The Sun Also Rises


Cast of Characters

Jake Barnes: The narrator and protagonist, Jake is an American journalist living in Paris. He is a World War I veteran who has been rendered impotent by an injury sustained during the war. He is in love with Lady Brett Ashley, and she returns his feelings, but tragically they cannot consummate their love.

Robert Cohn: A friend of Jake’s who also lives in Paris. He is a Jewish American novelist who also falls in love with Lady Brett Ashley. Unlike most of the other characters, Cohn did not serve in World War I.

Lady Brett Ashley: Brett is an Englishwoman who was in the war as a military hospital volunteer nurse. She is separated from her husband, engaged to Mike Campbell, and carries on affairs with several men throughout the novel.

Bill Gorton: A clever American journalist and Jake’s closest friend. He is visiting from New York. It is unclear whether or not Bill was in the war, but he may well have worked as a correspondent.

Mike Campbell: A Scottish veteran of World War I engaged to Brett. He is nearly always drunk and often verbally aggressive. Although he is aware of Brett’s infidelities, he is not comfortable with them. His jealousy and anger are rarely directed toward her, however, but often toward Robert Cohn.

Pedro Romero: A promising 19-year-old Spanish bullfighter with whom Jake forms an acquaintance in Pamplona. Attracted by the sense of purpose and passion he possesses—in stark contrast to the other men of her circle—Brett falls in love with him. They travel to Madrid together, but Brett forces him to go away because she can see that she will only make him unhappy.

Frances Clyne: Cohn’s fiancé, an insecure, controlling and jealous woman. Cohn wants to leave her, and travels to Pamplona with Jake while she stays behind in Paris.

Count Mippipopolous: A charming and wealthy Greek count who has fought in seven wars and four...

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