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The Good War By Studs Terkel

Good War The Second World War is often depicted as the “Good War” because this war is where idea of democracy, freedom, and justice prevailed against the dictatorship of the fascist government, marking the beginning of the end of imperialism in the world. Despite the destruction, death, and devastation from the war. It also helped bring in a new world order; where the United States, wartime mobilization pulled the American economy out of depression, employing millions and granting American women...

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Wwii: the Good War?

US History: Surv Since 1877 The Good War? Many Historians call World War II “The Good War.” The Second World war consumed every corner of the globe, pitting the world’s biggest powers against each other. There were two sides the Axis powers and the Allied Powers. The Axis included many Germany, Japan, and Italy. The Allied powers included the Soviet Union, United States, British Empire, China, and France to name a few. World War II was caused by several things. One was the Treaty of Versailles...

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War. What is it good for?

War. What is it good for? It is within human nature to fight in order to try and make a gain and become more influential. This is demonstrated by the thousands of years that humans have fought in wars. Surprisingly what humans fight for now remains much the same as what was the common motive in prehistoric times; self-defence, re-capturing lost possessions and punishing people for what they have done wrong. Most of the time war is tried to be justified yet on many occasions there are examples where...

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War for the greater good

War for the greater good Through a course of history war has been a fact of life as we know it. It has caused destruction, and cost many lives. So how is it the greater good? For some, it’s the resources that are used in the result of victory or “victor goes the spoils” others my say. From diamonds to oil, resources have been one of the main reasons for war. Other people may see war a way out or freedom, such as slaves joining the army to fight in the war in exchange of being given their...

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The Good War Myth

A Red Cross member reminisced on World War II, saying, "The war was fun for America. I'm not talking about the poor souls who lost sons and daughters. But for the rest of us, the war was a hell of a good time." Over time, the allied victory in World War II has become idealized, a war of good versus evil in which everyone knew what he or she were fighting for. It has become known as the war that cemented America’s place at the top of the world both economically and militarily. Upon closer examination...

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written and the formal declaration of war against Britain was announced. Why do you feel it took so long for the colonists to formally announce a declaration of war against the British? The length of time between the fighting at Lexington and Concord and the actual declaration of war probably occurred because most colonists (and many delegates to the Continental Congress) hoped for some sort of reconciliation with Britain. They felt that a declaration of war might antagonize the British and make...

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World War Ii: Good or Bad War?

While no war is a “goodwar, sometimes to maintain the security that is necessary for the residents of the country war has to break out or be joined. In the case of the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbor, German U-Boats attacking our vessels, and Italy protecting the other two countries, these “evil” powers were indeed risking the safety of the citizens of the United States. As any parent would want to protect their children the best they could, Eisenhower knew that declaring war was the only way to...

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 WAR By: Michael Najmulski Historically, war has been the leading solution for solving conflicts globally. Though combat tactics have become increasingly more sophisticated over many centuries. The ability to affect and change the world through war stayed the same. All the while, the mentality of the public has become increasingly dissociative, and people have less interest on a large scare. From World War I until now, war has constantly evolved, and support has constantly fluctuated. ...

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It is this that makes people stronger. Ulysses is the Greek king of Ithaca. He is well known in Greek mythology for his intelligence, such as in the campaige Trojan war. The famous war tactic he used is called the Trojan Horse, where it allowed some of his soldier to sneak into the city of Troy without notice. After the ten year war, he spent another ten years traveling back to his kingdom of Ithaca. Now, the poem “Ulysses” takes place after Ulysses has returned to Ithaca, and it shows hisstrong...

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The Wars

In a society in the midst of war, when faced with an issue related to the battlefields, people often need to decide whether they should pursue their own personal desires or choose to conform. The difficult decisions of whether or not a loved one should be sent off to join the war is an issue that the majority of civilians came across during WWI. Perhaps joining the army is something that some people were proud of but yet again many others wanted to keep family members away from the life threatening...

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