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  • Animal Welfare - 3410 Words
    For most people in modern, urbanized societies, the principal form of contact with animals is at meal times. The use of animals for food is probably the oldest and the most widespread form of animal use. Since the beginning of civilization, mankind has been surviving by hunting and feeding on animals. Animals remained hunted by mankind for food and for survival. With the evolution of mankind, animals were traded for other benefits in return and as the evolution continues to its present state...
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  • Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare
     11/29/12 Agriculture 3pd. Animal Rights vs. Animal Welfare When you think of the right way to treat wild and domesticated animals you’d think it’d be common sense. But in reality there are actually many more problems surrounding this extremely controversially topic than you’d think. The treatment of animals and justifying what is right and wrong has been a very big issue for a long time. Animals are used for many purposes...
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  • Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights
    In the Agricultural World one of the most controversial issues right now is that between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights. Animal Rights activists are arguing that people are no more superior than animals are and Animal Welfare activists are resorting to the government to see that animals are being taken care of properly. Me personally, I'm for Animal Welfare because without the use of animals our global economy would soon fall. Our animal industry these days is doing more for us than many...
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  • Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights
    Animal Welfare vs. Animal Rights I strongly support the views of animal welfare proponents. I believe that animals deserve proper treatment from humans and that they should be given the appropriate provisions. Animal rights activists believe that animal sporting events such as rodeos and horse races are unethical, but those animals are not being harmed and are properly cared for. Animal rights activists are also opposed to zoos and marine parks. The truth is those animals are also...
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  • Animal Rights Versus Animal Welfare
    St. Johns River State College Animal Rights versus Animal Welfare Kaitlin Jackson 201320 – Composition II, SEC. X3 Professor Bryant April 22, 2013 If you had the option to participate in experiments that caused you pain, would you? If you had the alternative to live in a cage or in a house which would you prefer? If you had the choice to live or die which would you choose? The truth is that the majority of humans would fancy living in a house and would not be a part of...
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  • Animal Welfare Charity - 419 Words
    RSPCA Since 1824 The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was founded. It has been up and running since. The men at the time, who were creating this aid organization, knew that it was the world’s first animal welfare charity. The organisation was actually established in a coffee shop in London. There first focus was ‘Pit Ponies’ who were ponies that worked in the coal mines. Workers were not keen on fashion especially when it was to do with animals. In 1898, Venezuela (South...
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  • Animal Rights Vs Animal Welfare Research Proposal
    Introduction Animal rights supporters believe that it is morally wrong to use or exploit animals in any way and that human beings should not do so. Animal welfare supporters believe that it can be morally acceptable for human beings to use or exploit animals, as long as the suffering of the animals is either eliminated or reduced to the minimum. For people who think like this, the suffering to animals is at the heart of the issue, and reducing the suffering reduces the wrong that is done....
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  • Zoos: Animal Welfare and N.d. Web.
    Are Zoos really a sanctuary for Wild Animals? For as many visitors as zoos get, who knew such a main attraction and a family entertainment place could be so fun on the outside and terrible and depressing on the inside of the bars. Zoos pack in around 900-7,000 visitors a day, depending on how popular the zoo is. Thousands of people line up outside waiting to get a peek of animals that you wouldn’t see in your everyday life. While the animals are dreading another day-full of people laughing...
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  • Public Policy for Animal Welfare in India
    Public Policy for ANIMAL WELFARE in INDIA. Issues, Challenges and Recommendations Submitted by – DR. PUNIT G. (PGP-2), IIMA. ARTICLE 51 of INDIAN CONSTITUTION Article 51 of Indian constitution provides protection to animals in India by ensuring “Compassion to all living creatures”. For ensuring the same, PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS act was enacted in 1960 under which the Government of India instituted the ANIMAL WELFARE BOARD of INDIA for carrying out the activities mentioned...
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  • Animal Welfare and Purdue University Press.
    dgsdgsdgdsgsdgReferences 1. Felthous, Alan R. (1998). Aggression against Cats, Dogs, and People. In Cruelty to Animals and Interpersonal Violence: Readings in Research and Applications. West Lafayette, Indiana: Purdue University Press. pp. 159–167. 2. Fischer, D.R., 2013. Musculoskeletal Imaging Using Fluoride PET. Seminars in Nuclear Medicine, [e-journal] 43(6). Available through: THOL1Search website [Accessed 5 April 2014]. 3. Goleman, Daniel (1991-08-07). "Clues to a...
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  • Animals - 778 Words
    Disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos Hello everybody. My partner has just showed us some benefits of zoos. So now, I am going to talk about the disadvantages of keeping animals in zoos. There are 3 main points that I want to emphasize: Moral perspective, then Abuse and mistreatment, and the final is Wrong Information because of their stress behavior First of all is about the animals’ right. Are zoos really better for the animals, or just for human? In fact, humans are animals too....
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  • Animals - 449 Words
    Cruelty to animals Every day, throughout the length and breadth of our planet, it performs a very sad and appalling practice: animal abuse. The animal abuse or cruelty is defined as treatment that causes suffering, harm or pain to animals, either for pleasure or obtaining goods and skins, meat and scientific experiments. Seeing a dog lying in the street, dying or starving, the reaction of many people is to pass over or just avoid it. Just because it's a no brainer to be worth nothing, is what...
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  • Law Reform Regarding Animal Welfare - Elouise L.
    Law reform regarding Animal Welfare. As the world changes so do worldviews and therefore, so do the accepted morals and values of the time. With these changing morals and values come altering laws, amended or renewed to reflect these changing views. This is called law reform, in particular, the subject of Animal Welfare. Laws in relation to animal welfare have been made and amended to restore justice and equality to the voiceless members of society. Before recent times, the rights of animals...
