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Think Small Campaign

Think Small was an advertising campaign for the Volkswagen Beetle, created by Julian Koenig[1] at the Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB) agency in the 1950s.[2][3] It was ranked as the best advertising campaign of the twentieth century by Ad Age,[2] in a survey of North American advertisements. The campaign has been considered so successful that it "did much more than boost sales and build a lifetime of brand loyalty [...] The ad, and the work of the ad agency behind it, changed the very nature of advertising—from...

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Think Campaign: Advert Analysis

Advert Analysis Recently we have been asked to choose an advert and analyse the chosen advert. I have chosen a TV advert by the 'Think!' campaign, it is the campaign called 'kill your speed, or live with it', which is also the slogan of the advert. The purpose of the advert is a threat to drivers, scaring them into not speeding. The audience is targeted at all drivers, it focuses on what happens to you, as the driver if you are speeding and kill and innocent child. This spine chilling advert...

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Explain How to Plan a Small Scale Campaign

P3 - Explain how to plan a small scale health education campaign relevant to local or national strategies. We first started doing our health campaign on smoking and aimed it on people that were 16 years old and pregnant women. Smoking causes health problems such as several types of cancer which have been broadcasted through advertising and several other campaigns warning people about the repercussions of smoking. There have been many national health strategies to help promote the negative impact...

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Ad Campaign of Ogilvy and Ddb

Contents David Ogilvy: 2 ROLLS ROYCE Advertisement 2 Advertisement objective 2 Target Audience 2 Reasons why the Headlines were powerful 4 Why the Ogilvy Ad was far more modern 5 DDB: 5 History of “THINK SMALL”: 6 Targeted Audience 6 Volkswagen’s Competition 7 Problems 7 Why it was a success 8 References 8 David Ogilvy: Introduction: David Mackenzie Ogilvy was born in England on June 23, 1911. In 1948, he founded the New York-based ad agency Hewitt, Ogilvy, Benson &...

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POX marketing campaign Which of the two campaign you prefer and why. Who you think you can improve the strategy?

Basically, these two options have two different advertising objectives. The first one targets at POX's new features while the non-traditional one tries to attract customers from the fantasy and the story behind POX. Therefore, I support to have a campaign that uses primarily television and print advertising with the expected cost $1.4million since matching the product's value proposition with the communication strategy would be crucial for a new product launch. First of all, I analyze the POX value...

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Sales Promotion Campaign

Sales Promotion campaign 1 Definition – Sales promotion includes incentive-offering and interest-creating activities which are generally short-term marketing events other than advertising, personal selling and publicity. The purpose of sales promotion is to stimulate, motivate and influence the purchase and other desired behavioral responses of the firm’s customers.” Definition 2 - A series of advertisements using various marketing tools that share the same message and ideas to promote a business or event to...

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Dove's Advertising Campaign

UNILEVER’S “Real Beauty” Campaign for Dove “The key to successful marketing is determining the needs and wants of target constituents and delivering the desired services more effectively and efficiently than competitors”-Philip Kotler “The two basic functions of a business are marketing and innovation, these are the forces which generate revenues.”-Peter F Drucker This case is a beautiful example for it: Introduction: Unilever was formed in 1930 by the merger of British soap maker Lever Brothers...

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How to Plan a Health Education Campaign

Unit 20 Task 2 P3- Explain how to plan a small- scale health education campaign relevant to local or national health strategies We are going to use the Change 4 Life and Drinkaware and their resources to help us with our own campaign. They have lots of useful information that will help us inform the students of the college about alcohol and drinking sensibly. Both campaigns have resources that show you how many units are in each drink and how many units you’d have had on an average night out...

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Get a Mac: Campaign Analysis

Get a Mac: Campaign Analysis Introduction “Hello, I'm a Mac... and I'm a PC” But who are you? You have been listening to the quirky duo fight for almost two years now, but have you picked a side, are you still on the fence or could you not be bothered? The twosome at the forefront of the ‘Get a Mac’ (GAM) campaign have made it far from easy to ignore, in fact this campaign is proving to be one of a kind. In this paper I will discuss how this contemporary campaign has broken barriers and garnered...

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Advertising Campaign

saeed salem no signal 90 .Evaluate the creative strategy used by the Partnership for a DrugFree America in its advertising campaign, particularly with respect tothe use of strong fear appeals.Early spots of creative strategy used by the Partnership for Drug FreeAmerica in its advertising campaign are considered “melodramatic”relying too much on scare tactics and stereotypes such as the school bus driver who snorts cocaine; African-American boys selling crack inthe school yard; and the “one puff and...

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