"What Are The Ethical Social And Political Issues That Might Arise Through Using A Wiki What Policie S Would You Put In Place At Your Organization To Address These Issues" Essays and Research Papers

What Are The Ethical Social And Political Issues That Might Arise Through Using A Wiki What Policie S Would You Put In Place At Your Organization To Address These Issues

tried various diets and invariably has always put the weight back on. She is going on an all girls holiday in 3 months and hopes to have lost the weight before then. Miss E also feels ready to look for a new relationship. Throughout my essay and based on the case study provided, I will intends to look at Miss E's issues and I shall be describing what course of treatment i believe could be beneficial for her. I will also mention ethical issues as they arise before concluding. Obesity is a major...

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Ethical Issues in Information System

access to it. Consequently, developments in information systems also involve social and political relationships-- and so make ethical considerations in how information is used all the more important. Electronic systems now reach into all levels of government, into the workplace, and into private lives to such an extent that even people without access to these systems are affected in significant ways by them. New ethical and legal decisions are necessary to balance the needs and rights of everyone...

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Current Ethical Issues paper

 Current Ethical Issues Paper XMGT/216 January 26, 2014 Current Ethical Issues Paper Within this paper you will read about the organization of Huffman Trucking Company. This includes a description of the company on the ethical organization profile. Also within this paper you’ll read about the explanation of the current moral and ethical issues that Huffman Trucking Company will face. Huffman Trucking Company has been around since 1936. Huffman’s was the carrier in the World War...

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Ethical Issues with Social Media

Current Ethical Issues with Social Media People are increasingly sharing their lives online through social networking sites with little concern for who may be viewing their information. This has become an issue in current times and is up for debate based on the ethical issues associated with Social Media. People don’t realize joining a social network is like joining a community. As any community in real life, your business has a place in the community but should not invade one’s privacy. Social networking...

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ETH 316 Complete Course Ethics Social Responsibility Week 1 5

(Ethics & Social Responsibility) Complete Course Week 1-5 Click HERE Download Or Copy & Paste Below Link in Your Brower http://www.justassignment.com/ETH-316-Ethics-and-Social-Responsibility-Complete-Course-10.htm Or Visit : www.JustAssignment.com E-Mail us at Justassignment@gmail.com) ETH 316 (Ethics and Social Responsibility) Week 1 Week 1 Discussion Question: 1 One of your friends uses the terms ethics and morality interchangeably. You do not think this is correct. How would you explain the...

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“Using the Case Study at the End of the Module, Assess the Client's Issues and Describe Your Treatment Plan. What Ethical Issues Might Arise?”

In this essay I am going to assess the client, Miss E’s, issues using the case study provided. I will then describe a treatment plan for Miss E with an attached script. I will also comment on the strengths and weaknesses of using hypnotherapy in these cases and will be noting any ethical issues that may occur throughout. Hypnotherapy is a popular form of therapy for people seeking weight loss. However, clients have often tried many other techniques and diets to achieve their desired weight before...

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“Using the case study at the end of the module assess the clients issues and describe your treatment plan. What ethical issues might arise?”

Miss E and plan an ethical approach to working with her and attach a copy of the screed. During the initial consultation the ethical therapist would use counselling skills to explore and identify any deeper issues that the client may wish to address. Using and creating a safe environment for the client the therapist would gather as much information as possible and be prepared to vary the style of questioning and plan for different types of intervention. There may be some issues that are revealed...

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Ethical Issues in Business

Ethical Issues The issue of ethical behavior is one of the top challenges facing organizations today. A good definition of ethics includes the thought of doing what is morally acceptable or what is “good” and “right” as opposed to doing what is “bad” or “wrong” (Sims, 1992). But why are these issues a concern for organizations? What can they do to promote ethical behavior from their employees? Organizations should be concerned with ethical behavior for many reasons. Even though ethical decisions...

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Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Labor Unions

 Legal and Ethical Issues Concerning Labor Unions Xxxxx xxxxxxx Park University Abstract Labor Unions have played a role in the growth of this country for many years and the debate on whether it is good or bad rages on. There has been study after study done to try prove that there have been positive gains through unions from the past to the present. A lot of legal and ethical issues today in regards to unions keep them in the spot light on issues such as equal labor rights with companies...

