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A Christmas Carol: A Vision of Victorian Time

NAME: Thatching Ferreira FORM: WTME A CHRISTMAS CAROL ESSAY. How does Dickens create atmosphere and tension in the opening Stave of 'A Christmas Carol? How successfully does he create a vision of Victorian time? Dickens uses many ways to get the audience interest in the opening stave as well as creating atmosphere and tension. One of these ways is the introduction of the main character of 'A Christmas Carol' novel: Scrooge. Dickens gives loads of descriptive sentences about Scrooge...

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Poverty In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

would determine a person’s success and prosperity. However, this was not the case in Victorian England. Money influenced the social hierarchy so that people were valued solely on the contents of their coin purses rather than the content of their character. The significant impact of wealth and social class relating to the living conditions, job opportunities, and treatment of the English population in the Victorian Era is demonstrated in the novel Jane Eyre. To begin with, an individual's wealth and...

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Guinevere in Arthurian Legend

Fall of the Arthurian Legend During the Victorian Age, we see a resurgence of Medievalist practices and ideas. Many writers and poets recreated the Arthurian Legend through a Victorian lens. The Victorian Era was a romanticized time period with strict moral and social codes of conduct. This is clearly portrayed in Tennyson’s work Idylls of the King – a Victorian rendition of the legend of King Arthur. Lord Alfred Tennyson is known as one of the “Victorians” due to his poetry that so greatly accepted...

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Explore the Manipulation of Expectations in 'Great Expectations', with Particular Reference to the First Eight Chapters

with style as he slowly unravels the mysteries while presenting values and morals. He portrays the characters feelings with great distinction- achieving this with the development of his characters. The discrepancy of the expectations between the Victorian era and our modern beliefs and assumptions would have changed in time Great Expectations is written in the style of Bildungsroman, the main theme being expectations. Dickens illustrates this theme through the main character Pip; he explores the...

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WA Paper on A Doll's House

husband’s doll-wife. The author portrays the main character as being a doll controlled by her owner in a similarity of the wife being controlled by her husband. Since the play was written during 1879, it was heavily influenced by the Victorian time period. During the Victorian Era, women of Nora’s high status were very confined as people because they were expected to be submissive to their husbands. Women were only expected to stay at home and take care of the household and the children. This unrealism and...

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Sarah Jeannette Duncan's a Mother in India - Victorian Men Create Mons

Sarah Jeannette Duncan's A Mother in India Patriarchal Victorian Men Create Monstrous Victorian Women 706 Words A Mother in India, as a story depends on the facade of appearance and the reality of emotional abandonment within a male dominated & Victorian society. Duncan's point is that Victorian men create monstrous Victorian women. Relationships of any emotional worth are rendered impossible between Helena and her daughter Cecily because of a life long separation imposed by the father. It is...

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Importance of Weather Throughout Sherlock Holmes

are set in the Victorian Era, which lasted from 1837 till 1901. It was one of the most flourishing periods of the British Empire, especially for the capital city of London. The Victorian period brought the city a lot of prosperity, and it became the world’s largest city. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, London’s population was one million people and by the end of the century, that number had increased to almost five million (Rosen). It is impossible to deal with Victorian London without...

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Book Report and Reader Response: "The Hound of the Baskervilles" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, critics three requirements fulfilled

The Hound of the Baskervilles Essay The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a suspenseful mystery novel, staged in England during the Victorian Era. Robert Daley, a novelist who reviews books for the New York Times Book Review, states that a novel should entertain the reader, teach the reader, and emotionally involve the reader. In this novel, Doyle fulfills one of Daley's requirements by continuously entertaining the reader. Similar to many other well¬-written novels, The Hound...

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Analysis: A Christmas Carol By Charles Dickens

have to be a good person and make better decisions . Charles Dickens was one of the best authors from the Victorian era, and the Victorian era was one of the most important eras from Britain’s history. It was also known for it’s great amount of poverty, and the pollution that came out of the factories. Charles Dickens was a famous author and a spectacular social activist from the Victorian era, would love the concept of providing clean water although would abhor the topic of poverty in developing...

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Colonial Themes in Charles Dickens's Great Expectations

The empire was a favoured topic of many Victorian novelists, and Dickens was no exception. Like many other authors, Dickens found it a useful narrative device - as Leon Litvack observes in 'Dickens, Australia and Magwitch' (Dickensian 93, 1998), the colonies could function as a kind of theatrical 'green room' from which characters could appear, or to which they could vanish having fulfilled their dramatic function. Either way, Britain's imperial hold of so many far-off places meant that characters...

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