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Timeline Of Australia As An Island Continent

Human Impacts on island ecosystems. (Australia) There are few paleovegetation records in Australia before 18,000 years ago. To find out the history of the Australian fauna scientists used stable carbon isotopes from the emu eggshell (a flightless bird native to Australia). The samples were largely taken from Lake Eyre. The carbon composition of the eggshell tells us the composition of the bird's diet (over 3-5 days). The emus are mixed feeders herbivores, eating leaves, shoots, fruits, flowers...

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The Seven Continents

The seven continents are Asia, Australia, Africa, Antarctica, North America, South America and Europe. It is seen that each continent has a special shape. Some of these continents are connected while the water separates others. ASIA Asia being the largest of the continents covers around one-third of the world’s total land area. Asia is known for its vast size and incomparable character. It stretches all the way east from Japan to the Southeast Arabian Peninsula, which is more than 8500 kilometers...

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Australia Facts: Interesting Facts About Australia

Australia Facts: Interesting Facts About Australia The Land Down Under is an anomaly in many regards. It is an island, a country, and a continent at the same time. Keep reading to learn some very interesting facts about Australia. Situated in the Southern Hemisphere, the Commonwealth of Australia comprises the continental mainland, the Tasmanian island, and many other smaller islands. One of the interesting facts about Australia is that the oldest skeleton found in Australia is reportedly more...

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The Seven Continents on Earth

The seven continents are the seven main land areas on the Earth. Some are joined to each other, and some are completely surrounded by water. Some continents have a lot of countries, but others have only a few. Erin Ate Nine Sticky Apricots At Aprils. If you can remember this mnemonic device called an acrostic then it is easy remember all Continents names as the first letter of each word corresponds with the first letter of a continent. These continents are: Europe, Asia, North America, South America...

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myth of Continents

The Myth of Continents, or How our Grade-School Teachers Distorted the Truth How many continents are there? It seems like a simple enough question, and most of us who grew up in the United States during the second half of the twentieth century come prepared with a pat answer to which we give little thought: “There are seven continents: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. Next question, please.” The official flag of the Olympic games, however, displays...

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Why the Flora and Fauna of Australia so Unique

Why is the flora and fauna of Australia so unique? Evolution is ultimately an unpredictable process. Although it can be predicted in the short term through knowledge of natural selection and inheritance, long term evolution is randomly altered by the interaction of highly variable factors. Such factors include the randomness of genetic diversity within a species and the process of natural selection acting upon this. Also significantly altering evolution is the unpredictable movement of tectonic...

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Biology Timeline of Gondwana

Secondary source investigation 4.1.1 Formation of Australia as an island continent from Gondwana Aim: to investigate evidence supporting the inference that the Australian continent is moving. To construct a timeline to identify key events in the separation of Australia from Gondwana. 1. Develop a timeline to identify the key events in the formation of Australia as an island continent (emphasise the development of Australian fauna and flora) : 2. Identify a plant and...

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TimeLine of Events at the Three Mile Island

TimeLine of Events at the Three Mile Island March 28, 1979 4am Problems Begin 00:00:00 (hrs, minutes, seconds) Pumps that were feeding water into the secondary loop shut down 00:00:01 Alarm is sounds in the TMI control room- Ignored by its operators because rise in temperature is considered a normal part of the plants process. 00:00:02 Water pressure and temperature of the reactors core begin to rise- secondary loop pump has stopped transferring heat from the first loop to the second. 00:00:03...

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 U.S. Health Care Timeline U.S. Health Care Timeline DATE EVENT DISCRIPTION 2014 Educational Gerontology Medical home health care provides skilled nursing and therapy sessions to patient’s homes, or nursing homes. Results in this service will be costly to the Medicare Program. 2007 State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) The reauthorization of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) in congress offers an opportunity...

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Information on Australia

November 29, 2011 Australia Australia is comprised of six mainland states and two territories (Figure 1). The continent is the world’s largest island and sixth largest country. The total landmass of Australia is 7,686,850 sq km, “40% of which is covered by sand dunes and 18% is covered by desert” (Encyclopedia of Nations, 2007). Australia’s population consists of 22.7 million people, mostly concentrated in the Southeast and Southwest (CIA, 2011). Australia accounts for 29% of global...

