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  • Algebra - 2220 Words
    Algebra is a way of working with numbers and signs to answer a mathematical problem (a question using numbers) As a single word, "algebra" can mean[1]: * Use of letters and symbols to represent values and their relations, especially for solving equations. This is also called "Elementary algebra". Historically, this was the meaning in pure mathematics too, like seen in "fundamental theorem of algebra", but not now. * In modern pure mathematics, * a major branch of mathematics...
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  • Algebra - 287 Words
    1) Evaluate each algebraic expression, given that x= -1, y=3, z=2, a =1/2, b= -2/3. a) b) c) 2) Determine the degree of each of the following polynomials. a) b) c) 3) Remove the symbols of grouping and simplify the resulting expressions by combining like terms. a) (x + 3y – z) – (2y – x +3z) + (4z – 3x +2y) b) c) 3 – {2x – [1 –(x +y)] + [x – 2y]} 4) Add the algebraic expressions in each of the following groups. a) b) 5) Subtract the algebraic...
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  • Algebra - 5566 Words
    DEDICATION As an expression of gratitude and love, this pure modest research work is heartedly dedicated to all people who have special to their life. First of all our LORD GOD, To their classmates and friends And to their beloved and supportive parents. Acknowledgement The researcher wishes to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation to those people helped, guide and supported to...
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  • Algebra Elementary Algebra - 5269 Words
    Algebra From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia "Algebraist" redirects here. For the novel by Iain M. Banks, see The Algebraist. For beginner's introduction to algebra, see Wikibooks: Algebra. Page semi-protected The quadratic formula expresses the solution of the degree two equation ax^2 + bx +c=0 in terms of its coefficients a, b, c. Algebra (from Arabic al-jebr meaning "reunion of broken parts"[1]) is one of the broad parts of mathematics, together with number theory, geometry and...
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  • Father of Algebra - 556 Words
    The Father of Algebra In the source, Shawn Overbay writes a biography on The Father of Algebra, Al-Khwarizmi. Overbay shows and explains the equations that Al-Khwarizmi invented and how they were used. In the source, the author states “Al-Khwarizmi wrote numerous books that played important roles in arithmetic and algebra” (Overbay). Not only was The Father of Algebra a mathematician, he was also an inventor, an Astronomer, and a Scholar. The visual source is a page from Al-Khwarizmi’s...
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  • HISTORY OF ALGEBRA - 1228 Words
    HISTORY OF ALGEBRA M AT H 1 WHAT IS ALGEBRA? • Denotes various kinds of mathematical ideas and techniques • more or less directly associated with formal manipulation of abstract symbols and/or with finding the solutions of an equation. HISTORICAL OBJECTIVES 1. attempts to deal with problems devoted to finding the values of one or more unknown quantities. 2. the evolution of the notion of number 3. the gradual refinement of a symbolic language THE SEARCH OF “EQUATION” • Egyptian...
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  • Algebra Expressions - 1053 Words
    ALGEBRA In all three of these problems there is use of all of the terms required: simplify, like terms, coefficient, distribution, and removing parentheses. There is also use with the real number properties of the commutative property of addition and the commutative property of multiplication. In what ways are the properties of real numbers useful for simplifying algebraic expression? The properties are useful for identifying what should go where and with what, to make it simpler to...
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  • Algebra 1 - 619 Words
    Inequality Equation: 12x + 15y ≤ 3000 (1). 12x+ 15(0) 15y ≤ 3000 (2). 12(0) + 15y≤ 3000 12x ≤ 3000 15y≤ 3000 12x / 12 ≤ 3000/12 15y / 15 ≤ 3000/15 12x ≤ 250 15y≤200 The problem 46 on page 240 in the text book, Elementary and Intermediate Algebra asks that I evaluate an inequality equation that can satisfy the Ozark Company needs. (Dugopolski, M. 2012 )The paragraphs ask for an inequality that can allow the company to use 3000 board feet of maple lumber. Of the 3000 board feet of...
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  • History of Algebra - 1205 Words
    Unlike geometry, algebra was not developed in Europe. Algebra was actually discovered (or developed) in the Arab countries along side geometry. Many mathematicians worked and developed the system of math to be known as the algebra of today. European countries did not obtain information on algebra until relatively later years of the 12th century. After algebra was discovered in Europe, mathematicians put the information to use in very remarkable ways. Also, algebraic and geometric ways of...
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  • Algebra Essay - 322 Words
    Algebra Algebra was invented by the Muslim mathematician Al-Khwarizmi in the book he wrote in 820. Algebra is the Arabic word (aljabr) for "equation", and the word "algorithm" comes from the author's name, Al-Khwarizmi. He is rightly known as "the father of Algebra The roots of algebra can be traced to the ancient Babylonians, who developed an advanced arithmetical system with which they were able to do calculations in analgorithmic fashion. The Babylonians developed formulas to calculate...
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  • History of Algebra - 616 Words
    The invention of algebra from the ancient world has produced many opportunities for the modern world we live in today. According to the Webster’s Dictionary, “algebra by definition is the part of mathematics in which letters and other symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations.” First and for most, algebra is divided into two different groups, the first group being “classical algebra”, which is solving equations and finding the unknown variable. The second...
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  • History of Algebra - 2066 Words
    HISTORY OF ALGEBRA Algebra may divided into "classical algebra" (equation solving or "find the unknown number" problems) and "abstract algebra", also called "modern algebra" (the study of groups, rings, and fields). Classical algebra has been developed over a period of 4000 years. Abstract algebra has only appeared in the last 200 years. The development of algebra is outlined in these notes under the following headings: Egyptian algebra, Babylonian algebra, Greek geometric algebra, Diophantine...
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  • Algebra 1 - 853 Words
    Algebra 1 Schools in California now have higher expectations to make it necessary for students to take a Algebra 1 course in order to graduate from high school. This requirement issues that it will help students achieve higher expectations and great problem solving skills in future references. People like Mitchell Rosen a licensed family counselor who also disagrees with having Algebra 1 be a requirement for high schools. In one of Rosens articles “Finding X is not a factor of...
