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Troy: Evidence of Homer

The role that Homer played in our understanding of the Trojan War by his writing the Iliad has been one of great significance. The turn of the 8th Century saw the writing of the Iliad from the Ancient Greek writer, Homer, which was roughly 3,000 years ago. Heinrich Schliemann, a wealthy German business, dedicated his energy and considerable fortune to discovering the Troy Homer describes in the Iliad. By using the writings, Schliemann was able to locate the site of the Ancient city of Troy. Manfred...

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Homer's Odysseus: A Hero

greatest heroes who fought in the Trojan war. Odysseus was a very smart man because he created a plan that would destroy the city of troy so the Trojan war could end. he encountered many different things on his way back home to Ithaca. Where he left his wife for more than 10 years. Odysseus ruled Ithaca so it was very important for him to go back home with his people. Odysseus had courage, strength was wise,wonderful leader/commander but also had desire to end war and go back to his people. This makes...

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Rage In The Iliad Essay

character in the entire book and because of his rage, he acts childish and does not fight in the war. Achilles also shows a vengeance-filled rage on the battlefield when the enemy kills his best-friend Patroclus and rage is what starts this war against Troy. The characters in the Iliad exhibit an unbridled rage, which affects the event occurring throughout the war against Troy. Rage is what causes the war to begin in the first place. It all starts while, staying at the house of Menelaus, king of...

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What Is The Witty In The Odyssey

The Odyssey by Homer is very famous epic poem. It has an epic setting of Ithaca, surrounding islands, and various seas in the mediterranean in Europe. The overall poem is about Odysseus adventure to get home to Ithaca from the trojan war in Troy. He goes through many obstacles including mystical sea creatures, nymphs, and evil magic witches. Hey goes through god invention when the Greek gods intervene with the mortal world. Hermes, Athena, and Poseidon were all gods and goddesses who went to help...

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Film Review of Helen of Troy

Helen was courted by so many prominent heroes, her stepfather Tyndareus made all of them swear to abide by Helen's choice of a husband, and to defend that husband's rights should anyone attempt to take Helen away by force. Matthew Marsden as Paris- Trojan who took Helen from Menelaus. Rufus Sewell as Agamemnon- The leader of the Achaean expedition to Troy, he was the King of Mycenae.  On his return from Troy he was murdered by his wife Clytemnestra, and her lover Aegisthus. The lover was the son of...

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Hektor Is a Greater Hero Than

makes him more heroic than Achilleus. Hektor’s shows his heroism in Homer’s description of him as the greatest of the Trojans. Homer describes Hektor’s strength and greatness several times in the epic. In Helen’s conversation with Hektor in Book VI, she appeals to Hektor and makes several statements about him being the best man among the Trojans, much better than her husband Paris. Helen says, “I wish I had been the wife of a better man than this is”(book VI, ll...

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Honor in the Illiad

affected the world greatly. The Trojan War commenced when Paris went into Sparta and stole Menelaus' honor in the form of his wife, Helen. Whether Helen left in her own free will or not is not important to Menelaus. In his eyes, Paris tarnished his honor and deserves to die. Paris departed with Helen for Troy, while Menelaus plotted his revenge for the next decade. This simple act of infidelity that takes away the dignity of only one individual leads to a ten year war that binds thousands and thousands...

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The Iliad and the Odyssey

Odyssey The character I have chosen from The Iliad, "Book VI," is Hektor, leader of the Trojan army as being heroic. I read "Book VI" several times because I could sympathize with Hektor's choices and dilemma. Hektor will stop at nothing to help the Trojans fight the war against the Greeks and Achilleus, as the Greeks attempt to overtake Troy. Zeus promises Hektor divine help with a victory for the Trojans, but Hektor makes mistakes when he misjudges his own power and refuses to retreat. Hektor...

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destroys his path to destiny by bringing him away from battle. As he leaves in his rage, he sends a prayer to his mother asking that the Trojan armies defeat his fellow Achaians to bring shame on Agamemnon, which is a result of his wrath. As the war rages on, the Trojans have pushed the Achaians back to their ships. This is a huge turning point in the war for the Trojans, because if they are able to set fire to one ship, they could destroy the whole camp, leading to a swift defeat of the Achaians, thereby...

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What Defines a Hero?

his disguise and questioned him, but he cleverly put me off. It was only after I had bathed him And rubbed him down with oil and clothed him And had sworn a great oath not to tell the Trojans Who he really was until he got back to the ships, That he told me, at last, what the Achaeans planned. He killed many Trojans before he left and arrived back at camp with much to report. The other women in Troy wailed aloud, But I was glad inside, for my heart had turned Homeward, and I rued the infatuation Aphrodite...

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