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Notes: European Settlement of Australia Commenced in 1788. Prior to This, Indigenous Australians Inhabited the Continent and Had Unwritten Legal Codes

European settlement of Australia commenced in 1788. Prior to this, Indigenous Australians inhabited the continent and had unwritten legal codes Terra Nullius: Terra Nullius: A Latin term which translates as 'Empty Land' or 'Nobody's Land'. Captain Cook declared Australia to be 'Terra Nullius' when he sailed into Botany Bay on April 28th 1770, so that he could claim Australia for Britain. This proclamation ignored the fact that hundreds of different groups of Indigenous people occupied the land...

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History of Australia

A Story of Australia Australia is a country known for its surf beaches, koalas, and kangaroos, the Great Barrier Reef, iconic laid back lifestyles and much more. But how did this unique country and continent down under begin, and become what it is today? Aboriginals themselves have existed in Australia on the land for an estimated 60,000 years. Recently, their diverse and complex history as truly been discovered. Dispersed throughout Australia, there were 600 tribes spread out, all living off the...

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Australia, The Continent Down Under

Australia Australia, the continent down under, filled with kangaroos, koala bears, and many more unique creatures. I always wanted to go to Australia, but never knew much about it, like the history behind it, and what there really is to do. So I decided to research it and talk to people that are familiar with it. I started my search off by looking in an encyclopedia called Encyclopedia International and looked up Australia. The encyclopedia was written back in 1970 but things have changed...

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Mining Industry in Australia

Australia, the large Island continent, has been generously furnished with abundant natural resources. With these resources, not surprisingly the various kinds of industries utilizing these resources are emerged in Australia. One of the most important industries is mining. Australia has the world's largest reserves of several mineral commodities in both minerals and energy resources. The Mining sector includes all units mainly engaged in mining, including the mineral exploration, and the provision...

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Tourism Development in Australia Introduction The tourism industry is exceptionally complex and is constantly growing in size and competitiveness. Tourism plays a key role in our export industry accounting for 10% of the total export earnings, making it Australia’s largest service export industry. These contributions to Australia’s Gross Domestic Profit (GDP) have grown significantly from $25.2 billion in 2002 to $34 billion in 2011 (Kumar Narayan, 2006; Department of Resources Energy and Tourism...

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Mice in Australia

OBJECTIVES • To study and analyse about the MICE industry of Australia. • Critically evaluate opportunities and issues of conferencing industry of Australia INTRODUCTION ‘’No grand idea was ever born in a conference, but lot of foolish ideas have died there’’ (F. Scott Fitzgerald, The crack up, 1945) Travelling for the purpose of carrying out trade and engaging in commerce was one of the earliest types of tourist activity undertaken by enterprising members of ancient civilizations...

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A Timeline of Global History

Global History Timeline 7800 BCE First traces of agriculture found along the Jordan River Valley, plants had adapted to agriculture (Traces of cultivated rice found in China around the same time) 5500 BCE First origins of Chinese Civilization, centered along the yellow river. Cultivation of soy beans and domestication of pigs by the local population 5000 BCE - First agriculture in Mexico, corn and beans. - Domestication of the donkey in Egypt. 4500 BCE First agriculture along the eastern...

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Younghwa Kim 2014475084 Oct 6, 2014 Korea- Australia: energy and resources opportunities Three Top Securities Korea is facing Today are National security, Food securities and energy resource securities. Korea is energy-hungry country. 97% of energy needs imported, The world’s 5th largest oil importer, the world’s 4th largest coal importer, The world’s 2nd largest LNG importer, The world’s 10th largest energy consumer, Korea is the 3rd largest market for iron ore exporters (11% market share...

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BOOK SUMMARY Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson Publisher: Scholastic Apple paperback Number of pages: 223 Summary: The story is told in the first person by Jim Hawkins, whose mother kept the Admiral Benbow Inn, and who shared in the adventures from start to finish. An old sea dog comes to this peaceful inn one day, apparently intending to finish his life there. He hires Jim to keep a watch out for other sailors, but despite all precautions, he is hunted out and served with the black...