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  • Algebra 2 - 326 Words
    Algebra 2 PRACTICE Chapter 12 Test ____________________________ “…………………………..” 3/18/14 You may use a calculator for the entire test; however, the solutions for numbers 1 through 3 must be exact solutions—NO DECIMAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE FIRST PAGE. Do not rationalize. SHOW WORK ! I. Solve the following systems by either the substitution or the elimination (addition) method. Write your answers as ordered pairs/ordered triples.(These are worth 5 points each) 2....
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  • History of Algebra - 3164 Words
    Various derivations of the word "algebra," which is of Arabian origin, have been given by different writers. The first mention of the word is to be found in the title of a work by Mahommed ben Musa al-Khwarizmi (Hovarezmi), who flourished about the beginning of the 9th century. The full title is ilm al-jebr wa'l-muqabala, which contains the ideas of restitution and comparison, or opposition and comparison, or resolution and equation, jebr being derived from the verb jabara, to reunite, and...
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  • Algebra and Expression - 305 Words
    Name: _________________________ Score: ______ / ______ Algebra I Quarter 1 Exam Answer the questions below. Make sure to show your work when applicable. Solve the absolute value equation. Check your solutions. | 5x + 13| = –7 5x + 13 = -7 5x = -20 X = -4 Simplify the expression below. 6n2 - 5n2 + 7n2 6 – 5 + 7 = 8 =8n2 The total cost for 8 bracelets, including shipping was $54. The shipping charge was $6. Write an equation that models the cost of each...
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  • The benefits of Algebra - 269 Words
    (I made this when I was a freshman. I'm now a Junior.) Why do we need to learn Algebra? What’s the point of learning Algebra in the first place? After all, all of the math leading up to Algebra that we learned growing up such as addition, multiplication, decimals, fractions, et cetera that seems to have a concrete meaning? This concept all deals with numbers, in some way or another, and because of this we can apply it to our daily lives like calculating, and in our chosen career. In...
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  • Algebra: Mid-Module Review
    EUREKA MATH – AFUHSD Mid-Module Review M1 ALGEBRA I Name Date 1. Jacob lives on a street that runs east and west. The grocery store is to the east and the post office is to the west of his house. Both are on the same street as his house. Answer the questions below about the following story: At 1:00 p.m., Jacob hops in his car and drives at a constant speed of 25 mph for 6 minutes to the post office. After 10 minutes at the post office, he realizes he is late and drives at a constant speed...
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  • History of Classical Algebra - 1448 Words
    History of Classical Algebra Around grades 8 through 10, most students are learning the basics of Algebra 1 and 2. Where did this subject evolve from and who were the mathematicians who patented it? Was it just one civilization that came up with the concept or many that built on each other? These are all great questions to look at when looking at the evolution of Algebra. The ideas of Algebra were very slow developing, until a few great philosophers made some big discoveries. In order to go...
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  • Summary : "Is Algebra Necessary?"
    The Difficulties Math Places on Students: A Summary of “Is Algebra Necessary?” In “Is Algebra Necessary?” by Andrew Hacker, an emeritus professor of political science at Queens College, City University of New York , Hacker critiques algebra, claiming that students are not passing, and that this is limiting the level of education available to them . Hacker suggests that if we make math more practical, by adding things such as “citizen statistics,” more students will succeed. In the beginning of...
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  • Polynomials: Algebra and Point - 737 Words
     Financial Polynomials Polynomials have been used for many centuries to aid individuals with budgeting or expense planning. The use of algebraic functions has been very important in our normal day to day operations especially when it comes to the business field. Therefore, in this paper I will reveal how polynomials can be very beneficial to everyday lives dealing with finance. The first thing is to find the proper algebraic formula to solve the equation. P(l+ r)^2 The given expression...
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  • Algebra Writing Assignment - 380 Words
    Joey Dolce Mr. Moore Algebra 2 28 September 2012 Algebra Writing Assignment The articles written by Roger C. Schank oppose the standard way of educating the young minds of America. The articles explain why, Algebra, Chemistry, Physics, History, and more academic subjects are useless in developing a young teenagers mind and growth. Although Roger C. Schank makes valid points about his arguments, I disagree with him on most of his opinions. Even though math is not a strong subject of...
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  • 1 04 Algebra 2
    1. Solve S = 4v2 for v s = 4v² √s = 2v (√s)/2 = v 2. Solve M = 2x + 3y for y. -2x m-2x=3y /3y (m-2x)/3=3 3. Solve t = p+3r/6 for r. /6 6t=p+3r -p 6t-p=3r /3 (6t-p)/3=r 4. Solve V = π r2h for h. /pir^2 H=v/πr^2 5. Solve P = 2(l + w) for l. What are the missing values in the table? P w l 14 2 5 22 8 3 6. Create your own unique literal equation and solve for one of the variables. Show your work. Then, using complete sentences, explain how you solved...
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  • Monomial: Algebra and Terms - 390 Words
    n Algebra, a term, or monomial, is comprised of a combination of one to three of the following: numbers, variables, and exponents. In Algebraic expressions and equations, terms are separated by addition and subtraction signs. * Numbers: Constant, known quantities that remain fixed. Examples: 100, 23, -157, π * Variables: Symbols that represent unknown quantities. Examples: θ, x, y, and any other letter of the alphabet * Exponents: A known or unknown quantity that raises a base...
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  • Proportion Method - Algebra - 372 Words
    PROPORTION METHOD The proportion method is used in both of these expressions. A proportion is an equation that says that two ratios are equivalent. The use of cross multiplying is in use in both expressions as well. I believe the first expression (#56) uses the extreme-means property; the product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes. #56. To estimate the size of the bear population on the Keweenaw Peninsula, conservationists captured, tagged, and released 50...
