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Trojan War: The Most Important Matters In Greek Mythology

The Trojan War was one the largest and most important matters in Greek Mythology. The war itself took place in the city of Troy which happened in the Bronze Age. The war lasted for approximately ten years. Ancient Greeks treated the Trojan War as a historical event and dated it back to 1194-1184 BC. The Trojan War was fought between the Greeks and the defenders of The City of Troy. Most of the Trojan War was siege and the city was able to hold off the invaders for such a long time because the fortifications...

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Concept of Hero: Achilles, Hero of the Trojan War

history both concepts have evolved together. Myths tell tales of the adventures of man, frequently the son of a god or goddess and a human, who is endowed with great promise and destined to perform great feats. Often these feats involve acts of rescue, war or protection. This heroic myth is rooted in the ideal of familial romance. Particularly during adolescence it sustains and expresses the identification of the ego with idealized imagery. The hero myths have been used for centuries to educate and...

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Homeric Parallels of Greek and Trojan Culture

The Parallels of Greek and Trojan Culture Homer’s The Iliad paints an epic and gruesome picture of the Achaeans and Trojans civilizations warring over a ten-year span. If one were to compare these once great cultures, the striking similarities would suggest friendship rather than enemies. Not only did both nations perform similar rituals and sacrifices, but also these rites were directed to the same group of gods. Specifically the Trojans and Achaeans had a tremendous respect for the dead and...

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Views on Greek Lifestyle by the Trojans and the Greeks Themselves

the brutal Trojan War and how the Trojans were destroyed in the tenth year. Nonchalantly, the Greeks celebrated and won prizes, while Troy was burned to the ground, leaving the remaining stragglers to run away under the leadership of Aeneas. Focused on the Trojans’ journey to the founding of Rome, The Aeneid portrays the good aspects of the Trojan life compared to the battling Greeks as shown in The Iliad. Although, in The Iliad, the Greeks uphold their morals with pride, the Trojans write their...

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Trojan Horse

Political Cartoon Critique I chose to critique “The Trojan Horse at Our Gate” by Carey Orr, which was published in the Chicago Tribune on September 17, 1935. I found this cartoon at www.gettyimages.ie. I decided to critique this cartoon because I like the way Orr used the Trojan Horse metaphor to express his political opinions regarding the New Deal. Also, Greek mythology has always been an interest of mine so this particular cartoon caught my eye. Carey Orr was born in...

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Research and Report on the Battle of Troy as It Relates to the Ancient Mycenaeans and to Homer’s Epics About the Trojan War

to examine these works in light of the Trojan War and the Mycenaean People, relying on scholarly journal articles and texts for support. The quest to examine a piece of ancient literature is daunting enough, but the process is further complicated when so little is known about its creator. This is the case with the ancient poet Homer’s works, Iliad and Odyssey. Here myriad external forces come into play. One must contemplate the history of the Trojan War, the ancient Mycenaean People, and whether...

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Effects Of War In The Iliad

In the Iliad, the author, Homer, displays how war can affect individuals physically and mentally. This results in the individuals becoming more barbaric and hindering their true identities. Throughout the Iliad, the author shows the effects of war on specific characters. In the book, Homer shows how war can cause individuals to become more barbaric. An example of this would be the after-effects of Hector’s death when Achilles kills him. After his death, the greeks did the following, “Not a man...

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Trojan War

 Trojan War: Background Introduction: The Trojan War, which is dated from 1194-1184 B.C, is one of the most famous wars in the history of the world. The tactics used and the heroes involved in the Trojan War are probably the two biggest reasons why the war will always be remembered and studied. Achilles is at the center of the heroes that fought in the war, with the Trojan Horse being the controversial war tactic. However, the following few paragraphs will give some background information...

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Trojan War

the Trojan War, the location of Troy is debatable and therefore there is little conclusive evidence to support the Iliad" For years the ancient story of Troy and the epic Trojan War has sparked dispute among archaeologists. Did it really happen? Was there a troy like the one Homer describes? What caused it? Historians are today still trying to prove the existence of troy and the Trojan War. Our main source of interest in troy and the Trojan War is the Iliad. It is an account of the war, describing...

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The Depiction of the Trojan War and the Trojan Horse by the Movie “Troy” (2004)

with the Trojan Horse being found by the Trojans and ending with Troy being sacked had lacked effectiveness. This may be due to insufficient details delivered throughout the whole movie. It may be a disappointment if one decides to look at the accuracy of the movie’s depiction of the stories of Homer’s The Odyssey and Virgil’s Aeneid. Both poems are known to be accountable written sources that go way back many centuries ago, having described the Trojan Horse and the events of the Trojan War. Even an...

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