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  • Psychology Era - Animal Welfare Experiment and Prac Report.
    Psychology ERA - Animal Welfare Experiment and Prac Report. ERA - Animal Welfare Experiment and Prac Report. By *&^% ^%$#@ Aim: The aim of this survey experiment is to establish whether an individuals beliefs about an issue are demonstrated consistantly through their responses to the five questions asked about a particular issue, or whether cognitive dissonance is present. In addition to that, the results of each exclusive group can be compared to eachother, to see whether it affects...
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  • Animal Abuse: a Cruelty to Animals
    Animal Abuse 1. In some circuses, wild and exotic animals are trained through the use of intimidation and physical abuse. Former circus employees have reported seeing animals beaten, whipped, poked with sharp objects and even burned to force them to learn their routines! 2. Elephants who perform in circuses are often kept in chains for as long as 23 hours a day from the time they are babies. 3. More than 25 million vertebrate animals are used in testing in the United States each year. When...
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  • animal abuse - 725 Words
    Animal Abuse When he was only ten weeks old Oogy the dog was tied to a stake and used as bait to train fighting dogs . A pitbul came and tore most of his ear off and crushed part of his jaw. Oogy was left to bleed nearly to death until the police came to rescue him, he was nursed back to health. The Levins met Oogy when they brought their 17-year-old cat in for his final visit. The puppy was delighted to recive kisses and love from the Levins and soon enough the Levins took Oogy home....
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  • Breeding Animals in Zoos: Is Really for Animals?
    Breeding Animals In Zoos: Is Really Good For Animals? By: Pham Hoang Final Draff 28th September, 2012 Breeding Animals In Zoos: Is Really Good For Animals? Do you know how many zoos we have exist all over the world? And do you know where and when the first zoo was built? If these questions are strange to you, let me provide you with more information about that. "Gardens and Menagerie of the Zoological Society of London" was the very first zoo to be opened in London in 1828. Since...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 5622 Words
    Nature of Man Man has evolved for hundreds or even thousands of years but there are things that didn’t change in him like human habits, instincts, and behaviour. Wrath, for example is a man’s nature wherein he puts all his effort to overpower the opposition. Man is truly a competitive creature. Another nature of man is Avarice, avarice is when one finds something desirable and he will immediately want all of it or want all the possible quantity he can get. Greed is an example of Avarice....
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  • Animal Cruelty - 2826 Words
    Clifton P. Flynn wrote an article entitled “Acknowledging the “Zoological Connection”: A Sociological Analysis of Animal Cruelty” which focuses on human-animal interaction and more specifically how humans are violent towards members of the animal kingdom. He expresses his concern that sociologists have ignored how animals impact our society. He points out that cruelty isn’t an issue that generally stands alone in sociology; it is usually studied because of its correlation with human violence....
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  • Animal Cruelty - 1805 Words
    Animal Cruelty There are many things that are illegal in this country such as; drugs, theft and animal cruelty to name a few. These laws are almost always broken especially animal abuse. For me this is considered one of the worst things that a person can do to an animal because animals can’t defend themselves, people just abuse them for the fun of it or it could also be neglect. What can be done to stop such cruelty against animals? What exactly is animal cruelty? According to Stacy Wolf,...
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  • Animal Law - 4581 Words
    ID #: 41703 Question 1. a)Animals are property under the law and therefore they are unable to bring a suit in court for themselves if they are harmed. Standing requires: 1. The plaintiff has suffered an injury in fact 2. The injury is casually related to a known act 3. Redressability. In the case, Citizens to End Animal Suffering and Exploitation v. the New England Aquarium, the court held that the Marine Mammal Protection Act does not allow the requirement of standing to be satisfied in...
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  • Animal Rights - 1132 Words
    Desiree R. Scott Professor Naomi S PHIL 200 26 Oct 2014 Non-Human Animal Rights Do non-human animals have rights? Animal rights debates are incredibly controversial. Animal rights activists argue for animal’s rights whereas others argue that animals have no rights. Animals have many rights, which is why there are laws set in place to protect animals. Animals have rights to protect themselves from animal cruelty. When taking into consideration animal rights, humans need to consider animal...
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  • Animals in Captivity - 1014 Words
    At this very moment somewhere, far or not too far from us, there is an animal being held captive and raid out of its wild natural habitat. It’s also a fact to say that during these actions of captivity to slavery animals suffer extraneous torture, discomfort, fear and in a lot of cases food deprivation leading to agonizing deaths. Despite of the struggle of several pro animal rights organizations against these horrific procedures, there is an intrinsic bizarre human instinct that keeps these...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 1767 Words
    animal cruelty"What if the Dog could chain you down and kick you to death?" "A dog can show more love and affection than most humans could. Animal cruelty epitomizes what some of us have been lacking... compassion, respect and just innocent love for animals and fellow man this proves that mother nature and her beasts have the right idea how to be" Cruelty to animals in India is a concern which the responsible citizens of India cannot ignore. Like human beings, animals are creations of the...
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  • Animal Abuse - 2236 Words
     Animal abuse Richard D. Acton Colorado Christian University . Animal abuse When Richard Acton was young he had a neighbor. The neighbor was on the small side. It always seemed as if he was getting bullied. He was so shy, he always stayed in his house. He was seldom seen in the yard playing or anything. And if he appeared in the yard, he would not stay out long. One day Richard asked his parents about him, and what they thought. They told Richard to sit down that...
