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  • Why Should You Go to College?

    Why You Should Go To College? Everyone should go to college and get a degree. I chose to talk about this because most kids don’t know how important it is to go to college. In college you will learn skills to help you throughout life‚ no matter what career you want to pursue. One reason to go to college is to expand your knowledge and skills. To expand your knowledge and skills would help you to be smart and find a good job in the future. Some people say college is too hard for them. Although

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  • Why you should go to college

    Matthew Baker 11/14/13 1st block Why You Should Go To College Why should you go to college? There are a lot of reasons for and against this question. Like “how much will it cost” or “will I be more successful”. College is necessary for a better future. First off college is necessary because it promotes discipline‚ maturity‚ and independence. More college students are successful in life because they have matured through college. They have four years with responsibilities that only high

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  • Why you should go to a community college

    into community colleges has increased dramatically through the years. Numerous students are choosing to attend community college for the first two years rather than a four-year university. As tuition inflates each year‚ student enrollment is starting to decrease. “According to the College Board‚ in 2011-2012‚ tuition and fees cost an average of $28‚500 at private nonprofit four-year colleges‚ $8‚244 at public four-year colleges‚ and $2‚963 at public community colleges” (Community college value more

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  • Why Should Everyone Go To College

    tell them how college is the uppermost important decision a person can make‚ pushing them to attend a college. But is college really the best choice? Authors Stephanie Owen and Isabel Sawhill of “Should Everyone Go to College?” argues yes‚ college is the best choice but not for everyone. Sawhill (a codirector of the Center on Children and Families) and Owen (a senior research assistant at Bookings’ Center on Children and Families when the report was written) believe college should be carefully considered

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  • Why People Should Go To College

    Value of college People should go to college because you can get more money in the end. My reasons for this is you get more money in the end‚ you have a less chance to be obese‚ and you can get better benefits from your job. Now i will explain my reasons for putting these reasons. Going to college you can get more money. You can get more money because you can have a better education and better jobs will want hire you. Those better jobs will hire you because you know more and you can do your job

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  • Why you should go to Brazil!

    Purpose: To persuade my audience that they should plan a trip to Brazil. Thematic Statement: Brazils wonder and exotic attributes alone are reason enough for all of you to come visit this land of beauty. Introduction I. Have you ever wanted to go surfing on white sand beaches where the people are beautiful and everything is cheap. Have you ever wanted to see the diversity and wonder of the Amazon mixed in with the cement jungle of Sao Paulo. Well‚ if you have all of this can be seen in one country

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  • Why Go To College?

    Why go to College? College can be so dreadful and boring to an extent where many people feel it is a waste of time. On the other hand‚ there are many people who make it a goal to attend college and earn a degree. A few years ago‚ I was one of the many people that dreaded the thought of going to college. That is until I realized I could no longer get promoted into the position I wanted at my most recent job. For most people‚ going to college can be very beneficial and awarding. Going to college can

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  • Why Go to College

    Why did you choose to come to college? Education is the most important part of one’s life. Not everyone goes to college right after high school. College is not intended for everyone. For example‚ some people decide to work right after high school. College is expensive and some may even say it is hard. However‚ college is not a bad thing it has some good qualities. For instance‚ it can be a time where students can venture out and meet new people. Like others‚ I‚ too have

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  • Why Go to College

    Why go to college Specific purpose: To persuade my audience that going to college is the best option to prepare them for the rest of their lives. Central idea: Going to the college is a good preparation for the future career. Introduction: I. “ I was working for 3 years‚ gained a lot of experience but when the company was going through a crisis‚ I was one of people laid off‚ because I didn’t have the education to back up my skills” II. This is what my friend told me about his story 2 years

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  • Why Go To College

    My College Success The Website collegeresults.org reports that only 23.6 percent of Old Dominion University students graduate with in four years. This shocking fact reveals that their students are failing many of their classes. My goal is to transfer to ODU and successfully earn a bachelor’s degree in education. There are many benefits that come with a college education but‚ I will also face my challenges while pursuing my degree. Therefore‚ I must utilize the expert advice that is available to me

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