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Homeostatic Control of Core Body Temperature

Homeostatic Control of Core Body Temperature Our bodies have processes that happen to keep everything at an even rate. If things get out of balance our bodies tries to bring them back into balance. Homeostasis refers to the processes of keeping internal body environment in a steady rate, when the external environment is changed. The aim of this essay is to discuss the internal environment, the importance of regulation of core temperature, negative feedback and positive feedback and contrast...

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An Investigation Into the Effects of Temperature on Enzyme Action

An investigation into the effects of temperature on enzyme action An enzyme is a biological catalyst that speeds up the rate of reaction in certain biological functions. They play a vital role in many aspects of human physiology and are necessary for the functioning of a number of systems, for example in the digestive system to help to break down food. All enzymes have a unique active site that can fit on to a particular molecular arrangement on a target substrate; a substance e.g. carbohydrate...

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Temperature Effects on Radish Root Development

Temperature Effects on Radish (Raphanus sativus) Root Development Abstract Several studies have been conducted to establish how temperature, seed germination, and root growth are related. Because temperature plays a main role in many growth processes, we decided to focus on how it affected root growth. Radish (Raphanus sativus) seeds were chosen due to their ability to produce a distinct bulbous tuber, and their relatively short growing time. Three test groups were placed under different temperature...

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How Does Temperature Affect Respiration Rates of Fish?

Name: ____________________ /35 How Does Temperature Affect Respiration Rates of Fish? Google the web site www.biologycorner.com/ and in the upper left corner search for “goldfish lab”. Select the fish temperature lab. Use the simulator to gather data. Contact 4 classmates and get their data. (or run the simulation 5 times yourself) Complete the table. Complete a graph using the average respiration rate vs time. Answer the questions. ** no additional report is needed** Introduction: ...

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Is There a Relationship Between Body Temperature and Heart Rate

Is There A Relationship Between Body Temperature and Heart Rate? Statement of Research Question: This study sets out to determine whether there exists a difference in the average body temperature between males and females. Furthermore, the study aims to determine whether an increase in heart rate corresponds with an increase in body temperature. Data Collection: The data was obtained from the article “What's Normal? -- Temperature, Gender, and Heart Rate” (Shoemaker, Allen 1996) as found in...

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Feo4, Fepo4: Phase In Different Phases At Different Temperatures

Paragraph 1 Quartz-type iron phosphate, FePO4, exists in different phases at different temperatures. At low temperatures, it exists in the α-quartz-type phase, while at high temperatures, it exists in the β-quartz-type phase. The α-β phase transition occurs at 980K. In terms of lattice symmetry, α-FePO4 exhibits a trigonal lattice system, whereas β-FePO4 exhibits a hexagonal lattice system. In terms of space symmetry, α-FePO4 belongs to the P3121 space group, while β-FePO4 belongs to the P6422 space...

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Biology: Experiment- The Effect of Temperature on the Enzyme Rennin

Aim: The aim of the experiment is to test the effect temperature has on the activity of the enzyme rennin. Hypothesis: I believe the rate of reaction will speed up as the temperature increases until it reaches about 37oC, which is the body temperature, where it will begin to slow down and stop reacting. I believe this will occur because enzymes have a temperature range at which they work best in and once the temperature goes out of this range the enzyme will stop working. Introduction:Enzymes are...

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Effects Of Temperature On Vitamin C In Fruit Juices

JUICES WHAT IS THE EFFECT OF TEMPERATURE ON VITAMIN C IN FRUIT JUICES? The purpose of this experiment is to determine if the difference in temperature will damage vitamin C in any type of fruit juices. Five different temperatures of fruit juices will be used(5, 22, 50, 70, 90) degree Celsius to see how temperature affects the loss of vitamin C in fruit juices. The amount of vitamin C in the fruit juices will then be recorded to see if an increase in temperature will affect the amount of concentration...

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Investigating the changing effects of temperature on the activity of enzymes

Investigating the effects of changing temperature on the activity of enzymes Background information: Renin is an enzyme that catalyses the coagulation of milk. It is found in the stomach of many animals and is used in making cheeses and junkets. It is found in the gastric juices or gastric mucosa of many mammals, including humans. In the human stomach, particularly those of infants, rennin works to curdle milk so that pepsin, another stomach enzyme, can further breakdown the proteins into absorbable...

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What is the effect of temperature on the permeability of beetroot cell membranes?

Plan:- Independent Variable- Temperature is what I will be changing in the experiment. I want to find out what effect temperature has on the permeability of a cell membrane. Controlling other Variables- I will use measures to ensure that everything stays the same in my test to gain the best and most reliable results possible - Same volume of water that I put the beetroot into after heating. - The beetroot I use will be the same size each time, I will ensure this using a cork borer. - The beetroot...

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