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  • Arranged Marriages - 504 Words
    Arranged Marriages Alonzo Wilson There are many factors that play a major role in marriages and lust for one another is one of them. In the essay “Arranged Marriages Get a Little Reshuffling” by Lizette Alvarez a journalist for The New York Times, writes that “Lust does not a lasting marriage make”(156). The author is saying that lust does not last in a relationship, and it is one of the main reasons marriages does not last long either. I agree with this, but lust is one of many other...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 794 Words
    Arranged Marriage: Argumentative Essay Marriage is sacred event in many cultures as it joins two people together, and those two people shall live in prosperity forever---but it depends on the type of marriage. There are two marriages, arranged marriage is one where your parents or someone of authority, happily decides who you will get married to in the future. On the other hand, there is love marriage where you, yourself, decide who you are willing to marry, and of course it is your loved...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 1206 Words
    Arranged marriages: the issues that arise from arranged marriages Arranged marriages. It has been a controversial topic throughout time but many are not aware of the issues that can arise from them, but also the advantages that arranged marriages can bring. Firstly, I would like to stress that many people do not actually understand the difference between forced marriages and arranged marriages, but they are in fact, two very different things. A forced marriage is when (usually) a girl is...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 595 Words
    Balyn Senseney Reflection Paper- Arranged Marriage February 25, 2013 An arranged marriage is a union between two indivuals setup by their parents, family members or other outside party. These marriages are uncommon in our modern day American society, however are very common in India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa. In my opinion for an arranged marriage to be successful the parents must know their child's desires, inform the child of the arrangement early in life...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 423 Words
    Arranged marriages An arranged marriage is a marriage where the bride and the groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. This should not be confused with a forced marriage because the both individuals approve with the help of their parents or older members. Arranged marriages were the norm worldwide until the 18th century. In modern times arranged marriage has continued in royal, aristocratic families and ethnic minority groups in developed countries; elsewhere arranged...
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  • Arranged marriages - 1359 Words
    Arranged Marriages Social Science November 14, 2013 Abstract The most commonly recognized are pragmatic marriages, where the bride and groom have no choice in the selection of a prospective partner. The children of the parents have no say in who becomes their new partner. The eldest in many families end up making the final decision. This has been current tradition in international cultures for years and years. They do this often to preserve the history and respect...
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  • Arranged marriage - 746 Words
     Arranged marriages have been a tradition in many countries for centuries. In my opinion, the union is an unfair ceremony that has led to numerous downfalls in the lives of countless couples. The concept of arranged marriages is perceived as a human rights issue where individuals lose the right to freedom of choice. Often, the choice of spouse is selected because of the bond between two families, rather than the love between the couple. The parents of the children believe that they know them so...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 1053 Words
    Arranged Marriages “Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on earth.” This phrase is on eighty percent of wedding cards invitation, but never on a divorce documents. Have you ever thought why? People from different cultures have their own perspective. Some believe that, arranged marriages last longer than love marriages, as the elder members of the family choose their spouses, who are experienced. The traditions of arranged marriage have been continued for a long time in the family...
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  • Arranged Marriage - 524 Words
    ARRANGED MARRIAGE Nowadays, arranged marriage has been less practised by this generation, fewer on western countries and lesser on eastern countries. An arranged marriage is a marriage that the choice of husband or wife made by their parents or elders. Many young people think that this practise is a bit outdated while parents think that it is quite suitable. There is one question arises from all side, what is the pros and cons of arranged marriage if it is practised on this era? Parents...
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  • arranged marriage - 3257 Words
    History Arranged marriages were very common throughout the world until the 18th century. Typically, marriages everywhere were arranged by parents, grandparents or other relatives. Some historical exceptions are known, such as courtship and betrothal rituals during Renaissance period of Italy[16] and Gandharva marriages in Vedic period of India. In China, arranged marriages (baoban hunyin, 包辦婚姻) - sometimes called blind marriages (manghun, 盲婚) - were the norm before mid 20th century. A marriage...
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  • Arranged Marriage - 269 Words
    Everyone knows how hard it is to find a mate for marriage. Each person is free to decide how the mate selection will take place. Some people would rather conduct this selection by themselves, without any help, while others prefer to get help from an outside source, like their parents or a matchmaker. In this essay, I will make a distinction between the traditional arranged marriage and the modern definition of an arranged marriage at 3 points: first, matchmaker; second, arranged mate's attitude;...
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  • An Arranged Marriage - 337 Words
    elow is a free essay on "Arranged Marriages" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. ARRANGED MARRIAGES A THING OF THE PAST – DO YOU AGREE? Marriage is a legal union of man and wife. In this day and age there are two different ideas of marriage. The first being a marriage based on love and the second being a marriage arranged by a third party. The arranged marriage is a contract between families, but not between individuals. On the other...
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  • Arranged marriages. - 1996 Words
    Outline Thesis Statement: Arranged marriages have different forms mostly depending on the couples country, culture and social surrounding conditions; however, not all of these forms are acceptable, successful and respectable by many societies. I.In arranged marriages, the possibility of its success is unknown and depending on the culture of the couple and the type of this arranged marriage. A.If the couple is from the same region or society the chances of having a successful marriage is...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 393 Words
    EBSCOhost E-mail Result - - Gmail Gmail COMPOSE Inbox (7,213) Page 1 of 2 More Learn Cake Decoration - - Cake Decorating Classes In A Michaels Near You. Sign Up Now! EBSCOhost E-mail Result Inbox x Starred Important via 3:30 PM (5 hours ago) to me Sent Mail Drafts (29) Circles Personal VCR okjccc CV ckx OP Search people... 2dqh7-4238697900 4nrsz-4266631333 4wzzm-4265901628 Record:...