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  • Animal Abuse - 460 Words
    Animal Abuse Animals are sometimes treated as friends but are also treated as enemies. We keep them as pets, but if it suits us, we slaughter them in their own habitats and in slaughterhouses. If we could kill them in a quick and pain-free way, like a special injection, which is not harmful to us, it would be a lot nicer to the animals being killed. However, the scenes in slaughterhouses are ones of bullying and torture. The people hurt the animals in the most...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 908 Words
    Should animals be used for research? Isn’t it animal cruelty? To test cosmetics, cleaners and other products, hundreds of thousands of animals are poisoned, blinded and killed every year. In circuses, animals are being tortured cruelly. This has been an argumentative issue for a long time. Some argue testing on some animals now will prevent lots of human suffering and save lives in the future. Others say it is unethical and cruel. Still, everyone agrees that millions of animals are subjected to...
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  • Exotic Animals - 1518 Words
    Andrea Davis Mrs. Smith ENGL 1101 15 November 2011 Exotic Animals Are More than Just Pets The exotic animal trade is a growing industry in which exotic animals are bred, sold, and traded in massive amounts. Millions of exotic animals are being kept in private residences, small roadside zoos, and traveling wild animal exhibits. Sadly, beautiful and majestic animals are being held captive in unfortunate living conditions. They are being deprived the enrichment and companionship that they...
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  • Animal Rescue - 942 Words
    ENG101 1p.m. Argumentative Essay We should never abandon the animal once we rear them “We should never abandon the animal once we rear them.” This is the most profound and emotional feeling that I acquired from last summer. One early morning, my grandma went to a park to exercise as usual. She met the newborn kitten again which she had been fond of for a few days. Grandma watched the strayed kitten playing with her mother and she found that it was so adorable. She just grabbed the...
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  • Cruelty to Animals - 1111 Words
    CRUELTY TO ANIMALS Animals are one of the greatest wonders in the world. Farming and hunting is both equally increasing day by day. Therefore animal population is gradually decreasing and rare kinds of species have already vanished from our world. There many cruelties towards animals such as, animal testing for scientific researches, whaling, for entertainment purposes and etc. One of the major cruelties which really affect on animals is ‘Fur farming’. This is gradually increased in numbers...
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  • Animal Rights - 1824 Words
    Teitsma 1 Annette Professor Jason Mallory, Ph.D. PHI 2600 Ethics 4 Dec. 2012 Factory Farming is Unethical and Should be Illegal Animal rights are practically nonexistent in farming livestock today. Factory farming animals is a prime example of just how inhumanly animals are treated in our society every day all over the world. When we think about farms, we think about chickens pecking corn from the grass free roaming around a farm, cows out to pasture grazing in the fields, and pigs...
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  • Cruelty To Animals - 352 Words
    God created all living creatures on earth with the same feelings. The feeling of pain, happiness, anger, depression etc. is the same for all. However, since animals and plants do not speak, we humans abuse them to such a great extent that if they could respond back, we would have suffered much more. Animals are being killed for more than the basic needs. Man kills animals for pleasures and monetary benefits like getting their skins, tusks, fur etc. for his own pleasures and not considering...
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  • Animal Abuse - 727 Words
    Name: Aruun Thavabalan(27) Class: 4 Noble 8 Date: 12-1-2013 Name: Aruun Thavabalan(27) Class: 4 Noble 8 Date: 12-1-2013 Introduction to the issue | * Draft – Speech(English) Issue: Animal Abuse Draft – Speech(English) Issue: Animal Abuse Animal abuse is the infliction of suffering or harm upon non human animals for a specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur. * Just like how a coin has 2 sides to be looked at, this issue has 2 sides to be viewed about as...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 760 Words
    All living things have a right to live on this Earth but, we, very often become, totally, insensitive to their pain, only because animals can’t speak the language of humans, they don’t have a voice When God created this planet he had a specific purpose for all living things and He did so to strike a balance in his creation. He wanted a world where harmony and peace prevailed and so He made the ‘Food Chain’ why maintains the ecological balance in Nature but Man in his greed ha recklessly...
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  • Animal Rights. Bad uses of animals
    ANIMAL RIGHTS Did you have any idea how many animals were used as pets, as food, as prey and clothing, as entertainment, as experiment subjects? Have you ever seen cages crowded with chickens, and some live chicken living with dead chickens, or cows being placed on dirty barns where their head to toe are caked on mud and feces, or dogs that are tied outside the houses of inhumane owners not letting them have a shelter to stay with? Do animals deserve to have rights to a have a home, to feel...
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  • Animal Euthanasia - 1665 Words
    To Kill or Not To Kill In the past few decades, there has been a big uproar regarding the topic of euthanasia in dogs. Euthanasia used to be a term used to end the suffering of a life by putting them in a painless and permanent state of sleep. I believe that today, the term ‘euthanasia’ when referred to dogs has transformed to a word used to justify the mass murder of dogs across the world. Most people will agree that the only time a dog should be put down is when it is sick or suffering from...
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  • cruelty to animals - 5199 Words
    Cruelty to animals, also called animal abuse or animal neglect, is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defence or survival. More narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur, although opinions differ with respect to the method of slaughter. It usually encompasses inflicting harm for personal amusement (zoo sadism). Diverging viewpoints are held by jurisdictions throughout the world. Laws...
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  • Animal Crutely - 2259 Words
    Animal. What comes in to your mind you first hear this word? Perhaps something furry, something feathery, something slimy? This is what seems to pop into most people’s mind when they think “animal”. However do you think of a life, a beating heart, and a struggle for survival against all odds? Take a moment and think about this. Animals are not cuddly stuffed toys that you can see in toy stores. They are living, breathing creatures, and they were given a life just as humans were. They also...
