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  • The Colonies Influence On The Creation Of The United States

    and later succeeding at their independence and the founding of their unification as the United States. In the summer of 1776‚ the Colonies declared their independence‚ developed a rough idea for a democratic government and the British suppressed any rebellions and the idea of the Colonies’ independence. The decisions that were made on the front lines of the military conflict influenced the creation of the United State’s government by showing the need for a secretary of war‚ a government and the Declaration

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  • United States and Oregon Territory

    Napoleonic war – French involved in war/debt 3. U.S president Jefferson/ $15 million 4. Double size of U.S/ west of Mississippi river 5. Resources and land 6. Questions limits/ power of constitution 7. Constitution doesn’t grant power to buy land? 8 Debate strict VS. loose interpretation of constitution IV. Growth/ Expansion of American southeast A. Adams Onis treaty 1. 1819 President Monroe 2. Resolve tension with Spain over border 3. 5 Million and land/ U.S gains Florida

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  • Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution

    Articles of Confederation vs. Constitution The Articles of Confederation and the Constitution‚ although vastly different in their philosophies of governing the nation‚ both played a big role in setting the stage for America’s economy in the upcoming nineteenth century. A few years after the Articles of Confederation were drafted many politicians and economists‚ such as Alexander Hamilton‚ began to see problems with the decentralized form of government that was created by this document. These

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  • Extreme Inequality In The United States

    Krugman suggests that we take the United States economy for granted‚ he thinks that extreme inequality is an “inevitable byproduct of robust economic growth in a globalized age are not inevitable at all”. Political choices not economic laws‚ have helped form the United States to become a world superpower and a nation of the very rich‚ the very poor and an increasingly fragile middle class. His approach to how society should handle these social and economic probelms is for the people to take back

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  • Analysis of a People's History of the United States

    A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn Howard Zinn’s retelling of America’s past  shocks audiences with it stark honesty and brutality. Heroes that have been idolized for hundreds of years are ripped from their pedestals and the audience sees revolutionary events from the eyes of the ignored and voiceless. Columbus‚ the sinless hero that is credited for the discovery of the new world‚ is publicized as a heartless‚ conscienceless‚ executioner who maliciously annihilated native ame

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  • Political Corruption In The United States

    corruption or other misconduct" have been revealed to the public through the press. Although today’s political corruption has been decreased in public office‚ the U.S Constitution created a system called "checks and balances to limit executive corruption." Before the introduction of the current system designated by The U.S Constitution‚ during election time in the 19th century the "appearance of corruption and misconduct" was frequent‚ but few cases were taken into account. For example‚ the first act

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  • Mandatory Voting In The United States

    A democratic government‚ is a system of government in which all the people of a state or polity are involved in making decisions about its affairs‚ typically by voting to give their opinion to the government and elect their president. Voters participation in the United States are not getting many votes many citizens don’t go out to vote. The debate presents two sides to the argument. One group thinks voting should be a mandatory law to the American citizens and the other group think going out to

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  • Gerrymandering: United States and Congressional Apportionment

    Apportionment is the process by which the United States House of Representatives are redistricted the fifty states following each constitutionally mandated decennial census. Each state is guaranteed at least one seat and all the other seats are divided among the rest of the states based on their population. Congressional Apportionment is important to the states because the more representatives a state has the more influence they have in the House and vice versa the states do not want to lose seats in the

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  • The Demographic History of the United States

    Outline 2 Intro | Throughout the 17th and 18th century‚ life in the newly created colonies in the new world flourished. These colonies were divided between the north and the south‚ and life was very different. People say that life could have been more similar than different‚ however studies show that these two colonies were very much different. | Body 1Northern Colonies | - Family farms- Slaves but not a lot- For better life/rights- More women and kids- Higher life expectancy- White major population-

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  • The Problem Of Poverty In The United States

    I believe in the United States‚ the household income needed to be considered below the poverty line for a family of four is somewhere near $30‚000 a year. That amount‚ is nowhere near enough money for four people to survive on. In addition to that‚ if a family is even slightly

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