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Wicked Girls: a Novel of the Salem Witch Trials

seventeen. They face many challenges such as catching the attention of a boy, reaching safety, and if they should finally tell the truth or not to save the small New England town. Stephanie Hemphill has been writing, studying and presenting poetry for adults and children at the University of Illinois in classrooms, and at conferences across the country with Writer's at Work. She also received an award from The Academy of American Poets here. She enjoys baking and crafts, but never truly got far with either...

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Children's Literature

martyrs, and bestiaries or books about exotic animals, were probably the first printed books available to children. Childhood, as we think about it today, is a relatively new concept. Until the 17thcentury, children were thought of as small versions of adults and treated accordingly. In most societies, children were a source of labor. There were some books (mostly for the children of wealthy families) even before the invention of movable type by Gutenberg in 1455, but they were instructional in nature...

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Twihards: an Essay

School Library Journal Best Books 2005, YALSA Best Books for Young Adults 2006 , and YALSA Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, 2006. Harry Potter has won: Nestle Smarties Book Prize, British Book Award and Children's Book Award, ALA Notable Children's Books (2000), ALA/YALSA Best Books for Young Adults (2000), Booklist Editors' Choices (1999), Booklist Top Ten Fantasy Novels for Youth (1998-99), CCBC Choices 2000: Fiction for Children, International Reading Association: Children's...

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Hunger Games Book Review

mutual feelings with Peeta during this crucial time of life or death or will the love be a distraction while it boils in the heart? Also, will the beloved characters perish or will they prevail in the Hunger Games? The Hunger Games is a compelling young adult novel that will surely appeal to many readers that admire action and adventure with a hint of romance. In my opinion, The Hunger Games is an exceptional novel that is dramatic and really fun to read. The author, Suzanne Collins, does a really...

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Tally Youngblood Themes

in Scott Westerfield’s young adult novel Uglies. The book revolves around a futuristic totalitarian state that relies heavily upon technology and one in which individuals are divided into different age groups, upon turning twelve children known as Littlies leave their parents homes to live in the dorms of Uglyville where they continue to grow and learn in preparation for the Surge—a procedure that is performed on the sixteenth birthday transforming the ‘ugly’ young adults into Pretties (Westerfield)...

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Belonging: Epistolary Novel and High School

of early adolescence and growing up. It is a narrated story by an introverted, shy 15 year old who goes by the alias of "Charlie". Charlie is a sincere and emotional character, who experiences episodes of depression triggered by sexual abuse as a young child. He is perceived as "weird" or "different" because of his disturbed emotional state and the fact that he is so quiet. The book is set out over Charlie's freshman year in high school, which he is starting friendless. His only friend, Micheal...

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The Hunger Games Movie And Book Comparison Essay

Introduction The topic of my research assignment is book versus movie and the book that I have chosen is The Hunger Games. The reason for choosing this book was that it is one of the popular young adult fiction novels and the movie was well received by the viewers. Most readers believe that the books are always better than the movies, however movies based on books remain a major earning means for the film industry. Although the main plot of the book remains intact in the movie, some differences are...

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Argumentative Essay – Neal Gabler

Name: XXXX 3rd Period AP Lang/ Ms. Catienza Yellow – Student Green – Teacher Argumentative Essay – Neal Gabler To avoid the exposure of entertainment would be difficult. Whether it’s the Hollywood blockbusters, the television sitcoms, the young adult novels or the music pumping through your speaker, entertainment is everywhere, serving as the portal to the world around us. Neal Gabler’s assertion that entertainment has the capacity to ruin our society holds some truth, but I believe that it...

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more likely for them to maintain contact with one another, even if semi infrequently. Fandoms are not new however; according to a Princeton article on ‘Fandom’, “a wide variety of western modern organized fannish subcultures originated with science fiction fandom.” The only difference today is that one no longer needs to wait for an organized event to “fangirl” about his or her beloved topic. One major contributor to the prevalence of these fandoms is the encouragement of the subjects themselves....

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Lost Property by James Maloney

Lost Property by James Maloney is a young adult novel that deals with relationships teenagers may experience. The novel, narrated by Josh Tambling, a seventeen year old high school student, illustrates what he learns through the progression of the story about his relationships with other characters. Josh learns that within a relationship, one must be completely honest to yourself and with other people. Josh learns that in relationships, he must be honest with others. He learns this through his...

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