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  • Open University and Children

    Ethical Statement Title of course: The early years: Developing practice I am undertaking an E100 course with the Open University that involves the study of children‚ operating at‚ 0-7 year old age range. All children names have been excluded to protect their identity and their parents have given permission for their activities to be used in my assignments. The setting manager has given permission for me to follow this course. The settings anonymity will be safeguarded and kept under

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  • Open University and Original Travel

    References: Preston‚ D‚ Fryer‚ M‚ Watson‚ G (2012)‚ What is a business? Milton Keynes‚ The Open University. The Open University (2011) B120 Study Companion‚ “Study Companion”‚ Milton Keynes‚ The Open University1

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  • TMA02 Part1 And 2

    DD102-TMA02‚ PART 1 For this assignment‚ I will be looking at High Street in Fraserburgh‚ which connects Saltoun Square to Broad Street. It is Fraserburgh’s busiest shopping street. With all of the shops being either independent retailers‚ or offices for local organisations and media outlets‚ it really is a haven from the conglomerates and faceless retailers that are all too common in most town centres. In the book Old Fraserburgh by George Allan Dey‚ there is a collection of photographs of High

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  • TMA02 Part1

    Drawing on what you have learned from the DD102 module materials and your work on TMA01‚ outline some inequalities and differences on a street you know. In this essay I will use Fishergate in Preston City to discuss inequalities and differences. Inequality refers to the unequal opportunities that individuals face in society whilst differences define society in terms of personality‚ race‚ age‚ gender‚ class‚ ethnicity and sexuality. Fishergate is a very busy street in the centre of Preston City which

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  • Advantages of Open Distance Learning

    Open distance learning is an idea of education system where separation between teachers and learners by space and/or time according to (Prospectus‚ 2011). The flexible aspect of open distance learning sense that there are no time and location constraints for learners. This means‚ learners can easily access for learning environment. The objective for open distance learning is to provide opportunities for those who could not commit as a full time student or study in traditional manner. Learners

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  • Open University

    Professor‚ Centre for Corporate Education‚ Training & Consultancy‚ IGNOU‚ New Delhi Email:nayantara@ignou.acin Starting with two courses and 4‚000 students in 1985‚ IGNOU has reached the ladder of success being the world’s largest mega university‚ most diverse and inclusive institution offering over 3500 courses and catering to over 2.5 million students. IGNOU is committed to be accessible to all by ensuring learner convenience through its unique ‘age no bar‚ place no bar and pace no bar’

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  • TMA02

    society today there are many different groups with difference and inequality‚ there will always be winners and losers because of the way society is made. I have written a few examples of this in my essay to explain what I have learned from TMA01 and TMA02 and what links can be made from City Road and the street that I know‚ New Road. The street that I know has difference and inequalities‚ it is different to City Road because New Road is not in a city or town‚ it is in a small village. There are still

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  • TMA02

    B120 TMA02 November 24th 2013 Contents: Page 1: Title and contents Page 2: Executive summary Pages 3 & 4: Problem description and analysis Page 5: Recommendations Page 6: Information Page 7: References Executive summary In summary‚ this report details the problems encountered with a member of staff working under my management whose attendance standards and working practices had started to slip. The session used was session 4 of Book 2 B120. Despite an appraisal system being in place

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  • Dyslexia and Open University

    Goodwin and Bonita Thomson and produced by the Student Services Communications Team on behalf of the Open University Centre for Educational Guidance and Student Support. It updates and builds on the earlier publication Adult Students and Dyslexia (1995). The Open University Walton Hall Milton Keynes MK7 6AA First published 2001. Second edition 2004. Third edition 2006. Copyright © 2006 The Open University All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced‚ stored in a retrieval system

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  • Tma02

    Psychology (2nd ed.‚ pp. 105-165). Milton Keynes: The Open University Littleton‚ K‚ Toates‚ F and Braisby‚ N (2007) Three Approaches to Learning. In D. Miell‚ A. Phoenix‚ & K. Thomas (Eds.)‚ Mapping Psychology (2nd ed.‚ pp. 167-224). Milton Keynes: The Open University Toates‚ F (2007) Biological Processes and Psychological Explanation. In D. Miell‚ A. Phoenix‚ & K. Thomas (Eds.)‚ Mapping Psychology (2nd ed.‚ pp. 225-289). Milton Keynes: The Open University Thomas‚ K (2007) The Individual Differences Approach

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