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The Island

"The Island" SUMMARY The movie "The Island" is a movie about cloning, rights, and what it means to be human. It takes place in the future, presumably in 20 or 30 years. The two main characters are clones; one called Lincoln Six-Echo and the other called Jordan Two-Delta. They reside in a facility owned by a man named Dr. Merrick, together with many other clones. They believe that the outside world is contaminated and that the inhabitants of the facility are the sole survivors. That is the...

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Formation Of The Philippine Islands

Formation of the Philippine Islands The Indo-Australian plate is found south of the Eurasian and the Philippine Seaplates. It is generally oceanic, being submerged by Indian and Pacific Oceans, but it holds two gigantic land masses – the island continent of Australia and Indian subcontinent. Recent researches, however, show that these two land masses are moving independently of each other, thus, may actually be parts of separate plates. The Philippine Sea plate is found east of the Eurasian...

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Aboriginal Warfare in Australia

Introduction From the time that Europeans landed in Australia ‘Pastoralists were pushing into Indigenous territory, robbing Aboriginal people of the land they had lived on and nurtured for thousands of years. ‘But Aboriginal communities did not just stand by as the land which they had formed rich bonds with, both spiritually and physically, was taken from their hands. Through a mixture of fear and hatred of the Aboriginals, European settlers engaged in many brutal clashes with them to attempt...

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Captain Cook Discovered Australia

Subject: Effective Writing (EL1010) Topic: “Captain James Cook discovered Australia”. Discuss Grade Awarded: Distinction Lecturer’s Comments: A thoughtful, well-structured essay. The introduction is perhaps a little long in comparison with the overall length of the essay. (Note: This sample is provided in the exact form it was submitted and corrections and comments made in the text by the lecturer are not included. A Reference List was submitted by the student but this has not been included...

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"Australia" Film Critique Essay

Film Critique Essay The film, “Australia” (2008), opens with a scenic backdrop as well as information on pre-World War II and its effect on Australia, specifically in the northern area. The film then transitions to the issue of Stolen Generations- the attempt of ‘whites’ to send mixed aboriginal children to mission homes on far islands to phase out their culture, setting the stage for the many complications and dramatic events in line to take motion. With the main characters of Lady Sarah Ashley...

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The Island

UNDERSTAND POLITICS THROUGH FILM JOURNAL–THE FORMAT Name of student: Chris Poore                                                                                    Date: November 3, 2008 Film Title: The Island                                                                                                 Year: 2005   Author/Screenwriter: Caspian Tredwell-Owen; Alex Kurtzman ; Robert Orci Producer: Michael Bay; Ian Bryce; Walter F. Parkes ...

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Reconciliation in Australia: The Aboriginal People

Reconciliation began in 1939 on Australia day where the Indigenous people called a Day of Mourning which was a call for recognition. The process of Reconciliation has also had an impact on Australia as a whole. Effective changes in Australia have been witnessed since 1945 as greater awareness and compassion to Aboriginal Spiritual Perspectives has influenced the development of an ecological awareness in the spirituality of other Australians. As European settlement spread across Australia in the late 1780s...

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Rabbit Infestation in Australia

Rabbit Infestation in Australia Rabbits have been the worst invasive species that have been reported in Australia. They have widely spread in Australia leading to a massive destruction of the Australian environment. Rabbits have caused devastating effects on the ecosystem since they are believed to be the main factor in species loss in Australia. They have caused a lot of damages on crops and also destroyed and killed young trees and plants. In addition, rabbits cause serious problems on soil...

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Is Australia Racist

Is Australia a Racist Country? Summary:   With the Australian history of penal colonization, the racism-provoking policies and the most recent riots, it is undeniable that Australia was, and still is, a racist country. And in the aftermath of Hansonism and now Cronulla, all John Howard concerned about is our denigrated image in the region and the world. Answer this simple question: is Australia a racist country£¿Yes or no? With two-thirds of Australians believing that there is underlying racism...

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The Island

to the starboard side, out of the corner of my eye, I saw her sitting; waiting for me so auspiciously as if she were just then born into existence, only to meet my weary peripheral. I had made the decision to jump seconds before I had even seen the island. If by some happenstance, had I chosen to bear the brunt of a dinner with my parents; had I retired for the night; had I turned to port in search for the North Star, I might have missed her. Could there ever really be Providence, with no one to direct...