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  • Why Is Algebra Important?
    My initial reaction to the article by Mr. Cohen was that he was wrong to have written such a discouraging article to an impressionable young girl. I feel that math is important in everyday life. I do agree with Mr. Cohen in the sense that there are many aspects of Algebra that the majority of people do not use on a daily basis. I think that this fact is what leads people to the false conclusion that Algebra is useless. To better understand our topic, let’s define what we mean when we say...
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  • Simplifying Equations in Algebra - 278 Words
    In algebra, there are many times when you will need to simplify an expression. It is important to understand the process of simplifying and identify the property of real numbers when finding the solution to an expression. The properties of real numbers provide tools to help take a complicated expression and simplify it. In simplifying an algebraic expression, you need to understand the Order of Operations-PEMDAS, to identify the property. The properties most often used to simplify...
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  • Math: Algebra and Real Numbers
    Simplifying Expressions Read the following instructions in order to complete this assignment and review the example of how to complete the math required for this assignment: • Use the properties of real numbers to simplify the following expressions: o 2a(a – 5) + 4(a – 5) o 2w – 3 + 3(w – 4) – 5(w – 6) o 0.05(0.3m + 35n) – 0.8(-0.09n – 22m) • Write a two- to three-page paper that is formatted in APA style and according to the Math Writing...
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  • Algebra and Polynomial Expression - 679 Words
     Financial Polynomials Tabitha Teasley Math 221: Introduction to Algebra Regina Cochran March 22, 2014 There are many times in our life that we need to buy something big and expensive. In order to afford or buy these item, such as cars, trucks, and houses, we need to invest or save our money over time for that particular goal. Knowing how much money we need to begin with initially for an...
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  • Al-Khwarizmi: the Father of Algebra
    Al-Khwarizmi: The Father of Algebra Muhammed Ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi, was a mathematical pioneer, and is considered by many to be the greatest mathematician of the Islamic world, as well as the founder algebra. His book entitled Kitâb al-Mukhtasar fî Hisâb al-Jabr wa'l-Muqâbala, which means “The Compendious Book on Calculation by Completion and Balancing,” established algebra as an independent discipline. While his arithmetic work, possibly entitled Kitāb al-Jamʿ wa-l-tafrīq bi-ḥisāb al-Hind...
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  • Hon Algebra 2 Study Guide
    KEY HONORS ALGEBRA 2 B 1. a. d. 2. a. d. a1  3, Semester Exam Review b. b. an  4  an1  an  3  4n 1  an  1  3  n  1  3n  2 c. 805,306,368 1,073,741,823 a1  1 an  an 1  3 c. 178 5370 3. 4624.577 cm3 4. 2805 seats 5. a. 6. a. 3 7. a. 81 b. 8. a. a 4b9 b. 1 3 17 3  7  b. 4 or  3 7  b. 4 1 9 x4 5 c. 24 5 c. x 2...
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  • Data Collection Activities in Algebra 1
    Algebra has long been taught in the same way. This usually means teachers rely heavily on the textbook. Though some textbooks have changed in recent years, the central focus is till on paper and pencil, memorization of rules, and use of algorithms. The Curriculum and Evaluation Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM 1989) asks mathematics teachers to seek activities that “model real-world phenomena with a variety of function” and “represent and analyze relationships using tables, verbal...
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  • Introduction: Algebra and Edith Dixon Mat221
    Edith Dixon MAT221: introduction to Algebra (GSO1313F) Instructor: Betrice Scott Date: 04-17-2013 Compounded semiannually then the polynomial P (1+r/2) ^2 represents the value of the investment after one year. First we will rewrite the expression without using the parenthesis. This is foil the binomial (1+r/2) ^2 and then multiply all terms by P. Starting with the original expression P (1+r/2) ^2 Squared quantity multiplies itself P (1+r/2) (1+r/2) The expression after foil was carried...
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  • Algebra and Real-life Linear Relationships
    The CENTRE for EDUCATION in MATHEMATICS and COMPUTING PATTERNING AND ALGEBRA: ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS This resource may be copied in its entirety, but is not to be used for commercial purposes without permission from the Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing, University of Waterloo. Play the Late Delivery game first! Levels 1 and 2 are recommended. Click on or go to for the link. 1. a....
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  • Why Algebra Is Important in the Real World
    Why is algebra important in the real world? The first reason algebra is important in the real world is because people use algebra every day in their jobs. Having the ability to learn and do algebra will probably help you exceed into the job you want to do one day. Most people do not realize that algebra is used almost every day in adult life. Some examples of obvious jobs that use algebra are engineers, mathematicians, teachers and scientists. I believe everyone uses some sort of algebra in...
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  • Algebra 1 Review Polynomials & Factoring
    Pre-Calculus—Prerequisite Knowledge &Skills III. Polynomials A. Exponents The expression bn is called a power or an exponential expression. This is read “b to the nth power” The b is the base, and the small raised symbol n is called the exponent. The exponent indicates the number of times the base occurs as a factor. Examples—Express each of the following using exponents. a. 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5 = b. 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x 8 x...
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  • Level J Algebra: Sample Questions Exam
    1314-MJ1E3 -V1 Level J Algebra First Two Weeks Sample Questions Exam 1. Solve, x ( x + 9 ) = 0. Reference: Algebra 1, Part 2, Chapter 8.7, Activity (1a), Page 78 Solution: x = 0 or x = −9 2. Factor, x 2 + 5 x + 2 xy + 10 y. . Reference: Algebra 1, Part 2, Chapter 8.6.1 Activity 1 #(d), Page 73 Solution: x 2 + 5 x + 2 xy + 10 y = x( x + 5) + 2 y ( x + 5) = ( x + 5)( x + 2 y ) 3. Factor, a 2 + 4 a − 32. Reference: Algebra 1 Part 2, Chapter 8.4.3, Activity (a), Page...