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Ethical Issues in Social Networking

When social networking becomes a topic of discussion, everyone sees it as a web based interaction between human beings in order to stay in contact. However, many are not aware that social networks actually operates on different levels. (Nanda, n.d.) outlines, quite some time ago, when there were limited means of communication, social networking happens at functions where friends and family get together under one roof. Social networking has always been common but as for now, the way it is conducted...

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What are some of the issues that arise

Organisational Development What are some of the issues that arise in an OD consultant-client relationship and how do you prevent and solve same. Claudine Benjamin UWI November, 2014 The consultant in the OD consultant-client relationship is expected to provide the client with professional expert advice in a specific field by assisting the organisation in an objective manner to identify, analyse and, upon request, assist in implementing solutions to specific problems. There have been several schools...

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Current Ethical Issues

Current Ethical Issues Lynn Summers Axia College of University of Phoenix Kudler Fine Foods is a market that offers a variety of gourmet breads, cheeses, wines and many other things from many different countries. Founded in 1998 by Kathy Kudler, the store has been successful and has grown into two additional stores. While on the surface, Kudler Fine Foods works like a well oiled machine, but many problems face the business behind the scenes, both economically and ethically. The first ethical...

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Ethical Issues in Information Systems

types of uses of information systems. Employers might use information systems to keep information on employees, doctors manage patient records, marketers track products or client trends, even the information stored on social networks is a form of information systems. The massive amount of personal and public information kept in various IS can pose some ethical issues. ETHICAL ISSUSES • What information must a person reveal about themselves? • What information can people keep to themselves? • Who...

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Ethical Lens

also individual persons within the organization. In the project, I will be required to make several ethical decisions through a practical and repeatable decision model with the desired outcome of understanding how the ethical lens works. In addition, the ethical lens uses separate perspectives for each dilemma. This is done by using different perspectives with the desired outcome of establishing a proper ethical situation for the proper situation. The issues in question for the mysterious roses...

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International Leagal and Ethical Issues in Business

Running head: International Legal and Ethical Issues in Business Unit 1 Individual Project Delinda Mosley- Thurmond American InterContinental University Online Abstract An upcoming meeting with your new company's chief executive officer (CEO) and other executives is a great opportunity for you to share your knowledge of potentially defective products being sold to customers. You are not sure if others are aware of this issue, and the defective products could possibly lead...

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Social And Ethical Issues In Computing

Social and Ethical Issues in Computing Please write a two-page research paper on one of the social or ethical issues in computing topics below. You should use at least two sources for your research topic. This is a research assignment and you are expected to provide a substantive, fact-filled paper. Please read the paper specifications carefully. Be sure to use parenthetical documentation or footnotes to fully document ideas that are not your own and be sure to attach a 'List of Works Cited'...

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Google's Guidelines on How to Address Duplicate Content Issues

You might be wondering why your rankings dropped significantly in the past months, that no matter how you try to lift it up by using some of your extraordinary SEO expertise, this does not seem to pull your rankings back on top. You've tried to use some sophisticated tools to assess your website. But there seem to be no problems found at all. However, have you come to think about duplicate content issues? If not, then continue to read on to know what exactly are they, how to know whether your website...

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Ethical Issue

Ethical Issue in Business – Pfizer, Examined Staci Holt PHL/323 Cassandra Giles Sunday, August 1, 2010 Ethical Issue in Business - Pfizer, Examined Pfizer, Inc (Pfizer hereafter) is an international pharmaceutical firm with $45.2 billion in profits in previous years and has an estimated allotment for research and development around $7.9 billion (Pagnattaro, 2005). Currently involved in a legal battle originating from allegations that the company unethically pursued clinical trials in an...

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1 Ethical and Social Issues in Informat

Assignment on “Ethical and Social issues in Information Systems and Different ways to overcome from it” GROUP NAME (Name) (Roll no) Dave Mihir Bharatbhai 6 Prajapati Rachanaben Hargovenbhai 43 Patel Falguniben Nathalal 31 Patel Radhakumari Kevalbhai 35 Patel Chintankumar Bhupendrabhai 29 Submitted to :- Ms. Jyoti Ghanchi S. K. School of Business Management Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University 1 Ethical and Social Issues in Information Systems...