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Overview of Hospitality and Tourism in Australia

Overview of hospitality and tourism in Australia Australia is a country comprising the mainland of the Australia continent, the island of Tasmania and numerous smaller islands. It is the world’s sixth largest country by total area. Neighboring countries include Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the north the Solomon islands, Vanuatu and New Caledonia to the north east and New Zealand to the south east. Blue skies, lush landscapes, fine wine, kangaroos and a rich history... it's no...

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National Symbols of Australia

Australia 1 (flags, coat of arms) 1. The Symbolism of Australian flag One of the designers was Ivor Evans, a fourteen year old schoolboy. Ivor had very clear ideas about what his flag meant and what he intended it to say about Australia and Australians. He believed that the Southern Cross, the brightest constellation (созвездие) in the Southern Hemisphere, was representative of Australia's bright future as a leading nation. However there was another reason for his choice of the Southern Cross...

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Aboriginal Political Movement in Australia

Question: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island peoples have since colonization been politically active. Discuss drawing from readings and research about various forms of political engagement. Since the beginning of European colonization in 1788, Aboriginal people have experienced displacement, have been the targets of genocidal policies and practices, and have had families destroyed through the forcible removal of children. Decades of colonial exploitation and a prolonged systematic attempt to destroy...

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Demise of the White Australia Policy

Rod Mugleston Global Migration Stories Dr Charles Fahey Immigration Nation The demise of the White Australia Policy (WAP) was brought about by a combination of external and internal push-pull factors. The strongest influence that realized the downfall of the policy was war. The event of war on a global scale began a cascading effect of interwoven causes outside and within Australia which would ensure the eventual destruction of the WAP. In this sense there are four main points that can be focused...

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Indigenous Music of Australia

Indigenous Music of Australia Australia is a society of many cultures from all over the world. The music of Australia’s indigenous people represents a wide variety of music styles created by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures. The music styles range from contemporary to styles that are fused with European sounds. The music of these people has become an important part of the society and culture of the people even though the ceremonies may have changed. “The traditional forms...

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Convict in Australia

group of convicts were transported to Australia. Convicts are the people who found guilty of crime. All the convicts were transported Australia by ship and fleets. After the first fleet arrived to Australia, there were a lot of fleets arrived to Australia as well. Consequently, The Australia’s government were kept for each convict and up till the mid-1800s they recorded names, date and place of trial and sentence. The convicts were transported to all over Australia such as New South Wales, Queensland...

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Earthquakes in Australia

Earthquakes in Australia Australia is a very lucky country that suffers very few earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Earthquakes are caused by converging plates (usually subducting), and there a 4 different types of waves in two categories; firstly there is Body waves which are broken into primary and secondary waves (these travel through the earth) Surface waves travel through only the crust and are called Love and Rayleigh. These Waves (the earthquakes) are measured by a seismograph/ a device that...

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china & australia economy comparison

With the growing and rising economies, located in the southern hemisphere Australia and China are home to billions of citizens. Australia is known to be the sixth largest nation in the world and the only nation to govern an entire continent and its outlying islands. On the other hand, China holds 20% of the world’s population, and populates the most people in the world. When comparing the growing economies of Australia and China, there are many aspects to consider including; economic growth, employment...

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Formation of Volcanic Islands

Formation of Volcanic Islands When people think of volcanoes, most would imagine a deadly explosion of liquid hot magma that ruthlessly obliterates anything in plain view. If volcanoes demolish everything in sight then how did life become what it is today? Volcanoes are not just a source of destruction and mayhem, long before civilization, while the earth was still being developed its apocalyptic surface consisted of nothing but molten rock and volcanic eruptions were a common occurrence; it was...

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Across the Continent

Across the continent We are the people of the Caribbean lands. To the north and south of us lie two large continents where men of every race live and where the climate and landscape vary from icy tundra to large, dry desert. There are mighty rivers and lakes, forests, mountain ranges and wide grassy plains. These continents and all the islands which surround them are known as the ‘Americas’. North and South America are separated from other continents of the World by two from oceans: the...

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Falk Island War

exception of Peter I Island. None of these claims have an indigenous population. The South Orkney Islands fall within the territory claimed by Argentina and the United Kingdom, and the South Shetland Islands fall within the areas claimed by Argentina, Chile, and the United Kingdom. The UK, France, Australia, New Zealand and Norway all recognize each other's claims. None of these claims overlap. Prior to 1962, British Antarctic Territory was a dependency of the Falkland Islands and also included South...