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  • Math150 College Algebra Ctu Phase 1 Db2
    MATH150-1201A-01 Phase 1 DB2 Part 1 and Part 2-Primary Task Response January, 2012 Part 1 Confirmation of MyLabsPlus login I was able to login to MyLabsPlus with my username and password. Part 2 Primary Task Response 1. I went into the learning lab and in the mathematics section I chose the presentation titled “Basic Algebra Skills-Real numbers & Algebraic Equations, Exponents & Scientific Notation, Radicals & Radical Exponents, and Polynomials”. I chose this presentation...
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  • Computer Aided Instruction Software (Mathalge++) for Algebra
    Chapter I Introduction 1.1 Background of the Study Mathematics is always perceived as a one of the many difficult subjects ever been made to learn. The laws and theories of this subject make it more complicated on the part of the students especially in the higher learning scheme. Some students considered mathematics as a shark in the field ready to swallow you whole. Oftentimes, students view mathematics as an imposing but correct and boring presentation of books and teachers (Bello,...
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    CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION 1.1 BACKGROUND TO THE STUDY Mathematics pervades every aspect of our lives. We use mathematics at home, at work, in the market, on the bus and every aspect of our daily life. Apart from this mundane level, mathematics is also the driving force behind the scientific and technological revolution mankind has ever witnessed. It is on record that virtually every discipline derives its credibility and reliability from mathematics. Given enormous importance of...
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  • Alegebratic Expressions - 273 Words
    Name [pic] Algebraic Expressions 1-3 Homework Wednesday, August 15, 2012 Write an algebraic expression that models each word phrase. 1. the sum of 11 and the product of 2 and a number r Write an algebraic expression that models each situation. 2. Arin has $520 and is earning $75 each week babysitting. Evaluate each expression for the given values of the variables. 3. 2(3e ( 5f) + 3(e2 + 4f); e = 3 and f = (5 Surface Area The expression 6s2 represents the surface area of a cube...
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  • The Little People by: Maria Aleah G. Taboclaon
    Age problems The purpose of this lesson is to show you how to solve Age problems. Problem 1 Kevin is 4 years older than Margaret. Next year Kevin will be 2 times as old as Margaret. How old is Kevin? Solution Denote as Kevin's present age. Then Margret's present age is . Next year Kevin will be years old, and Margaret will be years old. Since next year Kevin will be 2 times as old as Margaret, you can write the equation . Solve this equation by simplifying...
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  • MATH_S1 - 900 Words
     Chapter 2 Using Algebra to Solve Problems Name:_____________( ) Class: F.1 ( ) Important Terms sum 和 term 項 difference 差 constant term 常數項 product 積 like term 同類項 quotient 商 unlike term 異類項 algebraic expression 代數式 sequence 序列 substitution 代入 general term 通項 symbol 符號 function 函數 equation 方程 variable 變數 inequality 不等式 number pattern 數型 Revision Notes A. Using algebraic language Symbol Meaning Examples  = is equal to,equals  7-2=5...
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  • Mathematics - 1139 Words
    History of mathematics A proof from Euclid's Elements, widely considered the most influential textbook of all time.[1] The area of study known as the history of mathematics is primarily an investigation into the origin of discoveries in mathematics and, to a lesser extent, an investigation into the mathematical methods and notation of the past. Before the modern age and the worldwide spread of knowledge, written examples of new mathematical developments have come to light only in a few...
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  • Biography of the mathematician named Diophantus.
    Diophantus (200 AD. - 284 AD.) I found very little known facts about Diophantus's life. Some of the things I found though were that he studied at the University of Alexandria in Egypt. He is know as the "Father of Algebra". He did numerous things for the world of mathematics. One of his greatest contributions is the book of Arithmetica. The most I have found about his life is that he was married at the age of 33 and had a son who dies at the age of 42. That's 4 years before Diophantus dies at...
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  • Coefficient and Polynomial - 977 Words
    Lesson 03.01: Review of Polynomials Types of Expressions Type Definition Example Monomial An expression with one term 5x Binomial An expression with two terms g + 3 Trinomial An expression with three terms m2 + m + 1 Polynomial An expression containing four or more terms a5 – 3a4 – 7a3 + 2a – 1 Polynomial Arrangement A polynomial in descending order is written with the terms arranged from largest to smallest degree. Example: s3 – s2 + 3s – 7 A polynomial in ascending order...
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  • Math - 455 Words
    Kelly Panizza Assignment # 1 Algorithm-Spring 2011 1. Do some research on al-Khorezmi (also al-Khwarizmi), the man from whose name the word “algorithm” is derived. In particular, you should learn what the origins of the words “algorithm” and “algebra” have in common. R: / the word “Algorithm” or “Algorism” in some other writing versions, comes from the name Al-Khwarizmi (c. 780-850), a Persian mathematician, astronomer, geographer...
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  • Siani Duggan Factoring Expository Essay
    Duggan 1 Siani Duggan Mr. McDonalds Analytic Geometry 24 February 2015 Factoring Expository Essay A quadratic is anything involving the second power of an unknown quantity or variable. Factoring is when terms are being multiplied together to get an expression. It is like splitting an expression into a multiplication to get a simpler expression. When factoring numbers or factoring polynomials, one is finding numbers or polynomials that divide out evenly from the original ...
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  • tkam essay - 321 Words
    Factor bingo The students in Ms. Nomial’s Algebra class like to play Factor bingo. Every student gets a bingo card to play. The way Ms. Nomial plays it is that she writes polynomials on the board, the students have to fully factor each polynomial. After they have factored the polynomial they cover any of those factored that they have on their card. To win the games the first student must cover five in a row, column, or diagonal wins factor bingo. Ms. Nomial wrote $ polynomials on the...