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  • Animal Rehab - 3019 Words
    Rehabilitating Animals What exactly is animal rehabilitation? The meaning of rehabilitation is to help restore something/someone so that it/they can hopefully readapt to life. Rehabilitating animals usually occurs through veterinarian care, building trust, creating companionship, and even recreating their habitat in the case of wildlife. There are different reasons for rehabilitating animals. The main reasons are injury, sickness, abandonment, or abuse. When it comes to wildlife, environmental...
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  • Animals in Captivity - 2410 Words
    Running Head: Trapped Behind Bars The zoo is packed with children, running everywhere. They laugh and smile as they watch the animals at the zoo sleep. What these children do not realize is that these animals are dying on the inside. Animals that live at the zoo are extremely depressed. These animals can suffer severe psychological disorders from being out of their natural environment. But others argue that keeping these animals in captivity will help keep endangered species alive. However,...
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  • Animal Hoarding - 1276 Words
    Animal hoarding is an obsession that is growing in victims and recognition throughout the world today. The typical animal hoarder has a serious psychological condition called obsessive compulsive disorder. Animal hoarders also may be suffering from different kinds of addictions, delusional disorder, attachment disorder, dementia, and even zoophilia. These people feel they have the responsibility to keep and care for an overabundant amount of animals, thinking that they are helping these...
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  • Zoos: Animal Prisons or Animal Sanctuaries
    Zoos have been around for a very long time, does that make them an old tradition or something wrong that is past its time and is no longer welcome in our more modern civilized society? There are many advocators that want to keep zoos around and others that say zoos are inhumane and wish to abolish them. Personally I agree with both sides in some perspectives. For one I think that zoos are an important part of culture and that should stay to educate future people about the importance of...
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  • Animal Law - 6029 Words
    ANIMAL LAW I. DEFINING ANIMAL II. PROPERTY III. CRIMINAL LAW IV. TORTS V. CONSTITUTIONAL LAW VI. ANIMAL WELFARE ACT VII. ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT VIII. MISC. I) DEFINING ANIMAL: Arbitrary delineation. Answer often crucial to outcome of cases. Holdings are unpredictable and often counterintuitive. Animals = property. The cuter the animal the more protection they get. 1) Roosters (and Cockfighting: States all over the place) a)...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 1644 Words
    Intro: Can you imagine having the urge to intentionally hurt or even kill your helpless little puppy? Over the years, animal abuse has increased an unbelievable amount. I believe animal rights need to be enforced to people across the world. Animals are helpless creatures that should only be making the world a better place. I will enforce my belief by explaining what animal cruelty are, animal abandonment laws, and how to report animal cruelty. Transition: First, I am going to talk about the...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 924 Words
    Isabel Traistaru 10.18.13 Period 5 Coexist is one of the most important concepts in this world. However, we often forget that animals are part of our moral community as well. Animals must be treated as we like to be treated, and there is no reason to intentionally hurt them. Many people are unaware of how many animals are being abused and killed on a daily basis. There are people who raise roosters to fight each other to the death. Dogs are forced to fight other dogs and are rewarded...
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  • Animal captivity - 264 Words
    TI am a lifelong fan of good zoos (note the adjective) and have visited dozens of zoos, safari parks and aquaria around the world. I also spent a number of years working as a volunteer keeper at two zoos in the U.K. and my own interests now span to the history of zoological collections and their design, architecture and research so it is probably fair to say I’m firmly in the pro-zoo camp. However, I am perfectly willing to recognise that there are bad zoos and bad individual exhibits. Not...
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  • animal abuse - 1535 Words
    Hailey Winslow Mrs. Bren English 12 April 21, 2014 There are only two laws that help protect animals from domestic abuse and one law that involves slaughter laws in the state of Minnesota. What people do not realize is that animal abuse happens in many different circumstances. Dog fighting and greyhound racing were created for the entertainment of people but are both considered as animal abuse. Circuses were created for the entertainment of families but what they do not know is that...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 1520 Words
    René Descartes, a famous philosopher, once argued that, “animals are not sentient- they are machines, like mechanical clocks, devoid of feelings and incapable of experiencing pleasure or pain” (Vaughn). Today, unlike Descartes, most people believe that animals are intrinsically or instrumentally valuable, also, whether they have or deserve any rights. Defining what cruelty is has been very subjective. To some people. An animal is just property and they can beat it around as much as they want,...
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  • Animals In Captivity - 841 Words
    In 2008 at the Singapore Zoo, three white Bengal tigers attacked and mauled a zoo cleaner, Nordin bin Mondongto, to death after the man walked through a moat surrounding their enclosure. Researchers asked themselves what would be the cause of these vicious behaviors being reported from many zoos across the globe, the answer being the harsh environment zoo animals are surrounded by. Many people are not aware of the harsh treatment the animals endure. Zoos, circuses, and famous attractions like...
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  • Animal Exploitation - 3230 Words
    Animal Experimentation and Exploitation A Library Research Paper In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements In English 2-College Writing in English Submitted by: HAZEL M. NAAG Pre-Veterinary Medicine 09264429829 Submitted to: LOISE ANNE C. AQUINO Instructor Second Semester, Academic Year 2010-2011 University of the Philippines Los Banos SENTENCE OUTLINE TITLE: Animal Experimentation and Exploitation THESIS STATEMENT: Animals are exploited by human and are used as...
