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The Effect of Temperature on the Enzyme Catalase

investigate the effect of temperature on the enzyme catalase. The original research question was exploring the effect temperature would have on a yeast catalase reacting with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). To address the latter question a series of experiments were conducted. The various temperatures experimented with were as follows: 22 degrees Celsius (room temperature), 0 degrees Celsius (freezing), 100 degrees Celsius (boiling), and 37 degrees Celsius. Along with variations in temperature, the experiment involved...

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Investigating the Effect of Temperature and Salinity on the Concentration of Dissolved Oxygen in Water

Lab #5: Dissolved Oxygen Lab Be sure to read and understand the below instructions BEFORE the lab! Experiment 1: Investigating the Effect of Temperature and Salinity on the Concentration of Dissolved Oxygen in Water Introduction: In an aquatic environment, oxygen must be in a solution in a free state (O2) before it is available for use by organisms (bio-available). Its concentration and distribution in the aquatic environment are directly dependent on chemical and physical factors and are...

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Effect of Temperature on in One Day in the Life of Ivan Densiovich vs the Strangers

The Effect of Temperature on the plot in One Day in the Life of Ivan and The Strangers One Day in the Life of Ivan by Dos. was a very successful book with many literary devices. The story is told in fist person at times and in third person in other. Dos. has incorporated many literary devices into this book. The Strangers was written during the 1950s by Albert Camus. The diction in this book is very high with many telegraphic sentences. Both authors use many symbols and motifs in there book. In...

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…………………KEY……………………… Matter & Energy Period …………. Skills 1. classifying types of matter 2. interpreting particle diagrams 3. identifying physical & chemical properties of matter 4. separating Mixtures 5. converting Temperatures 6. identifying physical & chemical changes in matter Skill #1: Classifying types of matter - refer to your notes and RB p. 1-2 Classify each of the following with the combination of terms listed below. pure substance – element mixture...

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A Guaiacol Dye-Coupled Reaction Reports That Catalytic Activity of Peroxidase Isolated from Fresh Turnip (Brassica Rapa) Increases as Temperature Rises.

which individually or as an associated complex take on a three-dimensional shape. When properly associated, these shapes form the active site and other supporting structures that allow enzymes to be effective catalysts (Nelson and Cox 2005). Temperature represents the average kinetic energy in an object or solution (Russell and others 2010). This energy causes rapid movement of dissolved particles, such as enzymes and substrate molecules, increasing the chances that they’ll contact each other in...

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Investigation of the breakdown of starch at different temperature

Title: Investigate the breakdown of starch at different temperature AIM This experiment has been done to investigate the action of the enzyme amylase on the breakdown of starch. MATERIALS These were the materials used: four starch/ agar plates, a marker pen, 1mm graph paper ruler, 8mm cork borer, forceps and template for cutting holes, 1% Amylase, water, incubator set at 5, 20, 40 and 60 degree Celsius. METHOD This was the experimental procedure carried out: the materials above were collected...

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Catalyst: Temperature and Kate

 In the novel Catalyst by Laurie Halse Anderson, there are three main sections, Solid, Liquid, and Gas. The main character, Kate, is very interested in science and the three titles are a metaphor for her state of mind throughout the book. The first section, Solid, shows how Kate is a stable and strong person. The next section, Liquid, is a time where Kate’s life is very inconsistent and she is unsure about herself. The last section, Gas, shows how Kate has accepted her fate and tries to help everyone...

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Temperature Of The Burning Time Lab Report Essay

Research Report Introduction: The scientific principle that governs this kind of experiment was Combustion Reaction. It is a reaction that another element or compound reacts with oxygen to produce energy in the form of heat and light. It is a reaction that requires oxygen. My objective in doing this experiment is to determine the effect of the height of the candle on the length of its burning time. The existing problem is Suffocation. Research Problem: What is the effect of height of the candle on...

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Addition and Temperature Air Temperature

− ( − 6 ) = _______ − 2 − 10 = _______ − 8 − ( − 8 ) = _______ − 8 − 8 = ________ m. − 16 − 11 = _______ Last night the temperature in New York City went down to 4°F. In Antarctica, the temperature went down to − 20°F. What is the difference between the two temperatures? answer: _____________ In Antarctica, the temperature air temperature is − 5°F . The temperature of the nearby water is 33°F. How much colder is the air than the water? answer: _____________ Super Teacher Worksheets − www.superteacherworksheets...

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Aluminum Alloy A352 Lab Report

The following simulations were carried out on Aluminum alloy A356 to determine the effect of initial temperature of the billet on the forging load. The simulations were carried out at different temperatures between the solidus and liquidus temperature range of the alloy. The position of the billet on the bottom die was determined by placing it in different positions and also for various temperatures. The present location was finalized after studying the aspect of under filling of die cavity and also...

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