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  • History of Trigonometry Research - 350 Words
    Shawnje Granville Benjamin Banneker Academy January 17,2013 Trigonometry TRIGANOMETRY The history of algebra goes way back in time (more than 4000 years . Algebra is a sub within mathematics, but for historical reasons, the word "algebra" has three meanings that can all suffice in defining the word or term . Algebra can mean use of letters and symbols to represent values and their relations, especially for solving equations,major branch of mathematics which studies...
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  • MY face - 594 Words
    Algebra is a branch of mathematics that uses mathematical statements to describe relationships between things that vary over time. These variables include things like the relationship between supply of an object and its price. When we use a mathematical statement to describe a relationship, we often use letters to represent the quantity that varies, since it is not a fixed amount. These letters and symbols are referred to as variables. (See the Appendix One for a brief review of constants and...
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  • Table Top Worksheet - 476 Words
     Student Name: ______Chelsey Colston_______ Date: ___9/23/14___ Class: _____Algebra2______ Review: Review #1 1) Write the algebraic expression represented by the algebra tiles. 2) What are the factors of this algebraic expression? Review #2 Use the algebra tiles to square the following binomials, then combine like terms and write the resulting expression. 1) = 4x 2) = 6x 3) =6y 4) = y=4x Review #3 Form a rectangle with the algebra tiles. What...
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  • CMSC 000 Winter 2014 Final Exam with Answers
    Department of Career & Professional Development Winter 2014 Final Examination — with answers Student Name Student Number Foundations of Mathematics CMSC 000 Lecturer: G. Brown Date: Time: 17 April 2014 3 hours INSTRUCTIONS: This is a closed book examination. Give your answers in the exam booklet. You are permitted non-electronic translation dictionaries only. Handheld devices capable of storing text are NOT permitted. Calculators are permitted. Only noiseless non-programmable...
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  • Third Grading Reviewer, Quick notes on Math VII
    3rd Grading Reviewer/Quick notes on Math VII * Algebra – is a branch of mathematics that focuses on demonstrating the properties and relationships of abstract things in symbolic form or in which symbols, usually letters of the alphabet, represent numbers or members of a specified set and are used to represent quantities and to express general relationships that hold for all members of the set. * Variable - is a symbol, usually a letter, such as x, y, or z, used to represent an unknown...
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  • Simplifying Expressions - 433 Words
     Simplifying Expressions Christy Bailey MATT 221: Introduction to Algebra Instructor: Stacie Williams October 13, 2013 Simplifying Expression Include in this paper I have demonstrated the following solutions for the three problems listed below. Using th given vocabulary words I have broken down each problem using the proper steps in solving the algebraic expressions. Also shown will be what is important about real numbers and in what way they are useful in...
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  • A3 Polynomials - 8006 Words
    Polynomials: Basic Operations and Factoring Mathematics 17 Institute of Mathematics Lecture 3 Math 17 (Inst. of Mathematics) Polynomials: Basic Operations and Factoring Lec 3 1 / 30 Outline 1 Algebraic Expressions and Polynomials Addition and Subtraction of Polynomials Multiplication of Polynomials Division of Polynomials 2 Factoring Sum and Difference of Two Cubes Factoring Trinomials Factoring By Grouping Completing the Square Math 17 (Inst. of Mathematics) Polynomials: Basic...
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  • revolt of 1857 - 584 Words
    Mathematics Practice Paper Grade-VIII 1) Evaluate (5–1 × 2–1) × 6–1. 2) (–2)–3 × (–2)–2 is equivalent to Choose the correct option: a) (2)5 b) (–2)5 c) (2)–5 d) (–2)–5 3) Simply: (28 26)5 × 2– 9 4) (a) Find the value of (b) Find the value of n if n(7)-2 = 7. 5) Write true or false: 6) Find : 7) 88 86 = _____ Choose the correct option: a) 16 b) 8 c) 91 d) 64 8) 20 × 52 is equal to _____. Choose the correct option:...
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  • Function and Inverse Cindy Dean
     Composition and Inverse Cindy Dean Intermediate Algebra: MAT 222 Instructor: February 14, 2014 Composition and Inverse In this week’s assignment, I will be solving functions with different values and variables. Many companies and businesses, use these methods to either make progress or to change something that will benefit their success. The first function is: (f – h)(4) f(4) – h(4) I multiplied 4 with each variable. f(4) = 2(4) + 5 The x is...
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  • week 4 Assigment - 259 Words
     Financial Polynomials MAT 221 Introduction to Algebra Instructor: Neal Johnson April 7, 2013 Problem 1 p=200 r=10 n=1 p(1+r)1 Reorder the polynomial 1+r alphabetically from left to right, starting with the highest order term. p(r+1) Multiply p by each term inside the parentheses. pr+p Replace the variable r with 10 in the expression. p(10)+p Replace the variable p with 200 in the expression. (200)(10)+(200) Divide 200 by 10 to get 20....
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  • Mat 221 Week 4 Assignment
    Financial Polynomials MAT 221: Introduction to Algebra Financial Polynomials Problem 90 on page 304 of the text book shares the steps and formula needed to square the binomial and multiplication for the Compounded semiannually. (Dugopolski, 2012) Using the formula provided, as well as the problems assigned, I will calculate the math to find the interest rate on an investment. This will help me in real life understand how to calculate interest on future savings. I will show all steps of the...
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  • Quiz Bee Questions - 518 Words
    Which real numbers are equal to their cubes? Write 4*10-2 as a decimal. Write 0.12*10-3 as a decimal. Write 2 log3 x + log3 5 as a single logarithmic expression. Factor the algebraic expression 6x2 - 21xy + 8xz - 28yz. Factor the algebraic expression (x - 1)2 - (y - 2)2. Factor the algebraic expression x2 - z4. Evaluate the algebraic expression |-2x - y + 3| for x = 3 and y = 5 Simplify the algebraic expression -2(x - 3) + 4(-2x + 8)...