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The Sociological Viewpoint Toward Social Problems

The sociological approach toward social problems differs from other approaches in that the sociological approach includes a focus on self-consciousness and building awareness that an individual’s interaction with society can oftentimes be influenced by forces outside of the single individual’s control or area of power. The author of one of our texts, Anna Leon-Guerrero, who is a Professor of Sociology at Pacific Lutheran University, writes that “Unlike any other discipline, sociology provides us...

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Social and Ethical Issue in I.T

Australian Bureau of Statistics: Social issues are matters of concern to governments and the community. They reflect aspects of society, its people and institutions that people want to, and can, do something about. Ethical issues in IT. differ from general ethical issues in a variety of ways. Parker, Swope and Baker note that ethical problems involving computers pose a special challenge, for a number of different reasons. Various ethical issues are: 1.Ethical dilemmas 2.Plagiarism 3.Piracy ...

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Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues essay

Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues Tinna Walker LAW421 Tad Davis June 24, 2013 Addressing International Legal and Ethical Issues In the simulation, I had to come face to face with several legal struggles through the business ventures of CadMex and Gentura. The first issue that we had to deal with was the issue of addressing international sales. I decided to go with the option of International Sale of Goods as the choice of law and International Arbitration to resolve any contract...

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Ethical Issues in Management Hiring

Ethical Issues in Management Hiring Hiring is the process of interviewing the candidate selected to the job he, or she applied for. Appointment of a certain person to a particular post involves formally asking that person to work on the position her, or he officially to do it; It involves placing the selected employees on the right position of the jobs. Hiring is an everyday job for every business. It is not an easy job as it sounds; they are numerous rules, and procedures...

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Ethical Issues Managers Face in Creating a Diverse Organization

Ethical Issues Managers Face in Creating a Diverse Organization By: Eduardo R. Zayas-Quiñones Some time not long ago we thought of America as a "melting pot" of cultures and ideologies. That view placed under the light of several generations of struggle for equality no longer holds true. Yes, we are here in the same pot but instead of melting, we have chosen to hold on to our roots, our cultures and ideologies. We won't let go of these so, we are just learning to get along together, and instead...

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Anthropologists Ethical Issues

Anthropologists Ethical Issues John R. Hunt Human Behavior Perspective Module 1 Professor Dan Moore September 4, 2011     Anthropology has been known as a study of an infinite curiosity about humans. Not only concerned with an interest in human beings and their development’s, Anthropology is a much broader concept of trying to understand the relationships between human beings and all possible questions about them such as where we came from and where we may be going...

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Ethical Issues in Managing Employee Behavior

Table of contents Ethical Issues in Managing Employee Behavior Pg. 1 - Abstract Pg. 2 - Intro employee behavior Pg. 2 - What are Business Ethics Pg. 3 - Introduction to unethical Practices Pg. 3 - 3 Main Reasons for Inappropriate Employee Behavior Pg. 4 - Automatic Dismissal and Managerial Personality Traits Pg. 5 & 6 -Passive Management Pg. 7 - Biases, Prejudge Mental and Dishonesty Pg. 9 - Uneven Distribution Pg. 10 – Steps to Evaluate Your Decision as a Manager ...

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Diversity Issues in the Workplace

The world is changing and becoming more globalized, especially with the fast growing rate of technology, people who live far away feel closer than they are. Since the world is changing, so are things in it, organizations is one of how things are moving faster. Organizations are no longer run in one region, country or for one market, they are now multi-cultural and diverse in nature. It therefore require special skills to manage and be able to teach employees to properly respect and value people’s...

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Corporate Ethical and Social Responsibility

Business Research Report Corporate Ethical and Social responsibility Presented to: Western Governors University Assessment Code: RWT1 – Competency 318.2.2 Student Name: Richard P. Shields Student ID: 92502 Date: August 7, 2009 Mentor Name: Rungrudee Suetorsak, Ph.D. Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Introduction 4 Research Findings 5 1. Organization Environmental responsibilities: 5 2. Organizational image: 5 3. Organization Increase profits: 6 Recommendations 7 Conclusion...

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Facebook Privacy Issues

Facebook Privacy Issues Research Paper COURSE TITLE: LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN COMPUTING COURSE NUMBER: CIS 4253 SECTION NUMBER: 831 INSTRUCTOR’S NAME: March 8th 2011 I will begin my paper by letting it be own that according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project, approximately what percentage of U.S. adult Internet users age of 18 and older have a profile on an social network site? The most likely answer to that is around 35 percent of internet users...

