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  • Positive Attributes Paper - 1331 Words
    Christian Allen Positive Attributes Paper Team # 6 2/14/15 After getting feedback from twelve people about my positive attributes, I found patterns in how friends, family, and classmates thought I brought value. The positive attribute that was brought up the most out of the twelve people was my attentiveness to others. I was described as being an individual who cares about others and is concerned about others wellbeing. The next attribute that I picked out of the respondents was my hard work...
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  • Diversity: Key Attributes - 319 Words
    Bus 520 Week 1 Case: Diversity Competency 1. Which key attributes of the diversity competency are illustrated in this case? Give a specific example of each attributes identified. The key attributes of the diversity competency that were illustrated in this case are embracing and developing personal team or organizational tendencies and learning from individuals, teams, or organizations with different characteristics, experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds. Accenture...
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  • Relationship Between Website Attribute and Customer Satisfaction
    LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT Capstone Project TITLE:“Relationship Between Website Attribute and Customer Satisfaction” SUBMITTED TO LOVELY PROFESSIONALUNIVERSITY In partial fulfillment of the Requirement for the award of Degree of “MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION” SUBMITTED BY: Kuldeep Tiwari Ambar Singh Archit Sharma Ankur Sood Reg no : 10809869 10804683 10800482 10800039 DEPARTMENT OF MANAGEMENT LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY JALANDHAR NEW DELHI GT ROAD PHAGWARA...
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  • Sample Database to Help Users of Nonstop Sql/Mp
    S Sample Database To help users of NonStop SQL/MP become familiar with the product's features, Tandem includes a sample database and sample application on the product site update tape (SUT). The sample database demonstrates the use of NonStop SQL/MP in a Pathway transaction processing environment. It includes several host language programs that use embedded SQL statements to access the sample database. Users can also access the sample database with SQLCI commands. The source code, database...
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  • Template For Assessed Task 1 1 6 1
    Preparing to set up a home-based childcare business - Task 1.1 Having reflected on your own skills, attributes and behaviours - identify the skills, attributes and behaviours required to lead and manage a home based childcare setting. (Save this template to your own computer before completing and uploading to Moodle). Skills A skill is something that has been developed through practice, training or experience. To lead an manage in a home based childcare setting I would need the following...
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  • Person Organization Fit - 1510 Words
    Introduction This week, we discuss how the notion of person-organization fit may be recast from a sense-making perspective. We were also asked to identify 3 to 5 organizational culture profile items from a list created by O’Reilly, Chatman and Caldwell, (1991), and describe experiences that are consistent with those profile elements, as well as describe how we believe individuals in the organization played a role in the development of those cultural attributes. Person-Organization Fit and...
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  • Spam - 2202 Words
    Tweet spammers are driven by several goals, such as to spread advertise to generate sales, disseminate pornography, viruses, phishing, or simple just to compromise system reputation. First, we crawled a near-complete dataset from Twitter, containing more than 54 million users, 1.9 billion links, and almost 1.8 billion tweets. Second, we created a labeled collection with users “manually” classified as spammers and non-spammers. Third, we conducted a study about the characteristics of...
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  • Sonnet 130 Shakespeare - 462 Words
    Shakespeare is expressing, though not in the first person, that he knows women are not the perfect beauties they are portrayed to be and that we should love them anyway. He uses two types of descriptions, one of their physical beauty and the other of their characteristics to make fun of all those ‘romantic' poets trying to ‘brown nose' the girls they like. One of the physical attributes, in the first quatrain, that he mentions is his "mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun," meaning she has no...
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  • Difference Between Casual and Fine Dining
     Difference between Casual Dining & Fine Dining This study examined the relationship among six restaurant attribute factors and three consumer characteristics/behaviors in fine-dining restaurant choice selections. The six factors are described as promotion, price/value, quality expectation, setting, dietary, and variety/innovative characteristics. Gender, age, and dining frequency were shown to impact the strength of the relationship with these six factors. The results of this study...
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  • Constructive Criticism - 728 Words
    CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM (Part II & Part III is graded with each answer worth 7.15 point each) PART 1: To get you started in the right frame of mind, you need to complete a simple exercise that helps you learn how to word criticism differently. Choose something you dislike (broccoli, homework, cleaning, washing dishes, etc.) Then list all of the characteristics you dislike about this thing. Then change your comments to constructive criticism. Example: DON’T LIKE: Broccoli CHARACTERISTICS YOU...