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  • Polynomials and Polynomials Functions Formal
    Saint George International School Of Panama Algebra Polynomials and Polynomials Functions Laura D. Rosas M. VII Galileo Galilei Prof. Ángel F. Torralba 30.10.12 Index 1. Introduction 2. Area of Investigation 3. Problem 4. Bank Collection Data 5. Hypothesis 6. Argumentation 7. Conclusion 8. Recommendation 9. Illustration 10. Bibliography 11. Evaluation Sheet 1. Introduction In this formal investigation we’re talking about polynomials and its functions in...
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  • professor - 4921 Words
    Muslims have played a huge part in the worlds history. Some of the great contributions that impacted the world is, field of medicine, mathematics, and art. Those three things are some of the important things that influenced the world and influence the world. One accomplishment the muslims had was the field of medicine. As stated in the text, “Physician al-Razi’s wrote a medical reference encyclopedia, the Comprehensive Book and Treats on Smallpox and Measles.” (Document...
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  • Lunch Menu - 928 Words
    436 Inland Center Drive San Bernardino, CA 92408 To Whom It May Concern: I have been a satisifed customer for the past 3 years. I’ve never been dissapointed with my purchased merchandise and service when I visit the retail store. I am writing this letter to express my great interest in the postion of becoming a Zumiez sales person. My parents have raised me as a determined individual that is willing to take any oppurtunites. Nothing has really been handed to me, but I’ve learned...
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  • financial Polynomials - 665 Words
     Financial Polynomials Ashford University Abstract In this paper I will be demonstrating how to use financial polynomials with a few expressions from the textbook “Elementary and Intermediate Algebra”. I will not only show the problem, but also will also break the expression down showing all mathematical work, and provide reasoning of how anybody can apply this theory to everyday life. In the paper there will be the following words: FOIL, like terms, Descending order, Dividend,...
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  • Lupain Ng Taglamig - 2516 Words
    Reaction Paper Ric Michael P. De Vera IV- Rizal Mr. Norie Sabayan I. A and B Arabic mathematics: forgotten brilliance? Indian mathematics reached Baghdād, a major early center of Islam, about ad 800. Supported by the ruling caliphs and wealthy individuals, translators in Baghdād produced Arabic versions of Greek and Indian mathematical works. The need for translations was stimulated by...
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  • Algebraic Expression - 1335 Words
    In mathematics, an algebraic expression is an expression built up from constants, variables, and a finite number of algebraic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and exponentiation by an exponent that is a rational number).[1] For example, is an algebraic expression. Since taking the square root is the same as raising to the power , is also an algebraic expression. A rational expression is an expression that may be rewritten to a rational fraction by using the...
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  • Mat221 - Week 1 Assignment
    Simplifying Expressions Student MAT 221 – Introduction to Algebra Instructor August 18, 2013 Algebra is a branch of Mathematics that we use in everyday life without realizing it. When we fill up with gas we will quite often do that quick calculation on how many miles be gallon we got. We might use it to determine how many apples could be in a pound after weighing just one of average...
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  • goofy - 2688 Words
    Algebra What is Algebra? Algebra is a part of mathematics in which symbols such as letters of the alphabet (also known as pro-numerals) stand for numbers. Instead of guessing whether we are to call it a hundred, or six, or a thousand and sixty four, why not just call it x. This method of solving problems is called Algebra. Important People and Dates Relating to Algebra Algebra was developed to solve difficult logic/math problems. It all began in ancient Egypt and Babylon, where...
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  • MATH 221 ASsignment 1
     Working with algebra you must understand why the properties of real numbers are so important. I will demonstrate my solutions to three problems and I will include my mathematical work. Also I will use five vocabulary words that help me find solutions to the problems. Properties of real numbers are useful for simplifying algebraic expression because a lot of thing we do in life are equations. We use a lot of mathematical terms in the real world. Lastly I will show every step I took to...
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  • Subtraction and Addition of Algebraic Expressions
    Subtraction and Addition of Algebraic Expressions Math 11 Objectives The student should be able to: Determine the degree of a polynomial Identify the fundamental operations of polynomials Definition of Terms Algebraic expression is an expression involving constants and or variable, with all or some of the algebraic operations of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication Definition of Terms Components of an Algebraic Expression Constant term: fancy name for a...
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  • Need price on part number BB5Z-00817-A
     30. (a2b3)(-ab2)=(a*a*b*b*b) x (-a*b*b) ANSWER = -a^3b^5 80. Write a simplified expression for the area of the given figure. 4y2=height 7y3=base ½ base * height = area ½ * 7y^3 *4y^2 5.3 66. (5x + 4)(x2 - 3x + 2) 5x^3-15x^2+10x 4x^2-12x+8 5x^3-11x^2-2x+8 82. Rectangular Garden A rectangular garden has a perimeter of 500 feet. (a) If one side of the garden has length x, then write a polynomial expression that gives its area....
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  • Factoring - Math Notes - 331 Words
    Common Factoring: Find out the GREATEST COMMON FACTOR of each term and factor it out. Using Grouping: Sometimes, a polynomial will have no common factor for all the terms. Instead, we can group together the terms which have a common factor. When you use the Grouping Method: * When there is no factor common to all terms * When there is an even number of terms. Example: The polynomial x3+3x2−6x−18 has no single factor that is common to every term. However, we notice that if...
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  • Polynomials - 988 Words
    ISSUED BY KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA - DOWNLOADED FROM WWW.STUDIESTODAY.COM Chapter - 2 (Polynomials) Key Concepts Constants : A symbol having a fixed numerical value is called a constant. Example : 7, 3, -2, 3/7, etc. are all constants. Variables : A symbol which may be assigned different numerical values is known as variable. Example : C - circumference of circle r - radius of circle Where 2 & are constants. while C and r are variable Algebraic expressions : A combination of constants and...
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  • Assigment - 326 Words
    Algebra – TOOL KIT Chapter 5 Test Review 5.1 Exponents Simplify. Express using only positive exponents. 1) a4 ( a7 2) (3x2y3)(-2x4y) 3) 4) 5a-4 5.2 More with Exponents Simplify. Express using only positive exponents. 1) (n5)3...