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Ethical Issues

Ethical Issues Organizations today are faced with many issues. A major challenge is dealing with and determining a code of ethics. Ethics involves the study of moral issues and choices (Kinicki, 2009). Many organizations today are faced with unethical behavior that occurs throughout the company. Ethical and unethical conduct is the product of a complex combination of influences (Kinicki, 2009). They stem from the individual who has their own personality and values out to the internal organizational...

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A Corporations Social Responsibility to Stakeholders

responsibility to notify the consumer. A Corporations Social Responsibility to Stakeholders Introduction One of the many things a manufacturing company has to worry about is producing defective products. If a company has produced defective products, it is in their best interest to find out and address the issue before their customers find out. If the company find and address the issue first they can limit the amount of lost trust and credibility. By the consumers finding...

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Ethical Behavior in Research

University of Phoenix Critical Behavior in Research The intent of this paper is to provide a general overview of the issues surrounding ethical behavior throughout research process. The research process can have very different requirements based on the industry and profession. The authors profession does not deal with the direct involvement of human subjects as some medical research might. This brings a different point of view to the research process since direct impact of procedures, drugs or other...

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why is the initial consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?

consultation so important? What factors will an ethical therapist cover at this time?” INTRODUCTION In this essay I will look at the reasons for why the initial consultation is important, what and how it helps the client and the type of questions which need to be asked to find out about the client. I will also be looking at what an ethical therapist will cover at this first consultation and why this is important to do so on the first meeting. First and foremost I would say that the initial consultation...

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Organizational Issues

Organizational Issues Oswualdo Ramirez ETH/316 February 29, 2012 Fernando Chavez Organizational Issues Either at home or at work, ethical issues will always arise; issues between family and friends, employers and employees. But when you bring your work home, standards and principles, honesty and integrity may be questioned and are likely to cause feuds between relationships. After viewing a short, independent film named Lawyers, where a man and woman in a relationship, both lawyers, discuss...

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Social Performance

1. Briefly describe your company and then benchmark the codes of conduct used by similar companies in the industry. Critique the codes of conduct of at least three (3) similar companies in order to write codes for your company. I am the CEO of a wireless company that specializes in cell phones services, we offer our customers the latest technology in handsets available in the market, no contract, unlimited service, and we are also improving our customer service every day in order to provide the...

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Political Issue Marijuana

course. You do a fine job of outlining your political issue but the body of the assignment is showing how two ideologies or two ideological perspectives would explain, evaluate, orient and prescribe this political issue and political actions to improve human progress by societal changes. That is the main part of the assignment. You need to summarize what you here to outline the issue. You might then select one ideology to represent the pro pot argument and another for the anti-pot argument. Your final...

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Ethical Responsibilities of a Healthcare Manager

Ethical Responsibilities of a Healthcare Manager Abstract Healthcare organizations and managers set and strive to maintain ethical standards to ensure dignity and high quality of care within the medical profession. These standards can be challenging to uphold in practice due to the ethically-complex situations which often confront healthcare managers as well as the organization of structures and goals for ethical decision-making within healthcare organizations. Healthcare managers develop...

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Ethical Issues

Ethics can be described as a set of moral principles or the discipline of dealing with what is good and bad. Every individual has their own opinion of what is right and wrong so the subject of ethics is a very controversial one. There are a wide variety of situations in which ethics can be applied. Three of these situations include, human resources dealing discrimination in the workplace, drug testing on animals, and sexual harassment. “Discrimination is a sociological term referring to the...

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To What Extent Is It Possible to Be Fully Ethical in Business and in Management Practice? What Are the Main Issues That You Have to Address and Confront? What Are the Main Ethical Pressures Facing the Supermarket

To what extent is it possible to be fully ethical in business and in management practice? What are the main issues that you have to address and confront? What are the main ethical pressures facing the supermarket industry and how might these be addressed and overcome? Ethics questions morality, whether something is ethical or unethical, right or wrong, good or evil, aim for justice, etc. Each person may have their own different opinion, causing ethics to be a moral value to what feels right...

