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Willa Cather

In her great works, O Pioneers! and My Ántonia, Willa Cather tells the story of the immigrant pioneer in America.Willa Cather was born in 1873 in Virginia. When she was a child, her family moved to Nebraska . . . novels as My Ántonia, O Pioneers! . . . are derived from immigrant experiences on the nineteenth-century Nebraska prairie.” (Hooper, 2009) According to Hooper’s essay, Cather’s upbringing as an outsider on the prairie inspired her to write about immigrants. She herself felt like an...

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Willa Cather

time period, there was a move toward mass production but the idea was not accepted by all. Many people detested the idea, one of these people being Willa Cather, who valued simplicity and intelligence over money and items. This tug-of-war between old values such as art and history, and the new values of technology and material wealth, is a theme Willa Cather addresses in her book The Professor’s House. The novel is centralized around the St. Peter family: husband and wife, Godfrey and Lillian, and their...

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A Wagner Matinee by Willa Cather

several purposes Willa Cather has in her short story, "A Wagner Matinee." The two main purposes of this story are to entertain the reader and to reveal a theme. Before discussing theses purposes, back ground on Cather will be given so as to gain as better understanding and appreciation for her writing. Willa Sibert Cather was born December 7th, 1873 on a small farm in Back Creek Valley near Winchester, Virginia. Her mother and father, Mary and Charles Cather, had seven children, Willa being the oldest...

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"Neighbour Rosicky" by Willa Cather.

Neighbour Rosicky By Willa Cather (pg 1831-1852) At first glance, Neighbour Rosicky appears to be a short story about a farmer and his family; however, there is much more beneath the surface. Rosicky is a representation of immigrants, in general. He is the epitome of the "American Dream," with slight alterations. The "American Dream" is supposed to be about having a loving spouse with 2 children, a little dog, and a white picket fence; however, people have added in wealth and larger houses to...

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Willa Cather a Lost Lady

In Willa Cather's A Lost Lady, we are confronted with many examples of love and personal growth, two themes that Cather seamlessly intertwines by utilizing her technique of elucidation of complex emotion through use of nature and landscape throughout the novel. In this essay, I argue that Cather defines love and personal growth of Marian Forrester through three distinct scenes: the drunken long distance call between Mrs.Forrester and Ellinger after she learns of his elopement, the story of how Mr...

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My Antonia by Willa Cather: A Review

My Antonia by Willa Cather Author: Willa Sibert Cather, Nebraska's most noted author was born in Virginia. At the age of ten she moved with her family to Webster County, Nebraska. Many of Cather's acquaintances and Red Cloud area scenes can be recognized in her writings. Cather wrote poetry, short stories, essays and novels, winning many awards. In 1920 she won the Pulitzer Prize for her novel One of Ours, about a Nebraska farm boy who went off to World War I. Willa Cather's reputation...

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The Professor's House by Willa Cather: Professor St. Peter

the Solomon Valley – the original, unmodified Godfrey St. Peter." Finding Professor St. Peter The Professor's House by Willa Cather dissects the life of Professor St. Peter describing his need to work in his study away from his family, his need for power in his household and his obsession with the idea that the past is better than the present. Throughout the novel, Cather portrays St. Peter as a workaholic who has no time for his family's frivolous activities. However, in this passage, St. Peter...

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Willa Cather's The Sculptor's Funeral: Review

Belonging Nowhere Willa Cather does a tolerable job shaping the story of “The Sculptor’s Funeral.” There are many characters with hidden meanings that flow through the story. Set in the early 1920’s, Cather tells of a young artist’s deceased body adventuring home with a mysterious follower. She speaks of the hidden meanings of the townspeople. Although the beginning is somewhat dry and slow, the scheme shifts toward the middle and end. Cather begins the story by outlining the men awaiting...

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Free Will or Determined Analyse of “Paul’s Case” Written by Willa Cather

free will or determined analyse of “Paul’s case” written by Willa Cather "Paul's case"was a story written by the famous female writer/ journalist Willa Cather, the story explores the life of an idealistic young boy named Paul who hates his impoverished life. Paul strongly believes that he was meant to be born in a rich family instead of a mid-class home. He tries to escape from the impoverished environment of which he live in and only approaches either rich, or famous people .Sadly, in the end...

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Analysis of Theme in Willa Cather's a Lost Lady

Sarah Snow Paper 3 Writing in the Discipline of English October 10, 2012 Central Themes in A Lost Lady * In Willa Cather’s A Lost Lady (1923), the author tells a story of a boy named Neil who’s growth into manhood is molded by the Forresters; the Captain who represented the pioneer spirit of the old west in the United States, and the beautiful Marian whom he idolized to such an extent that her moral downfall initiated his loss of innocence. As he grows up, his family, friends, and...

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