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The Uses And Abuses Of Satellite Channels

Television has become the most common and most widespread source of knowledge, entertainment and information of the present world. And satellite television has added a new dimension to our world of recreation. Now with the help of satellite TV we can have access to the television of different countries and distant broadcasting centres like America’s Cable News Network, British Broadcasting Corporation, Zee TV of India, Prime Sports, etc. So we have entered a world of plenty, variety and cross...

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Communication Satellites Introduction Communications Satellites have been around since 1958. A communications satellite is a spacecraft that orbits the Earth and relays messages, radio, telephone and television signals. Stations on the ground, called earth stations, transmit signals to the satellite, which then relays the signal to other earth stations. As a newer form of communications, communications satellites are very useful in bringing the people in the world together. Communications between...

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“computers” or “ice cream.” While these may be important, they are definitely not the most important. By far, satellites are the most important objects today. Most everything, including smartphones and computers, are present today because of satellites and have capabilities such as Wi-Fi and 4G because of the role satellites play. Even Socrates, who lived centuries before the first satellite, realized the importance of a view from space when he said, "Man must rise above the Earth…to the top of the...

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Science- Its Uses and Abuse

Science- Its Uses and Abuse Science is very useful yo us. It’s discoveries and inventions make our life comfortable in many ways. They have given us better and quicker means of transport. Trains, buses, cars, aeroplanes, helicopters, ships, electric trains and auto-rickshaws help us to move from one place to another very quickly. Before their appearances people move from one place to another mainly on walk. The rich travelled by the coaches drawn by horses and several men rode upon horses...

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Uses and abuse of drugs

“Last year alone, 37,000 people died from drug related overdoses.” Many people do not understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs. Substance abuse is a growing problem that not only affects the person who is abusing alcohol or drugs but also affects the lives of those who are close to the abuser. Substance abuse is the abuse of any substance. A drug is a substance that modifies one or more of the body’s functions when it is consumed. It is often mistakenly assumed that drug abusers...

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Cable Verses Satellite

Comparison and Contrast Essay Cable Verses Satellite Introduction: There are more households today which have televisions and computers than at any time in history. Nowadays in order to watch a good movie on television, you have to have something other then local channels. Years ago you could catch a good movie at night on the television. Now the way things are, you can’t just get away with local channels. You need to have a cable or satellite service. Before you go out and pay for a...

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Opiate Use and Abuse

immediately. After prolonged use, the nerve cells in the brain, which would otherwise produce endogenous opiates (natural painkillers, or endorphins), cease to function normally. The body stops producing endorphins because it is receiving opiates instead. Some opiates create over 100 times more endorphins than the body would naturally. Imagine the impact this has on the brain and relevant nerve cells. When the brain shuts down endorphin production because of opiate use, the addictive nature becomes...

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Cable vs. Satellite Tv

How do cable and satellite TV signals get to my television? Cable TV: Cable TV companies lay wiring throughout the areas they service, including amplifiers to make sure signal strength is good throughout. Cable can then be easily brought into your home and connected to a cable box or directly into your TV. Satellite TV: Satellite TV companies send their signal to a satellite in space, which then sends it down to the dish on your roof. The dish then needs to connect to a receiver box, which connects...

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satellite imagery

Satellite imagery The first images from space were taken on the sub-orbital V-2 rocket flight launched by the U.S. on October 24, 1946. Satellite imagery consists of images of Earth or other planets collected by artificial satellites. History[edit] The satellite images were made from pixels. The first crude image taken by the satellite Explorer 6 shows a sunlit area of the Central Pacific Ocean and its cloud cover. The photo was taken when the satellite was about 17,000 mi (27,000...

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Use and Abuse of Mobile Phones

community, traders both big and small. It has given a new dimension to personal communication helping people to be in touch with one another during times of sickness in the family or an emerging crisis. Here in Bangladesh there are yet other specific uses of mobile phones, like monitoring and getting in touch to know the whereabouts of one's near and dear ones during riots and road blocks, vandalism on the streets including the unprecedented traffic jams. Besides, mobile phones also come handy for parents...

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