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  • Perry Mod4 Case study
    1. Measurement is the assignment of numbers to characteristics (or attributes) of objects according to a pre-specified set of rules. Describe the object and characteristics of Syafiq’s study. The object of Syafiq’s study was the website for the Standard Asian Merchant Bank. The characteristics of the study are: customer satisfaction, content and layout, usable features, time spent on the site, and required knowledge to access products. 2. The measurement of more...
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  • Consumer Perception Towards Cosmetic Industry
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  • Basic Research Methodology Concepts
    Research Methodology: Introduction Basic Concepts: Research, Bus. Research; Methods and methodology; population and sample; census and sampling; variable and attribute; Operational definition; Data, information and knowledge; Research is a process of identifying the status of a phenomenon through deploying various methods in a systematic manner. Research is a systematic process of identifying the problems, defining the questions and objectives, identifying the variables/ indicators to...
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  • Means End Chain Model Relating to Samsung
     Samsung Electronics Relating to the Means End Chain Model Means End chain Model explores the connection between consumer and product through the construction of a simple associative network between concrete and abstract product attributes, functional and psychosocial consequences linked with product use and finally consumers’ instrumental and terminal values. Product Attributes expresses the impressions or...
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  • Services - 320 Words
    Characteristic of services Intangibility Unlike products services cannot be counted, measured, or felt. It is difficult to explain to the customer what a specific feature in the service will give to the customer. As services are intangible, the perceptions of customers regarding the service may differ at any given amount in time. Each customer will have a different perception and experience about the same service. But in a hotel the quality of service is not only dependent on the...
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  • True Greatness - 276 Words
    I believe that there are many characteristics that constitute true greatness. One characteristic would be the ability to put other's needs in front of your own. Also to be able to say what is on your mind. And the last one is just being an all around kind and nice person. To be able to put other people's needs in front of your own is a very important quality. If u want to be a leader u need to do everything in your power to help out the people that are involved with what you are doing....
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  • Hidden Potential - 5773 Words
    Discover Your Products’ Hidden Potential by Ian C. MacMillan and Rita Gunther McGrath A simple matrix helps you identify the attributes that will make your goods and services most competitive. Why did a minor math error that would occur only once every 27,000 years so enrage customers that it briefly threatened to derail Intel’s Pentium chip? And how could a feature as trivial as an inexpensive cup holder swing millions of customers to purchase a $17,000 automobile—particularly when only...
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  • Questions for Technopreneur - 389 Words
    MULTIPLE CHOICE 1. This Segment of the market is very eager for new technology needing new devices as soon as they are made available? a. Early Adapters b. Early Majority c. Innovators d. Laggards 2. This is the largest source of new ideas by the entrepreneur? a. Government b. Consumers c. Research & Development d. Distribution Channels 3. This allows people to do things that could not be done before or only could be done in less efficient manner? a. Social and...
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  • Activity 4 case study
    Activity 4.4 - Case Study - Measurement of Variables - Operational Definitions I Measurement is the assignment of numbers to characteristics (or attributes) of objects according to a pre-specified set of rules. Describe the object and characteristics of Syafiq’s study. The object of the study is to help the Standard Asian Merchant Banks SP department understand how, and to what extent, the customers use the website and how it can be simplified in order to reduce the number of...
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  • Economics of milk production -A case study of Avnoor panchayath
    DATA ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATION TABLE 1: FREQUENCY OF PURCHASE BY RESPONENDS TO STORE INTERPRETATION From the above table and graph it is clear that out of 100 respondents surveyed, 33% of them purchase daily, 31% of them purchase weekly, 36 of them purchase monthly and there are no respondents who purchase occasionally. This clearly shows that frequency of purchase by the consumers is very high. Respondents who purchase regularly visit store weekly and monthly. It is found that many...