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  • Mathematics Test Questions - 415 Words
    Name _____________________________ Date ____________ Period _______ Completing the Square Day 1 For each expression, find the number you would add to make it a perfect square trinomial. Leave fraction answers as improper fractions (no mixed numbers or decimals). Then factor each trinomial. 1. x2 + 10x + _______ 2. y2 – 6y + ¬¬¬¬_______ 3. z2 – 8z + _______ _____________________ _____________________ _____________________ 4. x2 + 12x + _______ 5. x2 – x + _______ 6....
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  • Math - 1837 Words
    On this page we hope to clear up problems you might have with polynomials and factoring. All the different methods of factoring and different things such as the difference of cubes are covered. Click any of the links below or scroll down to start gaining a better understanding of polynomials and factoring. Combining like terms Multiplication of polynomials Factoring Factoring by grouping Sums and differences of cubes Quiz on Polynomials and Factoring When terms of a polynomial...
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  • Abu Ja’far Al-Khwarizmi
    Abu Ja’far Al-Khwarizmi Abu Ja’far Al-Khwarizmi was a Muslim mathematician in the late 8th century. His full name is Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn Musa Al-Khwarizmi. He heavily influenced our math today, and he developed a base for math today. (“Periodic”). Al-Khwarizmi was a very intelligent mathematician who wrote a book on algebra and geometry which influences today’s world of mathematics. There is very little known about Al-Khwarizmi’s early life (MacTutor). He was born in 780 AD, and died in...
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  • MAT 070 Final Exam Study Guide
    Name __________________________________________ Test Name: MAT 070 Spring 2012 Final Exam Version 2 1. Perform the indicated operation by removing the parentheses and combining like terms. Answer: ______________ 2. Find the LCM of the set of algebraic expressions. Answer: ______________ 3. Evaluate the given polynomial at = , = . Answer: ______________ 4. Simplify the expression using the properties of...
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  • I Like Feet - 318 Words
    Curriculum Vital Jessica Liliana Plascencia-Delgado Channelview, TX Cell #: ( Home Phone #: ( Objective: Apply to University of Southern California and get admitted. Education: Background Courses Include: • Speech • Spanish 1 • Pre Advanced Placement Spanish 2 • Pre Advanced Placement Spanish 3 • Touch System Data Entry • AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination 1 • AVID, Advancement Via Individual Determination 2 • AVID,...
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  • Factoring Polynomials - 389 Words
     Factoring Polynomials When factoring polynomials, the first step is to find the greatest common factor. This is the largest number that divides each term of the polynomial. In the example 25x2 + 35x3 the greatest common factor would be 5. X would also be a common factor so be sure to include that. And because both polynomials include an exponent, you use the smallest power that appears in all terms. So in our example, the greatest common factor would be 5x2. The next step would be to...
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  • mid year review sec 2 math
    Secondary 2E1 Mid-Year Exam Review 1. Proportion Map and Scale Scale = Map length : Actual Length = 1 : r or If the scale on the map is given by 1: r, then the ratio of area measured on the map to the actual area is 1: r2 Direct and inverse proportion Direct Proportion Inverse Proportion If y is directly proportional to x, then or where is a constant and . k is known as the constant of proportionality. or where (,) and (,) are two pairs of values of...
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  • Solving Proportions - 550 Words
     Solving Proportions Intermediate Algebra Math 222 Professor Wick February 9, 2013 For this week’s assignment we had to solve problem 56 on page number 437. This particular question is about solving a proportion. Proportions are any statement expressing the equality of two ratios. The proportion can be written out as a/b = c/d . In any proportion the numbers in the positions of a and d shown here are called the extremes. The numbers in the positions of b and c...
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  • Competency 5 - 424 Words
    COMPETENCY 2 1). Simplify the expression by combining like terms. 5x - y - 2x + 3y a) 3x + 2y b) 2x –y c) x - y d) None of these 2. Use the distributive property to evaluate the expression. 3( x – 3 – 2y) a) 3x - 9 + 2y b) x –y c) 3x - 9 -6y d) None of these 3. Perform the indicated operation: a) b) c)...
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  • MAT101 Case 1 - 811 Words
    MAT101 Case 1 Answer Template I affirm that this assignment contains all original work. I am familiar with Trident University’s Academic Integrity policy located in the Trident Policy Handbook. I affirm that I have not engaged in direct duplication, copy/pasting, sharing assignments, collaboration with others, contract cheating and/or obtaining answers online, paraphrasing, or submitting/facilitating the submission of prior work. Work found to be unoriginal and in violation of this policy is...
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  • Essay Types - 401 Words
    Overview of formulas Hide All Formulas are equations that perform calculations on values in your worksheet. A formula starts with an equal sign (=). For example, the following formula multiplies 2 by 3 and then adds 5 to the result. =5+2*3 A formula can also contain any or all of the following: functions (function: A prewritten formula that takes a value or values, performs an operation, and returns a value or values. Use functions to simplify and shorten formulas on a worksheet, especially...
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  • Math Jingle - 251 Words
    Mathematics Is Part of Life Intro : Solving Math is very easy , easy Solving Math is very easy Just relax and do not worry, worry Math is life you must be happy I. Don’t forget to group in tens when you add the numbers Just relax and don’t be mad when subtraction seems so hard You can find the product when you multiply it right Don’t be sad when you divide when decimal comes out Chorus: Solving is easy don’t need to worry Cause Mathematics part of life, you know You must...
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  • Dede - 283 Words
    Name _______________________________________ Date __________________ Class __________________ Homework Unit 8 Day 3 Factoring by GCF Factor each polynomial. Check your answer. 1. x2  5x x(___ ___) 2. 5m3  45 ___ (___  9) 3. 15y3  20y5  10 ___ (3y3  4___ ___) 4. 10y2  12y3 ________________________ 5. 12t 5  6t ________________________ 6. 6x4  15x3  3x2 ________________________ 7. A golf ball is hit upward at a speed of 40 m/s. The expression 5t2  40t gives...