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  • arranged marriages - 912 Words
    TOPIC: Arranged Marriages 1. DRAFT AN INTRODUCTION (4 MARKS) Directions: Attach a rough draft of your introduction with your stage 3. It can be typed formally or written as an outline of the main points you will introduce. Arranged marriage is a type of marital union where the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. It was common worldwide until the 18th century. In modern times, arranged marriage has continued in royal families and ethnic...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 1243 Words
    Arranged Marriages What is an arranged marriage? Well in the Webster's dictionary it is defined as a marriage where the marital partners are chosen by others based on considerations other than the pre-existing mutual attraction of the partners. This habit has been very common in noble families, especially in reigning ones, at the scope of combining and perhaps enforcing the respective strengths of originary families (and kingdoms) of the spouses. A relevant part of history has been...
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  • Arranged Marriage - 2666 Words
     Arranged Marriage A recent article describes some of the benefits and pitfalls to arranged unions. First, parents who favor arranged marriages believe that they are more experienced and objective than their children. They will be able to make better, less impulsive choices regarding a compatible, and often financially supportive mate than their child will. In many cultures, disobeying the arrangement can lead to disownment and exile from the family. But for the children, arranged marriages...
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  • Arranged marriages - 384 Words
    hoss R/W advanced 1 November 21, 2013 Arranged marriages Arranged marriages are happening in many cultures all over the world. Marriages in India will be a great example of an arranged marriage resulted from, that Most of marriages in India are arranged marriages. How is the arranged marriage done in India? According to Nada, the process is that when tow Indian families are interested in each other they might want to increase the relationship between them, therefore they decide to make an...
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  • Arranged Marriage - 1122 Words
    My View on Arranged Marriage Theresa Y April 4th,2014 Marriage is one of the largest and most important milestones that an individual may experience. It symbolizes the life-long commitment between two people, unifying them and their families. The saying “first comes love, then comes marriage” describes how the ideal marriage arises from in Western culture, however, it can actually occur the other way around. Arranged marriage is a tradition where parents match their child with a suitable...
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  • arranged marriages - 1335 Words
    Are Arranged Marriages an act of love, or perhaps even torture? I find it difficult to see how anyone could possibly approve of arranged marriages. In an arranged marriage, the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than each other. Arranged marriages are most common in the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia - however with 55% of marriages in the world being arranged- you would be likely to find cases of arranged marriages anywhere you go. There are many different...
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  • Arranged Marriage: Right or Wrong?
    Arranged Marriages: Wrong or Right? There is a wide spread global dispute about the topic of arranged marriages, many arguing that it is wrong, forced, and inhuman, while others defend them stating that they are socially and traditionally correct with their societies. Both sides fight frivolously and are on complete opposite sides of the argument, but what are the facts? Are arranged marriages right or wrong? Arranged marriages are believed to have been practiced since the dawn of man's...
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  • Arranged Marriage: for America?
    Arranged Marriage: For America? Both arranged marriages and romantic marriages have good and bad points. Cultures such as India, Japan, and Ethiopia have had arranged marriages since the dawn of time. In America we allow our young adults to make their own decisions on whom to marry. Would Americans accept the practice of parents deciding whom they are going to marry without considering their wants or feelings? The answer is an emphatic NO! Americans are hopelessly romantic and fiercely...
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  • Love and Arranged Marriage - 385 Words
    Love and Arranged Marriages Have you ever thought about the difference between love marriages and arranged marriages? In some countries like China, India, and the Gulf countries, arranged marriages still exist. However, arranged marriages seem strange to other countries, especially were love marriage is strongly supported, countries such as United States, Europe, and even sometimes the Middle East. There are three noticeable differences in love and arranged marriage. The three...
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  • Arranged Marriages in India - Paper
    Arranged marriages in India In country India, which happens to be modernized, seems to keep up to the tradition of arranged marriages. With this tradition it is really important that a person’s family plays a huge role in choosing the marriage partner. To some this might sound a bit odd but it’s really important to realize that in Indian culture a pre-planned marriage is a symbol of love. Many Americans today will disagree with this arrangement and argue that true love cannot be accomplished...
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  • Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage!
    Education and media played a vital role in changing the perception of the Indian mind. Love marriage is supposed to provide freedom and more independence as compared to arranged marriages where the girl/boy is chosen by the parents. The usual question of love marriage voters against arranged one is that how can anyone marry the person whom they don’t know? Amid popular love lore like Soni Mahiwal, India always had a long tradition of arranged marriages. With the advent of the British and the...
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  • Are Arranged Marriages and Forced Marriages Unethical
    Are Arranged Marriages and Forced Marriages Unethical? Would you consider having your marriage forced or arranged to a person you never met or seen before? Most probably no, but this is happening to many young females and males all over the world. Arranged and forced marriages have been a heated debate in certain cultures, justifying whether it is good or bad it’s hard to judge. There have however also been many changes to these traditions in contemporary society, regarding culture clashing....