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  • animal abuse - 293 Words
    Outline for Animal Abuse in Kuwait Specific Purpose: To inform my audience and to raise awareness about animal cruelty taking place in Kuwait. Central Idea: Animal abuse is an unethical, sinful and immoral thing that is being disregarded in Kuwait. Introduction: - The Kuwaiti population is ignorant about animal cruelty in Kuwait. - Criminal law in Kuwait only has one law applying to animals and it has nothing to do with cruelty towards animals. (Ahmed) Body: 1. The Friday...
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  • Animal abuse - 617 Words
    Animal abuse Nowadays, animals usually encounter unfortunate incident. They could be abundance, abuse or kill by human beings; animals are such pathetic creatures in earth. Some of the animal has been treated very well and some of them are treated unfriendly by human beings. Compare to animals, human beings are more terrible and dangerous, they can use any methods or any tricks to protect themselves and fulfill their needs. Hence, human beings have already taken away some precious small life....
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  • Animal Slaughter - 2795 Words
    Livestock: from Stable to Table Animal slaughter is a necessary evil, but unfortunately with the way it is carried out it is repulsive. For as long as recorded history mankind has hunted animals for survival and that practice continues today. The main use for an animal is for food; this is the oldest and the most universal form of an animal. With advancements of the world’s civilization, animals were traded at markets and the owner would receive a payment for the animal’s value. This...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 1338 Words
    Animal Cruelty As I look at today’s society, there is one problem imp articular that stands out to me. It affects my family’s farming operation, and it affects everyone in some way whether it is from watching it on the news from time to time, or having dealt with some form of it in your past. The topic I would like to propose is animal cruelty. I want to explore this topic because of the so many different points of view that our society has upon it. It may not directly affect everyone in...
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  • Animal Captivity - 505 Words
    Lydia Gross May 13, 2010 Mrs. Ivey Honors English 9 Keeping Animals Captive There are many animals in captivity all around the world. The animals that are in captivity usually live in zoos or on reserves. A main contributor on helping animals become captive is Animal Rescue. Many animals die or get injured badly in the wild, and being in captivity helps heal the injured animals. Animal captivity can help endangered animals stay alive. Breeding animals in captivity can help preserve the...
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  • animal cruelty - 1326 Words
    Animal Cruelty Animal cruelty can be anywhere and done by anyone. Many people think of animals, especially cats and dogs, as disposable. They get a puppy for the children for Christmas only to realize it is a lot of work that the children are not ready for. They forget to feed and water it, don't take it for walks, and don't take it outside to use the bathroom. The solution, abandon it or just take it to the humane society. They'll get another when the kids are older. An animal that is used...
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  • animal rights - 1683 Words
    Persuasive Speech Outline General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience that animals should not be used in circuses. Central Idea: Eliminating the use of animals in circuses, will help with animal extinction and mistreatment. I. Attention How many of you, with a show of hands, have been to a circus? If not, have you at least seen clips or examples from movies or on television? From the look of those animals you wouldn’t exactly think that they are abused or...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 1020 Words
    Raise awareness! We all have an idea of what animal cruelty is but how much are you truly aware of this harmful abuse? Everyday animals are being beaten, neglected, and forced to struggle for survival. They are sometimes left in unsanitary conditions with no food or water, they have little hope as they live their days without the compassion they deserve. Some are found and rescued given the chance to experience how great life and humans can be; others aren't so lucky. Animal abuse...
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  • Animal Cruelty: Physical Abuse of Animal in Traditional Farm
    What Are the Effects of Animal Cruelty? Dalvi Herrera English 135 Professor Michael Gurin August.25, 2012 Do you know what animal cruelty is? This is a common question where people would probably answer with the same response. The thing is that do you really know what animal cruelty is? Animal cruelty is not only physical abuse that animals receive but also on many other factors. This type of animal cruelty mostly occurs on industrial farms. You’re also probably wondering what an...
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  • Animal Cruelty - Why Beat Innocent Animals?
    Why Beat Innocent Animals? To start off with, I am an avid dog lover who currently has four dogs. In the last couple years my family and I started with two dogs and adopted two more. There is this neighbor who always got frustrated with my dogs when they barked. One day he thought that it would be okay to use a pellet gun on my dogs to get them to be quiet. When he shot my dogs with the pellet gun, all you heard was a loud yelping sound from one of the dogs. My mom and I went outside to see...
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  • Animal Rights: Runs from Animal Liberation to Animal Exploitation
    Animal rights and animal welfare fall at different points on a continuum that runs from animal liberation at one end to animal exploitation at the other. The animal rights viewpoint can be defined as the belief that humans do not have the right to use animals for their own gainin the laboratory, on the farm, in entertainment or in the wild. The degree to which humans may benefit from any use of nonhuman animals is irrelevant to determine how animals should be treated. The animal welfare...
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  • Animal Rights - Argument Analysis of a Animal Rights Cartoon
    Argument Analysis of a Animal Rights Cartoon The cartoon, The Battalion, is an argument showing a member of Peta with a sign defending animal rights. This marketing campaign is targeting those individuals not supportive of animal rights. The artist used a member of Peta with a picket sign and a couple animals in the background design to appeal to the emotions of the audience. A rabbit holding a sign that reads, “I’m with stupid”, suggest that animals are sentient beings. The artist is...
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  • Animal Cruelty: Animal Abuse As Dirty Play
    Animal Abuse as Dirty Play Arnold Arluke Northeastern University Animal abuse by children is generally regarded as an impulsive psychological act without instrumental bene t. This research takes a sociological approach to the topic, exploring the deliberate harm of animals as a particular kind of unsavory or dirty play that is part of adolescent socialization. Interviews were conducted with twenty- ve college undergraduate students who admitted to abusing animals earlier in their lives....