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  • Er Diagrams - 761 Words
    Exercise 1 1. Draw an E-R diagram for each of the following situations (if you believe that you need to make additional assumptions, clearly state them for each situation): a. A hospital has a large number of registered physicians. Attributes of PHYSICIAN include Physician_ID (the identifier) and Specialty. Patients are admitted to the hospital by physicians. Attributes of PATIENT include Patient__ID (the identifier) and Patient_Name. Any patient who is admitted must have exactly one...
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  • Outline what is meant by the terms 'conformtiy' and 'obedience' with references to the public services
    P3 - Outline what is meant by the terms ‘conformity’ and ‘obedience’ with reference to the public services. Obedience and Conformity are both highly looked upon in the public service sector, this is because to be a successful team in public services you have to be able to work together successfully as a team and obedience and conformity both are a desired attribute when the public service department are recruiting. Conformity- when you change your behaviour or actions to fit in with...
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  • How Would You Perform the Role Krogstad or Mrs Linde in the Play in Order to Achieve Desired Effects?
    How would you perform the role Krogstad or Mrs Linde in the play in order to achieve desired effects? I have chosen to write about Krogstad and I think that the desired effect on the audience in my opinion is to be seen as the villain but without being to evil at moments. Krogstad defiantly has villainous attributes which at times seem dominant in this character, but Krogstad is embittered by life, as he was rejected by Mrs Linde, whom he proposed too and he lost his standing in society...
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  • Cougar Visa Case - 1045 Words
    Cougar Visa: Developing a Means-End Chain for a Credit Card A) Using the data provided, perform a means-ends analysis. During this case study, we can see that the current state the following: there are an increasing number of competitors in the credit industry. More and more companies enter this industry, making even more difficult for the bank to compete and gain more customers shares. So, we’ve perform a means-end analysis of the situation in order to get the maximum information for them...
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  • What You Can Learn from an Elephant
     An elephant to me isn’t just an elephant it’s a beautiful big animal with the biggest heart and open mind. They are represented in many cultures as multiple significant meanings and some that I identify with. The structure of an elephant is obvious to the human eye it’s a huge ass animal with big ears and little tiny eyes, but if you take time to research the background and the reason for their structure you would hopefully become as obsessed with an elephant as I am. Their memories are...
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  • The Ideal Child - 606 Words
    "The Ideal Child" Many people have often been asked what they thought their ideal mate should be like. The answer to this question for most is the typical "model" prototype. In the research article "Hong Kong Chinese Parents? Perceptions of the Ideal Child", a study was done regarding parents? ideas of what their "ideal" child would be like. This is a very important topic in that "research findings indicate that parent?s attitudes, expectations, and encouragement influence children?s academic...
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  • Means End Chain - 1238 Words
    Means End Chain Model Dealing with real estate purchase are considered high involvement goods that require complex decision-making. However, in order to understand consumers’ cognitive structures and to extract the deeper motives behind an individual behaviour in buying houses using Means end Chain model and laddering helped us to understand the why and how products are important in an individual’s life. The means end chain interview sample size was 10 and the respondents were couples, all...
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  • Ethics Essay - 507 Words
    The ethical lens inventory has done an excellent job at teaching me about myself; things that I did not know or had pointed out to me in the past. I 100% agree with my preferred ethical lens which is the reputation lens, I use sensibility to find equality for all. I defiantly do feel like I do that or strive to achieve this. My blind spot of having unrealistic role expectation is something I know all to well, having fell victim to it in the past. Sometimes I forget that we are all human and...
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  • Brm Abstract - 261 Words
    ABSTRACT The penetration of mobile handsets and the increased dependence on it for entertainment and day-to-day activities, results into a quest for finding an ideal mobile handset. “Gen Z” is one such project to identify the bundle of attributes that make the best value proposition for the target segment of Student-Youngsters. The segment Student – Youngster is identified on the basis of needs. Now a days, there are unimaginable number of features that can come with a mobile handset....
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  • Hatco Data - 367 Words
    HATCO Data Set Description The HATCO data set gives data from a survey of customers of the HATCO company. The data set consists of 100 observations on 14 separate variables. Three types of information were collected. The first type of information is the perception of HATCO on seven attributes identified in past studies as the most influential in the choice of suppliers. The respondents, purchasing managers of firms buying from HATCO, rated HATCO on each attribute. Each of these 7...