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Moving to Australia

Moving to Australia The past six week we have covered the likes of 3rd world living and the conditions that they provide to their people. The conditions of living have been focused on the geographic location of these countries, the social issues that take place, military status, economical well being and the technology that is possesses. Before I make the decision to uproot and move, I need to make certain of some things. I will most definitely not move somewhere where I will not...

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Corregidor Island

comprising 7,107 islands, the Philippines is categorized broadly into three main geographical divisions: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. Its capital city is Manila. The country is known for its very rich culture, history, scenic spots and most especially by being hospitable due to warmth acceptance given to the guest. One of the places that are mostly visit by the tourists is the Corregidor Island and probably the most historical place in the country. Corregidor is a small rocky island in the Philippines...

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White Australia Policy

What did the White Australia Policy and Aboriginal Protection Acts reflect about Australia’s view of Asian and Indigenous peoples?Australia for the white man” As Australia entered the new century after federation, deep concerns and fears of other races which had been bubbling beneath the surface since colonization began to emerge in the policies of the new government. Two of the most controversial were ‘The White Australia Policy’ and the ‘Aboriginal Protection Act’. These two policies, widely...

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Australia: History, Culture and Geography

will go into the history of the great nation we know as Australia e.g. founding, WW2. Then it will go on about what makes Australia, Australia... Its culture and its people and events its held e.g. Olympics (Sydney) (Melbourne). Finally I will include Australia’s geography and main landforms e.g. Ayers Rock (Uluru) and many more. The initial inhabitants of Australia traveled here from far-southeast Asia, and from the Torres Strait islands. From their initial settlements in the north some 70,000...

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Nuclear Testing in Australia and the Pacific

[Type the company name] | [Type the document title] | [Type the document subtitle] | | katie | [Pick the date] | Compare nuclear testing in Australia and the Pacific Islands. What are the significant similarities and differences? Were they due to environmental or political factors? | Title ____________________________________________________________ ____________Introduction 150 words (do last) ___________________________________________________________H istory of Nuclear...

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Australia: Trivia

General Knowledge How many countries are larger than Australia? In what state/territory was the highest recorded temperature, of 53oC, recorded? Australia has the world’s largest sand island. What is its name? In what year was Advance Australia Fair proclaimed as the national anthem by the Governor-General? 5. Do all states/territories have the same blood alcohol limit for non-probationary drivers? 6. What animal is on the Western Australia flag? 7. In what city did the Commonwealth Parliament first...

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Swot Australia

Weakness The downturn in the international financial crisis has compounded Australia's tourism industry. Relevant departments recently predicted that Australia will be reduced by inbound tourists this year, more than 4% the past 20 years Australian tourism industry is facing the most severe blow.     Australian Bureau of Statistics data released ,2007-2008 Australian tourism contribution to gross domestic product was 3.6%, while this proportion was 4.7% previously. Therefore, the tourism industry...

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Salinity in Australia

Salinity is a major environmental issue in Australia. Salinity describes the salt content of water or soil. When the salt content rises to an extreme, it degrades the water quality and land efficiency. This is the problem that is being faced in Australia; salt levels are becoming so extreme that is affecting plant and animal survival, thus damaging infrastructure. Dryland salinity is caused when the rising water-table surfaces natural salts in the soil. The salt remains in the soil and becomes...

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Why Did Human History Unfold Differently on Different Continents

archaeology, and linguistics. Eurasians have spread around the globe to dominate the modern world in wealth and power Africans survived & have thrown off European domination but remained behind in wealth and power Contrarily, inhabitants of Australia, the Americas, and southern Africa aren’t even masters of their own lands but have been decimated, subjugated, or exterminated by European colonialists Why did history turn out this way, instead of the opposite way? In AD 1500: Europe’s overseas...

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Immigrant in Australia

IMMIGRANTS COMING TO AUSTRALIA. DISCUSS. | | There are too many, too few, or just enough immigrants coming to Australia. Discuss. Immigration is the semi-permanent or permanent movement from one country to another. There are many factors causing people to leave the country they have been living in such as economic, politic, cultural and environmental. (National Geographic Society, 2005). According to the Migrations Expert (2012), immigration is assumed to have occurred first in Australia over 50,000...