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  • Pre- Arranged Marriage - 1000 Words
    The custom of arranging marriages is still customary in many countries. What are the advantages of arranged matrimony? Arranged marriage is an old custom which used to be practiced by royal and aristocratic families around the world. Nowadays, arranged marriages are still customary in India, Africa and, to some extent, in the Middle East. Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriage While love marriages are usually associated with romance, love at first sight and personal freedom, arranged...
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  • Comment on arranged marriage - 713 Words
     Young ,beautiful, unique, talented, artsy, dughtifull, goal-drivin´. All those words are adjectives that a person could possibe use for discribing Shanaz. A teenager, barely an adult who is now married to a relative, older but at the same time more childish than her. Shanaz is a muslim and in order of reaching her goal, an art degree, did she make an compromise. She agreed to an arranged marriage. She agreed to marry a complete stranger. For a person brought up in a western country, used...
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  • Love Cum Arranged Marriage
    Chetan Bhagat, a well-known Indian Author and columnist is the author of this novel 2 STATES – The Story of My Marriage. He has written a beautiful tale about an inter-caste love cum arranged marriage of two students from different states and different caste of India who meet at famous institute IIM, Ahmedabad. I am here writing about love cum arranged marriage. This is aperfect topic for me as I believe in love cum arranged marriage. I want to marry my girlfriend but as most of the Indians...
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  • Arranged Marriages - 1 - 1566 Words
    Outline Thesis: We should not be living in a country where a person can not choose his/her life partner, where one does not have the freedom of choice. Introduction: Freedom of choice. I. The Issue of Arranged Marriages. A. Saudi Women and their Life Issues. B. Marriages in Saudi Arabia. II. Examples of Arranged Marriages in the Arab World. A. What Happened to Jack and Xena. B. An Arranged Marriage in Lebanon. C. Why Arranged Marriages are not the Right...
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  • Arranged Marriages 9 - 1444 Words
    Arranged Marriages This report discusses the affirmative and negatives of arranged marriages. This report does not give a personal opinion but shows both sides of the argument. Here is some background information regarding arranged marriages. Islam is one religion that uses arranged marriages. Not only are the marriages arranged by the parents but also by older relatives as well. They believe that the parents know all about their children so they are capable of choosing a suitable...
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  • Japanese Arranged Marriages - 818 Words
    For centuries, arranged marriages between social classes have been a tradition. Since World War II ended in 1945, “love” marriages have become more and more common. Social class has somewhat ended with the establishment of the Tenant Laws; which abolished landlords and divided land between Japanese peasants and farmers. Now, marriage is becoming much like that of the United States’. The rise of non-arranged marriage is a positive event; it is helping Japan progress towards a freer nation which...
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  • Arranged Marriages Essay - 620 Words
    You would not like to be sold away to someone you barely know… Arranged marriages happen all around the world. But it’s most likely to happen in India and Pakistan. An arranged marriage is a marriage in which neither the bride or the groom has any official say over the selection of their future spouses. However, in an arranged marriage, both parties give full consent to the marriage. This type of marriage was more common in the world in the past, but it still happens in a lot of areas of the...
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  • The Truth About Arranged Marriages
    The Truth about Arranged Marriages Shockingly, arranged marriages still take place in many countries. It has existed since ancient times and the process has continued to develop. To this day it still is one of the most controversial subjects out there, “critics and proponents of arranged marriages both agree that true love it the main component for a happy marriage and family” (arranged marriages). The purpose of my paper is that arranged marriages are immoral and that each woman should have...
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    ARRANGED MARRIAGES IN PAKISTAN’S CULTURE Vows, promise to stay together, celebration of new journey symbolizes marriage. Though marriages anywhere around the globe carry same meaning and importance, it is the tradition of how these marriages are conducted differs across world. In Pakistan, the system of arranged marriages is still practiced with dignified moral values and proper conduct. In Pakistani culture, bride and groom who are to spend their rest of lives together are usually chosen for...
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  • Should Arranged Marriages be Encouraged?
    Most young girls dream of the perfect wedding, the perfect husband and the perfect happily ever after. They have conjured up a beautiful day to share with a special person that they want to spend the rest of their lives with, yet millions of these girls won’t ever see their dreams come true. Since they were born, many children have been ingrained with the idea of an arranged marriage and so they grow up thinking it's the right thing, or in some cases, the only way. This is considered to be awful...
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  • Arranged Marriage Essay 1
    Arranged marriage Arranged marriage 1 Do you want get married with the one you love or do you want to find someone who has many commons in a various elements with you? Do you want to have a wonderful marriage? Or how can people avoid their marriage from divorce? Young people nowadays can have a chance and freedom to get married by two main ways: love marriage and arranged marriage. A lot of people in Western countries think that arranged marriage...
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  • Arranged marriage and my attitude to it
    Arranged marriage and my attitude to it Arranged marriages are marriages in which family members take a significant role in bringing a couple together. Relatives, particularly parents, often take the initiative to find, evaluate, and approve potential spouses for their children. In some cases, the couple may marry while still relative strangers under the expectation that they will develop a loving relationship over time. These marriages are in contrast to so-called "love marriages," in...
