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Unit 8 P4 P5

Unit 11- Safeguarding Adults and promoting independence P4- Outline key legislations and regulations which govern safeguarding adults work P5- Outline working strategies and procedures used in health and social care to reduce the risk of abuse Legislations and regulations are essential to have and follow in the working environment, it ensures safe practice for the workers and safety, protection and stability to people that are in their care. Legislations The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups...

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Unit 1 P4 P5

P4 Describe, with examples, the impact of government policies on different public services P5 Identify how society is affected by government policies In the UK, policies are in place in order to protect us and help enforce diversity and equality. Sometimes they are not always positively impacted on our society and public services; they can be negative as well. In this assignment, I will cover both the impacts of government policies on the public services and how society is affected. Human Rights...

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P4 P5 unit 11

P4-Outline key legalisations and regulations which govern safeguarding P5- Outline working strategies and procedures used in health and social care to reduce the risk of abuse The Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Act 2006 states that all those who carry out or apply for positions to carry out regulated activity (whether as paid or voluntary work) under this legislation must be checked through the Disclosure and Barring...

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unit 11 p4/p5

for when staff can disclose bad practice without the fear of losing their job or being called an informant. Whistle blowing protects vulnerable adults because it allows staff to disclose abuse if they witness it on behalf of the service user. P5 – Outline working strategies and procedures used in the health and social care to reduce the risk of abuse Some of the working strategies that are already in place within the health and social care provision to reduce the risk of abuse being allowed...

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P4 P5 D1 - Unit 21

P4: Describe the meaning of terms in a standard form contract P5: Explain the effect of terms in a contract D1: evaluate the effectiveness of terms in a given contract In this assignment I will be… Describing the meaning of terms in a standard form contract. Explaining the effect of terms in a contract I will also be evaluating the effectiveness of terms in a given contract. A standard form contract is a contract made between 2 or more parities using their standard set of terms. A contract...

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Unit 8 E Commerce Checklist

BTEC National ICT Unit 8 – E-Commerce Name: CRITERIA EVIDENCE Comment P1 describe the technologies required for e-commerce Powerpoint/word document that has the main hardware and software needed to run an e-commerce business P2 explain the impact of introducing an e-commerce system to an organisation Presentation that contains the benefits to a company for introducing e-commerce P3 explain the potential risks to an organisation of committing to an e-commerce system Presentation that contains...

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UNIT 13 P4 P5 M1 D1

P4 - Design a website for a business enterprise, meeting user requirements I have designed my own website and my aim was to meet the requirements that my users need and desire from a health and beauty business. The specific purpose for my site is to promote my ethical made produce while keeping people happy and giving them what they want and expect. Furthermore, the purpose for my site is to give my customers a sense of my brands personality and to hopefully retain them my users and continue to...

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Marketing and Pages Unit

Unit 2: Resources (P5, P7, M3, D2, D1) Unit 2: Business Resources P5 Is The Business Profitable? The closing capitals for both years are very similar and propose that not only is the business very profitable but it is also maintaining its financial position within the market. In 2011 the closing capital was £2,500,000 and for... Premium 6648 Words 27 Pages Unit 4 - Developing Through the Life Stages - Task 3, P4, P5 Unit 4- Development through the life...

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Unit 8

Unit 8 promote and implement health and safety in health and social care Understand own responabilites and the responabilities of others relating to health and safety 1.1 identify legislation relating to health and safety in a health or social care work setting The legislations are: * the health and safety at work act 1974 * management of health and safety at work regulations 1999 * manual handling operations regulations 1992 * health and safety first aid regulations 1981 ...

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Unit 8

patient his condition and the proposed procedures. I. AMBULATORY CARE FACE SHEET Admit Date: 7/8/20XX @ 20:22 Discharge Date/Time: 7/9/20XX @ 10:10 Sex: M Age: 47 Disposition: Home Admitting Diagnosis: Possible torn meniscus of the left knee. Discharge Diagnosis: Left Knee meniscectomy. Procedures: Laparoscopic Surgery to the Left Knee. CONSULTATION Date of Consultation: 7/8/20XX This is a 47-year old male who was in his usual state of health until today. He entered the...

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