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Memory and History in Willa Cather's My Antonia

Willa Cather’s My Anthonia, in my opinion was not only easy to read but also a thoroughly enjoyable read. It tells the vivid stories of several immigrant families who move to the rural state of Nebraska to start new lives in America. A Bohemian family, by the name of the Shimerdas, is one of the main focal points of the story. The eldest daughter of the Shimerda family is named Antonia. The book's narrator, Jim Burden, arrives in the town of Black Hawk, Nebraska, on the same train as the Shimerdas...

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Willa Cather's Characterization Technique in Neighbor Rosicky

Willa Cather's Characterization Technique in Neighbor Rosicky " Neighbor Rosicky ", written in 1928 and collected in the volume Obscure Destinies in 1932, is generally considered one of Willa Cather's most successful short stories. It is a character study of Anton Rosicky, a man who, facing the approach of death, reflects on the meaning and value of his life. In tracing Rosicky's journey from Bohemia to Nebraska,Cather explores the intimate relationship between people and the paces...

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Pauls Case

Paul’s Case is published by Willa Cather in 1922. She wrote a story about a boy whose dream is to live the “triumphs of the cash boys who became famous.” (W. Cather, 217) This dream means a different life out of his vicious circle, that is personalized in everything connected with Cordelia Street. But he has created a few windows or portals to carry out his dream; therefore, Paul works beside school as an usher at Carnegie Hall, where he “loses himself“ (W. Cather, 214) in music and paintings and...

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My Antonia: Living Forces

during the late 1800s and early 1900s. Seasonal circumstances captivated Willa Cather’s imagination and motivated the creation of the master piece My Ántonia. Almost overnight, pioneers populated the West after a long and strenuous journey overseas. People from Europe came to America and struggled with the unknown seasonal conditions; conditions that shaped the way they lived and experienced life as Cather witnessed it. Willa Cather's My Ántonia conveys how the symbolic seasons of fall, winter, spring...

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Two Strong Individual Women Characters

Max McKeon December 11, 2014 English 32L Two Strong Individual Women Characters In My Antonia, Willa Cather portrays the two characters of Antonia Shimerda and Lena Lingard as strong, proud, and forceful individuals. These two have similarities but at the same time they are two very different characters. First off, in Jim’s nostalgic memoir of his childhood Antonia is a shy individual character, that doesn’t know where she belongs. Throughout the novel Antonia gradually escapes Jim’s emotional...

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Character Analysis: Paul in Paul's Case

The Character of Paul in Willa Cather's "Paul's Case" Pulitzer Prize winner author Willa Cather's story Paul's Case tells the story of a boy, Paul, who is disgusted by his current situation. He admires and envies the wealthy people that he encounters during his employment as an usher at Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh, and considers their lives to be perfect. He is suspended from school early in the story for being disruptive, that is, voicing his opinions on school and anything else he considers below...

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Naturalism in a Lost Lady

known as Naturalism is defined by four characteristics which are exemplified in Stephen Crane’s Maggie, one of the most prominent Naturalist works. Other authors also used elements of Naturalism in their writing, although in a more subtle manner. Willa Cather A Lost Lady and Stephen Crane’s Maggie utilize the three human desires as motivation behind characters’ actions, an apathetic tone in which the author describes their characters, and an emphasis on the bestial side of humans with direct comparisons...

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O Pioneers!

Like many other literary novels, Willa Cather uses numerous symbols in O Pioneers! to provide readers a deeper understanding of the characters and plot. Not only found in literature and other kinds of written works but also in the arts, symbols are concrete objects, people, or places used to represent abstract qualities, such as love and peace. Writers employ universal or well-known symbols so that its intended audience can understand though the meanings associated with symbols may change over...

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O Pioneers

Surrounded by Small Men "It is your fate to always be surrounded by little men" (92) In Willa Cather's novel, O Pioneers, Alexandra Bergson, the provider of her family, is full of imagination. This ability to think outside the box has brought her success. Although she possesses this gift, the men around are considerably close-minded. Since the men in her life, especially her brothers, Lou and Oscar, and her long-time friend, Carl, are stubbornly unreceptive to new ideas they unintentionally deny...

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Nebraska Landscape in My Antonia

The Nebraska Landscape Humankind’s relationship to its environment is one of the strongest bonds people can make. In Willa Cather’s My Ántonia, this relationship is shown through many of the characters want to return to their hometown of Black Hawk, Nebraska. What they find they miss is a lost setting, a vanished world of people, places, and natural surroundings. They all develop a strong attachment to the Nebraska landscape, which never seems to leave them. Part of the reason for this connection...

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