Things Fall Apart


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1. How does Okonkwo first win fame?

a) He woos a princess

b) He throws the Cat in a wrestling match

c) He kills the leader of an opposing army in battle

d) He demonstrates his great wisdom in a debate

2. How is Okonkwo different from his father, Unoka?

a) He is a hard worker, whereas Unoka was lazy

b) He prefers water, whereas Unoka drank palm wine

c) He has one wife, whereas Unoka had several

d) He dislikes battle, whereas Unoka was renowned for his taste for blood

3. Why does Umuofia receive Ikemefuna?

a) He is a sacrifice for his town’s slaying the wife of a man of Umuofia

b) He is a gift given during a religious celebration

c) He is a slave, loaned to the village for a short time

d) He is lost and has no home

4. Who else comes with Ikemefuna?

a) His mother

b) His father

c) An old woman

d) A young virgin

5. What does Unoka take with him to the Evil Forest when he is carried there to die?

a) His machete

b) His palm wine

c) His flute

d) His bed

6. Whom does Okonkwo try to shoot during the New Yam Festival?

a) His son Nwoye

b) His wife Ekwefi

c) His friend Obierika

d) The priestess Chielo

7. What does Okonkwo do to disturb the Week of Peace?

a) He fails to offer sacrifice

b) He beats his wife

c) He fights with the neighbors

d) He burns down a house

8) Who kills Ikemefuna?

a) Nwoye

b) Obierika

c) Okonkwo

d) Ekwefi

9) Why is Okonkwo exiled from the clan?

a) His gun explodes, accidentally killing a member of the clan

b) The clan is tired of his arrogant ways

c) He...

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