. Families communicate in different ways together. Some may speak a different...
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  • Operation Management - 1177 Words
    Cultural and Disease Paper Autistic Autism known as Autistic disorder is a neurological disorder that may occur during the first three years of life. The children with this disorder appears distance; living in their own world. The child does not show interest in interaction with other and lack of awareness to surroundings. Autistic children have problem communicating with others, poor eye contact, and shows limited attachment to others including parents. According to Choc Health (2012),...
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  • Are the Social Influences of Visual Entertainment Media Mostly Positive or Negative? Explain.
    Asperger's syndrome, is an autism spectrum disorder that affects language and behavioral development in children. Several years ago Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) is a group of conditions that involve delays in the development of many basic skills that vary in severity, communication delay and repetitive behaviors such as: Autistic Disorder, Asperger Disorder, Rett’s Disorder, Childhood Disintegrative Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder-not otherwise Specified. Now more...
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    ACKNOWLEDGEMENT The accomplishment of this study would not have been feasible without the support and cooperation of my group in making this study possible. Most of all to our Almighty God for giving us the strength, blessings, and knowledge needed in completing this study. We would like to thank our GENETICS instructor MR. RAMER P. CERILLO for sharing his knowledge, helpful suggestion in terms of making this study more organized. And...
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  • Inclusive Education and Asd - 4085 Words
    The Medical model of disability focuses on the condition rather than the individual. It views people with disabilities as being imperfect, and as something which must be cured when possible. This leading to a person with a disability being encouraged to act or look ‘normal’ to fit into society, therefore treating people with disabilities as a victim. The Social model of disability challenges societies views of people with disabilities and impairments. Developed by disabled people...
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  • Informative Speech - 699 Words
    Alberto Alvarado Professor Kenneth Lee Comm 101 - Spring 2012 Informative Speech Outline April 15th 2012 A Piece of the Puzzle General Purpose: To Inform Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech the audience will be able to tell people certain things about autistic people. Thesis Statement: It is difficult living with autism Introduction A. Attention-getter: It was the Saturday before our topic choice was due, for professor Lee’s class. I was stressing, I could not figure out...
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