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Temple In Jerusalem

Jerusalem: 3,000 Years Young Most people think that Jerusalem is a city, but that’s not completely true. In many ways Jerusalem is a city like any other big city; it has a mayor and a city hall, it has shopping centers and office buildings, and it has schools, playgrounds, parks, museums and a zoo. To the Jewish people however, Jerusalem is much, much more than just a city. It’s even more than the capital of Israel. In many ways, Jerusalem is the very heart and soul of Judaism, Jewish history...

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Jerusalem: Center of the World

Jerusalem: Center of the World It is hard to imagine how a two hour documentary could ever be considered a brief summary of anything, but Jerusalem: Center of the World can be called exactly that. This PBS documentary is an overview of Jerusalem’s four-thousand year history of religious fanaticism, disproportionate bloodshed, and tentative peace agreements. The documentary also points out that over the centuries, countless religious followers have flocked to this city in search of God, the ultimate...

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Jesus Entetres Jerusalem

1a. The words “Praise God! God bless him who comes in the name of the Lord1 god bless the coming kingdom of King David, our farther! Praise God!” was said as Jesus was entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. b. Jesus was going to Jerusalem for the Jewish festival of Passover. c. Jesus rode on a donkey, because donkeys are humble creatures. They are neither proud nor extravagant, but simply humble. Jesus, the King of Kings, chose to demonstrate His humility by riding on a humble beast. When they...

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The Temple and Synagogues in Jesus’ Day

 The Temple and Synagogues in Jesus’ Day Joseph R. Shell Averett University 0720; REL 102 Mark Nickens, Ph.D. April 13, 2013 The Temple and Synagogues in Jesus’ Day Introduction The scriptures show that Jesus visited both the Temple and Synagogues of his day (Nickens, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to provide background and explain the purpose of the Temple and Synagogues that existed in Jesus’ day. A layout of the Temple and a description of its different...

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Stone Temple

PHL-230 24 March, 2013 Stone Temple Erected at Urfa - New Way of Life in the Mesolithic What is this new way of life? The province of Urfa in southeastern Turkey has come to be known as the cradle of human civilization. It has been discovered that nearly 12,000 years ago, people banded together and built this magnificent complex of a Stone Temple (Göbekli Tepe). This structure is the world’s oldest known religious structure. It is not the size or the depth of these structures that is remarkable...

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Temple City Bhubaneswar

Land of Thousand Temples Situated south west to Mahanadi River, Bhubaneswar is the capital city of Orissa. Name 'Bhubaneswar' in Sanskrit means 'God's World'. Bhubaneswar became the capital of Orissa in 1948, after India's independence. The city has also served as a capital for ancient Kalinga. Today, it is the commercial center of Orissa. It is said that, there were once 7000 temples in the city which earned it the name 'Temple City of India'. There are still more than 600 temples which makes it...

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Artemis Temple

known across the Greek world for its devotion to the goddess Artemis and for its monumental temple dedicated to her. Greek Artemis was a goddess of virginity, women’s concerns, the hunt and the underworld (1). She was also the daughter of Zeus and Leto and the twin of Apollo. To her dedication, The Temple of Artemis was built, which is known as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The Iconic Temple of Artemis resides in the ancient city of Ephesus which is now Turkey, was a place made for...

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The Oval Temple at Khafaje

The Oval Temple at Khafaje. A critical response. "Discuss critically important architectural principles and urban layouts in Mesopotamia between 4th and 2nd millennia B.C., citing specifically The Oval Temple at Khafaje. Furthermore, consider how the cultural values of the Protoliterate period were reflected in the architecture and spatial qualities of the time and site." Corresponding to modern-day Iraq, the north eastern section of Syria and to a lesser extent south eastern Turkey and smaller...

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Sri Mariamman Temple Visit

28/10/10 Extra Credit Reflection on Sri Mariamman Temple Visit I went on Sunday from 10-11 AM When I arrived at the temple, I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who were there to pay witness to the fire walk on this momentous day. I got to the temple, took my shoes off and entered quietly hoping not to be noticed as the well-dressed foreigner . I quickly realized that even though they were simply dressed, social hierarchies played no part in this temple. All the people there were just praying and...

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Music in the Bible and the First Biblical Choir

Chronicles 15:16-24. At the dedication of the temple of Solomon, all the musicians wore new "choir robe". While 120 levites played trumpets, other sang and played cymbals, harp and lyres. As the orchestra played and the choir sang. the glory of the LORD filled the temple 2Chronicles5:12-14. After the trumpet had been built, the choir members formed a distinct group of priests. Of 38,000 Levites, David selected 4,000 for the musical service of the temple, as singers and instrumentalist, because of...

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