The Sun Also Rises


Discussion Questions

1. The Sun Also Rises describes members of what Gertrude Stein called “The Lost Generation.” Although none of the characters speak openly about feeling lost, how does Hemingway show us that they are? What details in the novel convey their aimlessness and postwar cynicism?

2. Jake silently criticizes Robert Cohn for allowing himself to be controlled by his girlfriend, Frances. Jake is also disgusted with Cohn’s unrealistic, romantic devotion to Brett. In view of Jake’s own behavior toward Brett, why is his criticism of Cohn’s behavior ironic? How does Jake also allow himself to be controlled by Brett?

3. The week during which Jake and Bill are fishing in the small village of Burguete is one of the most peaceful and pleasurable times described in the novel. How does Hemingway convey this? How does this stretch of time differ from the fiesta week in Pamplona?

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