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  • Frontline Truth

    Truth is a concept that exists throughout the cross-section of society. Telling the truth is extremely complex as truth is compromised by commercial self-interests. This is represented by the satirical television series Frontline directed by Rob Sitch et al. Frontline humorously mocks a typical current affairs show and its representation of the truth. In the episodes ‘The Siege’ and ‘Smaller Fish to Fry’‚ Sitch utilises sophisticated techniques to demonstrate how truth is manipulated and concealed

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  • Truth and Lies

    Truth and Lies There are different types of lies. Distorted views and fabricated truths are two of them. Misunderstanding‚ on the other hand‚ is not a lie. Misunderstanding is a when we fail to understand something correctly and accurately. This happens a lot in our daily lives. A lot of conflicts and hard feelings are caused by this mistake. In order to avoid it‚ we should be more careful about the way we express our opinions and feelings. Simultaneously‚ we should listen to what people

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  • The Ultimate Truth

    Brianna Saccurato Dr. Elizabeth Mitchell Soc. 313:04-05: Fall 2012 September 16‚ 2012 The Ultimate Truth Truth by definition as according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary is a judgment‚ proposition‚ or idea that is true or accepted as true. But how as individuals do we know if something is true? Our knowledge of what is true in my opinion comes from multiple aspects. For example‚ by using the mind we rationalize and logically think out situations we observe through our senses to understand

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  • What Is the Truth

    What is Truth? The Merriam Webster Dictionary says “truth is sincerity in action‚ character‚ and utterance.” It also says truth is “in accordance with fact.” Let me begin with sincerity. Sincerity is honesty. To be truthful we must be honest in what we do‚ honest in our personality‚ and honest in what we say. Therefore a truthful person is not deceptive or fraudulent. There is absolute proven truth‚ objective truth‚ and then there is God (Christian truth) which has a large element of faith. The

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  • Philosophy of Truth

    There are many theories on the meaning of truth‚ and with those theories come beliefs and questions as to why one is more adequate than the others. The theory that I will discuss as the most adequate is the correspondence theory. Honestly‚ I don ’t possess the capabilities to fully determine the most sufficient theory of truth. I do‚ however‚ have empirical evidence and solid reasoning to support the correspondence theory. There are many valid arguments and questions of this theory that I am not

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  • Religious Truth vs. Scientific Truth

    particular‚ or any religion is “true” or “false.” That therefore‚ raises a question‚ “are religious beliefs true in the same sense that scientific beliefs are true?” I believe that since we have no way of telling indefinitely which religion is the “truth‚” that it is simply an important feature of ones personality and outlook on the world‚ and what they personally choose to believe is “true” to them. Like Robert Solomon says in “The Little Philosophy Book‚” “Perhaps one could suggest that religious

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  • The Truth of War

    Eason February 25‚ 2013 What is the truth of war? War is a crucial topic that is covered in America. It is significant to many people because they value the importance that there is to serving the country and fighting for justice. People tend to think that it’s an honor and glory to fight for our country‚ but in reality what they don’t know is that war is draining and horrible. We see different views about war that in reality we don’t know the exact truth about war. We won’t have an exact

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  • Truth and Justice

    In the crucible it is clear that different characters have different understandings of the concept of truth and justice. In the following essay I am going to critically analyse the views held by these characters. Even though John is a man of integrity who holds himself to high moral standard there are times when he lapses occasionally‚ this is evident when we discover his affair with Abigail. despite the fact that he had terminated his liaison with her there is still a part in him that cares about

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  • The Truth Project

    The Truth Project By Nicole Burton In life we tend to avoid the hard and difficult questions that no one has an answer to. For example who is God? Where did he come from? Does God really care about us? Who is man? And what is truth?? We can spend countless hours and millions on research to try and find out the answer to these simple yet profound questions yet we would never get anywhere close to the answer. If we knew everything we wanted there would be no desire to learn

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  • Beauty Is Truth

    Beauty Is TruthTruth Beauty: Beauty is truthtruth beauty that is all‚ You know on earth and that you need to know! (John Keats) There exist innumerable definitions and quotations regarding what beauty really are! A number of philosophers‚ poets and thinkers have tried to define it yet there exists such a wide gap between their teachings that one becomes skeptical of all. Through skepticism is no conclusion‚ needless to say that it is identifiable‚ according to one’s personal perceptions but

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