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Tom Ford Swot

TOM FORD Executive summary Tom Ford, one of the most influential designers in the world, can accredit his success to his drive, having a vision, working hard and taking risks. He dug Gucci up from the ground and created history in doing so. He was born with an innate ability to create and perfect, and through his passion he created hedonistic luxury and painfully romantic glamous. He redefined and brought the Gucci Group to success. He had an overwhelming impact on the fashion industry...

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Tom Ford

TOM FORD Born in Texas in 1962, Tom Ford went on to become arguably the most influential designer of the last decade. Having initially trained as an actor, he studied interior architecture at Parsons School of Design until 1986, and went on to take positions at Perry Ellis and Cathy Hardwick, before joining Gucci in 1990. Ford was hired by Gucci's then creative director Dawn Mello as chief women's ready-to-wear designer, and later appointed design director. When, in 1994, Gucci was acquired...

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Tom Ford Marketing Mix

..........................5 2 Product Details Tom Ford Neroli Portofino is a unisex fragrance aimed at a luxury audience. Neroli Portofino is one of fourteen Tom Ford Private Blend fragrances that open the doors into the mesmerising world of artisenal scent. Neroli Portofino launched in 2011 in limited distribution. The scent was developed by perfumer Rodrigo Flores-Roux and is built, around the note of neroli. Neroli Portofino is “Tom Ford’s reinvention of a classic eau de cologne” and ”instantly...

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Tom Ford Bio

Leah Schroeder 3/27/13 Fash 8 TOM FORD Tom Ford is a visionary. A creator. A businessman. An artist. He is everything it takes to be a successful entrepreneur and designer. His ambition and persistence has led him to be one of the most influential designers in fashion. Thomas Carlyle Ford was born on August 27, 1961 in Austin Texas. His parents Tom Ford Sr. and Shirley Bunton both worked as real estate agents so Ford spent a lot of time with his grandparents on their ranch in Brownwood...

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Case Study on Yves Saint Laurent

is a negotiation between the salesperson and the customers to determine each other’s fit. Salespeople should be told not to rush a sale and customers are encouraged to make multiple visits to the store before purchasing. In addition, if Gucci has Tom Ford, YSL needs to use Yves’s revered figure in marketing. An image of the young Yves will add to the mystique of the brand and a linkage to a rich history. I hope these recommendations are helpful and I am looking forward to working with you. YSL...

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Gucci Summary

of Gucci’s tarnished image and the value of its name brand, Mello hired Tom Ford in 1990 to design a ready-to-wear line. He was promoted to the position of creative director in 1994. Before Mello returned to her post as president of the American retailer Bergdorf Goodman, she initiated the return of Gucci’s headquarters from the business center of Milan to Florence, where its craft traditions were rooted. There she and Ford reduced the number of Gucci products from twenty thousand to a more reasonable...

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Bcg Matrix

Gucci conjures a vibe of exclusivity and prestige,an Italian brand of quality. BCG Matrix of Gucci Group [pic] [pic] As the Creative director for both brands at Gucci and YSL, Tom Ford has the challenge to create a distinctive Image for both brands. The first fashion shows for YSL by Tom Ford were reported to be a cheaper version of Gucci. This creates a huge problem, as the fashion shows contribute largely to create the image required to generate big sales in the high-margin accessories...

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Gucci Bags

America, Domenico de Sole was appointed to take charge. Although designers Geoffrey Beene and Calvin Klein were already part of Gucci’s roster of designers, Dawn Mello, through the urging of his partner Richard Buckley, took in a young designer named Tom Ford. This young designer would make Gucci a byword in the fashion industry once again. In the early 1990s, Gucci went through the poorest time in the company’s history. Due to several wrong decisions, the company experienced heavy losses and, once...

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due to over branding and licensing of products. By the time Gucci’s creative director Dawn Mello hired a then unknown Tom Ford in 1990 ‘no one would dream of wearing Gucci’. Ford imbued the luxury brand with a sense of adventure and sensuality that reverberated throughout the fashion world and inspired a new breed of celebrity to buy Gucci. Raised in Texas and New Mexico, Ford moved to New York to study architecture at Parsons School of Design. During his time in New York, he became a regular...

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GUCCI brand history

Bahrain-based investment bank Investcorp. Maurizio, who retains his 50 percent share, stays on as chairman and primary shareholder. 1990 Tom Ford appeared in the Gucci house, designing menswear, as well as shoes and handbags. 1994 Tom Ford is named a creative director. 1995 Pop culture of 90's tends to bring sexusal and vain images to clothing. Tom Ford has an amazing premonition of lifestyle changings and creates his fall/winter 1995 collection which wins raves from critics for its cool...

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