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  • Arranged Marriage Argumentative Essay
    Misery, agony, and being in a tragedy are all ideas people may think when they hear of arranged marriages. Arranged marriages can make anyone be skeptical; however arranged marriages may be beneficial to conserving one’s tradition or culture. Arranged marriages allow couples to develop bonds and attractions over time. Even though most people who are not in arranged marriages may think someone is in misery, it has been proven that arranged marriages ...
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  • Arranged Marriages - Pros and Cons.
    Arranged Marriages are marriages in which are organized and arranged through family and friends of either the woman or the man of the marriage. This would occur since some states in the US outlaw marriages between White and Japanese people. Arranged marriages doesn't only occur that way, becuase a lot of arranged marriages can be found throughout the world, many of them being traditional to their cultures. Some arranged marriages can be arranged at anytime, even while they are still children!...
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  • Arranged Marriages 7 - 606 Words
    Arranged Marriages A1. In the video the narrator is trying to convince the viewers that arranged marriages are more common in certain traditions than in western culture. The narrator also gives facts and supporting evidence about the success rate and advantages of arranged marriages and how the idea of arranged marriage is not as far fetched as it seems. A2. The most general problem with arranged marriages is that the individuals who are arranged to be married don’t have the ability to...
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  • Arranged marriages essay - 626 Words
    Arranged marriages Arranged marriage is an old tradition, and it was normal worldwide until the 18th century. In an arranged marriage, the bride and the groom is selected by a third party, rather than each other. This is a type of marital union. Arranged marriages are still going on in modern times, but often royal, aristocratic families and some ethnic minority groups. There are several positive aspects with arranged marriages. For example, if you are in an arranged marriage, you do not...
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  • Arranged Marriage: Advantages & Disadvantages
    Those of us who live in countries where falling in love is the path to marriage may be surprised at some of the pros and cons of arranged marriages. Though they’re not for everyone, arranged marriages do have some advantages that you may not be aware of. At the same time, they have some very real disadvantages too. In countries or cultures where matchmaking is the norm, people are very aware of the pros and cons of arranged marriages. One of the strongest reasons for arranged marriages is...
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  • Love vs Arranged Marriages
     Love Marriages vs. Arranged Marriages There are two main marriage systems – arranged and love marriages – with arranged marriages being the longest existing, especially those that were orchestrated for financial and social gains. These types of marriages are often equated with opposing societies, like the individualistic/Western and traditional/collectivist/Eastern. Individualistic/Western societies are mainly associated with European countries and the United States, although it also...
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    Does an arranged marriage create happier, stable families than freedom of choice in marriage? A marriage can be defined as a union between two people who wish to become a wife and a husband. An arranged marriage is a marriage where ones choice of a marriage partner is made by another person rather than them (Paul 1). In most cases the choice lies on the parents or the guardians. Though this practice was so common traditionally, even today it is still being practiced in many communities. A...
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  • Arranged Marriages Forced - 598 Words
    Arranged Marriages Forced Although the modern social norms of western cultures expect marriage to be based on love and a strong bond between two people, this is not the basis for marriage in all cultures or societies. Although the greater parts of arranged marriages aren’t intended to be forced, the couples are given the chance to oppose their chosen partners if they don’t feel that the marriage would be a success. In other cases, the couples have no choice; it’s a sign of disrespect to...
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  • Arranged Marriages 6 - 668 Words
    Serena Nanda fails to write an impartial argument for arranged marriages versus "love match" marriages like those in the United States. She neglects to present the positive aspects of choosing a partner for marriage opting instead to keep the focus on the negatives. Her argument for arranged marriages is weak and unfocused leaving the reader to doubt her logic. In her attempt to persuade the reader to supporting arranged marriages, she actually emphasizes the negative effects of them. Reading...
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  • Modern Arranged Marriages - 513 Words
    Everyone knows how hard it is to find a mate for marriage. Having said that, each person is free to decide how the mate selection will take place. Some people would rather conduct this selection by themselves, without any help, while others prefer to get help from someone else, like their parents or a matchmaker. Before continuing it is wise to make a distinction between the traditional arranged marriage and the modern definition of an arranged marriage. The arranged marriages that happen by...
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  • Arranged Marriage in India - 1550 Words
    Arranging a Marriage in India Serena Nanda Arranged marriages in Indian society have been the norm for many centuries. Even today, an overwhelming majority of Indian people have their married arranged by their parents, or respected family members.As American we never really contemplate the idea of having someone choose our life-long partner. That’s not the case in other nations such as India, arranged marriage in India is a very common practice, yet here in the United States arranged...
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  • Should Marriages be arranged or loved?
    Should Marriages be arranged or loved? In many cultures such as Asian, elders prefers to arrange their children's marriage. This is because the elders think that their children are not mature and old enough to find a person who would keep them happy throughout their life. However, in western countries such as Canada and Britain, people prefers love marriage. This is because, the elders believe that there will be no strong bond of love between their children and their spouses if elders...
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  • A defense Of Arranged Marriage - 1107 Words
    A Defense of Arranged Marriage Various cultures in the world outside of the West practice arranged marriage whereby the prospective marital couples are virtual bystanders in the process leading up to the choosing of partners. Most times there is the avoidance of courtship, and cultures that do not recognize dating, have arranged marriage to fulfill that function. Arranged marriage is a norm that has been accepted among the young people who grew up in that culture, and because it has been...