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All the disappearing islands Outline

“All the Disappearing Islands” A. Paragraph 1: Introduction Julia Whitty writes about the amazing beauty of Tuvalu Islands B. Paragraphs 2-3: General Idea The general idea is the environmental and cultural impact of melting ice caps on the nation of Tuvalu. Global Warming could cause the sea to expand and rise faster than the corals could fortify themselves against it and Tuvalu could disappear beneath the waves. This not only risks the population of the island but also to the unique...

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What Makes Australia Unique

------------------------------------------------- What Makes Australia Unique? ------------------------------------------------- A long time ago, the continents got separated from each other gradually because of the Continent Drift. Then, Australia became the largest continent in Oceania. It has a lot of special properties and the most apparent one is the environment. Australia has very special landforms and the climates are quite different in other parts of Australia. The plants and animals are really unique as...

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Comparison of Ethnic Stratification in Australia and the United States Tiffani Gibson SOC308: Racial & Ethnic Groups Dr. J Kipp September 1, 2014 Comparison of Ethnic Stratification in Australia and the United States Australia is a large continent located between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean. Its climate is generally dry to semi dry, with a temperate climate in the south and east, and a tropical climate in the north...

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What Makes Australia Unique

What makes Australia unique? Australia is a very unique and diverse continent that is an island and consists of one nation. Its physical features and cultural environment make it different to other places. Australia is a multicultural country meaning that it respects all cultures, religions, ethnicities and races. Such features give Australia a special, recognised identity. Because of Australia’s long geographic isolation it has resulted in an exceptional variety of plant and animal life. Most of...

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Australia Political Links

eventually turn into a organization that consist of certain rules and agreements that usually countries can’t argue about due to the sophisticated relations between these countries. An example of political link between countries is the relationship that Australia and America have. Examples of international organizations that involve a huge number of countries: United Nations (UN) and European Union (EU). Countries that tend to establish political links usually look for countries that they share common grounds...

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Chevron Australia- White Paper

single resource natural gas project in Australia's history. It has already committed $18 billion to Australian industry, and generated thousands of jobs.”(Chevron Australia) It is operated by Chevron, in joint venture with ExxonMobil and Shell. Construction began December 20, 2009, in Barrow Island off the Pilbara coast of Western Australia. Since then the project has been on track with its five year plan to begin injections of (LNG) Liquefied Natural Gas in late 2014. LNG is the cleanest of the fossil...

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The White Australia Policy

The White Australia Policy (WAP) was a policy that was introduced in 1901 by the newly federated government. It was officially known as the Immigration Restrictions Act 1901 and the Pacific Island Labourers Act 1901. These policies were put in place to keep Australia white for racial issues, economic issues and for the preservation of democratic freedom. In order for the WAP to work, a “Dictation Test” was put in place that would monitor who was allowed into the country such as undesirables including...

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Cultural Speech Outline: Australia

Cultural Speech Outline: Australia Purpose: At the end of our speech, the audience will know about Australia Introduction: Grabber: G'day Mates! Preview: Today we are going to talk about Australia’s wildlife, sports, celebrities, cuisine, history, and attractions. Body: I. Australia has a number of different mammals but does not have any large predatory animals. A. Mammals are warm blooded animals that give live birth. B. Their biggest carnivorous animal is called the dingo, or wild...

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Off-Shore Processing Australia

Offshore Processing in Australia Prepared by Anita Schenk 31/10/2012 2. Table of Contents Page 1. Title page 1 2. Table of Contents 2 3. Summary 3 4. Introduction 4 5.1 Objective 4 5.2 Background 4 5.3 Methods of Inquiry 4 5.4 Definition of Terms 4 5. Reasons Supporting the Use of Offshore Processing of Asylum Seekers 6 by Australia 6.5 Prevention of Deaths at Sea 6 6.6.1...

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James Cook and Australia

Australia Australia is the world's smallest continent and sixth-largest country. With proportionately more desert land than any other continent, Australia has a low population density. Lying completely in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia is bounded by the Indian Ocean on the west and south and by the Pacific Ocean on the east. These oceans merge on the north in the Arafura Sea between Australia and Indonesia and New Guinea, and on the south in the Bass Strait. The coastline length, estimated...

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