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Teachers Day Celabration Report

positively viewed inventions in the technological era. Considering that fact a serious question arises. Are there any advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone? Earlier days, when we were out of home or office, we needed to search for a public telephone booth to make a phone call. Now, we pick up our mobile phone and dial.  It is a fact that having a mobile phone nowadays is a sort of a necessity. Mobile phones, formerly use only for making a call, were large and heavy. Along with technological...

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ITE 115

SPCCD—WEST CAMPUS EMERGENCY PROCEDURES Emergency Telephones [Blue Phones] Emergency telephones on campus are marked by a bright blue light (see locations below). 1. To use, press the “Help” button. Speak when the light comes on. 2. Stay on the line. You will be connected with the college police. 3. State clearly the nature of the emergency and your location. Emergency Telephone Locations Stadium Parking Lot (outside), between ticket machines Barton Hall (outside), southwest corner Barton...

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Submitted to: Mrs. Eunice B. Custodio OJT Coordinator AKNOWLEDGEMENT I would like to convey my gratefulness to you and your colleagues for the OJT On- the- Job Training which I have undergone in your Company Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company. The skills and knowledge which I have gained throughout my practical training perceive as very valuable factor in my future career development, as you know this OJT was part of my educational curriculum and therefore I have to thank you...

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Computers: Questions and Answers

would not know if the packets sent were received by the intended recipient. (Points : 5) UDP TCP ICMP H.323 Question 4. 4. (TCO4) These are facility connections from the phone company switch to the residential analog telephones; or the term used for delivering dial-tone to a group of phones. (Points : 5) Tip-ring Lines Trunks Call links Question 5. 5. (TCO5) Used by hackers to see vulnerabilities and gain access, it is a systematic process...

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Compass Writing

ago, before cell phones, there were little one-room houses called telephone booths. They were located in downtown areas, near gas stations, and at rest stops. Motorists could use them to make important telephone calls. Telephone booths existed so that we could make important calls without infringing on anyone else's attention or activities. Unfortunately, now we no longer need telephone booths because we have cell phones. Telephone booths were made for one person; they were little glass and chrome...

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Why Banning the Use of Cell Phone Should Be Mandatory Nationwide?

cell phones say they use them to talk while they are driving. A quarter of drivers with cell phones report use them to send or receive text messages while driving. A majority of these drivers also admit to using hand-held devices rather hands free telephones to talk(Joyner,2009). In many states although banning of cell phones while driving has been placed into law, many drivers still utilize their phones. They are aware of the danger of the situation, but just merely discount it. Many people rationally...

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Analysis of the Cell Phone Industry

telecommunication industry. The industry is very price sensitive with customers seeking out for the best value for money, due to the high competition and the many available options. The fact that costumers are in many cases tied to long-term contracts with telephone services companies, switching from one handset to another becomes difficult and expensive for them. Threat of new entrants The mobile phone industry is already a well-established market and the threat of a new entrant is quite low. The technology...

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Cell Phones: Friend or Foe?

seems like almost everyday a new feature is being added to this handheld device. They can now do everything from take a picture or a video, to allowing access to you’re e-mail, to playing your favorite downloaded songs. They are virtually mini telephones, digital cameras, laptops, and ipods in one. That amount of technology in such a compact space is truly astounding. It’s unfortunate to think cell phones are just becoming, if they have not already, another “status symbol” indicating where you...

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Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell Alexander Graham Bell (March 3, 1847 - August 2, 1922) was a teacher, scientist, and inventor. He was the founder of the Bell Telephone Company. Alexander Graham Bell was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. His family was known for teaching people how to speak English clearly. Both his grandfather, Alexander Bell, and his father, Alexander Melville Bell, taught elocution. His father wrote often about this and is most known for his invention and writings of Visible Speech. In...

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 Upon researching the current Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) that the company is currently using the following components, Local Loop, Central Office, Local Exchanges, POP, Long Distance System, and Fixed Line. A brief description of each components are as follows: a Local Loop is a simple network that connects a home to the Central Office of the Telephone Company. It consists of twisted pair cables with a maximum length of three miles. The Central Office is an office in a locality to which...

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