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  • Hinduism arranged marriage - 763 Words
    When people talk about marriage today, many people automatically think about romantic love and “love at first sight.” However, some marriages are not made based off of love; this is called an arranged marriage. Some people think that the idea is repulsive but they do not take into account some of the benefits that may result from arranged marriages. In society today, many are accustomed to romantic love. However, arranged marriages are still being practiced, especially...
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  • Arranged Marriage 1 - 620 Words
    Original Essay Marriage is commonly defined as the relationship between two people of opposite sex known as husband and wife, and it is a key to bring them happiness. Therefore, choosing a husband and wife is one of the most important decisions for everyone’s life because a marriage can bring either a happy life or an unhappy life. In many countries in the world, and especially in the western countries, a man or woman can choose their own partner. In contrast, in some countries like...
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  • Advantages of Arranged Marriages - 1433 Words
    Marriage is a union or an institution in which two individuals are bound together legally, religiously or otherwise. It occurs as a result of several motives such as emotional, physical, legal, religious, financial, etc. Marriage is not always between two individuals of opposite genders and not everyone involved goes into it of their own free will. In ancient history, women barely had rights of their own and were considered properties of their families and properties of their husbands after...
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  • Internet Dating for Arranged Marriage
    Throughout the years, advances in technology has changed the way people go about living their daily lives. One of these technological advances that has affected peoples lives in many different aspects is the internet. Whether it’s social networking sites that help you keep in touch with your friends or how you receive information, the internet has affected how people live, learn, and even date. Many people have given up on the conventional way to search for a mate and instead use websites such...
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  • A report on Arranged Marriages, and the controversy surrounding it.
    Arranged marriages are marriages that are arranged by someone other than the couple themselves, usually by the parents or family. Arranged marriages are experienced all over the globe, some countries include Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Canada and India. These types of marriages have numerous positive and negative points. In a great part of Asia, marriages are still arranged by parents and family. Arrangements are frequently made simply on rational grounds. In countries such as different as Jordan...
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  • Arranged Marriage Is Securer Than Romantic Marriage
    V.S. [Arranged Marriage is Securer than Romantic Marriage] Name: Yuzhong SHI StudentNr.: 0810990 Group: IBMS205 Table of Content Introduction………………………………………………………………………………………….1 Overview of Arrange Marriages……………………………………………………………….2 Overview of Romantic Marriages……………………………………………………………..2 Supportive articles………………………………………………………………………………….3 Summary of Research…………………………………………………………………………….4 Discuss assumptive statement…………………………………………………………………4...
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  • Arranged vs Love Marriages in India
    Arrange Marriages vs. Love Marriages Survey by NDTV NDTV commissioned Ipsos, a leading market research agency, to conduct fieldwork for this opinion poll from a sample size of almost 30,000, covering as many as 125 out of the 543 Lok Sabha seats in the 18 big states. The poll was carried out in 125 constituencies spread over 18 states (these account for over 20% of the 543 Lok Sabha seats). Each Lok Sabha constituency was selected using a statistical formula based on voting patterns of...
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  • Family Arranged Marriages in India Versus Self-Arranged Marriages in the United States
    Family arranged marriages in India versus self-arranged marriages in the United States Marriage has been defined in numerous terms by different cultures. The factors that play into creating a successful, happy marriage are viewed differently by people in different cultures. Family arranged marriage has been the tradition in Indian culture. Modernization, globalization, and urbanization have brought about the concept of self-arranged marriage from Western cultures, such as the United States....
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  • Speech of a Video About Arranged Marriages
    9. Instructions: • Watch the following video: • After watching the video, discuss the questions below: a. What are the disadvantages/advantages of arranged marriages? • b. Do you think western cultures should respect the tradition of arranged marriages or should intervene to end it? • c. Do you think it is possible to be happy in an arranged marriage? Why or why not? • In your contributions, use...
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  • Do You Agree of Arranged Marriage?
    Marriage is a legal bond between a man and a woman. To get married is not a small decision. Therefore, legally only adult man and woman can get married. Because they are more matured and they are not thinking purely out of love but out of something that’s bigger than that.. That is why, I disagree with the idea of an arranged marriage, the choice of a husband or wife that is made by parents or elders because, firstly it is us who is getting married and not our parents, secondly is because we are...
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  • Compare and Contrast between Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage
    Comparison and Contrast between Arranged Marriage and Love Marriage It is believed that marriages are made in heaven. It might be true while in reality the couples who are married are either in love with one another or the marriages are finalized or arranged by their family members. Debate about whether love marriage or arranged marriage is better is never ending as both sides have their experience and testimony to support the system which suits them. The purpose of this passage is to compare...
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  • Arguments for and Against the Practice of Arranged Marriage
    Arguments for and against the practice of Arranged Marriage According to Encyclopædia Britannica (2009), for Indians, most marriages are arranged by family elderly based on caste, degree of cognation, financial status, education (if any), and astrology. In the article entitled “Marriage: Is love necessary?” in Little India on 2nd June 2007, Sudhir Kakar upholds the practice of arranged marriages among Indians. The article focuses on how the establishment of an arranged marriage is tantamount...
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  • Arranged Marriage: a Violation of Human Rights?
