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Transaction Related Audit Objective

assertions and audit objectives - Define management assertions and the related audit objectives - Describe management assertions related to class of transactions, balances and presentation and disclosures - List out and describe general transaction related audit objectives, balance related audit objectives and presentation and disclosure audit objectives - Understand specific audit objectives and how they are linked to general audit objectives and management assertions Topic 4 – Audit evidence...

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Audit and Party Transactions

management kept finding ways to go around the system. Finally, the collapse can also be attributed to management integrity and Andersen’s failure to detect accounting irregularities. Auditors should have looked closer at the complex and complicated SPEs transactions in whish the company was venturing. What is the Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF)? Is it the same as FASB? Does a Consensus of the EIFT have the same power of GAAP as an FASB Statement? No they are not the same. The EITF was formed in 1984...

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1 Chapter 7: Audit Evidence I. Definition: Evidence – information used by the auditor to draw conclusions on the fair presentation of the financial statements. Audit objectives suggest the types of evidence to accumulate. II. Decisions on evidence accumulation A. Which audit procedures to use. General Objectives: Six TRAOs Eight BRAOs Four PDAOs Accounting Cycles: Five Management Assertions Specific Objectives: At least: Six TRAOs Eight BRAOs Four PDAOs Audit Procedures: At least one...

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Audit Objectives - Inventory

The Auditors' Objectives in Audit of Inventories and Cost of Goods Sold are to: 1. Consider internal control over inventories and cost of goods sold. 2. Determine the existences of inventories and the occurrence of transactions affecting cost of goods sold. 3. Establish the completeness of inventories. 4. Establish that the client has rights to the recorded inventories. 5. Establish the clerical accuracy of records and supporting schedules for inventories and cost of goods sold ...

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Audit Program

Audit Objectives: a. Determining that cash on hand as shown in the general ledger is represented by currency and coins on hand. b. Determining ownership and proper accountabilities c. Ascertaining that cash balances are available without restrictions. Audit Procedures: a. Examination of cash proof sheets and tracing of their totals to the general ledger b. Test tracing of deposit or withdrawal slips to individual subsidiary ledgers and vice...

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document. 11. If the objective of a test of details is to detect overstatements of sales, the auditor should trace transactions from the A. Cash receipts journal to the sales journal. B. Sales journal to the cash receipts journal. C. Source documents to the accounting records. D. Accounting records to the source documents. 12. Which of the following is least likely to be considered when assessing inherent risk? A. Nonroutine transactions. B. Estimation transactions. C. Susceptibility to...

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Audit: Invoice and Balance Sheet Date

QUESTION 16.25 (page 500). The following are audit procedures in the sales and collection cycle : 1. Examine a sample of shipping documents to determine whether each has a sales invoice number included on it. 2. Discuss with the sales manager whether any sales allowances have been granted after the balance sheet date that may apply to the current period. 3. Add the columns on the aged trial balance and compare the total with the general ledger. 4. Observe whether the controller...

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of f/s audit Materiality misstatement of accounting information. is a matter of professional judgment Audit risk The auditor expresses an inappropriate audit opinion when the financial statements are materially misstated, Evidence (more than “per discussion with client) Major phrases of audit: Client acceptance/continuance; Preliminary engagement activities; Establish materiality and assess risks; Plan the audit ;Consider and audit internal control; Audit business processes and related accounts;...

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which exceeds materiality of $50,000. c. The auditor should either propose an audit adjustment so that the unadjusted statement amount is less than materiality, and/or perform more testing to obtain a better estimate of the population misstatements. The additional testing will likely focus on receivables and inventory because they have the largest estimated misstatements. 9-28 a. The following terms are audit planning decisions requiring professional judgment: Preliminary judgment about materiality ...

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Beginning the Audit Report

 Beginning the Audit Report Kimberly Cummings ACC/546 January 19, 2015 Jacob Mathews Beginning the Audit Report MEMORANDUM January 19, 2015 To: Senior Partner From: Kim Cummings Re: Apollo Shoes Audit Dear Senior Partner: As you know, our firm has been selected to perform the Apollo Shoes audit. The planning process has been the most delicate stage as we want to ensure we have a solid audit approach. The team I select will be dedicated in meeting the objectives and strategies for completing...

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