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  • Math 116 Week 2 DQ 1 and 2
    Math 116 Week 2 Dq 1 If the cost of a cell phone has decreased 400% during the past 10 years, does that correspond to a cost decrease of four times? Explain your answer as though you were talking to someone who has never taken algebra. I’m not 100% if I understand the question correctly, but I think it does. Some of the math terminology is confusing me a little, because the text states that “of” usually means multiplication. Anyway, if the cost of a cell phone has decreased 400% during the...
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  • Maths Order of Operation - 291 Words
    Why is it important to follow the order of operations? What are some possible outcomes when the order of operations is ignored? If you invented a new notation where the order of operations was made clear, what would you do to make it clear? In mathematics , the order of operation also known as precedence rule is a rule used to clarify which procedures should be performed first in a given mathematical expression. When there is more than one operation involved in a mathematical problem, it...
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  • Algebraic Expression - 2282 Words
    Variables A variable is a symbol that is used to represent an unknown quantity. For example, x, y, z. If x and y are variables, then the product xy is also a variable. Terms A term can be: a single number. For example, 2, 5. a variable, or a product of variables (which may be raised to powers). For example, z, b3, [pic]. a product of a number and one or more variables (which may be raised to powers). For example, 3x, – 4yz, 7a2 b3 . Coefficients In a term that is the...
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  • Finding Polynomials - 488 Words
    FINDING POLYNOMIALS In order to evaluate the polynomials, I will first need to write the polynomial expressions without any parenthesis. Therefore, according to the example, I will need to FOIL the binomial (1+r)2 and then multiply all terms by P. I will begin by rewriting the polynomial expression without any parenthesis in ascending order of the variable r, as opposed to descending order, with the exponent in the last term instead of the first term. P(1+r)2 This is the first...
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  • Simplifying Expressions - 430 Words
    Simplifying Expressions Jennette M. Bird MAT:221 Introduction to Algebra Instructor: Mariya Ivanova February 1st, 2014 Simplifying Expressions In this paper, I will be using the properties of real numbers to simplify the given expressions for this assignment. I will demonstrate how to simplify expressions using the distributive property method, combining like terms, and by removing parentheses. I have broken down each problem to its lowest terms by using the...
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  • Assignment - 287 Words
    Ashford 2: - Week 1 - Assignment Solving Proportions Read the following instructions in order to complete this assignment: Solve problem 56 on page 437 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. Set up the two ratios and write your equation choosing an appropriate variable for the bear population. Complete problem 10 on page 444 of Elementary and Intermediate Algebra. Show all steps in solving the problem and explain what you are doing as you go along. Write a two to three page paper that...
    287 Words | 1 Page
  • Simplifying Expressions - 416 Words
    Simplifying Expression MAT 221 Alicia Davis March 8, 2014 When solving algebraic equations, there are many properties that need to be identified to solve the equation. Some of the properties to be identified are distributive which helps remove the parentheses, and then to simplify you must combine like terms. Another term you need to identify is coefficients, which is for example in an equation could be 4a in 4a+7=12. To solve equations you must be able to identify...
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  • Explaining the Order of Operations - 178 Words
    Order of operations is the order in which to evaluate different operations. The order of operations is critical to solving different algebraic problems. Without it people will get different answers when there is no right one because there is no correct order to interpret an expression. In order of operations you evaluate from left to right in the following order You may remember this as "Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally" Parentheses Exponents Multiplication & Division Addition &...
    178 Words | 1 Page
  • Real Number Properties - 473 Words
    Real Number Properties In this assignment we were asked to solve three expressions using the properties of real numbers in order to do so. Each of the real number properties are essential in solving algebraic expressions. Although you may not need to use all of them in the same expression to solve you will need to use at least one. In this paper I will demonstrate the use of the properties and show the steps needed to solve each part of an expression. Understanding the properties of...
    473 Words | 2 Pages
  • Simplifying Expression - 501 Words
    Running Head : SIMPLIFYING ALGEBRAIC EXPRESSIONS 2 Simplifying Expressions Be sure to have a centered title on page 1 of your papers . [ The introductory paragraph must be written by each individual student a nd the content will vary depending on what the student decides to focus on in the general information of the topic. YOUR INTRODUCTION SHOULD CONNECT MATH CONCEPTS AND REAL - WORLD APPLICATIONS. DO NOT INCLUDE THE DIRECTIONS IN THE INTRO! The following paragr aph is not...
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  • mr angola - 329 Words
    Portfolio Title Portfolio Number Pre-defined data types and Input/Output in Java 1 of 3 Aim of the Portfolio This Portfolio will help the students understand the concept of pre-defined data types in Java, be familiar with the input/output mechanism and demonstrate the understanding by writing program code using pre-defined data types, taking...
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  • Gs1140 Dillman Module2 - 59 Words
    Section A: Mathematical Operations of Numbers 1. 8 + ((12 + 5) x 4) / 2 8+ (17 x 4) /2 8+ 68/2 8+34 42 2. (( 3 + 4 )2 + 4 ) – 2 ((7)2 +4) -2 (49+4) -2 53 – 2 51 3. ((12 + 7 ) + ( 8 ÷ 4)2 ) (19+(2) 2) 19+4 23 4. 5. 6. = = 7. 8. Section B: Simplifying Algebraic Expressions 1. 2x + 3x – 5x + x 5x -5x +x 0x +x X 2. 2(6x + 5) 12x +10 3. (14x – 7) / 7 2x-1 4. –(–15x) – 3x 15x – 3x 12x 5. 5(3x + 4) – 4 15x + 20 – 4 15x +16 6. 5(3x – 2) +...
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