    Arranged Marriage: A violation of human rights? Ashley Bowers December 7, 2011 SOCW 510 Introduction Do arranged marriages violate human rights as they are protected by international humanitarian law? Marriage is a vital part of the social and economic life of a person’s life. It forms the foundation for a continued family line, and the backdrop for raising children. In most societies, marriage is an important relation both between the two people and between the person and the society,...
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  • is arranged marriage worse than craigslist?
    Ballybaby22 Unit 3 Assignment 1 EN 1420 Summary Response for “Is Arranged Marriage Really Worse than Craigslist?” By Anita Jain Summary In this essay, the author recounts on numerous instances I her past dealing with being set up for potential arranged husbands. Her father spent most of her dating life finding suitable potential husbands for her that met his standards. Over the years, she had experienced countless scenarios that made her more experienced. She wrote that she began to...
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  • Arranged Marriages in the Indian and American Culture
    Amy Taylor English 0990 July 4, 2011 Arranged Marriages in the Indian and American Culture Every country and every religion have their own traditions. It is what makes their culture different from each other. The American and Indian cultures have a vast differentiation between them. While the culture of America is a mixture of different cultures, the Indian culture is unique and has its own values. Even though dating and marriage have the same meaning to him and her in every culture,...
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  • Marriage - 2771 Words
    Marriages in Arranged Type An arranged marriage is a marriage that is at some level arranged by some or the other than those being married and is usually used to describe a marriage which involves the parents of the married couple to varying degrees, it has deep roots in royal and aristocratic families around the world. Today, arranged marriage is largely practiced in Africa, theMiddle East, and Southeast Asia and East Asia to some extent. Some times people suppose there is no diffrentce...
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  • Arranged Marriage vs. Free-choice Marriage Faizan Sadiq
    Arranged Marriage vs. Free-choice Marriage"Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry" (Tom Mullen, 2005, p.1). It is argued that free-choice marriages based on love or romance, offer more independence and freedom as compared to arranged marriages where the man and woman are chosen by the parents and so there is pressure and is not so suitable and independent. However, no marriage is necessarily an ideal sort of marriage. Therefore, it...
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  • Arranged Marriages Have No Place in Our Society.
    Although many people agree that a woman or a man is free to decide upon his/her life, in many Eastern countries this is not the case. In India, for instance, parents still have the obligation to choose a suitable partner for their offsprings and their children are obliged to comply with this order. Hindu culture takes this phenomenon as something pre-established, as something normal. Nevertheless, those Indians who have the opportunity to travel abroad, and be in contact with different cultures,...
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  • Arranged Versus Free Choice Marriage "Research Lab"
    Arranged versus free-choice Marriages Introduction: This research project is on whether or not arranged or free-choice marriages lower your divorce rates. An arranged marriage is a marriage that is established before involving oneself in a lengthy courtship, and often involves the arrangement of someone other than the persons getting married. These marriages are relatively rare, but still numerous in the Middle East and parts of Africa and Asia. While a free choice marriage is when the...
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  • Arranged Married - 738 Words
    Pros and Cons of an Arranged Marriage Not having the power to choose whom you will marry seems like a great infringement upon one’s personal right to happiness. But arranged marriages are an integral part of cultural and religious practices around the world and even in the US today. This isn’t always a bad thing. There are benefits to an arranged marriage. Advantages of the Arranged Marriage 1. No personal responsibility. You don’t have to worry if you’ve made a wrong decision. This...
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  • Arranged Marraiges - 781 Words
    Some people believe in love at first sight, and others believe it takes time to love someone. In life, having a partner is a very important thing. It’s hard to form a good relationship right when you meet that certain person that you are going to spend the rest of your life with. It takes time, patience, and trust to love that person. If a relationship goes well, it will eventually end in marriage. However, some cultures in the world don’t let their children to meet that special someone on their...
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  • Everything's Arranged - 2674 Words
    Monday, February 14, 2005 Plot summary - Everything's Arranged Siew Yue Killingley in Everything’s Arranged, tell about a Ceylonese girl named Rukumani that having secret affair with a Ceylonese boy named Devanayagam while studying at University. Both of them love each other deeply. As they went for longs term vacation, their secret affair discovered by their parents. The story tell about how these young couple, especially Rukumani have struggle and suffer because of their family members,...
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  • Love Marriage or Arrange Marriage
    Love marriage or arrange marriage, these are an all time hot topic. How to choose him/her, with them you going to live your rest of live? If you look at our Indian Marriages, we associate the better marriage is arranged due to social structure, On the other side Love Marriage is considered as a taboo among many Indian families, probably they do not have modern outlook of life .People supporting the concept of Love marriage strongly believe that it is very important to know the partner very well...
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  • Marriage in Albania - 1374 Words
    An Albanian traditional arranged marriage is also arranged by the parents of the bride and groom. According to Robert Elsie (2001), "traditional Albanian marriages are taken very seriously" (p. 168). In most cases, the bride and grooms marriages were already pre-arranged from their early childhood years. There is very little contact with the bride and groom and when finding a match for arranging this marriage between two people, "love" did not play a factor in the decision. It was merely based...
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  • Forced Marriages - 653 Words
    Forced Marriages You've arrived at the airport with your parents, you plane is ready to depart but you have no idea what is going on. You have now arrived in Pakistan and have been whisked off to your village to take part in your own wedding ceremony with a 45 year old man you have never met before. This is the start of a brand new life as an unwillingly married 15 year old girl. Although this practice may seem like an old fashioned tradition, forced marriages are still going on within...