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  • The Perception of Animal Rights in Uganda
    THE PERCEPTION OF ANIMAL RIGHTS IN UGANDA BY DR BAMEKA RONALD 1.1 Introduction Animal Rights is the protection of all animals from being exploited and abused by humans. This includes the use of animals for anything that causes them pain and suffering, such as medical experimentation, imprisonment in circuses and zoos, and fur production. The fundamental principle of the Animal Rights Movement is that nonhuman animals deserve to live according to their own natures, free from...
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  • keeping animal in the zoos - 891 Words
    Zoos argue that they save endangered species and educate the public, but animal rights activists believe the costs outweigh the benefits, and the violation of the rights of the individual animals is unjustifiable. Roadside zoos, petting zoos, and smaller animal exhibitors tend to keep the animals in smaller pens or cages. Sometimes, barren concrete and metal bars are all a tiger or bear will know for their entire lives. Larger, accredited zoos try to distance themselves from these operations...
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  • ethical treatment of animals - 2412 Words
     The Ethical Treatment of Animals Rachael Deragon SOC 120 Ethics and Social Responsibility Instructor: Dr. Jonathan Brooks October 28th, 2013 PETA, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, says that animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any way. This is without a doubt a very sensitive subject for most people. Some may feel strongly one way or the other, or maybe they only feel strongly about one or two of the...
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  • Animal Cruelty Paper - 1863 Words
    Jones of Nayland stated that "Cruelty to dumb animals is one of the distinguishing vices of the lowest and basest of the people - wherever it is found, it is a certain mark of ignorance and meanness." Animal cruelty is has become a major issue over the years. It is a problem that has been ignored, but should be recognized because harmless animals have been harmed in many ways. There are a lot of things that people can do to help slow down this cruelty. Animal cruelty is the crime of...
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  • Animal Rights Are Defined
    Animal Rights Animal rights are defined as “Rights believed to belong to animals to live free from use in medical research, hunting, and other services to humans” (Dictionary). The United States as a whole has a tendency to put the rights of mankind above all else, including that of animals. “Sixty-three percent of all the animals in the United States are household pets”, (Pet), while the rest are divided up amongst wild animals and those in captivity. Regardless of where the animal comes...
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  • Animal Cruelty - 5 - 1434 Words
    Animals being used as entertainment, cruel or not? Every year 6 to 8 million dogs and cats enter shelters, and 3 to 4 million shelter dogs and cats are killed. A case involving quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons, Michael Vick, in 2007 made national news when he was indicted of running a dog fighting ring. After the judge convicted him, he served 23 months in jail for cruelty to animals. America needs to realize that the use of animals for entertainment is wrong, and causes animals to suffer....
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  • Ethical Treatment of Animals - 2991 Words
    Ethical Treatment of Animals Alexandrea Cargill Edwards SOC 120: Introduction to Ethics and Social Responsibility Megan Reid December 03, 2012 Ethical Treatment of Animals The issue of animal rights is very complex. There are both positive and negative sides which seem to have major contradictions. When referring to the ethical treatment of animals it seems as though everyone has an opinion. Some people are “meat eaters” and consume meat at nearly every meal. They would argue...
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  • Animal Rights Final Paper
    ANIMAL RIGHTS: History, Issues, Landmarks, Laws, Stakeholders, and the Bible INTRODUCTION In December 11, 2013 a group of Animal Rights activists from the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance was protesting near the Bankers Life Fieldhouse, an indoor arena located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Up to 100 activists showed up at the Fieldhouse before each performance; some of the activists came from as far away as Kentucky to support the cause. Their protests were based against the practices used by the...
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  • Animal Abuse Paper - 613 Words
    TPSP Oral Presentation/Research My TPSP project is on Animal Abuse. I feel strongly about the subject, and animal rights. I may not be a “tree-hugger” or a all-for-it vegan, but I think animals deserve more respect than they currently receive. We all know companies test their products out on animals, right? Well, have you ever considered how this may harm the animals? What makeup products may injure animals, what pills may do them internal damage? No, we just assume they don't have...
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  • Animal Abuse by Owners - 2060 Words
    Robert Gonzales, from Bakersfield, seemed like an average, ordinary man. One night however, he was accused of splashing beach on a small dog, and wrapping the dog’s mouth with duct tape. His goal was to discipline the dog. Gonzales was caught and arrested for abusing the animal. Animal abuse is an occurring problem in the U.S. But can be prevented if we take action. Robert Gonzales is only one of many people to commit animal cruelty. Kevin Brunson was also accused of harming an animal. He...
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  • Animal Testing Is Bad
    AGAINST ANIMAL TESTING! The question is not, "Can they reason?" nor, "Can they talk?" but rather, "Can they suffer?" Did you know that over a hundred million animals get injured or die due to animal testing? But when you think about is it actually legal? So the thing is it doesn’t matter what we think because there are people who want themselves to live a better life then the animals and they do experimentation on the animals just so humans can live a better life. And...
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  • Animal Rights Opinion Essay
    To have a liable viewpoint on the topic of Animal Rights, one must practically have the abilities of a well-practiced philosopher. You must be able to fully evaluate the characteristics of every possible relationship, good or bad, between man and his fellow members of the Animal Kingdom, and their potential outcomes. You must also decide if you believe in human exceptionalism, that is, whether or not we are equal to animals. “A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy.” Says Ingrid Newkirk, head of PETA,...
