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Affects of salt on boiling temperature.

is the temperature at which water changes phase from a liquid to a solid or vice versa. The freezing point describes the liquid to solid transition while the melting point is the temperature at which water goes from a solid (ice) to liquid water. In theory, the two temperatures would be the same, but liquids can be super cooled beyond their freezing points so that they don't solidify until well below freezing point. Ordinarily the freezing point of water is 0° C or 32° F. The temperature may be lower...

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Bacteria and Growth Temperature

high and low temperatures; low amounts of oxygen and water; and high levels of salinity, acidity, alkalinity, and radiation. Examples of extreme environments on Earth are hot geysers and oceanic thermal vents, Antarctic sea ice, and oxygen-depleted rivers and lakes. Organisms that have evolved special adaptations that permit them to live in extreme conditions are called "extremophiles." Photo by: Dmitry Pichugin "Thermophiles" are microorganisms with optimal growth temperatures between 60 and...

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Temperature on Rate of Pnpp Hydrolysis

LABORATORY 3 The Effect of Temperature on the Rate of PNPP Hydrolysis Partners: Shelby Cruickshanks Alexis Williamson Introduction Most of the chemical reactions, which occur throughout our bodies, would proceed at a much slower rate of reaction without the presence of an enzyme. Cells can not wait for centuries for molecules to break down, if they waited for that, there would be no way for the organism to obtain energy or in turn survive. This is where biological catalyst comes into...

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The Effect of Temperature on Photosynthesis

process can be affected by several variables; one of the most notable variables is the temperature of the plant's environment. Previous study has led me to conclude that when the temperature of the plants’ environment is low, the rate of photosynthesis is also low because the enzymes responsible for photosynthesis are not able to absorb as much heat energy and in turn will move slower. In contrast, if the temperature of the plant’s environment increases, the rate of photosynthesis will also increase...

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Heat and Temperature: Compare and Contrast

Heat and Temperature: Compare and Contrast Introduction to Science - CSI 110 Katherine B. Williams-Robinson Strayer University Professor Valery Shemetov February 11, 2011 HTC 1 Abstract It is important to know the difference between heat and temperature. It will lead to a clearer understanding of energy. In this paper, I will define both terms and hopefully...

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Thermochemistry: Temperature and Endothermic Reaction

water is4.18J/g°C) by one degree Celsius. Considering the formulaQ=m"∆" TCp, where q represents heat in joules or calories, m represents the mass in grams, ∆T shows the change in temperature in Celsius (℃). ∆T is the final temperature (represented by Tf) minus the initial temperature (represented by a Ti). The temperature of the substance that goes through a change remains constant when a change happens by a gain of loss of heat [T = Tfinal - Tinitial]. Examples: How much heat is required in...

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Water temperature effects on sugar

project is to demonstrate how water temperature affects the dissolving of sugar in liquid. Everything in our universe is made up of particles which are in constant motion. In a solid state particles move the slowest while in a liquid state particles move the fastest. Under the right conditions, solid particles (the solute) when mixed in liquid (the solvent) can form a solution. This occurrence is called dissolving. I wanted to answer the question; does the temperature of water affect the speed at which...

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Heat: Temperature and Water

various household materials for insulation stove or microwave to heat up water Part 1: Heat transfer and human sensation 1. Pour warm water in the bowl on the left, cold water in the bowl on the right, and room temperature water in the bowl in the middle. Room temperature water should be around 20-22°C. 2. Put your left hand in the warm water bowl and your right hand in the cold water bowl. Leave them in those bowls for one minute. How do your hands feel? _Both hands are burning alittle...

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Effect of temperature on enzyme activity

Lab Report Effect of temperature on enzyme activity I. Purpose: Determine how effect of temperature on enzyme (catalyse) activity (in the liver). II. Materials * Raw liver * Forceps * 50mL 1% hydrogen Peroxide (H * 25mL graduated cylinder * 50mL, 400mL beakers * Pureed liver * 5 Filter-paper disks * Paper towels * Timer or stopwatch * Thermometer * Hot plate III. Procedure 1.Gather all necessary materials; start...

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Heat and Temperature Difference

selected. Select the BAR CHART tab and turn on Show numerical values. 1. What is the initial temperature of each beaker? Beaker A 95 Beaker B 5 2. Click Play ([pic]) and observe. A. What happens to the temperature of Beaker A over time? Beaker a goes down over time. B. What happens to the temperature of Beaker B over time? Beaker b goes up. 3. Why do you think the temperatures of Beaker A and Beaker B changed as they did? Because of conduction. |Activity A: ...

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