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  • Child Marriage - 689 Words
    Child Marriages: Acceptable or Abusive? Christina Asima had no choice in her marriage at the age of 12, now she is raising her cherubic, 8 month old, son on her own. Christina isn't alone. All throughout the world child marriages are destroying girl's lives. Many girls muddle through brutal pregnancies, and are often to weak or small to handle them. These pregnancies have become one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Child marriages are destructive and abusive, but parents continually...
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  • Child Marriage - 839 Words
    India urged to end child marriages Thursday, October 11, 2012, 19:30 New Delhi: Observing that more than 40 percent of the child marriages in the world occur in India, the heads of four UN agencies in India on Thursday called upon the government to pay urgent attention to this and work toward the goal of ending the "harmful practice". The heads of UNICEF, UNFPA, UN Women and UN Information Centre on Thursday wrote to Women and Child Development Minister Krishna Tirath on the issue...
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  • Marriage and Groom - 1118 Words
    Andrea Ellis Miguel Helft: “A Decent Proposal” In Miguel Helft’s story “A Decent Proposal,” he talks about an Indian couple (Rajiv Kumar and Vandana) who fell in love due to “contemporary arranged marriage.” Although “arranged marriage” is part of their Indian tradition, they chose to follow a different and more modern path. “Contemporary arranged marriage” and “arranged marriage” widely contrast from one another. In Contemporary arranged marriage, Rajiv explains it as her parents doing the...
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  • Arrange Marriage - 705 Words
    Arranged Marriages… is there love in that? Can you imagine your own child saying Marriage is an institution that is considered successful, if, it lasts a lifetime. There are different customs and traditions that are followed in different societal set-ups. Middle eastern society, arranged marriages are known to exist since ages. The structure of the Middle eastern and Indian society is built up in such a way that first preference is given to the family values and the individual's choice...
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  • Teenage Marriage - 460 Words
    Teenage Marriage Teen marriage is typically defined as the union of two adolescents, joined in marriage from the age range of 14–19 years old. Until the late 20th century, teen marriage was very common and instrumental in securing a family, continuing a blood lineage and producing offspring for labor.[1] Many factors contribute to teen marriage such as love, teen pregnancy, religion, security, family and peer pressure, arranged marriage, economic and political reasons, social advancement, and...
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  • Early Marriage - 872 Words
    Early Marriage >>Child marriage and child betrothal customs occur in various times and places, whereby children are given in matrimony - before marriageable ageas defined by the commentator and often before puberty. Today such customs are fairly widespread in parts of Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America: in former times it occurred also in Europe. It is frequently associated with arranged marriage. In some cases only one marriage-partner is a child, usually the female, due to importance...
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  • Child Marriage - 2428 Words
    Child Marriage Child Marriage is an ancient practice that is prevalent especially in poorly developed countries having devastating consequences on the children involved. Every year millions of girls get married worldwide, before the age of eighteen. The worst thing is that the children don’t even know what is going on at the engagement ceremony. Most girls who start early marriages become pregnant immediately. Statistics show that the number of death cases during pregnancy is twice...
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  • arrange marriage - 363 Words
    Arranged marriage is when parents or the whole family introduce the two people who do not know each other before. It divides into many difference types .First type called love arranged marriage. It refers to parents introduce the bride and the groom to know each other. When the bride is ready to be married, the suitors are allowed to court her. Normally, the suitors have to submit their information such as hobby, occupation and other details to the lady’s family. Then, if they fall in love, the...
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  • Arranging Marriage - 284 Words
    Journal 4 “Arranging a Marriage in India” 2/1/2013 At first Nanda was against the whole arranged marriage idea she says “Had anyone tried to arrange my marriage I would have been defiant and rebellious”(pg128) and I don’t blame her for thinking that way because in this American society we’re taught to get to know a person then to “fall In Love” but once she got to India and talk to many young well educated women she figure out why arrange marriage wasn’t that bad one of the girls even...
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  • Child marriages - 558 Words
    It is said that around 39000 child marriages happen everyday according to the World Health Organisation. A child marriage can be defined as a union or marriage of a couple before the age of 18 , or can be seen as an act of forced marriage between a young couple as it is said that children before the age of 18 are too young to be given a consent . There are many cons to a child marriage and it is shameful to find more child marriages occurring in this ever developing world. In Malaysia, for...
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  • Paper On Marriage - 336 Words
    Marriage is a union of two people as partners in a relationship, while love is an intense feeling or deep affection. Loving someone is something nobody should be pressured into doing. Love is a powerful word that people take for granted. There should be a ban on all arranged marriages in Africa because one cannot be forced to love someone else, these arrangements often result in abuse and neglect and the decisions to get married is out of hands of the person that has to live within the...
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  • Love Marriage vs Arrange Marriage
    Whenever we talk of Indian wedding, we try to associate it with arranged marriages. Due to the social structure, the concept of arranged marriage is prevalent in the Indian wedding scenario, since ages. On the other hand, love marriages were considered as a taboo among many Indian people, who do not have a modern outlook of life. For them, two people should tie the wedding knot only with the consent of their parents and the blessings of their relatives. Nonetheless, love marriages are...
