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The Majestic Parody: Personal Narrative Poem

difficult was difficult because a certain line had to be a certain number of syllables. Also, it was hard to put a poem into a three line 3-5-3 syllable pattern. The found poem was quite hard due to the cause that I had to take another piece of writing, change around the words, and create a poem. The limerick was difficult in the sense of the foot and meter and rhyming. Having to write in a certain foot and meter in not a simple task, because the word must be chosen correctly it has to be in anapestic...

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Event Planning and Writing

want to help others create similar memories, and by being an event planner, I can do just that. An Event Planner is someone who manages the logistical and operational piece of an event or meeting. As stated in our textbook Professional and Public Writing: A Rhetoric and Reader for Advanced Composition “…professions involve many levels of specialization.” (69), this is especially true for Event Planners. Whether it is a public event or a private affair, complex or casual, every phase of the experience...

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Poetry: a Comparative Analysis

confused about how I want to construct this paper. I want to attempt to analyze the writing styles of three authors, whose works are from the book The Art of Work. I chose to spotlight three poems: Me and My Work, written by Maya Angelou, Factory Jungle, written by Jim Daniels, and Share-Croppers, written by Langston Hughes. I want to show the relationship between the language the poets used in their writing styles and the content of the poems. The first poem I read for this assignment, Share-Croppers...

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Understanding Slave Narratives: African American Lit

refuses to submit to the chains of slavery. They both have powerful messages in their stories that they want to convey to their readers about slavery. Equiano and Jacobs come from two different time periods of slavery. They have completely different writing styles. As many would say, Jacobs and Equiano are completely different authors in the ways they used to convey their messages. Harriet Jacobs comes from the final era of slavery. Even though her story “Incidents of a Slave Girl” makes seem like a work...

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A Comparison of Walt Whitman and William Faulkner

Parting from established formalities, Walt Whitman and William Faulkner developed their own styles of writing, mixing cultural influences with contemporary ideas. Faulkner was strongly influenced by the southern culture while Whitman drew a powerful influence from transcendentalism. Each achieved great literary acclaim and success in their professional careers making it clear that their unique writing styles struck a chord with the readers. Whitman and Faulkner both drew from their own personal...

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Exploratory Writing

written a piece of work in order to classify it as good writing. This paper will explore the thoughts of three different professors that have all agreed that you need certain qualities when scribing a well-written piece of work. Those three elements are style, a clear purpose and the basics; spelling, grammar and punctuation. From reading what these three professors have to say about writing, you will conclude with what you think a good piece of writing looks like to yourself. Tell me, is it possible...

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Styles of Writing and Use of Available Resources

Styles of writing and use of available resources In this following assignment we will be looking at styles of writing and the use of available resources in health and social care settings. We will describe how each available resource can be used to support health and social study care; we will also explain why the resources are presented differently due to the types of media used. We will then produce three pieces of information in Persuasive writing, journalistic writing and in a scientific report...

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Roman and han technology

which you have no competence or at least interest. College essay types You might think that there is nothing difficult in writing of an essay! Nothing of the kind! When freshmen learn how many essay types they will have to write throughout college years they feel uncomfortable. Indeed, there are reasons to worry. Students have to master different writing styles and write different college essay types. Compare and contrast essays are very popular as they make it possible to make emphasis on...

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Poetry Analysis for "A Study of Two Pears"

Poetry Analysis It takes tremendous skill to master Imagist/Modernism poetry, yet many authors succeeded with this type of writing. Wallace Stevens, Robert Frost, and Amy Lowell are three Imagist/Modernism poets that were extremely successful during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Wallace Stevens was by far one of the greatest poets of this time period. His purpose of writing was to, “become a light in the mind of others”. Stevens desperately wanted people to use their imaginations to push past what...

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The writing style of Ernest Hemingway.

THE WRITING STYLE OF ERNEST HEMINGWAY (Name) English III - CP June 09, 2003 (Teacher's name) (last name) 1 OUTLINE THESIS STATEMENT: The usage of repetition and ambiguous words in the work of Ernest Hemingway is a well-known characteristic of his writing style. This type of writing is similar throughout all his books and short stories. I. Introduction A. Usage of short and simple sentences B. Usage of repeated words throughout same paragraph II. Development of Hemingway's writing style A...

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