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Ethical Worksheet

University of Phoenix Material Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Incident Review 1. What is the ethical issue or problem? Identify the issue succinctly. The probation officer has to generate a presentence investigation report for the husband’s trial. The probation officer has to keep in consideration that this last DUI would be the husband’s third conviction, the only one being after his military service. The standard sentence for a third time offense usually begins at a minimum of 90 days in...

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Ethical Issues of Blogging in Singapore

topics and issues, and commercial Blogs that are used to advertise products and services. For the purpose of this paper, only personal blogs and blog forums will be explored. Blogging in Singapore has become a phenomenon and its pervasiveness across all ages in our society is evident with popular local Blogs like Mr Brown and Xiaxue having the two highest votes for the Best Asian Blog Award 2005 (The Weblog Award, 2005). However, the increasing popularity of Blogging poses ethical and moral...

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Confronting Ethical Dilemma

Essay I Issue: Confronting Ethical Dilemmas  Review of Subject: Situation 1, Problem Statement per Assignment 2 Description Kay Smith is one of your top-performing subordinates. She has shared with you her desire to apply for promotion to a new position just announced in a different division of the company. This will be tough on you since recent budget cuts mean you will be unable to replace anyone who leaves, at least for quite some time. Kay knows this and, in all fairness, has asked your permission...

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Current Ethical Issues in Business

Current Ethical Issue in Business The organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) have been in the news for recent issues regarding animal cruelty. The same activists that had to fight to preserve the habitat of animals, the cruelty in the clothing industry and in medical experiments have been the focus of attention for the way they have handled disposing of dead dogs and cats. This paper will establish the ethical issues, theories, ground rules, and how all apply to the PETA...

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Business Ethical Issues

Behavior From large corporations to small businesses, individuals involved in all types of business often face ethical issues stemming from employee behavior. For example, whether an employee can spend work time checking personal email accounts, how a manager deals with claims of harassment and to what extent a manager can "groom" a certain employee for a promotion are all examples of ethical issues regarding employee behavior. There are legal consequences for some unethical employee behavior. For example...

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Social Issues

Social Issues here to Stay? Today’s society is extremely controversial. It’s almost as if everything can be debated and pulled in a different direction. Religion is an issue that we will always come back to. No matter how different we are, we all face the same social issues such as the role of women, abortion, homosexuality, marriage, getting a divorce, or even just staying single. However, depending on our religious stand, we face these adversities differently. Whether we are Jews; Muslims; Hindus...

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Ethical Issues

Reflective Journal on Ethical Issues for Case Studies Angela Cleveland HCS/478 July 27, 2013 Lynda White As nurses, we encounter ethical situations everyday regarding patient care. How we handle these situations promote equality while seeking rationality. After reading the two case studies presented, I will discuss in my reflective journal how the ethical issues were presented, the steps taken in the decision-making process to ethically address the issues, the lenses used...

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Ethical Issues About Business

Ethical issues about Business “ Discrimination You're the boss in a predominantly male environment. The presence of a new female employee stirs up conflict because your company has not had a chance to conduct sensitivity training. Some of your male employees make inappropriate remarks to your new employee. She complains to you; in response, you sanction those responsible for the conduct. You also wonder if it would be wise to move your new female employee to another position where she would be...

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Ethical Issue

Ethics What is the meaning of ethics? Actually, the definition of ethics is complicated. Some philosophers have attempted to make ethics objectively and universal, while others claim moral decision making is a lonely, intuitive, and wholly individually business of making fundamental choices. Some individuals anchor their ethics in religion; and some believe morality is an odd mixture of received tradition and personal opinion. During the past 50 years, ethics has moved from the academic realm of...

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Ethical Paper

University of Phoenix Material Ethical Dilemma Worksheet Incident Review 1. What is the ethical issue or problem? Identify the issue succinctly. | The ethical dilemma is whether the Probation Officer should base his recommendation taking into account what the husband went through for his country , or just based on a literal interpretation of the law. | 2. What are the most important facts? Which facts have the most bearing on the ethical decision presented? Include any important...

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Employment Law and Labor Relations Issues in your Workplace

employment, health care, or social welfare to all, often with emphasis on members of various social groups which might have at some time suffered from discrimination. This can involve the hiring of workers and other such practices. Social groupings generally emphasized in such a way are those delineated by aspects of gender, race, or religion. In my workplace the Equal Employment Opportunity Policy is posted on almost every wall in the building. There are several issues that need to be addressed in...