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  • Child Marriage - 340 Words
    Short Essay on Child Marriage by Piyush Jain * * * digg * This is a sample essay on Child Marriage for school and college students. The legal age for marriage in India is 18 years for girls and 21 for boys. Any marriage of a person younger than this is banned under the Child Marriage Prevention Act, 1929. It is an incontrovertible fact that a large number of child marriages are performed in violation of the existing provisions of the law, particularly on ‘Akha Teej’ or...
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  • Although the distinction is clear conceptually, the boaderline between forced and arranged marriages can be hard to draw.
    “Although the distinction is clear conceptually, the borderline between forced and arranged marriages can be hard to draw.” In this essay I will attempt to define the law on forced marriages and portray the courts view on the issue. I will include articles and judgments, which will attempt to make the distinction between a forced marriage and an arranged marriage. I contend there is inevitably a thin line between the two, however the main element that separates both a forced and an...
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  • Romeo and Juliet: Arranged Marriage's
    Romeo and Juliet Reviving Arranged Marriages: Elizabethan Time to Today While seemingly archaic, arranged marriages are still common in many cultures today. William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet chronicles the devastating emotions girls face when forced to marry an unknown man. Lord Capulet, Juliet’s father, is in charge of who she marries. When Paris, Juliet’s fiancé, asks to marry Juliet he says, “An she agrees, within her scope of choice/ Lies my consent and fair according voice”...
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  • Love Marriage Is Better Than Arrange Marriage
    Love Marriage is Better Than Arrange Marriage. Just as we all know, life is not a bed of roses. Things do not work as smoothly as we expect them to. Sometime, we often change ways, make compromises, stand stubbornly and let things fall apart. Marriage is the most beautiful relationship that happens to everyone at some point of time. Life is the way we make it to be. Peoples get married because they love each other. They want each of them close for the rest of their life. Due to this...
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  • Arrange Marriage Is Better Than Love Marriage
    I am here not only to criticize boldly arranged marriage but also to plant the seed of love marriage in the inner core of my heart. First of all I would like to define the word love. Some people say that it starts towards each other which touch of body. But according to me it's is a total dedication of two heart towards each other which never end just horizon. Today it has become fashion to have a boyfriend and girlfriend. Due to some crush they get marry and they use to say that I have done...
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  • Arrange Marriages Okay ? - 536 Words
    Arranged Marriages Okay? Kid younger than 14 getting ready to be a bride or groom! The idea of arrange marriages is preposterous and families should stop it. In some cases the women marry very young to men way older. There is no love in an arranged marriage cause to utterly strangers who don’t know each other getting forced to marry. If you leave your arranged marriages and get a conventional marriage you will get punished. First of all, girls younger than 14 are getting married to men...
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  • Effect of Early Marriage - 1017 Words
    THE EFFECT OF EARLY MARRIAGE TOWARDS GIRLS Marriage is found in all cultures. However, the word ‘Early Marriage’ brings a whole different meaning to us. Early marriage is marriage at young age. According to GirlsNotBrides (2011), each year, about 10 million girls around the globe become child brides. Whether this phenomenon happens with the consent of the girl herself or not is another different story. For sure, their lives will never be the same again. These cases usually happens in developing...
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  • Disadvantages Early Marriage - 321 Words
    Many people are marrying early these days. They would like to get into matrimony as soon as their courtship is over. Tying the knot is important to strengthen their relationship. They feel settling down in life early would help them set up their independent home. Whatever may be the advantages of settling down early in life, the fact remains there are problems to be faced if one gets into matrimony too quickly. Examples are : 1. Responsibility has to be shouldered at a very young age. One...
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  • attitude of youths towards marriage
    2014-15 SUBJECT: SOCIOLOGY II FINAL DRAFT ATTITUDE AND PERCEPTION OF YOUTH TOWARDS MARRIAGE Submitted To: Submitted By: Dr. Sanjay Singh Shubham Patel Associate Professor (Sociology) Roll No. 137 Dr. RMLNLU...
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  • Effect of Early Marriage - 5174 Words
    Kristine V. Tomas III-Bs-Social Work Research 1 The Effects of Early Marriage to the Educational Attainment of Children in Sta Ines West, Sta. Ignacia, Tarlac CHAPTER 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND INTRODUCTION Child marriage is defined by the World Health Organization (2005) as the period between 15 and 19 years of age when girls contract a permanent sexual relationship. At a global and national level, there has been growing concern about girl-child marriage age (The Family Life...
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  • Love and Arrange Marriage - 303 Words
    Love marriage vs arrange marriage: There is always a thought in mind that love marriages don't last much or they are the best because of the couples understanding built before entering marriage. But it is nothing related to the marriage type when it comes to knowing each other and understanding levels. The understanding can be built if you have faith and trust apart from flexibility among the couple. Love marriage has the same benefits as arranged ones. Due to the time duration of knowing...
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  • Arrange Marriage - 1 - 879 Words
    SUMMARRY OF ALL 3 ARTICLES Places such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Japan, china, Indinesia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other Muslim/Islam countries arranged marriage are common and accepted. It’s looked upon as a successful tradition in many countries. In North America arranged marriage are considered to be objectionable when compare to choice available in love. Parents say that they know their children the best, and they have a lot of wisdom to know who and what’s best for them. The...
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