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  • Finny and Gene Comparison in A Separate Peace
    Imagine a town. This town’s buildings were all the same and they looked identical to each other. The people living there all had perfect friendships and even acted the same way. Each person had the same morals and strived to be the same thing. The cars were the same and so on. Nothing would be different, would it? It is okay to have certain attributes alike with other people or things, but after a while someone will want to search for something- anything- that would make them stand out from the...
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  • Marketing Study Notes - 343 Words
    Information Search * Information can be defined as the predictive value of a stimulus * The perceived stimuli are the data that composes information * Data is interpreted in relation to the problem recognised by the consumer * Selective exposure * Stimuli that predict problem resolution contain information * Stimuli that do not predict problem resolution are just noise Note the influence of consumer goals on information value of a stimulus. *...
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  • Product Differentiation - 882 Words
    Product Differentiation Definition:
Development or incorporation of attributes (such as benefits, price, quality, styling, service, etc.) that a product's intended customers perceive to be different and desirable. Advertising and promotion of a product is based on its differentiating characteristics. Source: Today, the market is crowded with similar brands, clamoring for the attention of customers. In order for...
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  • Battle of the Beers - 532 Words
    Case Study: Battle of the Beers Q1: what attributes are the most important in determining beer purchasing decisions? How does this vary by market segemts? The various attributes are Aroma Appearance Taste Aftertaste or finish Aroma A beer’s aroma is extremely important to its overall taste. The aroma determines the purchase decision of a beer. The market segments that use this attribute to purchase a beer are mostly experienced. The experience and the age determine the attribute....
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  • Oracle Ame - 1394 Words
    AME With Requisition Approvals How To Setup And Use AME For Purchase Requisition Approvals Purchase Requisitions can be routed for approval using the AME Approval Management Engine. This whitepaper describes how to setup AME for use with requisition approvals, and shows how a requisition approval list is built based on the AME setup. Approvers in the AME based approver list are assigned to the requisition based on the AME rules setup for the Purchase Requisition Approval transaction....
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  • Developmentally Instigative Person Model
    Developmentally Instigative Person Model. Developmentally instigative person characteristics consist of two features, personal stimulus qualities and developmentally structuring attributes, neither of which have found extensive articulation in the special education literature. These two features are explicitly distinguished from purely physical factors, such as bodily characteristics (e.g., size), forms of organic injury (e.g., congenital anomalies or physical disabilities), and physical...
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  • 4 Hour House - 915 Words
    With a “We Can Do It!” attitude Team A managed to build a house in 2 hours and 55 minutes, creating a world record under strenuous conditions. The video “Four Hour House” showed us a competition based out of San Diego. This motivational video illustrates the principles of total quality management and team work. But in a regular situation how can we actually build leadership from the ground up? This four hour house was built with a high performing leadership team. High performing leadership...
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  • Amenhotep - Essay - 594 Words
    TO: Chief Scribe FROM: L D DATE: February 7, 2012 SUBJECT: Response to your requests Introduction In this memo, I will respond to your requests. I will explain the relationship between Sihathor and Pemsah’s corn farms measurements and the phenomena and attributes of interest as they relate to Amenohotep’s land. I will assess which of two nobles did better job with his land. Finally, I will discuss the problem of mice in Pemsah’s corn granary and...
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  • Brand Extension: Using an Established Brand Name to Introduce a New Product
    Introduction: “A brand extension occurs when a firm uses an established brand name to introduce a new product” (Keller, 2008, pg 491). Paragraph 2 350 words Pg. 514 How relevant the extension evidence is about the attribute or benefit for the parent brand- Relevance- Any brand extension needs to enhance its parent brand. If there is no connection, or ‘relevance’ it potentially won’t provide feedback benefits to the parent brand. * Völckner and Sattler (2006) found that fit between...
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  • Database Principles Assignment - 1441 Words
    1. Let us design a database for an bank, including information about customers and their accounts. Information about a customer includes their name, address, phone, and Social Security number. Accounts have numbers, types(e.g., savings, checking) and balances. We also need to record the customer(s) who own an account. Draw the E/R diagram for this database. Be sure to include arrows where appropriate, to indicate the multiplicity of a relationship. Solution: [pic] 2. For your E/R diagram of...
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