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  • Radical Reconstruction

    One of the single most powerful forces ever used by domestic terrorists to cause death‚ destruction‚ and create horrific psychological effects on others was the invention and use of explosives. As early as the 1800’s‚ explosives were used by workers in labor disputes in America. However‚ terrorism was also used by major corporations’ security forces in an extremely violent manner‚ often involving many deaths and injuries to control the unions and their workers. Even as settlers moved west to find

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  • Radical Reconstruction

    Tova Wax Mrs. Oakes History/Newton 9/9/2013 Radical Reconstruction I. Black Codes Anger Congress A. Rights and Restrictions 1. Black codes granted some rights. a. African Americans could marry legally b. African Americans could own some kind of property 2. Black Codes forbade freedmen from things like: a. The right to vote b. The right to own guns c. The right to serve on juries 3. The could work as servants or farm laborers‚ sometimes they had to sign

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  • Effects of Radical Reconstruction

    What were the goals of Radical Reconstruction and how did it lead to changes in ideas of American citizenship? Reconstruction refers to the period of time post-civil-war when the goal was to bring the South into submission and protect the African American Civil Rights. The federal government set the conditions that would allow for the Rebellious Southern States back into the Union. This was a very complex time for our country and many goals were set in order to bring everyone together to live in

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  • Reconstruction Goals

    The Reconstruction Era was a period of time dedicated to rebuilding the nation after the Civil War. The South’s economy became devastated after the war. Southerners sought out to rebuild their territory and lives. President Lincoln was in charge of deciding under what terms and conditions the former Confederate states would need to follow to rejoin the Union. Radical Republicans saw Lincoln’s plan for Reconstruction as too lenient.When President Johnson took office after Lincoln’s assassination‚

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  • Radical Republican Reconstruction

    How did Radical Republicans gain control of Reconstruction politics? The Radical Republicans gained control of Reconstruction with the 1866 election. There was violence against freedmen‚ and the Northerners were outraged. The Republicans came up with the 14th Amendment. It gave anyone born in the United States citizenship. This included freed slaves. Numerous Northerners saw the need for tougher methods‚ and supported them. What impact did federal Reconstruction policy have on the former

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  • Civil War - Radical Reconstruction

    the Civil War the actions of Radical Republicans led to many changes in the South. Leading the way to Radical Reconstruction was Congressmen Charles Sumner and Thadeus Stevens. Their were many goals and motives the Radicals hoped to obtain. The first and main goal of the Radicals was to punish the South. The Radicals also hoped to retain Republican power by taking advantage of the South any way they could. Going along with taking advantage of the South‚ the Radicals wanted to protect industrial growth

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  • African American Reconstruction Vs Radical Reconstruction

    Reconstruction The Union victory in the Civil War in 1865 gave approximately 4 million slaves their freedom‚ but the rebuilding of the South during the Reconstruction period (1865-1877) made a new set of significant challenges known. Under President Andrew Johnson’s administration in 1865 and 1866‚ new legislatures in southern states passed definitive “black codes” that controlled the labor and behavior of former slaves and other African Americans. The North was furious over these codes that support

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  • African Americans During Radical Reconstruction

    After the Emancipation Proclamation (millions of slaves were freed on January 1‚ 1863 due to Emancipation Proclamation) and the end of the Civil War‚ countless African Americans who were once held in bondage were considered free. With slavery demolished‚ and the once enslaved Africans freed‚ there came the question of what about the freed African Americans and what would become of the South? You see‚ “under the administration of President Andrew Johnson in 1865 and 1866‚ new southern state legislatures

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  • Abraham Lincoln's Assassination And Radical Reconstruction

    assassination affected the nation was that the original plan for reconstruction changed and his death created a larger time period of racism‚ segregation‚ and discrimination. If Lincoln had survived‚ his plans for reconstruction would have been successful. Instead‚ his death led to an open spot for someone else to take over and make those decisions. Of course Andrew Johnson would take over since he was vice president at that time. Radical Republicans saw that there was a way to punish those who rebelled

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  • Political And Social Effects Of Radical Reconstruction Essay

    There were many political and social effects of Radical Reconstruction in the South. In the South‚ the Reconstruction Act triggered a stir of political activity among former slaves. These former slaves began to go on strike‚ held mass meetings and tried to end segregation on public transportation. The Union League was an organization laced with the Republican party. Thousands of southern blacks became a part of the Union League and the majority of black voters‚ that were eligible‚ registered to vote

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