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  • The Ethical Treatment of Animals - 1511 Words
    The Ethical Treatment of Animals A person for the ethical treatment of animals (PeTA) is an American animal rights organization based in Norfolk, VA, and led by its founder, Ingrid Newkirk (international president). PeTA was founded, March 1980 as a nonprofit organization. As of 2011, its assets are 18.02 million, with revenue of 31.81 million. Alex Pacheco, co-founder of PeTA is an American animal rights activist from Joliet, IL. Newkirk and Pacheco first became widely...
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  • Animal Rights Research Paper
    Exploring Animal Rights in America and the Treatment of Animals in the Entertainment Industry Joseph Horton ITT Technical Institute Dayton Campus Author Note Joseph H. Horton, Bachelor Student in Project Management, ITT Technical Institute. This research was supported in part by my school tuition provided by Federal Student Loans and the ITT Technical Institute Opportunity Scholarship. Correspondence concerning this article should be addressed to Joseph Horton, 12 S. Timber Hollow Dr. Apt....
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  • Animal Abuse Speech - 410 Words
    The definition of animal cruelty are acts of violence or neglect perpetrated against animals are considered animal cruelty,” according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)There are several different reasons why people abuse animals. Animal cruelty spans a wide range of actions (or lack of action), so one blanket answer simply isn't possible. Each type of abuse has displayed destinct patterns of behavior that we can use to aid in understanding more about why...
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  • A Discussion on Animal Rights - 1324 Words
    A Discussion on Animal Rights "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness; The Declaration of Independence holds these rights to be self evident and unalienable. In the eighteenth century when these words were written they were called natural rights, today we call them human rights" (McShea 34). The issue of whether or not to grant animal rights such as those that humans retain, is a greatly disputed issue. Philosophers, clergyman, and politicians have argued the point of animal rights...
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  • Abolish Animal Testing - 2091 Words
    Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3! By: Leah Williams English 102 Robert Dela-Cruz February 25,2013 Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 Animal testing is a hot topic now days. Though it may not be well known, animal protection did not start until the 1800’s. The United State Department of Agricultural (USDA) issued a law in 1966 to protect certain animals against animal cruelty and neglect. This law does not protect rodents, reptiles, and/or birds. While these animals are being tested on, no...
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  • Animal Cruelty in China - 1078 Words
    Animal Cruelty in China China, an ancient and civilized country, possesses profound culture of thousand years on Buddhism which insists on no killing and the idea of equality of all living things, that is all life should be treated kindly. Let us put aside the review on brilliant history, and turn to today when China has entered the 21st century. Now our eyes are lashed by animal-abusing events nearby: Liu Haiyang, a Qinghua University student, hurt bears by sulphuric acid; tigers in circus...
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  • Animal Rights. Reflection Essay
    Animals Rights I bet you had no idea that according to The Oxford Lafayette Human Society over thirty million animals such as dogs and cats die every year from cruelty, neglect and exploitation. Why is that Americans care so heavily about material things? But, will not think twice on whether they should help save innocent creatures that live, think, and breath like God created from being abused and mistreated? The issue of animal rights has been a concern of mine ever since 2011. I witnessed...
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  • Kfc Animal Cruelty - 2279 Words
    I. Abstract In a fast paced lifestyle people are going through every day, a lot of people are a big fan of fast food chains. This provides them with quick and accessible food to fit their busy schedule. The big names in the fast food industry include McDonalds, Wendy’s, Burger King, Carl’s Jr and of course KFC. The chosen case is the popular issue of animal cruelty done by Kentucky Fried Chicken. I chose this particular case because this is a company that affects a lot of people around the...
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  • Perception on Zoo Animals - 1202 Words
    IS KEEPING ANIMALS IN ZOO GOOD OR BAD? For many people, the zoo is a source of childhood amazement and fond memories: swinging monkeys and growling tigers and a lot more. It had became parts of our childhood lives 1. Facts: Believe or not * Did you know… that zoos have been around since 3500 B.C.? In 2009, archeologists found what is believed to be the world’s oldest zoo in Egypt. * It has been estimated by WAZA that over 600 million people visit zoos each year * It is...
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  • Animal Cruelty and Puppy Mills
    Ashley Buenaflor Informative Speech Outline Puppy Mills I. What are puppy mills? A. aka “puppy farm” B. breeding factory for dogs C. moms breed until they are too weak or until they die D. Conditions 1. Overcrowded in old farms, shed, or chicken coop 2. wired, unsanitary cages to minimize waste cleaning (in winter and summer) 3. food infested with maggots and water is green with algae 4. underfed...
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  • Use of Animals for Entertainment - 344 Words
    Most of us grew up taking family trips to the circus, zoo, marine parks or rodeos. Seeing animals held captive for human amusement was a part of our lives and we have never questioned that. But is such an approach justified? It is the fact that animals have been and will continue to be used in entertainment often to the detriment of their life and health. First of all, it is widely claimed that animals used in television programmes, advertisements and films are very appealing and attract large...
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  • Ethical Treatment of Animals - 1352 Words
    The treatment of animals is happening all around us all over the world. Everyday people can see what is happening to animals on television, the internet, and even reading it in newspapers. Animals are great companions and benefit humans. They do not deserve to be treated unethically because they do have the ability to feel pleasure, pain, and suffering just like humans do. Animal cruelty is an ongoing crime that more than likely will not ever be stopped but at some point may be lowered in...
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  • Animals in Entertainment - Paper - 584 Words
    Many people grow up taking trips as a family to the zoo, to the circus or to marine parks. Therefore, seeing animals being used for human entertainment is part of everyday life. But are the ways animals are treated in zoos, circuses and marine parks fair and humane, are the animals’ habitats small and dirty? Are animals forced to perform tricks that are harmful to them? Is using animals in entertainment really worth it? I am strongly against the use of animals in entertainment and in this essay...
