The Sun Also Rises


Chapter 5 to 10

Chapter 5 Summary

The next morning, Jake goes to work at his office. He attends a press conference as a correspondent, but does not find out anything worth reporting. Sharing a cab back to the office with some colleagues, one of them asks Jake how he amuses himself in the evenings. Jake’s answer is vague, and they part ways. Robert Cohn is waiting for Jake at his office, and they go to lunch together. Cohn asks Jake for details about Brett, with whom Cohn is clearly infatuated. Jake tells him that she drinks heavily and that she is waiting on her divorce from an English lord. She is also engaged to Mike Campbell, a Scottish war veteran who stands to inherit a lot of money. Jake explains that he met Brett in a hospital during the war, where she worked as a volunteer nurse, and that her first love had died of dysentery in the war. When he implies that Brett has never married for love, Cohn is offended and demands that Jake take his insulting remarks back. He is very angry and threatens to leave. Jake thinks he’s being ridiculous but manages to calm him down, and they finish lunch without speaking of Brett again.

Chapter 6 Summary

In the evening, Jake goes to meet Brett as she had arranged with him the night before, but she is not at the appointed place. He waits awhile and writes some letters. When she still hasn’t shown up, he goes looking for her at some other bars. He does not find Brett, but does run into his friend Harvey Stone at Café Select. Stone, who has a gambling problem, tells Jake that he’s completely broke and hasn’t eaten in five days. Jake gives him some money and suggests that he eat some dinner, but Harvey just wants to drink. Robert Cohn appears and comes to the table. Stone clearly does not like Cohn, and banters with him cruelly. Cohn responds with irritation, and Stone takes his leave. Frances shows up and complains about Cohn failing to meet her for lunch. Then she asks Jake to come across the street and talk with her privately. They leave Cohn at the Select....

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