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Thermodynamics and Formula

9. A concrete highway is built of slabs 14 m long (20Cº).  How wide should the expansion cracks be (at 20Cº) between the slabs to prevent buckling if the temperature range is -30Cº to +50Cº? I know I use the formula: L  = LoT L  = ? (Change in length of the slabs. We are solving for this.)     =  12e-6 (Coefficient of expansion. I looked it up on page 388.) Lo   =  14 m  (Initial length of slabs.) T  =  30 Cº (50Cº - 20Cº)  (Change in temperaure.  You only care about the hottest number...

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Thermodynamics and Thermal Efficiency

the condenser, in kJ per kg of steam flowing. (e) Compare the results of parts (a)–(d) with those of Problem 8.6, respectively, and comment. 8.8 Plot each of the quantities calculated in Problem 8.6 versus turbine inlet temperature ranging from the saturation temperature at 18 MPa to 560C. Discuss. 8.9 A power plant based on the Rankine cycle is under development to provide a net power output of 10 MW. Solar collectors are to be used to generate Refrigerant 22 vapor at 1.6 MPa, 50C, for...

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Experiments and Adaption

felt the difference in the temperature of the water. My left hand that was in the hot water felt cold in the lukewarm and my right hand that was in the cold water felt hot in the lukewarm water. The reason for this is my hands sensory receptors have already adapted to the hot and cold temperatures of the bowls. However, when I placed them together in the lukewarm water, the receptors was still sensing the hot and cold water. My hand receptors then felt a different temperature in the lukewarm water because...

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h20 phase change lab

matter: ice as the solid, water as the liquid, and steam as the gas. We know that we can quickly change between the different forms of H2O by either increasing or decreasing temperature. We have worked with hot plates and thermometers in other labs before, so we know how to be safe. I wonder what a graph of the changing temperatures over time between the phases would look like. Hypothesis Based on prior learning, I predict that the graph of the water phase changes will not be one straight slope...

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Pondwater paper

12-10-2013 BIO 101 Jade Woodcock Introduction “A Pond is commonly described by limnologists as a quiet body of water so shallow that rooted plants grow completely across it. Its water temperature is fairly uniform from the top to bottom and tends to change with air temperature. There is little wave action; and the bottom is usually covered with mud. Typically, plants grow all along the shore. The amount of dissolved oxygen may vary greatly in a 24 hour period.” (Pond Life 2001)...

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Refrigeration: Thermodynamics and Simple Vapor Compression

(-300C) w CONDENSER (350C) COOLING WATER 00C ∆Q2 A EXPANSION VALVE D Fig.6.5. Simple vapour compression system The schematic diagram of the arrangement is as shown in Fig.6.5. The low temperature, low pressure vapor at state B is compressed by a compressor to high temperature and pressure vapor at state C. This vapor is condensed into high pressure vapor at state D in the condenser and then passes through the expansion valve. Here, the vapor is throttled down to a low pressure...

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Functional Health Assessment

common injuries * Reported sedentary lifestyle decline * Motor vehicle transportation is the most used means of transportation * Risk for altered respiratory function r/t increased temperatures aeb seasonal heat warnings and obesity factors * Activity intolerance r/t obesity factors and increased temperatures aeb seasonal heat warningsRecommendations: * Education on sedentary lifestyles and potential complications arising from such lifestyle. * People participating in outdoor activities...

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How Climate Change Affects Human Health

glaciers are melting and precipitation patterns are changing. Extreme weather events are becoming more intense and frequent. (WHO) Scientists from the University of Hawaii at Manoa calculated that by 2047, plus or minus five years, the average temperatures in each year will be hotter across most parts of the planet than they had been at those locations in any year between 1860 and 2005. (Gillis) Climate change is a very serious issue in our world at the moment. Climate change is already affecting...

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Chemistry Experiment

intensive property of a substance Extensive property example: mass 2. In order to calculate the density of a solid or liquid sample, what measurements are needed? Mass and volume 3. The volume of a fixed mass of a liquid sample increases as the temperature rises from 20 to 408C. Does the density increase, decrease, or stay the same? Explain your answer. The density decreases. Density of the liquid sample is the mass divide by the volume. If the mass stays constant and the volume increases then...

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Arctic Tundra

predators, packs of wolves. Plant Life Tundra vegetation is made up of herbaceous plants (grasses, forbs, and sedges), mosses, lichens, and shrubs that grow close to the ground, where temperatures are highest. During warm months the plants begin to grow rapidly and will develop flowers and seeds when temperatures climb above 10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit).By providing an insulating layer, snowfall are advantageous for tundra plants during cold winter months. Climate In the arctic...

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