The Sun Also Rises


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1. What university did Robert Cohn attend?

a. Harvard

b. Princeton

c. Oxford

2. What is Jake’s occupation?

a. Novelist

b. Poet

c. Journalist

3. Which character is not a war veteran?

a. Robert Cohn

b. Mike Campbell

c. Jake Barnes

4. What is the name of Cohn’s girlfriend in Paris?

a. Georgette

b. Brett

c. Frances

5. With whom is Brett Ashley secretly in love?

a. Mike Campbell

b. Bill Gorton

c. Jake Barnes

6. What is Jake’s nationality?

a. British

b. Spanish

c. American

7. Who has the most knowledge of and passion for bullfighting?

a. Robert Cohn

b. Jake Barnes

c. Bill Gorton

8. Where does Cohn go while Jake and Bill are fishing in Burguete?

a. Back to Paris

b. San Sebastian

c. He stays in Pamplona

9. Which character displays no romantic interest in Brett?

a. Pedro Romero

b. Mike Campbell

c. Bill Gorton

10. Which character is Catholic?

a. Jake Barnes

b. Robert Cohn

c. Brett Ashley

11. What is Brett’s reaction to...

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