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  • Weapons Through the Ages

    2 date Weapons Through the ages! The most famous primitive weapons is the Bow and arrows. Bows and arrows have been in use for about 7000 years. They were originally used for hunting but were adopted as an effective long range weapon. ( Weapons Technology 11 ) Native Americans are the most famous for using the Bow and Arrows. At first there arrows were tipped with stone or bone later European Traders supplied them with iron arrow heads. (Weapons Technology 12) Another Famous weapon is Clubs

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  • Banning Nuclear Weapons

    Timco Composition 2 Mrs. Ferguson 4/15/2011 Banning Nuclear Weapons Testing Do you know how much money our nation spends on weapons? We have more than enough and aren’t allowed to use one in war without the complications of Nuclear Winter. Our country should reduce the amount of funding on nuclear weapons. However‚ in the one situation where we may need to incinerate a chemical war zone‚ a nuclear weapon is necessary. Nuclear weapons testing should be done on a much smaller scale on the back

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  • Necessity for Nuclear Weapons

    useful in the past century with the inventions of nuclear weapons. The invention of atomic bombs‚ hydrogen bombs and other weapons of mass destruction has given nations more power and source of safety. A single weapon can be capable of destroying a whole city. Nuclear weapons have only been used twice in history‚ both during the closing events of the Second World War in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It is a wise decision to possess nuclear weapons if you are a wealthy nation with power. If a nation feels

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  • Iranian Nuclear Weapon

    The Impact of an Iranian Nuclear Weapon on The Arabian Gulf Region Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons constitutes a risk to the Gulf region‚ including: A - A threat to regional stability in the Gulf region: Undoubtedly that Iran’s possession of nuclear weapons would affect the stability of the Gulf region from both sides: First: devote the existing imbalance in the balance of power. The second is: the possibility of a military conflict between Iran and the concerned parties to the nuclear

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  • Weapons In Aztec History

    many interesting weapons in Aztec history. They used many different weapons‚ including clubs‚ atlatls‚ bows‚ Macuahuitl‚ spears‚ lances‚ and slings. The Macuahuitl is a very strange sword which has jagged edges along the edges. Spaniards used to claim‚ “ ...It could cut off a head of a horse in one swipe.” It was very useful to the Aztecs because the Spaniards all had armor‚ and the sword would make a jagged cut through it. Then‚ they can continue using the Macuahuitl or another weapon as they slaughtered

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  • Concealed Weapons Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

    be allowed to bring concealed handguns to school. Concealed carry permits allow keeping a gun in public in a concealed manner‚ which can either be on the persons being or in a close proximity. There are many different reasons why having a concealed weapon could be beneficial to college campuses nationwide‚ and why we should be allowed to take our registered guns to school.     Do you know what could be in your fellow students backpack at all times‚ or how about your teacher’s desk drawer? According

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  • A Weapon for Self Defense: Criminal Law and Procedure

    present back-of-the-envelope calculations using evidence on the relative increase in reported justifiable homicide‚ along with assumptions about the degree and nature of underreporting‚ to assess whether the entire increase was legally justified. A Weapon for Self Defense The following celebrities have stated his or her stance on gun control in the following quotes. Ted Nugent states‚ “To my mind [sic] it is wholly irresponsible to go into the world incapable of preventing violence‚ injury‚ crime

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  • The Gatling Gun: Weapons Used During The Civil War

    years between the American Revolutionary War and the American Civil War‚ weapons have developed from the primitive muskets used. A few of these weapons include Colt Revolvers‚ Springfield Rifles‚ Spencer Repeating Rifles‚ Confederate Breechloaders‚ Billinghurst-Requa Battery Gun‚ and the Gatling Gun. Although not used often during the Civil War‚ when it was introduced‚ the Gatling Gun was the one of the more influential weapons created during the Revolutionary War-Civil War period. The Gatling Gun

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  • Nuclear Weapons Persuasive Essay

    age‚ an age featuring a profound use of weapons and new groups who threaten the current state of the United States. In the past we have used the threat of nuclear weapons to deter these groups. But we‚ The United States are not united on the state of these weapons. We are split on whether we should attempt to start an anti nuclear weapon coalition‚ or to stockpile our weapons in order to prepare ourselves for the seemingly inevitable nuclear war. Nuclear weapons were created in a time of war‚ war with

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  • Arguments Against Nuclear Weapons

    require an entirely new pattern of thinking if humankind is to survive” Albert Einstein‚ 1946. Nuclear weapons are arguably the most feared weapon ever created. They have the capability to end wars‚ nations‚ and even our planet if we are not careful. So‚ how serious is the threat of a terrorist cell acquiring a nuclear weapon and using it in an attack? Any statement containing the words ‘nuclear and weapon’ must almost always be considered serious but what is the likelihood of a successful nuclear terrorist

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