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  • Many Forms of Animal Cruelty
    Each day the number of animal cruelty cases in the media is only the tip of the iceberg. Most animal cruelty cases are never reported and the animals suffering goes unrecognized. Some of these types include; fur trade, animal testing, dolphin and whale slaughter, animals in sport and even in zoo’s. There are many types of animal cruelty, some of which people do not even recognize as being cruel towards animals. Forty to fifty million animals are killed each year for their fur ("Speak out for...
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  • Animal Abuse Essay - 3539 Words
    Arsh Momin Crystal Wright English 1102 17 November 2008 Factory Farming Today, life on the farm isn't what it used to be a few decades ago. The lively green landscape and peaceful barnyard outlook depicted in children’s books have been substituted with unventilated shacks, petite crates, chained pens, and other confinement units central to what is now known as “factory farming.” Factory farming is a term used to describe a method of farming where animals are deprived of space, food,...
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  • Profile: Animal Control Staff
    ASSIGNMENT PAPER 2: Profile Paper (The St. Martin’s Guide to Writing, chapter 3) “Write an essay about an intriguing person, place, or activity in your community. Observe your subject closely, and then present what you have learned in a way that both informs and engages your readers.” (103) Basic features (100-101) • Vivid description of people and places. The writer uses graphic sensory detail to bring the reader to the scene. • Information on the subject interwoven with description...
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  • Morality and Animal Rights Activists
    Animals should not be used for the benefit of human beings, unless there is evidence that the animals do not suffer in any way. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement? There is a lot of controversy about using animals for human needs. Animal rights activists are trying to stop all modern and traditional activities, which involve killing animals or cause their suffering. Traditionalists are trying to convince the community that using living creatures for men's needs is...
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  • Animal Rights A Human Dilemma
     Animal Rights: A Human Dilemma DeVry University August 21, 2012 Abstract Medical research conducted in scientific laboratories utilizing certain animals and tissue for the purposes of biomedical research is critical to the continued health of society. Utilizing animals for medical research is a legal and allowable method under specific restrictions placed by law. This research over time reveals methods for cures, treatments, medical devices and the ultimate eradication of...
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  • Animal Rights in Visual Arts
    Animal Rights in Visual Art. Vishwa Tailor 210921930 Critical Issues in the Studio FA/Visa 1000 Tutorial 8 Submitted to: Eshrat Erfanian Whether one believes in animal welfare; using animals for the purpose of eating, clothing, etc, or are strongly against it, and are a strong proponent of animal rights, one thing both types of people would agree on would be that animals should be treated in a humane way. While animal cruelty and torture is never okay, the latest fad of torturing...
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  • History of Animal Cruelty - 3341 Words
    Animal Cruelty, A History Animal cruelty is the human infliction of suffering or harm upon non-human animals, for purposes other than self-defence or survival. Another representation of animal cruelty can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur, although opinions differ with respect to the method of slaughter. It usually encompasses inflicting harm for personal amusement. Now a large issue pertaining to the topic is the lack of education on such subject....
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  • animal abuse speech - 665 Words
     In 2012 Sarah was being abused. Sarah is a 54- year-old captured elephant owned by a well known circus- “ The Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey.” This wild life creature that was put into captivity suffered with chronic infections and symptoms of arthritis and yet was forced to keep working. One of many times, after performing Sarah collapsed to the ground while being loaded into one of the railroad box cars, the circus didn't examine her or gave her the proper medical procedure.They just...
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  • Animal Cruelty: an Ongoing Issue
    Animal Cruelty: An Ongoing Issue What is animal cruelty? Wikipedia states: ‘Cruelty to animals or animal abuse is the infliction of suffering or harm upon animals, other than humans, for purposes other than self-defense. More narrowly, it can be harm for specific gain, such as killing animals for food or for their fur. Diverging viewpoints are held by jurisdictions throughout the world.’ (Anonymous). So in an ideal world, animal cruelty would not exist. But, this is not an ideal world, and...
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  • Lets All Be Friends with Animals
    Donald Sill English 111-4403 Stein 12 October, 2012 Let’s all be Friends with Animals The relationship of human and animals can be heart-whelming, as well as a lot of responsibility to take care of your pet. In a relationship, the animal acts as a best friend to the human, and the relationship could last a lifetime. Although owning a cat or a dog might be compatible, there is a lot of bad cases of animal cruelty. Examples such as dog fighting, horse slaughtering, even verbal and mental...
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  • Zoos are animals' prisons.
    Would a person feel angry if he or she were in a prison for nothing? Anyone would say, "Of course!" Then why do people think that animals feel happy in zoos, which are the same as prisons? I remember once I visited Los Angeles Zoo, and I compared this zoo to what I saw in my country. I noticed a huge difference between them. In the zoo in my country, all the animals were kept in cages, while in Los Angeles Zoo they had more space to wander around. However, this is still a "prison"..."Even under...
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  • Equal Rights for Animals 2
     Equal Right for Animals? PHI: 103 Informal Logic Instructor: Courtney Barclay Evan J. McDaniel April 20, 2015 Since the first edition of Peter Singer’s book “Animal Liberation” in 1975 the animal rights movement has been a topic of discussion. This movement or the animal liberation movement is an effort designed to protect mammals from being mistreated and regarded as property by humans. Peter Singer is known as a Utilitarian and believes in maximizing individual happiness...
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