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What Are the Ethical Issues of Human Cloning

is ongoing controversy regarding the issue of human cloning in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia which have made attempts or have done research in reproductive cloning. Countries like Australia have prohibited human cloning in 2006. (NHMRC, 2007) Advocates who involve congress members, editorial writers, fertility specialists...and so on gave benefits of human cloning, yet not enough to justify the moral and ethical issues underlying the controversy. Human cloning...

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Social Legal and Ethical Issues

problem solving. Beside the application of core counselling skills, such as active listening, openness and problem solving, there are other areas which the counsellor must be aware of for the achievement of a rapport with his/her client. Professional ethical standards serve as a pillar that forms and strengthens a therapeutic relationship if facilitated and maintained satisfactorily by the counsellor. Some examples of standards are keeping the counsellor client relationship on a professional level, respect...

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Handling Security And Ethical Issues IT

Handling Security and Ethical Issues Handling Security and Ethical Issues at TBWI Course: IT560-01 Handling Security and Ethical Issues at TBWI A growing concern, especially with the recent information leak at Target, is the issue of security. Outlined are security concerns for TBWI and how best to handle them. In addition to handling security issues, there may be complicated ethical issues that may occur. To best handle these situations, those ethical issues are addressed, with recommendations...

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Ethical Issues

UWEAR and PALEDENIM. Bill Bateman the CEO of the Peninsula Hotel chains met with Joe through Tom through the last contract and is meeting with him again to discuss the renewal of the contract for supplying uniforms for their employees at the hotel. Joe has become good friends with Bill and his wife and have received many perks since the last signing of the contract, like being invited to go on their yacht, social events, and staying at the hotel which is very beautiful and has an excellent swimming...

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Ethical And Legal Issues

 Ethical and Legal Issues MGT/578 June 16, 2014 Ethical and Legal Issues Burger King known for quick service is one of the largest fast food franchises in the world. The home of the whopper is typically an easy place for the youth today to find employment. Employment opportunities within fast food are not the highest in salary range, and little to no experience is required, making employment opportunities available to all class of individuals. However, when you combine inexperience, immaturity...

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The Ethical Issues behind Plastic Surgery

Thomas McElhenney “The Ethical Issues behind Cosmetic Surgery, and how JS Mill and Immanuel Kant would view it The article I chose is entitled “Ethnic Differences Emerge in Plastic Surgery” and was written by Sam Dolnick for the New York Times on February 19, 2011. It explains that cosmetic plastic surgery is no longer an opportunity limited to wealthy suburbanites. In New York City, there has been a surge of immigrants having plastic surgeries that are correlated with their ethnic beauty standards...

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Influenza OH&S Case Study

INTRO: Here at Quaalude Consulting Inc. we strive to provide organizations such as London Health Science Centre (LHSC) the best possible solutions for all dilemmas companies may encounter. The risk of an Influenza pandemic is seen as an external risk, meaning it is a risk that will arise from events outside of the company and are beyond its influence or control. The management that must be taken towards such a risk must focus on the identification but also the mitigation of their impact. Although...

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Addressing Key Issues of the E-Commerce Industry

becomes an international business. The key issues that any company faces when it conducts international commerce include trust, culture, language, government, and infrastructure. Explain how you would address each of these issues.  If I would engage my local Jersey Shore boardwalk clothing store in e-Commerce that would mean it would be accessible to people in other countries. Having my business accessible to other countries means that I would need to gain their trust; if I want to gain...

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Ethical issues and the use of Personally Identifiable Information in computer systems, applications, and the internet

 Ethical issues and the use of Personally Identifiable Information in computer systems, applications, and the internet. Professor Strayer University - CIS 324 This paper will look at the ethical issues and use of Personally Identifiable Information, commonly known as PII, in computer systems, applications, and the internet. We will discuss what PII is and how it is used. There will be information on why Personally Identifiable Information is used and what can happen...

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Ethics Competency – What Would you do?

Week 9: Ethics Competency – What Would you do? 1. Stealing My answer to this question was NO, simply because reporting stealing is based on the intensity of the situation. I would not report something petty like stealing a ream of paper, few pencils or supplies, but if it does continue over time I would make a note of it and talk to my Office Manager about locking up the supplies. I would consult with my Office Manager on a periodical basis and take it up to a Senior Manager if the situation...

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