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Touch Of Yogurt Shampoo

YOGURT INTRODUCTION There are thousands of microorganisms present at almost every surface. Some of them are pathogenic which causes diseases but most of them are useful especially in the food industry (Lasztity, n.d.). Microorganisms have been used for preparing food products such as cheese, bread, yogurt, etc, for a long period of time without even knowing that the process involves fermentation of the starting material (Pai, 2003). Fermentation is the process of utilizing nutrients anaerobically...

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3.1 Introduction Before setting up a yogurt processing plant, it is important to identify the actual size of the factory use, and method of producing foods that are safe to eat under hygienic conditions that conform to local legislation in Malaysia Besides, as dairy products have a high public health risk, we would seek the advice from local universities, Public Health Authorities and local legislation. 3.2 Location As Dairy products (Yogurt) have a short expiry date (The shelf life of...

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SHAMPOO BY MANEESHA .R BSC PHYSICS DEFINTION: Shampoo is a hair care product used for the removal of oils,...

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The Shampoo to Beat All Shampoos

Angelo A. Martinez EN 11 R-49 On the 1st of July 2007, Unilever launched its new shampoo brand: Clear Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It claims to rid the hair of men and women alike of all dandruff, and nourish the scalp at the same time. Once it was launched, there was immediately alot of buzz over the product. Maybe it was because the product contained Zinc Vitanol, an ingredient not used in any other anti-dandruff shampoo. Or maybe it was just because it was marketed well, having high-quality television...

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Dry Shampoo

Suppose I am going to start a business of “DRY SHAMPOO” as it is quite a new product for Bangladesh perspectives… The so-called "French shower," that curious Napoleonic custom of applying perfume or deodorant over unwashed flesh, went out of style with pantaloons, and certainly never spread to these more hygienic shores. Right? Hello, dry shampoo. Touted as a water and timesaving way to stay quote-unquote gorgeous on the go, these wildly popular shampoo substitutes allow the busiest exec to head...

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Flea Shampoo

Homemade Flea Shampoo for Dogs ____________________________________________ A Science Investigatory Project Presented to the Faculty of University of St. La Salle Integrated School Bacolod City ____________________________________________ In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Subject Science 9 Biology ____________________________________________ Submitted by: Rigel Tan Stephanie Tan Fedee Alisoso Ysa Marie Linas Acknowledgement ...

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Shampoo Assignment

a.How would you criticize the study in terms of its usefulness to you? In the first impression the product is creates an image as described below All Over Hair & Body Shampoo is a versatile product that works beautifully as a shampoo and body wash, making it extremely convenient for everyday use. The rich, cushiony formula can be used on any hair type, cleans hair in one application, and rinses easily with no build-up or even a hint of dryness! All Over Hair & Body Shampoo's fragrance-free formula...

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The chemistry of shampoo.

THE WONDERFUL HYGENIC WORLD OF SHAMPOO Everyone who uses shampoo could tell you that their main factors in choosing a shampoo to use are smell, look, and price. People are misinformed about shampoo and how to tell the difference between a good shampoo and a bad one. The main point of shampoo is to cleanse your skull of residue that is picked up either from hair products such as hair spray, gel or moose, as well as the dirt in the air, and perspiration. Shampoo is something that all of us use on...

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Dandruff and Shampoo

Shampoo Industry 20.11.02 Category : FMCG Product : Shampoo This Presentation Covers • • • • • • • • • • • • • What is FMCG ? Characteristics of FMCG products Hair Care Category in India Types of Shampoos Hair Care Facts Market Size Awareness Shampoo usage details Penetration details Growth in this industry Evolution of shampoo as a product The top brands Ad Spends, and brands on the net What is FMCG ? FMCG refers to consumer non-durable goods required for daily or frequent use. Typically...

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Botanical Shampoo

Pasig Catholic College High School Department School Year 2012-2013 Botanical Shampoo In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements in Science and Technology II Presented by: Arra Garnette Y. Marcelo Jazen M. Pestañas II – Diocese of Kabankalan Presented to: Mrs. Myra C. Reyes Date: March 2013 Chapter 1 Background of the Study Introduction Every day, we humans constantly utilize shampoo and at times some of us make use of conditioner for improved results. By using...

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