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Advantages and Disadvantages Theatre Cinema Video

Theatre, cinema and video. Advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes there is a question: What is better: theatre, cinema or TV at home. Of course all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of going to the cinema or theatre and simply watching TV. As we live in big developing city with reach history and big variety of different kinds of theatres which have their theatrical seasons from September till June or July I can’t say that I’ m a great...

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Musical Theatre

What is Musical theatre and what makes it different than any other theatre with music forms, especially Opera? Musical Theatre The art of music, dance and drama have been linked together since the dawn of time and are still really connected with one another that it is inadvisable to try to tell the difference between them too definitely. Figure 1 – Musical Theatre Performance4 Figure 1 – Musical Theatre Performance4 It is rare a production has no music in it whatsoever. Most plays either call...

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Theatre in Education

Theatre in Education ________________________________________ ` PRESENTED BY: EUNICE S NDLOVU L008 221A It is an umbrella term describing the use of scripted, live piece of theatre which is linked to an interactive workshop designed to explore issues further. Theatre in Education (TIE) basically refers to use of theatre within a formal school or out –of school context, Epskamp 2006:11.According to Jackson(19974:49-50) TIE began in Britain during the...

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39 Steps Live Theatre Review

Earlier this summer on the 14th of August at the Criterion Theatre in Oxford Circus, I went the evening performance of The 39 Steps. The 39 Steps was originally a book by John Buchan set before the First World War, the book was later adapted into a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It was a serious book and film following a bachelor called Richard Hannay who meets a mysterious German woman at a play, the women begs him to take her home with him and later reveals she is a spy trying to discover...

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Theatre Geeks vs Zombie Cheerleaders

Brittany Stapleton Theatre 2100 Professor Williams Theatre Geeks vs. Zombie Cheerleaders Review Recently, I had the pleasure of seeing a comedy by Kathryn Walat, Theatre Geeks vs. Zombie Cheerleaders performed at Troy High School in Troy, Ohio. The performance space is a typical high school auditorium that has a large stage and abundant seating. This short-play takes place in a high school with focus on the drama club and cheerleaders. The plot starts out with the Drama Geeks having a monthly...

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Genre of Clowning (Theatre, Drama, Arts)

exhorted from time to time. I.E; Mr. Bean A voice shows us all a clown's own personal traits. The walk of a clown is usually conducted in such a way that the audience can relate to, or in such a hilarious manner that laughter sounds throughout the theatre. A walk is part of a clown's personality, and as you may have noted, every clown walks their own walk, stating their individuality and independence. All in all, clowns have formed throughout the years to meet the requirements of a modern day society...

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Elizabethan Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre At the start, the plays were performed in the courtyard of Inns (Inn-yards). Which were very similar to the Greek and Roman amphitheatres. The plays were performed outdoors. Theatre was one of the most profitable businesses of that time, similar to what the cinema has been during the 20th century, for this reason several playhouses were built. In some other cases, the plays were also performed in temporary stages. Playhouses were also used for gambling. Theatres were only...

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The Origin of Theatre

Origin of Theatre By Sheldon Fairfoot “It is unlikely that anyone will ever know just how theatre emerged” (Grose & Kenworthy, 1985: 3). Though there is little certain evidence, strong indications, scattered throughout our history, point to theatre finding its origins in the ancient rituals of shamanism. One might argue that theatre finds its origins quite clearly in ancient Greek theatre seeing as they have many written and still surviving plays and strong standing theatres, but George...

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The Shavian Theatre of Ideas (Modern Drama)

THE SHAVIAN THEATRE OF IDEAS (MODERN DRAMA) The predominating influence in determining Shaw to turn to the drama was the example of Ibsen and equally prominent was his love of debating, in which he had shown how irresistible it was for him to counter his arguments himself if no one else would. These influential strains compelled him to choose the kind of play in which the characters undertake this dual task of proposer and opposer.  In 1892, he made it into Widower’s Houses, and thereafter, for...

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20th Century Drama and Theatre

Twentieth-century theatre describes a period of great change within the theatrical culture of the 20th century. There was a widespread challenge to long established rules surrounding theatrical representation; resulting in the development of many new forms of theatre, including modernism, Expressionism, political theatre and other forms of Experimental theatre, as well as the continuing development of already established theatrical forms like naturalism and realism. Throughout the century, the artistic...

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