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The “Persons Case” is when the famous five asked parliament if women were  considered “persons” under the law. Women wanted to be appointed to the      9) The Prime Minister during the 1920’s was? Mackenzie King Jr. Who won the  election of the 1930? Richard Bennett. Who won the 1935 election ?Mackenzie  King Jr.    10) In the 1920’s and the 1930’s it showed that Canada was becoming more  independent because in the 1920’s it showed that Canada can thrive without the  help of other countries. In the ...

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Propaganda During World War Two

illustrate, conscription had always been a dilemma for Mackenzie King, because total war necessitates conscription, which was undoubtedly an undesired outcome. Aside from the indignant French Canadians, skepticism was prevalent throughout Canada. To testify, in 1942, Arthur Meighen, the ninth prime minster of Canada, had advocated for over-sea conscription, and consequently lost his own seat in the English-occupied Toronto. To solve the conundrum, Mackenzie utilized the famous propaganda slogan “Not necessarily...

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Canada in the 1920 and 1930

world market (the farmers wanted free-trade). 4) In 1926 the Progressives asked Mackenzie King to try and set up an old age pension. In 1927 The Old Age Pension Act was passes, this gave $240.00 per year to a person it was not a lot but it was still something and showed that the government was taking part in providing a network of social service for its citizens. 5) The King-Byng Crisis is when Prime Minister King asked Governor General Viscount Byng to call an election but Byng refused to do so...

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Minority and majority Governments

House. Minority governments have been common at both federal and provincial/territorial levels in Canadian history. These are some of the federal minority governments in Canada: Date Governing Party Prime Minister 1921-1925 Liberal William Lyon Mackenzie King 1957-1958 Progressive Conservative John Diefenbaker 1963-1965 Liberal Lester Pearson 1972-1974 Liberal Pierre Trudeau 1979-1980 Progressive Conservative Joe Clark 2004-2006 Liberal Paul Martin 2006- Conservative Stephen...

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Canada in the 1920s

resulted in a minimum 6-month sentence with labour • Railway employees, fishermen, famers, sailors, commercial travellers, and others who signed an oath and proved British decent were able to vote for/against prohibition Important People William Lyon Mackenzie King • Served as the tenth prime minister of Canada (1921-1948) • Liberal political with 22 years in office • Followed in the footsteps of Wilfrid Laurier of unifying Canada • Established the welfare system in Canada • Established freer...

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Canada's Independence After World War One

the battles of World War One, Canada was rewarded with the confidence and opportunity to grow relationships with other international powers other than Britain. The new Prime Minister Mackenzie King continued on the pathway to independence that Borden started at the conclusion of World War One. Prime Minister King realized the hold that Britain had on Canada politically following the 1925 election. Canada was establishing relations with other countries and wanted the freedoms to sign treaties and...

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Prime Minister of Canada Mackenzie King of 1935- 1948 did not want to repeat mistakes that had occurred in the past (Quinlan, 50). As World War 1 unfolded Mackenzie King was forced to change his views on conscription (Quinlan, 50). Canada’s military had let in new troops and prepared them for war, during this time they believed conscription would not be necessary (Nelson, 42). The first military conscription divided the country (The diary of William Lyon Mackenzie King). On September 3rd, 1939,...

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What Are The Similarities Between Joey Smallwood And Mackenzie King

years. Many leaders have led Canada and helped people overcome their struggles. Mackenzie King, the 10th prime minister, is known for his strong leadership skills and his intelligence. These traits can be proven through his actions during the second world war and his actions as Prime Minister. Joey Smallwood is known for being a father of confederation as he signed Newfoundland and Labrador to join Canada. Both, Mackenzie King and Joey Smallwood, were incredible leaders. Firstly, they both impacted a...

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Mackenzie King

William Lyon Mackenzie King William Lyon Mackenzie King was the tenth prime minister of Canada, he had loved luxury and comfort but most of all power. During the 21 years that he served as Prime Minister, Mackenzie faced many hard decisions, and had proved himself as an effective leader socially, nationally, and through the dark times of war. Mackenzie made many important allies during the war, and quite possibly prevented Canada from breaking out into a civil war. Mackenzie...

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Defining Moments in Canadian History

Supreme Court ruled that women were persons. Emily Murphy and four other prominent Alberta women's rights activists, now known as the Famous Five, signed a petition to the Senate. Although it didn't pass at first, by 1930 Liberal Prime Minister Mackenzie King appointed Cairine Wilson to the Canadian Senate. That goes to show that women can do as much impact as men can do, and they have also contributed to our history, some events not as obvious as this but they are the people behind the scenes. Overall...

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