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Thanksgiving Day” In September 1620, a small ship called the Mayflower left Plymouth, England, carrying on board 102 passengers. Of those were assortments of religious secessionists venturing to a new home to freely practice their faith and others lured in by the false promises of prosperity and land ownership of the New World. After an uncomfortable crossing from England, the ship dropped anchor near the edge of Cape Cod, far north from the initial destination at the mouth of the Hudson River...

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The History of Thanksgiving

The History of Thanksgiving Bobbie A. Harjo In Plymouth, England, during September 1620, a ship slowly sailed out to sea. This ship was named the Mayflower, and it was on a very special trip. The Mayflower’s passengers were headed to the New World, America. These people were called the pilgrims, and they were leaving England to begin new lives. This was one of the things that they were thankful for, and one of the reasons they celebrated the first thanksgiving. The Pilgrims set ground at Plymouth...

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Thanksgiving: Then And Now

Thanksgiving: Then and Now Americans love Thanksgiving. Let's face it. They love eating, and they love football. But, where did this holiday come from? Actually, the tradition of Thanksgiving dates back to the time before our country's birth. Modern day Thanksgiving represents a time where Americans gather together with their friends and family. It is a time of year where people are thankful for being blessed with these friends and family. The first Thanksgiving was also a gathering where its participants...

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thanksgiving speech

Thanksgiving Speech 11/26/02 Good afternoon. As I stand here and look out at all of you, children K4 through grade 12, teachers, parents, friends, it takes my breath away. It is the first time this year all of us have been together. We in this room are so wealthy. We are all very rich. It doesn’t matter whether we are millionaires or whether we don’t have two nickels to rub together. We are rich because we live in America. We are rich because we have wonderful families and friends who care...

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Should Thanksgiving Be Celebrated

Should Thanksgiving be celebrated? The most common argument went something like this: OK, it's true that the Thanksgiving Day mythology is rooted in a fraudulent story -- about the European invaders coming in peace to the "New World," eager to cooperate with indigenous people -- which conveniently ignores the reality of European barbarism in the conquest of the continent. But we can reject the culture's self-congratulatory attempts to rewrite history, I have been told, and come together on Thanksgiving...

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The First Thanksgiving

“The Plymouth Thanksgiving Story” Have you ever heard of the first thanksgiving? Well, there was one “how to” story for teachers to be able to teach their students effectively. Written by Chuck Larsen, the story was entitled, “Information for Teachers”. In the story, Larsen explained that the majority of Americans were taught in school – which was not entirely true. An interesting guy Larsen was. His ancestors witnessed the first official Thanksgiving and what emphasizes this is that his ancestors...

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Thanksgiving Day Celebration

Thanksgiving Day Celebration in United States | | |[pic] | Thanksgiving Day is celebrated with lot of fervor and merry-making in America. Celebrated on the fourth Thursday in the month of November every year, it is a time for communal thanksgiving, feeling gratitude, lavish feasts. It is a time to remember the pilgrims. The original pilgrims celebrated the autumn harvest with a feast of thanks. The feast popularly...

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Pilgrims First Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving I believe the first Thanksgiving revolved around the pilgrims and Native Americans who were known at the time as Indians. It did not become an annual festival immediately. This historical day was not called Thanksgiving Day at the time; it was later declared a national holiday in the early 1800’s by a one of the first presidents of the United States of America. The pilgrims suffered some devastation which lead them to a feast of thanksgiving with the Indians. The first Thanksgivings...

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Michael Arlen Ode to Thanksgiving

MICHAEL ARLEN: ODE TO THANKSGIVING It is time, at last, to speak the truth about Thanksgiving, and the truth is this. Thanksgiving is really not such a terrific holiday. Consider the traditional symbols of the event: Dried corn husks hanging on the door! Terrible wine! Cranberry jelly in little bowls of extremely doubtful provenance which everyone is required to handle with the greatest of care! Consider the participants, the merrymakers: men and women (also children) who have survived...

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Christmas vs Thanksgiving

family less and my co-workers more, I understand that the true meaning of holidays in general, is to spend time with our loved ones. Taking my new found wisdom into account, my opinion of the “best holiday of the year” has changed from Christmas to Thanksgiving. My views, including favorite holiday, have changed because my focus on what’s important has matured. Christmas is a kid’s favorite holidays for really only one reason: presents. We live in a society where materialistic things outweigh almost...

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