The Sun Also Rises


Key Facts

Title: The Sun Also Rises

Author: Ernest Hemingway

Type of book: Novel

Genre: Modernist, postwar, Lost Generation

Original language: English

Written in: Paris, 1920s

First published: 1926

Time set: 1924

Places set: Paris, Basque region of Spain including Pamplona, Madrid

Narrator: Jake Barnes

Point of view: First-person limited (Jake Barnes)

Tense: Past

Protagonist: Jake Barnes

Climax: Robert Cohn, in a rage over Brett’s rejection of him, first beats up her fiancé, Mike, and her secret love, Jake, then the bullfighter Pedro Romero, with whom Brett has just become involved.

Falling action: The day after the fiesta ends, Robert Cohn is gone and Brett has also left with Pedro Romero. Jake, Mike and Bill go their separate ways, with Jake intending to spend a quiet week in San Sebastian. Upon his arrival there, he gets a telegram from Brett asking that he come to her in Madrid, where he finds her poor and heartbroken after she has forced the young bullfighter to leave her for his own good.

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